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DE/FF-1093 Christopher Gass STG3 1986 to 1990 cgass (AT) Attended Easter Sunday Services at Vatican (88)-was on one of 2 warships trans thru Sea of Marmara to Black Sea.
DE/FF-1093 John Hueg MM1 11/91 - 3/93 jwhueg (AT) email address change
DE/FF-1093 Bill Miller E-5/SK2 10/73-5/77 exastro54 (AT) Was plankowner and became a shellback on this ship.
DE/FF-1093 John Regina OS3 1/75 - 8/76 johnj1314 (AT) I miss my shipmates from this ship very much
DE/FF-1093 John St. Clair GMT3 6/73-6/75 astclair (AT) Plankowner
DE-1093 Gary Bolen EN3 6/73- 10/75 gbolen (AT) plank owner, great memories , aux. gang. also was drug counselor . ship photographer .
DE-1093 Robert Harper ICFN 75-77 rjmmh (AT) I hope to hear from some of you fellow service members,GOD BLESS. Bob
DE-1093 Bill Horsley CDR 1973 to 1975 bandb1934 (AT)  
DE-1093 Paul King GMT3 8/73-4/75 cpd810 (AT) plankowner
DE-1093 Tom Kwiatkowski RM3 1973-1975 tkwiats (AT) Plank Owner. Great Experience.
DE-1093 Skip (Bernard) Mann HM3 1973-1974 runskiprun2002 Plank owner
DE-1093 Jon Robb MMFN 74-75 according (AT) plankowner,mmfn/worked in aux1,played hard.
DE-1093 Denny Schey ETN3 11/73-8/74 denniss747 (AT) Sad I only got to spend a year on the Cappy.
DE-1093 Richard Washer EW3   prtsmthr5 (AT)  
FF-1093 Durmua Ali Akbulut CPO 5/93-7/00 daliakbulut (AT) Turkish naval forces-ship earned the friendship and friendship, thank you.
FF-1093 Robert Anderson E-3 10/78 - 04/82 navysail_bob (AT) Got into mischief onboard,but have great memories-like to contact shipmates.I am in a 12 step prog-26 yrs sobriety
FF-1093 Ben Bentsen SK2 12/76-1/79 benbren (AT)  
FF-1093 Fran Berry SM1 (SW) 1985-1989 FBerry (AT) My last ship. The one with both the best and not so best memories. (Naples-USO) Looking for HT1 Wagner
FF-1093 Lyle Blake STG2 73-77 zipperneck (AT) plank owner
FF-1093 David Bouchard FC3 07/85 to 10/88 fly.fisher1 (AT) AKA Boof
FF-1093 Dennis Boyd MM1 (3M1) 06/91 - 06/93 dboydwriting (AT) If anyone is still looking, I have that last MED & official underway flag
FF-1093 Brian Breach E-4 1/83-8/85 fmjggg (AT) I found the ship I was on
FF-1093 Joe Burress E-3 1990-1993 joe.burress (AT)  
FF-1093 Jonathan Byrd EN3/E-4 1989-1994 bleuchef34 (AT) looking for shipmates during 1989-1994 I was last stationed in Newport,RI-feel free to contact me with any info.
FF-1093 David Campbell OS3 01/76 - 01/79 ff1093 (AT) Check out ''OUR Website''
FF-1093 Greg Cardinal BT2 5/77 - 10-80 gcardinal (AT) I remember lots of good times. South America, the Med, North Atlantic, GITMO etc...
FF-1093 Eugene Carnes MM2 1983-1987 atmdenied (AT)  
FF-1093 David Carrodus FTG2 1979 to 1982 davecarrodus (AT) great ship, great crew, great friends, great memories
FF-1093 Allen Cayea MM2 92-decom acayea (AT) looking for M/A division buddies
FF-1093 Chester Champagne GMM2 4/84-87, 2/90-93 chechamp (AT) in atl, ga (drop me an email shipmates)
FF-1093 John Conway SM2 1978-1980 Jake5611 (AT)  
FF-1093 Jose-Chico Cotto SN 1982-1985 noeliki (AT) i hope to see you all again
FF-1093 Dave Crook MM2 1982-1984 dcrook (AT)  
FF-1093 Eric Curtis STG1 11/84-6/86 ecurtis (AT)  
FF-1093 Brad Dahn MM2 9/80-4/84 parkace (AT) unitelc,com Good times, good friends, and great memories!
FF-1093 Edward Davis OS3 92-93 oscdavis (AT) Still Active Duty retiring in Jun 2015
FF-1093 Ronald Devereaux OS3 77-78 bulldog (AT)  
FF-1093 Joe Dolgos RMCM 7/73 - 1/77 jldolgos (AT) Although my last sea assignment, it was the BEST.
FF-1093 Jeffrey Dookwah EMS(SW) 1983 to 1987 Jeff.1093 (AT) Loved it-met great people will never forget-do it again in a heartbeat-made me better human being in life
FF-1093 Michael Drew OSSN 1975-1977 Michaelddrew (AT)  
FF-1093 Ira Dube MS2 1982 - 1983 idube (AT) Retired as MS1 in 1994, am now the Mayor of Teachey,NC
FF-1093 Dave Dudzinski BM2 12/82-5/05 davedudzinski (AT) Glueck.....I want my moped back.....
FF-1093 Mustafa Duman CPO 1993 to 2000 mudum90 (AT) Hi everybody !!
FF-1093 Steven Eichelberger TM3 12/86-3-90 smokinrescue10 (AT)  
FF-1093 Jerry Elmblad MM2 1975-1980 AElmblad (AT) It was good to see and hear from past shipmates. Continue!
FF-1093 Mike Evans BTC 9/77 to 3/81 popeye (AT) hope to see you all in fla
FF-1093 Joe Fellion BM2(SW) 5/85 - 9/87 joseph.fellion (AT) Looking for the Moose Head'' group.''
FF-1093 Robert Frey CDR 4/75-4/77 bobfrey (AT) Thanks to my men! I am indebted to you all.
FF-1093 John Friscia BM3 1979 to 1981 Jlfriscia1 (AT) Like to hear frm 1st div-6/81-crushed in boat davit-Jeff Spagnola,Timmy Grant-email me-still think of those days
FF-1093 Ezequiel Garcia STG2 1992 to 1993 sonartech (AT) Outstanding Last Med Cruise of 92'
FF-1093 Robert Glueck BM 1981-1984 robertp.glueck (AT) i like. mopeds! Does anybody have a moped I can borrow?
FF-1093 Robert Gooch STCM 1984-1987 robert.h.gooch (AT)  
FF-1093 John Goodwin GMM3 8/91 - decomm itsnotforyou (AT)  
FF-1093 Joe Gouveia BM1 08/89-4/92 j.gouveia (AT)  
FF-1093 Tim Grant BM3 8/80 to 7/84 timgrant (AT)  
FF-1093 John Grimsley HT2 10/84 to 5/87 buckeyebear (AT) She had the best crew I ever sailed with
FF-1093 Bradford Grove MM2 3/82 to 2/86 fxr2114 (AT) Real good times A&M. A Gang and Mail Control. Best time ever.
FF-1093 Carl Grubb ETN2 1973-1975 fooshnagle (AT) Had a lot of Fun. Made Some good friends. Am a plank owner.
FF-1093 Don Gussler STG1 7/77-4/80 dgussler (AT)  
FF-1093 Wilbur Gwynn MM2 81-84 bill (AT) Unitas 81 & med 82
FF-1093 Robert Harper ICFN 75 to 77 rjmmh (AT) Hope to hear from all who remember me.
FF-1093 Joseph (Joe) Hicks BT2 1975-1978 joebyrd182 (AT) Hammond,Vreeland,Bradshaw,Kalwait,Troop,Emblad,Hillaker,Pauley,Peaches,Crazy ass Jim Payne & many more.
FF-1093 Jim Hill ET1 1981 to 1983 twidgetjim (AT) Beruit, Toulone, and Egypt.
FF-1093 Chuck Hillaker MM3 1976-1979 dianahillaker (AT) Living in IL.
FF-1093 Marc Hoehn FTG1 1973-1977 Mark_Hoehn (AT) Hope to see you at the reunion
FF-1093 Jim Holahan STG3 3/88-3/90 jtheh03 (AT) need to speak to someome who was at theUSO in Naples
FF-1093 William Hooper MR1(SW) 7/81-7/85 dd-714 (AT)  
FF-1093 John R. Horan, Jr. GMGC(SW) 4/80-5/84 John_Horan (AT) Good Ship-2 Battle E's-Bernie Patterson-one of best CO's
FF-1093 Steve Hough EMC 3/85-1/87 sahough3 (AT) Living in home state of Indiana, IBEW 855 Electrician
FF-1093 Dennis Howell MM3 8/78-8/81 bubba_dmc13 (AT) Would like to hear from some of those that would remember me. Twidwell,Labatte,Payne & other B & M div guys.
FF-1093 John Hueg MM1 7/91 - 7/93 jwhueg (AT)  
FF-1093 Anthony Jenkins MSSN 1976-1979 tonyj1369 (AT) Great to see so many shipmates here. My first ship and the best by far!
FF-1093 Walter Johnson BM2 5/79 to 10/83 waltj (AT)  
FF-1093 Wilton (Jack) Jones SKC Plankowner-1974 dawg3d (AT) What a ship. I'm still kicking. (703) 960-2545
FF-1093 Donald Kent SM2 1979 to 1981 flags (AT)  
FF-1093 Dan (Boat's) Kisich BM3 10/73-4/76 ddkisich (AT) Plankowner
FF-1093 Dan Klitzke STGSN 1985 to 1988 sonardk (AT) I had some good-times on the Cappy.
FF-1093 Todd Kupfer HT2 2/85 - 8/88 Kup4 (AT)  
FF-1093 David Landkamer FC2 10/85-10/87 dflandkamer (AT)  
FF-1093 Shane LaRose MM 1984 1987 med/io slarose (AT) like to hear from any snipes or anybody that remembers lefty
FF-1093 Joseph Lazzara LT 6/90-1/93 lazzara399 (AT)  
FF-1093 Mark Lemons MM3 12/80 - 6/85 lemonoid (AT) a ganger/Yo chief bubblehead do you remember me?
FF-1093 Jeff (snake shit) Lowden BT2 87 - 89 jefflowden (AT)  
FF-1093 Tony McDonald SK2 (SW) 2/86-8/89 ctmcdonal (AT) Happy Cappy shipmates , remember 4/14/88!!
FF-1093 William McDowell BM3 91-93 wdm27 (AT) Decomm.
FF-1093 Robert McIntyre HMC 5/85 - 12/88 rm2659 (AT) Live in Myrtle Beach. Happy to hear from shipmates anytime.
FF-1093 Terry McMahan CT1-2 1976 marterbren (AT) I became a Shellback while aboard. We crossed on 7/4/76. I have wonderful memories of my time aboard.
FF-1093 Philip Meyer MM2 1980-1981 meyer (AT)  
FF-1093 Bill Miller SK2 10/73-7/76 billmiller318 (AT) Phil Matthews and Kevin Coulliard(?) email me.
FF-1093 Dale Miller FC2 6/87 - 6/91 dalegmiller (AT) I am looking for someone who was at the USO bombing.
FF-1093 Dave Miller BT2 9/84 -9/87 Khackee (AT) Yeah lefty, remember you-where's Beef? Mike Hare-had fun in tunnels in Mallorca-too much Baileys too often.
FF-1093 Keith Morris PC2 06/77-08/79 kmorris6907 (AT) Met a lot of good people while on the Capodanno-77 UNITAS Cruise was the best one during my Navy time.
FF-1093 Michael Nelson MMFN 1988 sparkfix1965 (AT) Was TAD aboard the USS Happy Cappy. Great Times
FF-1093 Chris Nelson RM2 12/77 - 8/80 christopher_nelson (AT)  
FF-1093 Claude Newton LCDR 1985-1987 thesunfire (AT) Would like to hear from old shipmates.
FF-1093 Thomas O'Lear IC2 1984-1987 olear_t (AT)  
FF-1093 Greg Parslow MM3 1988-1991 gaparslow (AT)  
FF-1093 Truman Partridge RM2 3/80-10/82 RM2TPartridge (AT)  
FF-1093 James Peabody RM3 10/89 - 10/92 peabodj (AT) I miss Her sometimes... but then I remember watching Her pull off for a Med cruise
FF-1093 Pete Pease BT3 1974-1977 bmx4life9 (AT) Missed plank owner by about a month.Did not miss rigorous training under Captain Horsely.
FF-1093 Richard J Pilliod BM2 1/89 - 6/92 RJBUDLITE (AT)  
FF-1093 Dave Pokraka MM3 06/82 - 06/85 ringding60 (AT)  
FF-1093 Al Prasnikar BT2 1980 to 1987 prasnikara (AT) Cut my teeth on Capo-great ship/crew-blessed by Pope & led to decision to serve for 30 yrs-email me
FF-1093 Brad Pyfrin STG3 10/76-6/78 bpyfrin (AT) UNITAS '77, became shellback on my birthday
FF-1093 John Regina OS3 01/75-07/76 johnj1314 (AT) Hi everyone Not a day goes by when I do not think of my shipmates throughout my 32 years service
FF-1093 Stephen Reilly SH3 04/87-9/90 Scoprat1 (AT) Great Ship and crew-had so much fun & learned a lot-I wish the best for everyone who ever served on the Capo
FF-1093 Al 'Robbie' Robinson SM3 11/82 - 8/84 itz-al (AT) Hope everyone is doing well!!
FF-1093 Doug Rogers E-5 1979-1981 dagrogers (AT) Living in the Atlanta area and still thinking about the good times onboard the Happy Cappy
FF-1093 Dan Rucker STG2 01/85 - 03/89 danrucker3 (AT) My first ship - liked it so much I stuck around for 20.
FF-1093 Michael R. Ryder HTC 1975 - 1980 USN1093 (AT) Retired living in Florida
FF-1093 Tony Saldutti HT1 1983 - 1987 tony.saldutti (AT) Where is everybody?
FF-1093 Joseph Sargent BM3 7/73 5/77 SARGENTCONWAY (AT) BM3 Dan Kisich / i was under you in 1973 do you remember
FF-1093 Hobie Saunders LT 10/86-1089 Navalgunner (AT) Retired and disabled
FF-1093 Hans Schmidt HMC 1982-1984 elenasdisc (AT)  
FF-1093 Wayne Schumacher DC3 1988-1994 Buddyruw (AT)  
FF-1093 Franklin Silfies MM2 1984 to 1989 silfies (AT) Still here in Rhode Island
FF-1093 James Smith STG3 11/79 to 5/81 jimhsmith (AT) Great ship and guys
FF-1093 Blair Southwell MMC(SS) 5/83-4/85 cpossretired (AT) Only bubblehead aboard. What was my detailer thinking?
FF-1093 Jeff Spagnuolo BM2 06/77-06/82 JEFF.SPAGNUOLO (AT)  
FF-1093 Don Spencer STG3 5/78-8/80 1bigfish (AT)  
FF-1093 Christian Start GMM3 1990 to 1993 finisius (AT)  
FF-1093 William Steele MM3 2/92-7/93 wsteele1 (AT) Saved the best for last
FF-1093 Kevin Swaney ET2 3/81 - 3/84 kevin.swaney (AT) I can say that Jimmy Hill was in Toulon, because I was there with him getting drunk on the same bottle of wine.
FF-1093 Jeffrey Swansen ETN2 2/78 to 5/81 0swannie (AT) Bath, Maine- Gitmo, Med Cruise 1980. Won Battle E twice plus every other one in '79 & '80
FF-1093 Alan Tyree SM 1990 to 1992 atyree (AT)  
FF-1093 Raymond Valles MS3 04/85-1988 latino29379 (AT) Served in Lybia-made bluenose, shellback & jr. sailor of the quarter on her./ was at the uso bombing in naples.
FF-1093 William Van Atten E-7 1/78-1/79 billywilly2u (AT)  
FF-1093 Bob (Geiser) Van Duzer MM3 03/86 -11/85 carolinatruker (AT) long haul trucker living in North Carolina. the geiser man.
FF-1093 Todd VanAllen DC2 87-90 richard.vanallen (AT) 1st Ship, Great Divison.
FF-1093 Bob (Geiser) VanDuzer MM3 3/86 to 11/89 carolinatruker (AT) 86 to 89 not 85!
FF-1093 David Worthen MMFN 1980 - 1983 thejunglepapa (AT)  

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