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DE/FF-1037 Stanley Baggett GMG1 1974-1979 slbag66691 (AT)  
DE/FF-1037 Brian Bailey LT(jg) 5/76 - 6/69 Brianbailey545 (AT) One Westpac, part of a 2nd with a yard period in Long Beach in between-looking for people who were there.
DE/FF-1037 Don Barenthin   1971-1974 buildthewall66 (AT) My brother-served on Rowan & Bronstein dur '71-'74- would be cool to hear from anyone who knew him!
DE/FF-1037 Hans Bevers EN3 12/71-05/74 jbevers.hb (AT)  
DE/FF-1037 Thomas Boyle SM2 8/72-6/77 Cbmessenger (AT) Remember a lot of you-why weren't we classified as blue water ship? docked in to hear frm anyone
DE/FF-1037 Howard Fernsler ET2 74-75 howard.fernsler (AT) I would love to hear from exshipmates who knew me.
DE/FF-1037 Kevin J. Haynes EN3 7/87 to 11/89 oscholrules (AT) com where's my Boy ''Big Kevin Jones'' at?
DE/FF-1037 Aveneal Meaux MM2 64-67 avenealmeaux& best 4 years of my lifetime along some of the best men i've known-wouldn't trade it for anything
DE/FF-1037 John Mehki LT 1988 to 1990 Jfmehki (AT) Looking for last CO, Scott Jones
DE/FF-1037 Peter Pumkpin ragsman-TM 1965/1968 mike34601 (AT) mailing addresses for christmas gift
DE/FF-1037 Wayne Soehrmann OSC 1/88-6/90 soehrmannwa (AT)  
DE/FF-1037 Lenoris Walsh, lll E-4 1973-1974 lenoris.walsh (AT) Honorrably this was the vet exam. war I was a Boats swain mate I mad the ship when called upon gracefully
DE-1037 Mark Adams ETN3 5/73 to 11/73 adamsmad (AT)  
DE-1037 William Alpaugh MM/E-3 7/69 - 1/71 Call (AT) 1-718-381-4662I I would like to hear from CARL B., KURT E., JOHN H., AND KARL J. and anyone else.
DE-1037 David Annis OT2 1975-1976 otmcsw (AT)  
DE-1037 Ronald (Ron) Baker STG2 05/68 09/73 USSBronsteinDE1037 (AT)  
DE-1037 Richard Bourquin SN 70-72 ratb5084 (AT)  
DE-1037 Dave Brooks SN 1966-1967 daveandjoycebrooks (AT) very fond memories had a great time
DE-1037 Benjamin Catt PC3 1970 to 1972? berilliumblue (AT)  
DE-1037 John Chevalier RD3 11/68 - 12/71 johnrchevalier (AT) Made 2 Westpac cruises.
DE-1037 Rollie Clark BT/PO3 6/63-11/66 lakebum67 (AT) I was in the commishing crew
DE-1037 Jim Cottrill IC3 6/63 to 5/66 jcott981 (AT) part of commissioning crew
DE-1037 Bobby Daniel RD2 08/72 - 03/73 Came aboard for the cruise. Great ship and crew.
DE-1037 Brooke Davidson ETR3 1966-early 1968 brooke_davidson (AT) Visited onboard the 'Stein 8/11 in Mexico.-GREAT to have walked the decks again. She has not changed at all!
DE-1037 Patrick Dennis BT3 9/67-2/68 patrick_dennis (AT)  
DE-1037 Gerald Dillon STG1 1973 to 1977 jerry.dillon (AT)  
DE-1037 Jeffery Dixon MID3 6/72 to 8/72 JDixon1953 (AT)  
DE-1037 James Dolan GMGSN 6/74-6/75 dolanotis (AT) would like to hear from anybody (970)396-1423
DE-1037 Ted Dolezel EM2 4/63 to 1/65 Doz628 (AT) Plank owner
DE-1037 Thomas Donnelly IC3 1970 to 1972 tarcdon (AT) Turned 21 on ''71 West Pac. You guys whopped my ass hard! Would like to hear from any of you.
DE-1037 Richard Egan FN 1973-1975 Mregan4343 (AT)  
DE-1037 Rick Errion RD2 65 - 68 rerrion (AT) Good times and good friends
DE-1037 Roger Fowler QM3 10/66-03/70 rfowler (AT)  
DE-1037 Robert Fugate MM2 2/63-10/68 fugaterl (AT) A plank owner and served 5 years and 3 months on board.
DE-1037 Walter Fultz SN 1965 to 1967 waltfultz (AT) I was on the first west pack tour she was a great ship had a lot of fun
DE-1037 Michael Gardner RM2 1972 - 1975 mgardner53 (AT) First & only shipboard duty-3 WestPac Cruises-werved under 4 Cos-service onboard was a great experience.
DE-1037 David Gibson GMG2 7/70-12/70 davidjoycegibson (AT)  
DE-1037 Mike Hyatt QMSN 1971/1972 noahs_daddy1 (AT)  
DE-1037 V. K. 'Skip' Johnson QM2 72 wheels6872 (AT)  
DE-1037 Richard Johnson SN 3/63-1/64 RICHNCLAUD (AT) Plankowner-Corpsman Striker
DE-1037 Joel Kelsey MM3 1/69-10/70 Harvest400 (AT) Tonkin Gulf, Lost USS Evans, Radar Picket Taiwan, Shadowed Russian Fleet
DE-1037 Lawrence Kidwelll MM3 1968 to 1970 Lkidwell1 (AT) Fond memories, water fights in the Engine Room underway. Taiwan
DE-1037 Ronald Kostritza RD2 5/63-9/64 stritz75 (AT) Plankowner, enjoyed my time aboard
DE-1037 Ron LaPierre RD3 6/63 - 9/66 wopnfrog (AT) Had great times, served aboad other Tin Cans but Bronstein was the best of times
DE-1037 Ernie Leclair SM3 11/65 to 3/68 eleclair63 (AT) WOW those West-Pac days!!! Anybody remember ?
DE-1037 Ken Lee QM3 3/68-1/70 mtnadv (AT)  
DE-1037 Jack Lindey E-5 1966 to 1968 jlindey (AT)  
DE-1037 Roy Mace DC2 1963 to 1966 RMACE55 (AT) like to hear from any of the crew
DE-1037 Michael Marshall STG2 1/65--11/67 msm1045 (AT)  
DE-1037 Anthony Martin ET1 2/73 - 2/75 coolmoose (AT)  
DE-1037 Jim Martinez RD3 3/65 - 5/66 jimmar55 (AT) Was transferred to USS Bronstein just in time to make another WESTPAC cruise
DE-1037 Michael McConnell STG2 1968 - 1970 michaelamcc0548 (AT) trying to contact anyone involved in the Evans Melbourn incident Sea Spirit 1969.
DE-1037 Rick Norgaard SKC 1978 to 1980 tyheelofts (AT)  
DE-1037 Neil Normandin ET1 Dec 1967 to Apr 1970 norm9340 (AT)  
DE-1037 John Northover FTCS 10/71-8/72 dentover (AT) She was a mighty little ship and had a great crew.
DE-1037 Robert O'Malley FTG3 9/66 -5/68 bobomalley (AT) Made one WesPac with a great Fire Control crew.
DE-1037 Jim Page SN 1975 jpage30 (AT) Full moon rising on the South Pacific. Underway. Awesome
DE-1037 Edward Parnell STCS 10/64 - 12/68 eparnell (AT) Retired in San Antonio, TX
DE-1037 Clifford Reed FA 1/73 - 10/73 clifcruzn (AT) My first taste of Destroyer life-great adventure for 19 yr old kid-like to hear from anybody from 72-73 wespac
DE-1037 Barry Relinger LT. 65-66 brrelinger (AT)  
DE-1037 Jose Restrivera MR3 1973 to 1975 joerestrivera (AT) hey, Romero, remember the day that we have medivac you for your operation in vietnam
DE-1037 Greg T. Robertson SK2 12/66 - 5/70 greg-1037 (AT) Great time in my life
DE-1037 Gil Rogers SH3 1968-1970 yippyia34 (AT) Gmail I'd like to contact my shipmates.
DE-1037 Michael Romero FN 1972-1975 hardtop56 (AT) 3 westpacs 72-73,73-74,74-75 1975 is when we went to vietnam.And the ending of the war.Then i got out in 4/75
DE-1037 Manuel (Buddy) Saiz MR3 70-72 mrsaiz6612 (AT) need info from anyone aboard westpac 71
DE-1037 Robert Schmidt ST1 Pre-Com 63-65 sheboyganvet (AT) Actually made ST1 and then STG2 again, NJP.
DE-1037 Del (Thunder) Schoenhoeft BM3 70 - 71 del_thunder (AT) Greatest ship and crew
DE-1037 Dennis Seiler RD2 5/67-5/70 Szacpa (AT) A good ship and crew.
DE-1037 Edmond Semancik SM3 1969-1970 ed1751 (AT) My nickname was Sam.
DE-1037 Jerry Sims RD3 6/63 - 10/65 sims-v (AT) Plank Owner
DE-1037 Walter Snyder DC3 4/65 - 3/67 texbookie (AT)  
DE-1037 Charles Stafford SN 4/63-6/64 maddiesgpa (AT) Plank Owner, remember Panama cannel, Acapulco.
DE-1037 Larry Starr ETN2 3/67-1/70 pstarr20 (AT)  
DE-1037 Gary Stenson SM2 10/66 - 3/70 gstenson77 (AT) Retired in Denver - looking for old Navy friends
DE-1037 Roger Stephenson EM3 3/64-8/66 rw.stephenson (AT)  
DE-1037 Marvin Strickland QM3 Comm - 7/66 me.strickland (AT) Off the coast of VNam in yankee station-when on watch on the bridge I would get our position off Tiger Island
DE-1037 Lee Suther YN2 1971-5/74 rsuther2 (AT) Ships Office stuck up in the bow of the boat, what a ride in those typhoons.
DE-1037 William Taylor ST1 66-68 btaylor.3478 (AT) gmail,com Bangkok was fun, but the SQS-26 was crap.
DE-1037 Mchael Thomas OS2 1970-1972 Thomdav2 (AT) Bronstein received many kudos for her ECM work during the 1970 Wespac.
DE-1037 Paul Tomlins STG2 1974-1977 N7JNQ (AT)  
DE-1037 William ''Stoney'' Tuck SN/CS3 10/70 to 6/73 IMNAVY52 (AT) Great time! Yo Gomex, where are you?
DE-1037 Dan Ulrich PC3 Jun-63 dkmj5940 (AT) Went to precom traning NewPort, Roadiland 1/63
DE-1037 Gary Uthe   72-74 uthehome (AT) Anyone on the 72-73 cruise remember the date or at least the month we were tied to the pier in DaNang?
DE-1037 Raul Vallejo SM3 1963 to1/65 stonemanraul3 (AT) I would like to chat with whom ever remembers me in these period of time?
DE-1037 Kendall Valodine BT3 1/70 - 4/71 valokr (AT)  
DE-1037 Jerome Weathington FN/E-3 1973 to 1974 jerome_weathington (AT) Almost 38 yrs-be very glad to from anyone who served 73-74-head was pushed into King Neptune's Belly(WestPac)
DE-1037 Louis Willard BT2 1966 to 1968 louiswillard8 (AT) has anybody seen earl watts
DE-1037 John Wilson MM2 1962 - 1966 1-541-996-3410 Plankowner-great time in the enginroom & on the fantail-where is Gus Mayo
DE-1037 Rock Pile (R. P.) Wilson OS2 1970-1974 silvrcrzr (AT) ASW Aircraft Controller, ECM Operator, Member of Ships Band
DE-189 Anthony Ambrose CK1 11/43-10/45 tazman54mpa (AT) Anthony R. Ambrose was my father,he was a cook first class aboard the destroyer escort DE-189,USS Bronstein
DE-189 Donald Clark COX 1943-1945 karaokebaby_20002000 (AT)  
DE-189 Willie DuBose STM2 1944 michaeldubose4musictechnology (AT) Trying to find recollections/photos of my Uncle, Willie Ledell DuBose
DE-189 Richard Jensen FC1 1943-1946? n140a (AT) Can not locate service record for exact dates.
DE-189 Russell Munzer SM3 1944 to 1946 rgm6351 (AT) Still alive and kicking
FF-1037 Jeffrey Anderson SKSN 1988 to 1991 janderson (AT)  
FF-1037 Kevin Arnoldy BT3 10/82 - 8/86 kevinarnoldy (AT) How is everyone doing?
FF-1037 Stanley Baggett GMG1 03/74 - 06/79 slbag66691 (AT)  
FF-1037 Ken Beck SM2 1979 to 1983 kenwithn (AT) Two West-Pacs It was Definitely Party Time.
FF-1037 James Biga OS2 9/87-12/90 james.biga (AT)  
FF-1037 Karl Botkin MS3 12/29/76-6/29/80 Desertnavykuwait21aug05 (AT) 2 WestPacs 78 & 79-80-back in 89 to Res-stayed 18 yrs-called up 7/05 for Oper Iraqi Freedom-Hoyah Shipmates
FF-1037 Donald Burkart MMC 12/63 - 7/69 ebdb (AT) Plankowner Best group of shipsmates I service with.
FF-1037 Lloyd Butts QM2 01/83- 02/05 lkbutts (AT) 18yrs old, got to see the worldon this ship..west pac/ south pac/ local ports on west coast
FF-1037 George Cassity RMCS 85-90 George_A_Cassity (AT) Hey all you SCALLYWAGS!!! (SHIPMATES) Good ship - fun times.
FF-1037 Richard Clark SN 84 to 87 irishclark65 (AT)  
FF-1037 Rick Cole GMG2 10/77-10/81 alansoncole (AT) Busted for letting an unfairly restricted man drink a beer.
FF-1037 Charles Dabney STG3 1983 to 1986 Charles.Dabney (AT) Was the Oldest Frigate in Fleet at the time.
FF-1037 Charles Debes OS2 1975 to 1979 cdebes (AT) Two West-Pac's, and the Golden Combat 'E'
FF-1037 E. Stephen 'Chumley' Fulkerson ETR2 10/73-12/77 esfulkerson (AT) Looking to exchange photos of my time on the ''Stein''
FF-1037 David Gibson GMG2 1967 1970 joicedavidgibson (AT) Remember when the air craft carrier that run over the USS Brush DD-745? I do.
FF-1037 Michael Goins EN2 12/77 - 9/81 michael_goins (AT) Still feel she was the ''Best in the West'' !!!
FF-1037 Daniel Gomoll FTG2 1974 - 1977 dgomoll (AT) 1 WESTPAC 1 yardperiod (Long Beach)-over there during the evacuation of Vietnam and the Mayaguez incident
FF-1037 Allan Harris STG4 2/77- 2/79 harmonica (AT) Westpac 78 - What a ride!
FF-1037 Larry Hayden BTC 1983 to 1987 panhead61 (AT)  
FF-1037 Steve Hemphill STG2 1975-1977 steve (AT)  
FF-1037 Ron Hendershot RM3 9/88-1/91 rhendershot (AT) last of decom, ehf, last cruise, anyone still around??
FF-1037 JImmy R. Hickey OTC 06/70-07/73 jhickey (AT)  
FF-1037 Bill Hire LT 8/81-4/83 hireiwasa01 (AT) Chief Engineer, great ship, great bunch of engineers
FF-1037 Dan Holmes BT3 1976-1979 dchevy (AT)  
FF-1037 Kevin Jones E-4 3/84-11/87 scooby-doo99 (AT) What's happening all you old salt dogs!!!!
FF-1037 Shawn Keating BT3 07/80 - 02/84 shawn (AT) met the best of men while sailing on her.
FF-1037 Christopher Ketcham BT2 85-87 cketcham60 (AT) Making Steam
FF-1037 Scott Kravit SM3 1985-1989 Mrthunderwalker (AT) Wondering what everyone is doing these days
FF-1037 Paul Lazrovitch GMG2 6/72-7/75 paullazrovitch (AT)  
FF-1037 David Lott MM3 1980-1983 drlottjr62 (AT) West-pac 1982, What a canoe ride.
FF-1037 Jerry Loyack SM 88-decom jloyack (AT) Thanks for not throwing me overboard.
FF-1037 Darrell Lucas RMC 1972 to 1975 Darrell880 (AT) Great experience.
FF-1037 Kenneth MacGillivray MMFN 02/79-02/82 kennethgm (AT)  
FF-1037 Ray Maiden ET2 6/86 to 9/89 rmaiden (AT) Got out in 90 then did 8 years in reserves in the CBs
FF-1037 Steve McCallion SM 9/78 - 9/82 Stevemccallion (AT)  
FF-1037 Brian Millard OS3 01/76-06/79 bajamarbkm (AT) lot of good memories, loved that westpac!!
FF-1037 Roy Mitchell MM2 1987-1990 roym111 (AT)  
FF-1037 Ricky (Grit) Morgan EW1 2/75 - 11/77 rick.morgan2 (AT) Great ship and great shipmates.
FF-1037 John Mulvihill ET2 1982-1985 jmulvihill33 (AT) Westpac 03,bailing water frm berthing,Hayawatha making a ship on bonka boat,liberty hounding pleasure cruise
FF-1037 Paul Munoz HT2 01/88 - 09/90 darker98 (AT) Seeing this made me wish I could go on one more cruise.
FF-1037 Kevin Murphy MM3 78-80 kevindmurphy1 (AT) haze gray and underway!
FF-1037 Donald Nelson BM3 1977-1982 Hookahtwo (AT) hotmail.msn 1st. Div. still Rules
FF-1037 John Norman ET3 1982-85 skiito (AT)  
FF-1037 Richard Notman HTC 1984 to 1985 randdnotman (AT) looking for marty louderbach
FF-1037 John Obermeier BTC 1988 - 1990 btcret (AT)  
FF-1037 John Palma BM2 1984 to 1987 Jcpalma (AT)  
FF-1037 Steve Panagiotis EW1 8/81 to 3/86 okzeus2000 (AT)  
FF-1037 John Pavey GMG1 1976-1980 lgcolt45 (AT) Great crew and the best ship in the Little Beaver Sqd.
FF-1037 Don (Frenchie) Poynter HT3 10/78-4/81 akbearhunter01 (AT) I'm looking for any shipmates that was onboard the same time. HT's still do it with Hotter Rods
FF-1037 Rudy Ramirez OTA3 10/77 - 07/80 RudyRamirezJr (AT) TASS
FF-1037 Doug (Hotrod) Resenbeck HT3 7/78-1/79 resenbeck (AT) I had fun.
FF-1037 Ken Ringold OS2 1982-1984 inwastate (AT) I wish I never seen her.
FF-1037 Douglas Rolph HT1(SW) 8/83-1/85 whiskers-13 (AT) haze grey and underway
FF-1037 Jorge Salvio YN2 07/76 - 09/77 joriztravels (AT)  
FF-1037 Larry Seaquist LCDR 1969-71 larry (AT)  
FF-1037 Jim Smith BT2 3/78-10/79 jlsmith5 (AT) Enjoyed most of it
FF-1037 Allen Smith ET1 1/74 - 11/75 absmith48 (AT)  
FF-1037 Glenn Smith EN2 1977-1979 asmith9682 (AT) Best ship and crew and awesome Westpac.
FF-1037 Steve Stanford E-4 10/75 to10/78 Tlastrodeo (AT) Like to here from anyone 75-78 Bronstein
FF-1037 John Storm EMFN 7/81-12/84 Johnpstorm (AT) First ship haze gray and underway, great people!
FF-1037 Richard Swift EM3(SW) 1987 - 1990 rich.swift (AT) Was a fun ship. Had some good times. Drop me an e-mail
FF-1037 Lester Tunigold E-5/DC2 3/86-9/89 hookemupnow (AT) Bronstein brothers-- What's happenin?
FF-1037 Gary Utes OT3 4/75-7/78 kephryn0 (AT) I don't believe I'm doing this!!
FF-1037 Cliff Vlieg STG3/TM3 1977 to 1979 clifford.vlieg (AT)  
FF-1037 Wayne Weber MM3 08/81 to 05/86 snipemm (AT)  
FF-1037 Harry Willis RM2 12/85-12/90 Hwillis357 (AT) Wassup Bronstein!
FF-1037 Michael Witt STG2 9/79 - 5/83 mwitt (AT) WESTPAC 79/80 and WESTPAC 82. The only ship in subic bay for Christmas 1979, what a blast!!
FF-1039 Stanley Baggett GMG1 1974 to 1979 slbag66691 (AT) we did more for less than others who had bigger and better
FF-1039 Robert Herubin SM2 8/78-6/80 sleddog2 (AT)  

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