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DE/DER-390 John J. Calvo SN 1962 - 1964 thehudsonriver (AT) From NYC. Hello guys! I'm still alive! Remember the fixed anchor pool?
DE/DER-390 Tony Feredinand EN3 12/60 to 7/61 tferdinand (AT) ended in hospital 08/61 got transfered to USS Hissem 08/61 to 09/62
DE/DER-390 Edward Peterson EN3 1/61 - 11/63 pete1219 (AT)  
DE/DER-390 Timothy Schulz MR3 6/16/69 to 6/1/71 twshtc (AT) Gene Herrera please contact me @ 479-530-6852 . Retired 1991 as HTC. Looking forward to your email.
DE/DER-390 George B. Sherman, Jr. MM2 8/43 - 5/46 lmoore3767 (AT) 119 E Third Street, Lewes, dE 19958 - mailing address
DE/DER-390 Charles Terry QM2 11/68-12/70 chterry (AT) anyone interested in a reunion times running out
DE-390 John Bisbee E-3 12-63 - 7/64 JB47233 (AT) Three Dog Rocks cruises. Had the 4-8's every trip. Great time. Tight knit crew.
DE-390 John Cavanaugh S/M 2/c 1945-1946 DUKEA37WW2 (AT) #1= USS HASTE,#2 DE#390,#3,SPENCER.
DE-390 Frank Gill SN1 8/43 - 4/46 frankg62 (AT)  
DE-390 Arnold Robinson RM2 1944-1945 ronnie (AT) Previous to DE-390:CG Radio School & Service on WSC-141
DE-390 Charles Terry QM3 1968-1970 chterry (AT)  
DER390 Dennis Sumner E-5 1970-1972 DESUM414 (AT) Just like to hear from old friends.
DER-390 Thomas Arata EN2 1967 to 1970 tarata (AT) Deep Freeze 1967/1968. Met many good friends.
DER-390 Dave Baldwin STG2 1964-67 david_h_baldwin (AT)  
DER-390 Darrell Barton SN 1969 to 1970 d.barton49 (AT)  
DER-390 Bert Beebe CTT2 71-73 wbeebe1 (AT) TAD many times, 2 north atlantic and several Caribbean trips
DER-390 Frank Bender EN3 1960-1961 fbender69 (AT) N.Atlantic Picket&Cuba
DER-390 William (Bill) Birch E-4 5/64-9/66 w.birch (AT)  
DER-390 Larry Blackburn EM3 1962 to 1966 lrb (AT) Deep Freeze Crew & Was at Dog Rocks
DER-390 Ken Blake RM2 1969 - 1972 bblake8130 (AT)  
DER-390 Robert Bourgoin BM3 6/62 - 7/63 robertbourgoin (AT) Terek
DER-390 Joe Braswell CTT3 1973 brasjm (AT)  
DER-390 Warren J. Brelia EN2 1957-1960 breliawar (AT) I was forward engine room baker 1
DER-390 Bill Bromley SM3 1965-1966 bbromle (AT)  
DER-390 David Bryant EM2 02/62 - 06/65 booger (AT) Many times at dog rocks,Cuban Missle Crisis and Loved Scotland
DER-390 James Budzynowski RD2 1959-1960 budzy01 (AT)  
DER-390 Kevin Burke RM2 9/67-9/70 travelmait (AT) Operation Deep Freeze 1967-68
DER-390 Bobby Bynum EN3 4/55 to 8/57 Papayokum (AT) Yahoo.Com. Worked in Engine Room 1 Close shipmate Donald May -Howard Jones -Sherman Kiser
DER-390 Paul Cacciamani Sip. 3 11/63 - 8/65 Realsilver63 (AT) gmail A lot of time at dog rocks
DER-390 George Cauthen LT(jg) 71-72 george.cauthen (AT) great adventure; don't regret a day
DER-390 Harley Cheney SFP2 1960 hal (AT) MY sumer e-mail from may- nov is hal (AT)
DER-390 Philip Coopy ET3 1959-1961 pjcoopys (AT) 57-67 USN, continued with DOD Fed Gov't till retired 1994.
DER-390 Arthur L. Crowell BMSN 10/28/54 -1957 arthurcowell (AT) served for recom
DER-390 Lee Davidson ET3 7/59 - 3/61 harley0005 (AT)  
DER-390 Brian Deneen YN3 9/60-8/61 greyquill (AT)  
DER-390 Wayne Dubose RMSN 09/69-01/71 pddubose (AT)  
DER-390 Frank Dvorak STG3 11/66 to 8/68 fjd13 (AT) Deep Freeze
DER-390 Richard Elliott EN3 1967-1969 coach_truck_tractor (AT) spent 2 years wishing I was off the herbie, now spend all this time remembering!
DER-390 Michael Fallon ENFN 04/65 - 06/66 mikefds (AT) Operation Deepfreeze 1965-1966, World Cruise, Dog Rocks. Assigned AMR 2
DER-390 Quinton Ford SM 01/60 - 12/60 qford (AT) Deck force out of basic training. Brother Pat served aboard her at same time. He was an SM3
DER-390 Patrick Ford SM3 01/57 - 07/60 qford (AT) Tough duty. Many Pickets One Meg Cruise. Signalman after being a Radioman. Brother Quinton came
DER-390 Tim Gamble STG2 4/68 to 7/71 bigdog17109 (AT)  
DER-390 Larry Gesner QM3 8/72-5/73 LarryQm3 (AT)  
DER-390 Ron Glynn BM2 5/70 to 12/70 rglynn46 (AT) great crew/european cruise-prevented collision w/soviet trawler during 1st firing of poseidon missile frm sub.
DER-390 David Griffin SN 62-64 dgrif5555 (AT) Cuban missle crisis-dog rocks,Gitmo (wow)-Windward Passage (GQ wow)-great fishing-I was the Green Phantom.
DER-390 Dan Hannigan RM2 7/70- 8/73 dan.hannigan (AT)  
DER-390 Gene L. Herrera EN1 3/68- 6/71 kennysuncle (AT) Yahoo. com Hurbie needs a REUNION 719 846 0200 Need more space...
DER-390 Peter Hora GMG2 1969 packratoc (AT)  
DER-390 John Horan FN 07/65-11/66 hjohnjames (AT) participated in operation deepfreeze
DER-390 Benny Hornsby RD2 1966-1963 villefranche60 (AT) left the Dirty Herbie for OCS. Hated the ship then and hate it now.
DER-390 Bill Horsley LT 1965 to 1966 bandb1934 (AT)  
DER-390 Mike Huss BT2 1967-1970 hussnhuss (AT) deep freeze was neat .but not shadowing the Muller off Hava
DER-390 Grant Jansen SO3 6/1956-6/1959 hombre1903 (AT) North Atlantic tough duty, made the Antwerp trip, Portsmouth, England and Roalare, Ireland
DER-390 Doug Jones CTM3 1971 djones155 (AT) Caribbean OPS and Great North Atlantic Cruise
DER-390 John Jordan RM2 11/57 - 1/61 beachbums21 (AT) Over a dozen pickets on the DEW Line and great times in Lisbon, Antwerp and Wexford, etc.
DER-390 Ronald Kall SN 1967 to 1969 ronslotus4ever (AT) WOW I miss you all - funny how I only remember all the good times - lets get in touch.
DER-390 Howard Keene E-5 1962 ncourt302 (AT)  
DER-390 Jack Kilcrease SM1 3/20/70-2/1/71 jackkilcrease (AT) Retired USN April 1975 from Recruiting Duty
DER-390 Raymond King FN 1/62 to 1/64 paraking (AT) Dog rocks-southern tip,north atlantic- Scotland was a ball
DER-390 Gary Kitchen LT 8/66-11/69 gdkitchen1 (AT) Great DER, Op Deep Freeze 67-68
DER-390 Roger Kobart MR1 1966 to 1968 rkobart (AT) Deep Freeze was great! Enjoyed Equator ceremony... Great ship!
DER-390 Glen LaVanchy RD3 5/64-11/66 glentinner (AT) looking for photos and videos from the Antarctic cruise of 65-66
DER-390 Larry Lawson E-2 1970-1971 cptrookie (AT)  
DER-390 Shane Layher FT2 1961-1962 sllayher (AT) Looking for shipmates who served with me.
DER-390 Rodney Legendre FA/E-2 09/64 - 03/65 legend1 (AT) Made several trips to Dog Rocks, Key West and World's Fair
DER-390 Robert Lindstadt EN3 09/70-09/72 Lindst1 (AT)  
DER-390 Ronnie W. Longmire SN 12/63-64E phone (601) 384-5411 Enjoyed my time abordship-glad to hear from former shipmates.
DER-390 Michael Lynch YNSN 12/68-7/70 mike0250 (AT) Made alot of wonderful friends, would get in touch!
DER-390 Eddie Lynch E-4 6/64-6/66 edlynch (AT)  
DER-390 Ken MacDonald RM1 1962 - 1964 Macdo66 (AT)  
DER-390 David Malloy STG2 1967 to 1969 dmmalloy (AT)  
DER-390 David Martin IC3 11/63 to 8/65 davedonnamartin (AT) Dog Rocks
DER-390 Jimmy Marz 3/c 6 /61 to 6/63 jimmymarz819 (AT)  
DER-390 Norman Mason EN3 4/59-12/61 ne.masonjr (AT)  
DER-390 Norman E. Mason, Jr. EN3 4/59-12/61 ne.masonjr (AT)  
DER-390 Bert McMillen SN 8/62 - 7/64 bmac390 (AT)  
DER-390 John McMinn LT(jg) 9/55 - 58 jamcminn (AT) Recommissioning Detail and Contiguous Patrol then set up and served on DEW Line Atlantic
DER-390 Ralph McNeely RM3 1968-69 rhmcneely47 (AT)  
DER-390 Jim McNoldy E-5 10/71 -07/73 micecantfly (AT) would like to hear from anyone on board at this time
DER-390 Michael Meadows EN2 1969 to 1973 mmeadows (AT) Would like to hear from anyone one.
DER-390 Michael Mercer RM2 10/59-1/61 mmercer (AT) Made 3 pickets in N Atlantic. R&R Gibraltor and Lisbon Portugal. Refit in Boston
DER-390 Jim Miller SN 60-61 tojimmiller (AT) Picket in N Atlantic-remember chipping ice off topside-Scotland,then Gitmo & Key West-man those were great yrs.
DER-390 David Moody FN 1959 - 1960 dmoody1231 (AT)  
DER-390 William Munson SN 12/63 - 6/64 billmunson (AT) my first ship out of boot camp - transferred to Fleet Sonar School, Key West
DER-390 George (Lee) Natvig EM2 7/70 - 10/71 glnatvig (AT) Retired..we need a reunion!
DER-390 Glenis (Glen) Nelson CTR3 1972 glenisnelson (AT) Do not remember exact dates
DER-390 Charles Ortenzio DK2 10/65-1/67 charlesortenzio (AT) Deep Freeze 65-66, Key West, Jacksonville, Fl at Discharge
DER-390 James T. Parker LT 8/67-10/69 tparkeriqr (AT) Deep Freeze 67-68, around the world cruise
DER-390 Daniel Pasela EN 1961-1963 dpasela (AT) info on shipmates and dated cruise pictures
DER-390 William Pasqua BM3 1967 to 1970 Billymac214 (AT)  
DER-390 Dwight Perdue LT(jg) 1969-1972 dperdue (AT)  
DER-390 Edward Peterson E-4 1/61-11-63 peteusn60 (AT)  
DER-390 Ron Phillips SFFN 67-68 rslake (AT) Deep Freeze 67-68
DER-390 Thomas Plew MR2 1968 to 1971 tomplew (AT)  
DER-390 Ken Plummer RD3 1964 to 1966 kplummer (AT)  
DER-390 Jerry Renander STG2 1970 1973 jerryrenander (AT) med and north Atlantic cruise great sonar gang
DER-390 Gilbert Riojas QMSN 1972-1973 riojasgilbert (AT) would like to hear any on board
DER-390 Jack Ruddy RD2 1967-1970 john.ruddy (AT) Deep Freeze 1968
DER-390 Frank Saunders MR3 1963 1966 fsfuzzybear3 (AT) to wish you a great life love to say hello
DER-390 Bill Schaefer STG3 7/68 - 6/70 williamkibil (AT)  
DER-390 George Scheinost FTG2 2/69-8/70 gscheinost (AT)  
DER-390 Ed Scisson BMSN 10/69 - 9/71 ed.scisson (AT)  
DER-390 Robert Seely CS3 1965-1966 bobseely1111 (AT) I have some real good pictures of Operation Deep Freeze and miss everyone. Herbie was my second home
DER-390 Leland Shippie SOG2 1960-61 lgscms (AT)  
DER-390 Gene Spinelli ETR3 6/65-6/66 k5gs (AT) Deep Freeze Crew
DER-390 Bill Stanford GMG3 7/69-12/69 bstanford (AT) would like to hear from weapons & deck div. guys
DER-390 Bruce Stottrup EM2 1968 1969 bingo4 (AT) Had so much fun there should have two of me.
DER-390 W. Barry Swank RM2 8/67-9/1/70 BARMAX (AT) 3267 Wildwood Drive, Medina, OH. 44256 (330) 722-7272
DER-390 Charlie Swartz STG2 1/67 - 2/70 swartzcp (AT) Deep Freeze
DER-390 Boyd Sylvester ETN2 1966-1969 boyd.sylvester (AT) Aas a member a few yrs back and I want to rejoin;also,want to get the newspaper that I enjoyed so much.Thks
DER-390 Charles Terry QM3 1968-69 CTERRY7670 (AT)  
DER-390 Jim Thistle BT3 7/58 to 7/60 hjta127 (AT) Served in Baker 2 Boilers and Evaporator Many Pickets not a great fan of Station#1 in the winter.
DER-390 James Thomas RM1 07/59-03-61 jim.thom (AT) Rep onboard as RM2-lots of mems of 21 day pickets in N Atlantic...lots of exp..!!
DER-390 Joe Thorne IC2 1964-1967 j.thorne (AT) Deep Freeze, Dog Rocks, transfered to Sarsfield DD 837
DER-390 Jim Tomlinson STG2 7/72-7/73 sewvacusa (AT)  
DER-390 Jeff Torsell SK3 1963 - 1964 lemans62 (AT)  
DER-390 Dan Van Campen DK3 11/61-3/63 movinvan500 (AT) Looking for shipmates-North Atlantic, R and R Denmark, Glasgow, Dog Rocks, Cuban Missile Crisis
DER-390 Doug Van Tol TM3 6/65-6/67 archervt (AT) Deep Freeze Cruise
DER-390 Gary Vandergriff QM3 08/66 - 03/69 gvander (AT)  
DER-390 Robert Waddington RM3 1962 to 1964 wsbeehive (AT)  
DER-390 Joe Walczak RM3 9/64 to 3/67 j_walczak (AT) 65/66 Deep Freeze, Dog Rocks, good years
DER-390 Dan Welsh RMSN 1961-1962 dwels42 (AT)  
DER-390 Jack Whidden RMSN 5/65-8/67 vj775 (AT) Deep Freeze 66
DER-390 David White E-5 1964 to 1967 drjswhite (AT) Radarman - Oper. Deep Freeze / Dog Rocks off Cuba
DER-390 Charles Williams RD3 1964-1966 candn (AT)  
DER-390 Randall (Randy) Wilson SN 6/71-7/73 Randy (AT) Intsafety.Com If I only knew. A great debt to all who served with me
DER-390 William Worthington SN1 2/65-5/68 wfrankw (AT)  

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