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DE148 Curtis Jackson RM2 4/56 - 6/59 cjackson (AT) Any shipmate contact me
DE-148 James Adams GM3 1954 to 1959 gillmorepass (AT) Looking for operation deep freeze shipmates.
DE-148 John N. Adriani RD3 63 srs (AT) RD-A School. USS Forrestal 64-66
DE-148 Lawrence Amrhein SHSN 9/59 to 9/61 cincodemayo (AT)  
DE-148 Charles Basford FN 8/1964 - until scrapped VBasford (AT) Looking for shipmates Abshire and Shoemaker, especially
DE-148 Rhoderick Blue BK2 9/18/43 til 12/21/45 RBlue148 (AT) How do I find a listing of deceased mates.
DE-148 Sidney Brown SFP2 1959 to 1965 darkwatertoo (AT) Was on the BROUGH for ever, thought I had to die to get off.
DE-148 Raybion Bryant BT2 1958-1959 rbryantusn (AT) Operation Deep Freeze (5)
DE-148 Al Calvosa EM2 1944 to 1946 ALYC98 (AT) '''Clint, I think I owe you ten bucks''
DE-148 Richard Carl ETN3 7/61 - 7/63 rlcarl (AT) What fun it was!
DE-148 Charles Cordino EN3 1/52 to 7/55 chuckcordino (AT) Royal Order of Blue Noses 9/18/52 Operation MAINBRACE
DE-148 Marshall Couch SN 5/57-4/58 couchmwj (AT)  
DE-148 Richard L. Delahoy FN 12/51-7/53 rldelahoy (AT) Would like to hear from any shipmates.
DE-148 Mark Evdemon RM2 1960-1961 markevdemon (AT) Key West was our Home Port
DE-148 Robert Falke     n.falke (AT) Grandfather-almost 85-looking for shipmates-love to make booklet from sea years-if you know him,email me-thx
DE-148 Bob French RM3 7/58 - 12/60 jobofrench (AT) Trying to get in conctact with Arthur Lynch
DE-148 Paul Friswold RD2 1957-58 pfriswo (AT) No listing yet for the Brough -- hope this starts it.
DE-148 Harry Gormley BT3 12/62to 6/65 hncg1 (AT) just got one of these thing ,not sure how to use it. i would like to hello to everyone who reads this.
DE-148 Fred Hofstetter FN 1956-57 msmsu (AT) Served during Operation Deep Freeze II
DE-148 James Hope SN 7/58-6/60 stampdogdaddy (AT)  
DE-148 Curtis Jackson RM2 1956-1959 tammy44882 (AT) Looking for anyone that served that time , also if anyone knows of any other list for shipmates during that time.
DE-148 Earl Johnson IC3 1962-1965 poppydertz (AT) Would like to find other shipmates during that period.
DE-148 William (Bill) Jones EN2 1956 to 1959 bjbill3 (AT) would like to chat with one of my old shipmates
DE-148 Wilbur Krause RM2 2/52 to 5/56 mom-popkrause (AT) 50 + years ago--where did the time go
DE-148 Sherman Lawson CM3 1962 slawson6 (AT)  
DE-148 Dennis Monn EM2 1961 to 1963 dwmonn (AT) Like to hear from others that were onboard at the same time.
DE-148 Benny Moore STG2 5/62-4/65 gulfwind (AT) This ship produced some of my fondest memories.
DE-148 Bill Netsch EN3 10/62-11/64 engman (AT)  
DE-148 Robert Peters ST1 1943-1946 mcneilbrenda (AT) I now live in Jacksonville, Florida. Have been married for 55 years and have 2 daughters and 3 grandchildren. I don't have an email address but can be reached through my daughter, Brenda (her email listed).
DE-148 Henry Piasky QM2 8/62 - 12/62 hpiasky837 (AT) Spent 3 years in Key West on DESDIV 601 tincans, the last 5 months on the Brough.
DE-148 Lawrence Pitts QMSN 5/59-5/62 via: klpitts7 (AT) Stats of the Brough engine?
DE-148 Thurman Richardson GMG3 1959 - 1963 thurman321 (AT) Operation Deepfreeze 1958-1959
DE-148 George Rucker RM3 1960 to 1962 grucker (AT)  
DE-148 Larry Sell RM3 1959 to 1962 larrysell (AT) I served on Brough at Key West.
DE-148 Tom Sowell STG2 12/62 to 6/65 tomsowell (AT) Great times aboard-exceptional crew. Sorry to have left her for decom and scraping in Newport News in 1965.
DE-148 Kenneth Stephens GNSN 1958 & 1959 kenstep (AT) Was on Operation Deep Freeze 4
DE-148 Leonard Thompson SN 1959 to 1960 ifisherman (AT)  
DE-148 Murphy Tom RD3 3/54-4/55 CTIMurphy (AT) where did that 50 years go?
DE-148 Jack Trimmer SM 1952-1954 cpotrimmer (AT)  
DE-148 Wilson Walters FTG2 1961-1962 wcwalters2000 (AT)  
DE-148 Fred Weiss SOG3 1960 - 1963 Fweissj (AT) Home Port Key West
DE-148 Peter White SOSN 07/62 to 07/64 pjw1 (AT) Looking for shipmates of same era (or other eras for Roster)
DE-148 Harold Whitlock   1947 to 1951 dlewis2 (AT) His daughter-looking for shipmates who served with him during this time ! His 80th Birthday is coming soon-would like to surprise him with any info!

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