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DE/FF-1044 Ralph Braxton SH3   rlbrxt (AT)  
DE/FF-1044 Richard Cryan E-3 11/69 - 09/72 arecryan (AT) Med 1970
DE/FF-1044 Dick Elkins SN 01/72-12/72 dick.elkins (AT) earlier comments. H I Bobby, Apr 2015
DE/FF-1044 Larry Hix E-2 9/73-5/76 lghix (AT) Wish I was there now! Looking for patches and hat info etc..
DE/FF-1044 Harold (Hal) Jones MR2 76-79 rhuidean (AT)  
DE/FF-1044 Steve Lashomb IC1 1982-1986 icki2 (AT) Best known for being a tug buster in Gitmo
DE/FF-1044 Lawrence Martinelli STGCS 7/71-5/75 lmarti2 (AT)  
DE/FF-1044 Rolla McCall HT2 11/77 to 5/81 rolla14dagger (AT) hot third try
DE/FF-1044 Paul McCarthy STGSN 5/74-8/75 p.mccarthy (AT)  
DE/FF-1044 Randy Norris EM3 3/75 - 4/78 randnorr (AT) Unitas /Nato Cruises
DE/FF-1044 Riochard Pomnitz SMSN 12/80-3/83 horzonlbop (AT) Mec cruise NATO Operation Distant Drums. Beirut gun line
DE/FF-1044 Malcolm Pullen BM3 1964 to 1968 malcolm.pullen (AT) plank owner
DE/FF-1044 Philip Ryan EM3 1/67-5/69 phryan6036&  
DE/FF-1044 Ted (Ski) Sobocienski RD2 8/65 tasobo (AT) Plank owner.
DE1044 William Lee SNSH Mar-65 williamgodfrey1086 (AT) Plank owner Part of commissioning crew.
DE-1044 Richard J. Allen CS3 1968 to 1969 rallen02 (AT) most of the time she was in dry dock at Portsmouth, Va.
DE-1044 Rich (Beetle) Bailey BM2 10/69-8/73 richanddoreen (AT) I'll never forget being towed back from Scotland and I'm looking for Lt. Jim Martin
DE-1044 Bruce Bakker RD2   bruceabakker (AT) plank owner. Great experience and memories
DE-1044 Paul Bartmas IC3 1974 to 1977 pbartmas (AT) Venator et Vastator
DE-1044 Randall Bashta STG2 8/67-6/70 Randall_Bashta (AT) Loved Going to Sea - when we finally had a chance to do it.
DE-1044 Mike Belbas BT2 1973-1977 mbelbas (AT) it's time for a reunion
DE-1044 Daryl Bevivino HT3 3/72 - 3/73 djbevivino (AT) Great crew. Ah, yes - GITMO! Towed to Scotland - - HMMM!!
DE-1044 James Bigness ET3 3/66-1/68 jxbigness (AT) Would like to hear from any of my ET or Deck Force gang,particularly Babb or Foster.
DE-1044 Kenneth Boerst QM3 1966 to 1968 kwbboat (AT) Looking for old crew members from pre comissioning .... David Dye Ronnie Locke and more
DE-1044 Howard C. Booth DC3 1965-1967 clydeusn (AT) Plankowner. Looking for former crewmembers and plankowners.
DE-1044 Robert Boroughs BM3 1969 to 1973 TRYINGTOBELIEVE (AT)  
DE-1044 Ralph Braxton SH3 1973-1974 RALBRAXT (AT) Still looking for JJ & Moe-laundry room.
DE-1044 Peter Brown CDR 1966 to 1968 pierre304 (AT) Second C.O.
DE-1044 John Case STG2 1966-1969 caseads2 (AT) Wondering if while I was aboard we ever operated with the Lexington.
DE-1044 Bob Chapman FN/HT 1/1972 - 1/1973 bobshops4fun (AT) Aka The USS Dry Dock. Sorry I left Charleston South Carolina
DE-1044 Larry Coutlee BT3 1972-1974 lcoutle (AT) Lots of Yard time.
DE-1044 Thomas Coyle SN 10/69 - 5/72 tcoyle (AT) I was on the deck
DE-1044 Charles Creekpaum ICFN/SN 11/70-11/71 vulcantwin88 (AT) worked in ic room got into trouble went to deck
DE-1044 David Danis ETN2 8/66 - 7/69 dave (AT) Leading ETN 67-68, Leading ET 68-69 when ship left Nice, France broke down and then was towed to Naples, Italy
DE-1044 John Davis TM3 73-76 jldavis54 (AT) hoping toget in touch with ASW gang before the big c gets me steve wallace where are you ?
DE-1044 Edward Davis SK2 1967 eandldavis (AT)  
DE-1044 Ray Deckert E-3 1971-1972 raydeckert (AT) Med cruise,Mayport,Gitmo,Blick,lee & Rudy on Rugheimer St in Charleston,N Atlantic,Sabatoge-wow, what a time!
DE-1044 Timothy Duffy OSSN 1974-77 DUFF1044 (AT)  
DE-1044 Joe Durner BT3 1968 to1970 durnerjoe (AT) spent alot of time working on the boilers- good crew & shipmates
DE-1044 Richard Elkins SN 01/72 - 12/72 dick.elkins (AT) more miles under tow than steam.
DE-1044 Paul Elmi FTG3 11/66 to 10-68 elmoid (AT) Would like to contact shipmates
DE-1044 Ed Elvington DC3 66-68 edelvington (AT) Nickname-DUKE 45 years later, sure do miss yall !! lets touch bases and re-live those great times
DE-1044 Douglas Fiedler GMG2 1967-1971 PFIED5652 (AT) Retired GMGC
DE-1044 John Fornari RD3 1968 to 1970 jfornari (AT) Great time in Naples. Looking for old mates.
DE-1044 David Fox HM2 9/73 - 2/76 dfox10 (AT) Made Mid-East and Unitas Cruise. Served with HM1 Jack Toohey and HMC Jones Kersey
DE-1044 William Galarneau MMFN 1965 to 1967 WGalarneau (AT) Plankowner
DE-1044 Hank Gerdes STG1/P3 11/65 - 1968 plowguy (AT) I enjoyed my tour on the Brumby, made a lot of friends!
DE-1044 Ronald Gillingham CS2 1972-1975 bass.kkiller_51 (AT)  
DE-1044 Robert F. Goenner FTG3 1965 to 1967 robertgoenner (AT) Plankowner
DE-1044 John Gray RM3 10/67 - 9/68 jgray09 (AT)  
DE-1044 Daniel Guild   1968 to1971 dlguild (AT)  
DE-1044 Robert Haney E-5 1972-1976 Icyjule (AT) Would love to touch base with anyone who served aboard her
DE-1044 James Hannon SN 3/66 to 12/67 jhhannon (AT) weapons dept. yeomen and co-captain of the ships basketball team.
DE-1044 James Hansen YN3 4/69 - 10/69 hondo94 (AT) Had a great time with a great group of shipmates.
DE-1044 Wayne Harlin Sm1 1971 -1975 harlin (AT)  
DE-1044 Eric Harris SN 01/78-02/80 edh50877 (AT) Learning experience.
DE-1044 Stephen P. Hersey RM3 6/15/70 to 6/12/71 seamist (AT)  
DE-1044 Terry Hoffer QM2 8/67-11/70 hoffer4 (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates
DE-1044 Shelby (Skip) Hood RM3 7/69 - 6/72 Shelbyhood (AT) Living in Colorado.
DE-1044 Stephen Hudak FTG3 6/66 -10/67 shudak46 (AT) looking for old ship mates
DE-1044 Walter Hummel QM1 65-66 whummel1937 (AT) Looking for other Brumby shipmates. Also a plank owner.
DE-1044 Jack Hunt RM3 12/67-12/68 jhuntinct (AT)  
DE-1044 Rusty Improta HT3 4/71-9/72 rusvit (AT) would like to hear from anyone on board at the same time
DE-1044 Mike Ingold PN2 8/72-8/74 wmikeingold47 (AT) Looking to hear from PNs, YNs, RMs, GMs, BMs or any others from that time.
DE-1044 Randolph Jacobs SFM2 68-69 rej987 (AT) AKA...Jake
DE-1044 Raymond Johnson RD2 66-69 rjohnson42 (AT) Nickname was ''Bird'' which Charlie Saunders the cook gave me
DE-1044 Johnny Edward Johnson,Sr. MM3 1965 to 1967 johnnyjohnson3909 (AT) plank owner
DE-1044 Hipolito Justiniano, Jr. BT2 12/72-12/74 sunsmar (AT) retired Chief 1994 and enjoying it.
DE-1044 Michael Karambelas RD3 1968 michaelk (AT) Nicknamed Greek'' OI Division''
DE-1044 Peter Kerkstra RM3 4/66-2/68 peter (AT) Would like to hear from former shipmates..
DE-1044 Wayne Kilgore EW1 1971-1975 kwe100 (AT) Indian Ocean cruise 1973-1974
DE-1044 Larry Killion EN3 11/66-6/68 chigger58 (AT) had a lot of fun and can still remember some of the crew
DE-1044 Robert King MM2 3/70 - 7/73 bob.lou (AT) Great crew,cruise to Med & Scotland (even if we were towed home)-wonder how many guys stayed in the Navy
DE-1044 Gary Kinney MM3 10/66-12/67 garthandtoad (AT) Would like to hear from former shipmates.
DE-1044 Gary Kraft BT3 6/65-6/67 gjk62844 (AT) plank owner
DE-1044 Sam Lavaiia BT3 6/65 - 6/67 505 Goodnews Ave., Beiiechasse, LA 70037 plankowner
DE-1044 Michael LeClair QM2 12/75-6/77 mikenovember (AT)  
DE-1044 Bill Lewis FTG2 10/67-4/68 bunchphoto (AT)  
DE-1044 Robert Loomas BT1 7/70 to 7/71 bloomas (AT) Made Gitmo & Med
DE-1044 John Martin EM3 1973 to 1977 jmartin (AT)  
DE-1044 Gary McCord GMG2 2/67 - 5/69 walleyemick (AT) Ships loan shark
DE-1044 James McCrady SN 04/64-03/66 jimemac (AT) plankowner/precommisioning crew
DE-1044 Jerome McCroy YN3 1965 to 1966 mccroyj (AT) Plankowner. Part of commissioning crew.
DE-1044 Edward Meeks OS3 5/74-1/77 clownie7 (AT)  
DE-1044 Daniel Merandi P3 8/65 - 6/67 dannymerandi (AT) plankowner
DE-1044 Ken Messer CSSN 73-74 ramrumblebee05 (AT) gmail.con Was on board for training exercise at Gauntanamo Bay and cruise around Africa and the Middle East.
DE-1044 Frank Metcalfe SN 1967 to 1969 FHM8286 (AT) Worked for Charlie Saunders
DE-1044 David Moehrke BT2 1968-1970 moehrked (AT) Great crew
DE-1044 John Morvan MM3 65-67 yank_vnvmc (AT) trying to find plank owners
DE-1044 Kyle Nichols BT3 1970-1973 nicholk7 (AT) Looking for copy of Med Cruise Book, looking for any shipmates in Tennessee.
DE-1044 Gerald (Jerry) Oliver EN3 1970 to 1972 goliver (AT) George Harp,Xavier Phelan III (DUKE),John Ralls,Charles (Chuck) Peterman-a lifetime ago,but a good time
DE-1044 Robert Overkott STG3 12/71-6/73 BOverkott (AT)  
DE-1044 Ken Palmer YN3 1970 - 1972 kpalmer49 (AT) Living in Knoxville,TN. Dowling Ware was in the Ship's Office-trans to 6th Naval Dist Law Center in Charleston,SC.
DE-1044 Leonard Phelps SN 1973 answer24 (AT)  
DE-1044 Mike (Beanpole) Pierce HT3 1972-1975 mikeyp1044 (AT) Great crew!! Steamed Mid-East/GITMO/UNITAS & Caribbean
DE-1044 Glenn Pladsen CTM3 4/74 thru 5/74 ae0q (AT) TAD with NavSecGru van. IO trip,on in Bahrain,off in Mombasa
DE-1044 David A. Reed RM3 1965 to 1967 p.porsche89 (AT) Plank Owner
DE-1044 Ralph Rose E-3 10/75-03/78 rose.ralph55 (AT) Cruises- UNITAS, NATO,
DE-1044 Paul J. Serabian BM2 1965-1967 ChiefBoats (AT) Plankowner
DE-1044 Tommy Shepard EN3 74-76 cmefly3 (AT) Nickname ''Banjo'' Cruises- UNITAS, NATO,
DE-1044 Jack Shumbres RM3 1965 - 1968 jackshumbres (AT) Plankowner
DE-1044 Leslie Smith GMG2 07/1966-03/1970 grayhoundnalt (AT) MR1 Retired
DE-1044 Ted Sobocienski RD2 6/65 - 9/66 tasobo (AT) Plankowner
DE-1044 Jimmy Spivey MM2 2/65-10/66 jlspivey (AT) Plankowner
DE-1044 Charles (Rick) Suber RD2 9/67-10/70 ricksuber46 (AT) Enjoyed it all, wouldn't do it again on a bet.
DE-1044 Joe Surner BT3 1968 to 1970 jdurner (AT)  
DE-1044 Ronald Sutton SN 6/68-10/69 hurricaneronald (AT)  
DE-1044 William Taylor ST1 4/65 - 6/66 btaylor.3478 (AT) I was on pre com and am plank owner.
DE-1044 John Tecci BT3 1968-1969 jteccijr (AT) Portsmouth, Newport, Gitmo, Boston
DE-1044 George Thompson MR3 3/68-4/69 wavehop (AT) Norfolk Naval Shipyard-Gitmo Jan-Feb69 Transferred April to USS Grand Canyon AD29
DE-1044 David Trimble SN 8/73-6/75 davetrim (AT)  
DE-1044 Arthur Tubbs GMG3 1968-1969 vzeoapit (AT) best year in the navy
DE-1044 Glenn Walker IC 5/74-10/77 mudshark (AT) Unitas/North Atlantic/BIW any contacts welcome
DE-1044 Steve Wallace GMT3 73-76 zwallace (AT) as division, south america, africa, middle east Looking for tm john Davis, Billy Cole, and Lt. Jim Martin
DE-1044 Ed Watson E-3 1965-1966 Barw49 (AT)  
DE-1044 Kenneth Wentzky QMSN 1974 - 1977 kwentzky (AT) Great ship, crew and officers highly trained and efficient .
DE-1044 Jimmy White BT2 1967-1968 bestpawpaw (AT)  
DE-1044 Steven Wright MM2 1967-1969 steven.l.wright.usace (AT) Would like to hear from old shipmates!
DE-1044 Robert Zeiler WO 2/65-2/68 pr3747 (AT)  
FF-1044 Dan Andrews ET2 82-83 45daniel67 (AT) Med Cruise 83 mostly off Beirut - We were heading back to Charleston when Barricks were bombed
FF-1044 Glenn Ayala SHSN 1983 to 1986 www.gmayala82 (AT) I was on the gunline in beiruit in 1983 and a brumbat with Capt West Crew!!
FF-1044 Brian Barberg FN 12/86-decommisioning cupogoth (AT) the Maine experience
FF-1044 Mike Belbas BT2 1973-1977 mbelbas (AT)  
FF-1044 Robert Bell MM2 1/80-1/85 chiefbob.60 (AT) long live the batship
FF-1044 Walter Bengtson OS2 1975-1980 panthers01 (AT) North Atlantic cruise 76 and 79, Med cruise in 78, Persian G
FF-1044 William Bishop MMFN 1979 to 1980 Williambishop924 (AT) Had a great time from bath to gtmo
FF-1044 Chris Borgers ET1 1976 to 1980 cborgers3 (AT)  
FF-1044 Daniel Brendel SN 11/76 to 9/79 albrendel (AT)  
FF-1044 Kenny Brown GMT3 4/77 - 11/80 kbfour24 (AT) Would like to hear from old shipmates.
FF-1044 Mike Brown E-5 1983-1985 mfguss (AT)  
FF-1044 James Browne RM3 12/81 to 12/84 robinhoodcove (AT) i would like to contact my fellow shipmates
FF-1044 Rob Cart SH1 84-86 rthecarts (AT) would like to hear from any old shipmates
FF-1044 Billy Cole TM3 1/75 - 12/76 tobeybrown1 (AT) Worked for TM3 John Davis-made UNITAS cruise & N Atlantic cruises-Looking fwd to hearing from shipmates.
FF-1044 Andy Cole STG2 11/81-5/86 andy.cole (AT) Drop me a line in Hampton Roads!
FF-1044 David Cook STG3 7/82-1/85 dwcook101 (AT) Miss the guys. Drop me an email!!!
FF-1044 Chris Davern E-3 1980-1981 cdavern63 (AT) Looking for Jimmerson.
FF-1044 Richard Dickson EMCS 05/83-05/88 rd7710 (AT)  
FF-1044 Patrick Donahue ET1 11/78 - 6/82 stout.1 (AT) Would love to hear from any of my shipmates...
FF-1044 Kenneth Edwards SM2 12/84 - 7/85 jeromekje (AT) 3rd ship, third MED, first LPO job as SM2
FF-1044 Pete Frede BM2 1976-1978 & 1979-1980 bmcsfrede (AT) Got my Crossed Anchors aboard her
FF-1044 Ronald Gagnon OSC(SW) 2/82-5/85 Ronbo004 (AT) B.D.B.
FF-1044 Richard Gales RM2 4/88 - Decom Bigtex455 (AT) Decom Crew, Portland Me. to Charleston SC. Training Foreign Nationals to operate the ships.
FF-1044 Cory Gallup FC3 11/84-11/86 OPPSUS124 (AT)  
FF-1044 Craig Galunas STG3 4/77- 9/80 cgalunas (AT) Love to hear from shipmates.
FF-1044 Mike Giffin MM2 72-75 brumbyvet (AT) m division
FF-1044 Robert Goenner FTG3 1965-1967 rgoenner (AT)  
FF-1044 Tim Green BM3 6/79-1/83 timothygreen1355 (AT) looking for old shipmates
FF-1044 William Groseclose ET2 1978 - 1982 wgroseclose (AT) Med, N. Atlantic, Mid East, Caribean, Shipyard and that wonderful place called GITMO
FF-1044 Dennis Harden OSC 1982-87 dgharden99 (AT) one long ride
FF-1044 Eric Harris SN 1977 to 1980 edh50877 (AT) Great Shipmates!
FF-1044 Jimmy Harris EM2 1982 to 1984 j_harris74501 (AT) The crew was my brothers and friends. I'll never forget my years on brumby.
FF-1044 Clay Hedrick FC2-SW 8/84-9/88 clayhedrick (AT)  
FF-1044 Grady Heiss MM3 3/34 - 8/88 gradyheiss (AT) Looking to reconnect with old friends
FF-1044 Wally Holley STG2 1975-1976 holley4919 (AT) Looking for shipmates....Remember Unitas, GREAT Cruise!!
FF-1044 Stanley Jackson TM2 5/80-9/81 stanls40 (AT) I would love to hear from shipmates.
FF-1044 Tom Jackson TMS 1977-78 JacksonTEJ (AT) looking to contact shipmates
FF-1044 Jake Jacobs SN 1983-1985 bugman612004 (AT) Hey Guys this is Jake The Snake Miss you guys email me bugman612004 (AT)
FF-1044 Eric James FN 3/20/1982 mrejamessr (AT) Capt. West Was A Great Captain
FF-1044 Rick Jellesma HT2 1981-1983 rickjellesma (AT) Lebanon, The beginning of my awakening on terrorism
FF-1044 Ray Johnson RD2 1966 to 1969 RVJ1044 (AT) nickname ''Bird'' given to me by Charlie Smith the cook
FF-1044 Vern Jones BT3 1982-1985 VernJones60 (AT) Miss the Engineers! Would love to hear from everyone! -Jonesy
FF-1044 Russell James Klapchuk BM2 1978 to 1980 klapchuk (AT) Like to hear from crewmembers.....Any reunion planned?
FF-1044 Kevin Kuehmichel EW3 6/75-5/78-1978 kev.kuehmichel (AT) affectionately known as pickle
FF-1044 Steve Lashomb IC2 1982-1986 icki2 (AT) My first REAL ship and what an awakening.......
FF-1044 Roger Lewis STG1 10/75-9/76 rlewis8837 (AT) Met ship in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1975
FF-1044 Keith Lodge HT 2/76 -7-77 gtdl (AT) any firemen out there
FF-1044 Rolla McCall HT2 11/4/77 to 5/15/81 rolla14dagger (AT)  
FF-1044 Fred McMillen SM3 10/76-10/79 Mikemackmill (AT) North Atlantic, Med, Bath Iron and BEW-T-FUL Downtown GITMO!
FF-1044 Paul A. McNaney SMSN 12/77-1/81 pmcnaney (AT) contact me: I'd love to hear from all my old shipmates!
FF-1044 Dave Nicholson FC3 8/84-9/86 d_nicholson (AT)  
FF-1044 Marshall O'Leary MM1 1981-1983 marshall_oleary (AT) Brumbat with robert mccord and walter steenrod excellent command wish they all were like that
FF-1044 Patrick O'Leary YN1(SW) 7/82-7/83 patrick7714 (AT) When things went bump in the night
FF-1044 David Paull HT2 6/72 - 11/75 dpaull (AT)  
FF-1044 Richard Pomnitz SMSN 1980-1983 richardpomnitz (AT) Med cruise,,twice in gitmo, operation distant drum, Beirut gun line,
FF-1044 Wayne L. Putnam, Jr. MM3 1987-1989 putnamw (AT) The Navy days
FF-1044 Patrick Pylant MM3 06/80-07/84 dmschoice (AT) Been on many commands but the Brumby will always be my first love-retired 11/97. Moved to Alaska
FF-1044 Dale Ratliff AD2 1978 to 1981 RATT (AT) CHESAPEAKE.NET  
FF-1044 Dale Ratliff` ADAN 1979 rattt (AT) HSL-34 det 7
FF-1044 James Reed FC3 1987 to 1989 jamesreedmustang (AT) Still in the Navy. Retiring 2006
FF-1044 James Rezin EW2 5/72 - 6/77 JFREZ (AT) PRODIGY.NET  
FF-1044 Matt Riolo SN 87-89 meriolo-AT-maineDOTrrDOTcom Captain Booger used to sit right on the bridge picking his nose and eating it. Unbelievable.
FF-1044 Michael Rogers RM3 3/86-3/89 mcr505067 (AT) what a ride.....
FF-1044 Marshall Sarver OS3 1982-1985 mdkm (AT) Like to hear from some old shipmates
FF-1044 Henry Sloan GMG3 10/86 to 03/89 henry.sloan06 (AT) It was tied up on a lonely Pier-'is this what I signed up for?'-then met Jeff Barlow & Melvin Harris & it was on.
FF-1044 Bobby Smith SM2 4/83 - 8/85 bsmithqt (AT) Enjoyed life on the Bat Ship.
FF-1044 Steve Spivey YN3 1983 - 1986 FamilyTrophies (AT) Would like to hear from former shipmates
FF-1044 Bobby Stafford HT2 2/82 - 8/85 bdstafford (AT)  
FF-1044 Fred Stevens MM1 1977-1983 f_stevens373 (AT) Spent most of my Navy career on her, good times, most of it.
FF-1044 David Taylor STG1 1984-1907 mgobluedavet (AT) Looking for those Brumbats drop me a line!
FF-1044 Bruce Tompkins EM2 1975 to 1979 bruce.tompkins (AT) S. America, N. Atlantic, & Med Cruises. Good memories!
FF-1044 Daniel Ulrich QM2 1981-1985 danielu (AT) Still guessin'!
FF-1044 Steve Wallace GMT3 2/73-4/76 zwallace (AT) looking to find Vance Seacrese,TM Billy Cole,TM John davis. BM2 rich Bailey and I would like to set up a reunion.
FF-1044 Bobby Walley OS2 1982 to 1986 BDWMAT (AT) It would be great to hear from fellow shipmates.
FF-1044 Douglas Warner QM2 01/81-11/82 LCDRDWarner (AT)  
FF-1044 Rick Warren IC3 1976 to 1978 rwarren1 (AT) NA 76 escorted USS Bordelon after crash with Kennedy
FF-1044 Steve Wehner MM2 1977 to 1980 stqecve (AT) Through it all this was the best bunch of hole snipes.
FF-1044 Mike West CDR 9/82-8/84 west9628 (AT)  
FF-1044 John Williams OS1 (SW)   thunder (AT)  
FF-1044 Charlie Williams IC1(SW) 3/87 - 3/89 charlie1220 (AT) I attempted to train Pakistan didn't work!
FF-1044 Floyd C. Williams, Jr. SN 1976-77 floydwilliams31 (AT) North Atlantic Cruz, Toeing Borderline, Dry dock-Bath, Me.
FF-1044 Patrick Wohlrabe FC3 1987 to 1989 pwohlrabe (AT)  
FF-1044 John Wood HT3 4/84-7/87 jwood (AT) Enjoyed making acetylene bombs in the HT shop
FF-1044 Terry Woods FC1 1986 to 1988 (AT)  
FF-1045 Donald Poynter SKC 1/83-12/86 Poynterusn (AT)  

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