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DE/DER-251 Le Roy Bombardiere EN3 6/57 to 6/59 leroyann (AT) 11 pickets
DE/DER-251 Jeannie Carr   1960's Nippy-feet (AT) Like to know what happened to Ron Souchak (spelling?)-onboard when in Scotland-never forgot-Jeannie
DE/DER-251 Edward Crossan RD3 1/61-5/63 p.crossan (AT)  
DE/DER-251 Jim Dolan ETR3 8/61 to 9/62 jimdolan (AT) Anyone in my time frame going to the Albany reunion in Sept. 09?
DE/DER-251 Bobby Johnson AG2   bcjohjax (AT) I served on the USS Camp,went to USS Rhodes,then back to USS Camp and then to USS Mills
DE/DER-251 Charles Lincourt EN3 3/65 - 11-66 CJLINCOURT (AT) Knew J Vaden,Gary Moore,A Riggilosi,.Good times. How many times did we save the Hissem DER 400 ?
DE/DER-251 Francis Palmer, Jr. SN WW II N.A./P. neilfpalmer (AT) Passed 10/30/2011. Entry made by son. E mails excepted/appreciated.
DE/DER-251 Mike Powers EN3 5/64 - 8/65 monniegolden (AT) Desire to contact George Francy. Call me at 252-571-9457.
DE/DER-251 Patrick Shorthose CS2 1968 to 1970 pshorthose (AT)  
DE/DER-251 Larry Sweeden EMs 60-63 gsweeden (AT) Scotland was great! The reunions are great!!
DE/DER-251 Paul D. Watkins RM2 12/63-1/67 c_e_w7 (AT) Inviting all ships to camp reun Nov 6-8, Corpus Christi-email for more information.
DE-251 Richard Clemence IC2 1965 rclemence (AT) Sailed Camp from Newport RI to Vietnam
DE-251 Louis (Rafe) Raffone E-4 1959 - 1962 lesterr71 (AT) looking for spinicki and the guys
DER-21 Larry Sweeden EM2 1960-1963 gsweeden (AT) att please change my email address to gsweeden (AT) Thank you.
DER-251 James (Donald) Adams   12/59-08/61 jamesdkarens (AT)  
DER-251 Dominick Alterio SN1 3/57-8/59 alterio (AT) just looking for shipmates.i was a radioman.
DER-251 James Atkinson EN3 4/61-11/61 destroyer872 (AT)  
DER-251 Donald Bailey EN 05/66 - 10/67 beetlebailey 47 (AT) typhoon carla was a blast
DER-251 Walter Baron ET2 60 - 62 wallnglad (AT)  
DER-251 Russell (Jeff) Baumann END3 03/57 - 02/59 jbaum (AT) Ten pickets in the N. Atlantic in En Rm B-3
DER-251 Henry Black RM4 1961 to 1962 hankb1016 (AT) aol-com stationed in scotland/made a port stop in copenhagen denmark
DER-251 Richard Blackader IC3 3/66 - 5/68 rlblackader (AT)  
DER-251 Thomas Bolin SM2 1965 - 1968 tfbolin (AT)  
DER-251 LeRoy Bombardiere EN3 1957-1959 leroyann (AT) looking for ship
DER-251 Danial Bonham STC 1965-1968 dcb1939 (AT)  
DER-251 Forest Boyd SF1 1955-1957 shipfitterb (AT) LPO of R Division
DER-251 Alberto Bugante TN 10/60-10/62 adbugante (AT) 1st ship-several trips to station 20 off Newfoundland-shark fishing kills the time-one trip to N Europe & Carribean
DER-251 Lee Bussard GMG3 5/69-4/70 ke7lst (AT) Chief jon where are you
DER-251 Bill Butcher LT(jg) 2/62 to 2/64 bill.wtba (AT) Experiences of a lifetime-Gitmo,Windward Passage, Dog Rocks,Greenock, plus a few in Newport in between.
DER-251 Gilbert Cardiel FN 1966 - 1968 gilandel (AT) learned alot in R divison with the ship fitter gang
DER-251 Larry Carney FN 1967-1968 wacarney24 (AT) My Dad said he loved servin on the decks of Camp... R.I.P.
DER-251 Maurice Carr FN 1/61-11/61   looking for paul marshall , mullendorf spin contact at box 162 detour village mi 49725
DER-251 Enrique Casanova SN 1965 to 1967 compadra12 (AT) Here from former band members
DER-251 Jan Charlton FTG2 9/60-10/63 JanCharlton (AT) GIUK Barrier Greenoch Windward Passage Dog Rocks
DER-251 Joseph Ciliberto ETN2 9/58 to 9/61 cilibertoj (AT) Looking for shipmates that I served with aboard DER-251 operating as part of the DEW Line
DER-251 Dennis Clark ETN2 67-70 dn.clark (AT) Guam is Good!
DER-251 Robert Corcoran RM2 01/61 to 06/62 rm120 (AT) Loved Scotland and the north atlantic. Except for shark watching didn't care for the Cuban pickets, However
DER-251 Richard (Dick) Cox STG2 9/61 to 10/64 rjc41 (AT) Two trips to Scotland both in winter, Straights of Florida, Windward Passage, Gitmo twice-anyone remember?
DER-251 Rod Cramer RD3 06/63-03/66 gunzofnh (AT) Looking for shipmates: John Palyo, John Herbst, Bob Funkhauser?
DER-251 Edward Crossan E-5 1/60 -5/63 p.crossan (AT) let's have a reunion in 2008
DER-251 John Culkins EN3 11/62-11/63 misterc39 (AT)  
DER-251 Albert D'Arcangelo RD2 7/60-7/62 albertd29 (AT) Allways known as Darky
DER-251 Bob Davis RD3 6/59 - 4/62 sewin1375 (AT)  
DER-251 Fred Derewenko EM2 1959 to 1962 fishingf (AT)  
DER-251 William E. Doherty LT(jg) 06/56 - 09/57 bdoherty (AT) Want to contact X-shipmates / get reunion info / etc
DER-251 Ronald Drake MR2 6/1961-5/1963 ckdent (AT) send me a message, looking for shipmates
DER-251 Victor Duarte EN3 1959 - 1961 vicduarte (AT)  
DER-251 John Etchingham FPCA 8/56 - 10/58 Jbetchjr (AT) A rough ride out in the North Atlantic but a great crew and a great Small Boy she was! Ah memories.
DER-251 George R. Fears DK1 1956 to 1959 dkcsusn (AT) Many fond memories. 5 guns????????????/ 3'' when I was aboard.''
DER-251 Larry Fitzgerald RM3 02/62-01/65 lfitzger (AT) Just looking for other Pickateers
DER-251 Thomas Fogarty QM3 5/63-5/65 tfog24 (AT) Based in Newport R.I. Shipped out to Subic Bay 1965. Vicceoni,Kane,Birchfield,Flunkhouser,Naz. I have old movies
DER-251 Gary Fortune CS2 10/69-decom 70 j.l.fortune (AT)  
DER-251 George Francey EN3 1/65 - 5/65 gfrancey (AT) My first ship. Like to hear from anyone from my dates. I miss the friends I made and the good times we had.
DER-251 Ernest (Wayne) Gaskin EM3 1963 to 1966 w.gaskin1 (AT)  
DER-251 Wayne Gibbs SOG2 3/61-10/62 wfgibbs (AT)  
DER-251 Bill Ginther YN3 6/58 - 6/60 barbill9 (AT)  
DER-251 Howie Goldberg EN3 63-661/2 SWEETOLDEVIL1 (AT) Picket from RI to Cuba, transferred to Nam 65
DER-251 Ronald Gowallis E-4 6/67-4/70 arodjeter3353 (AT) any radarman or gunners mates please contact me
DER-251 Anthony Greene EM2 7/68-11/69 pnmoose (AT)  
DER-251 William Grieve FTG3 1969 to 1971 grieve (AT)  
DER-251 William Gruber RD2 1967-1970 harley80 (AT) Was on the decom crew in Apra Harbor, Guam, 1970
DER-251 Mike Hales QM2 7/66 - 7/68 mike (AT)  
DER-251 Rodney Hayes CS3 2/61-7/64 SCPO440 (AT) For a good time call
DER-251 John Heckman ENC 1962 to 1966 jheck5024 (AT)  
DER-251 Doug Hensley RM2 1/68 to 3/69 doug.hensley (AT) Would like to hear from my shipmates
DER-251 Tracy Herman EN4 3/58 - 3/60 tah12 (AT) Would like to get in touch with shipmates i crosed the north atlantic about 15 times on the camp
DER-251 Richard Hill ET3 59-62 jbh6487 (AT) 7/15 Just found this site! Did Scotland,Grennock,Jamica,pickets off Cuba,DEW line.
DER-251 Terry Hissong ETN3 11/61-8/63 rockbridge (AT)  
DER-251 Ron Horne GMG3 1/67- 8/68 ronaldhorne (AT) Great ship, like to hear from shipmates.
DER-251 Wilbur Howes ENCS 2/65-4/68 retencs (AT) Let's get together
DER-251 John Jacob ETR3 11/69 to turnover mviljj (AT)  
DER-251 John Janik RM3 1964 to 1967 johnjanik (AT) PD Watkins. Where are u. Great times aboard that ship
DER-251 Bobby Johnson AG2 7/62-8/62 & 12/62-5/63 bcjohjax (AT) Served on USS Camp, USS Rhodes & USS Mills 7/62-9/64
DER-251 Larry Jones EN2 1967-1970 ljones (AT) Looking for Larry Johnson Lake Charles LA.
DER-251 Nardo S. Jose SK1 6/7/67-4/2/70 nardjose (AT) Cannot forget CO LCDR Butcher-ast time saw him, was wearing a sword on his left & One Star on shoulder board.
DER-251 Hank Kanavel EM2 10/61-04/62 hendrikkanavel (AT) Just found this site.
DER-251 George Kelly RD3 7/65 to 5/67 gek100 (AT)  
DER-251 Ron Kiesche CSSN/E-3 7/59-1/61 kiesche7 (AT) to see the guys I cooked with & for
DER-251 Richard Klinker ETN2 1966-1969 rklinkr (AT) would like to here from my shipmates
DER-251 David Lanotti EM3 11/65-12/67 davelanotti (AT) lets PARTY
DER-251 Kenneth Lehner LT(jg) 2/58-9/60 kblehner (AT) Duties: CIC & Operations Officer
DER-251 James Lesher SN 1958 to 1960 jlesher (AT)  
DER-251 Martin Lester DCFN 2/60-3/61 garylester2 (AT) Like to hear from shipmates
DER-251 Charles Lincourt EN3 1965-1966 charleslincourt (AT) From Boston to Market time Task Force 115 Viet Nam Good friend of Gary Moore En3,Etgen,Tony Estieve
DER-251 Jim Liston EN3 1961-1963 jimliston (AT) hope to from some of you, thanks
DER-251 David Long DC 69-71 dlong64916 (AT) While we were decom in Guam I caught a mine sweeper back to Nam. Looking for Richard Parsely DC3.
DER-251 Daniel Long RM3 1959-1961 longdan42 (AT)  
DER-251 Richard Mahlmeister ET3 1959 - 1960 Mahlmeister (AT) Enjoyed the European Cruise of 13 June to 31 August 1958.
DER-251 Michael Malat TE3 1956-1958 mmalatsr (AT) Was post office person aboard ship
DER-251 William (Marc) Marcus EM3 1961 to 1963 midnitexp43 (AT)  
DER-251 Thomas Marfiak LT 10/68-05/71 marfiaktp (AT) Cheng and XO Taiwan Patrol Ops/Market Time Vietnam/trans to RVN-like to hear from crew/and shipmates.
DER-251 Tom McConaughey GMGSM 67-71 mt_mccon (AT) looking for shipmates. ed popham,louie johnson, skip and bj sullivan
DER-251 John McHenry LT(jg) 10/64-10/66 jwmch (AT) My first ship. Served under LCDR Frank Hannegan as CO.
DER-251 William H. McMillian SHSN 2/60-4/61 rushman71455 (AT) Great webpage
DER-251 Bill Milbrandt SM3 12/60-8/63 MILBRANDT904 (AT) Long picket duties, Greenock, then Hell CUBA Crisis
DER-251 Al Navarra EN2 1955-1957 (516) 420-0894 Havana. was great. 18 Copeland Pl.,Farmingdale, NY 11375
DER-251 John Nolte BM3 9/68 - 5/70 jandjnolte (AT) Looking for some old shipmates of mine
DER-251 Ronald Ondishin RM2 1/63 - 12/63 ronondishin (AT) Great experience - Took a week to get my sea legs
DER-251 Arthur Oropeza RM3 1969-1970 art.oropeza (AT)  
DER-251 William Palladino SN 6/31/56 - 5/57 summerplace (AT) Like to contact shipmates that were on board during my career and those on GTMO shakedown cruise
DER-251 Kenneth C. Peters SN 68-69 kpeters (AT) I noticed you don't list the DER type of ships.
DER-251 Stephen Puco SA 1960 Mrpuco (AT) Would of like to serve longer
DER-251 David Quick RD2 1968-1970   335 Meadow Lane, Bellefonte, PA 16823 814-359-7089
DER-251 David Ream RM3 04/63 - 12/64 w2efc (AT) Looking for previous crew members of the ship
DER-251 Frank Reis BMSN 1968 to 1969 far (AT) would like to hear from shipmates.
DER-251 Allen Ringgenberg EM3 1960 1962 alr (AT)  
DER-251 Gary Robinson ETR2 5/65-1/68 densy (AT) Like to hear from shipmates
DER-251 Weldon Rye RM1 5/61 - 12/62 wrye (AT) 2008 Reunion at Sea Wolf Park, Galveston, Texas. Nov 7, 8, 9.
DER-251 William Sanderfer TE/RM2 60-61 kaskaskai (AT)  
DER-251 Don Seiberling ENC 1967 - 1969 DSEIBE027 (AT) Would like to hear from former shipmates.
DER-251 Rodney Severson Sk3 1959 to 1960 ljklitzke (AT) Would like to find this shipmate from Bob Hueser
DER-251 William Sewell SOG2 1962 to 1963 Williamsewell (AT) Scotland, Cuba, Dog Rocks
DER-251 Al Sheehan BT3 1963 to 1966 enviroal (AT) Trying to find some old shipmates
DER-251 Fred Shilzony PC2 July 1966-June 1968 regdir123 (AT) Would like to hear from Camp sailors of any vintage!
DER-251 Don Sieberling ENC 1967 to 1969 DSEIBE (AT) Would like to touch base with former shipmates
DER-251 James Simmons EN2 08/70-02/71 landlockseadog (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates. Looking for EN2 Miller
DER-251 Henry Slyh EN2 9/65-3/69 retiree2001 (AT) Like to hear from you
DER-251 Thomas Smith SN 1958 to 1960 smcsmithusnret (AT) deck force- graduated to the bridge. Remember many-good time & bad-ie: personnel inspection aft 2 wks at sea
DER-251 John T. Sparks CS2 12/63 - 6/66 pwedstock (AT) Retired USN as MSCM in 3/86. Curious about old shipmates.
DER-251 Kenneth Spiller FN 1967-1969 p1409547-3674  
DER-251 Mike Spuck FN 2/59-5/60 mSpuck (AT) looking for sipmates (B3) in western NY, reunion?
DER-251 Clyde Stark RM1 5/69-3/70 cfstark (AT) Would like to contact shipmates
DER-251 Larry Sweeden EM2 12/60-6/63 gsweeden (AT) would like to hear from shipmates
DER-251 Kenneth Tilden SN 1/61-1/63 ktilden (AT) Really enjoyed Greenock, Scotland
DER-251 Mike Tindall RD3 1/67-12/68 miketin545 (AT) Lets have a reunion
DER-251 John Traks SFM3 1966 to 1968 musclecarman (AT) Like to hear from shipmates. We need a reunion
DER-251 Charles Tullgren BM3 65-68 c.tullgren (AT) Contact from any former shipmates would be appreciated. I just retired. Frank Reis, where are you?
DER-251 John Vaden EN3 1966-68 bigjohvad (AT) great learning experience
DER-251 Jacob Van Marter RM3   jakethesnake2542 (AT) Delete the second entry listed with rank of CDR please.
DER-251 Jake VanMarter RM3 1960-1/63 jakethesnake2542 (AT) Take me back to Grenock
DER-251 Ronald Vinson YN3 6/65 - 5/67 Market Time Ops ginneyv65 (AT) Would like to hear from any shipmates.
DER-251 David Wallace ETN2 9/61 - 9/62 decawallace (AT)  
DER-251 Bradford Warner LT(jg) 3/61-2/64 bwarner1 (AT) great experience
DER-251 Paul Watkins RM2 12/63-1/67 c_e_w7 (AT) would like to see old shipmates at reunion in nov.6-7-8 at Galveston, TX-email me for info if need so.
DER-251 David Weyandt ET3 1965 to 1966 pdweyandt (AT)  
DER-251 Albert Whaples RM2 1958 to 1961 Slump62 (AT) contact shipmates
DER-251 Dave Whiting IC2 05/68 to 04/70 crawdad (AT) I remember some great times on that ship. Great ports!
DER-251 William Wood RD 1956-1958 pchniz (AT)  
DER-251 Ray Yedding FN 10/56-6/58 ryedding (AT) 1st crew to recom 56 Norfolk to RI home port 1957-won contest to design ship's patch-would like to locate one

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