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FFG-52 Steve Adamson DC2 1984-1988 sadamson (AT) Plankowner
FFG-52 Scott Andrews SK3/BMSN 1984-1988 sjandrews (AT) Plankowner
FFG-52 Curtis Arrowood ET2 1988-193 mopar306 (AT) If me and Wally cant fix it, it ain't broke.
FFG-52 David Bartelheim QMCM 1985 to 1987 dbartelheim (AT) All good memories of precom in Seattle, great ship, great crew, great tour.
FFG-52 Michael Bodin STGC(SW) 94-95 mbodin (AT) Supposed to go to Mayport.....! Retired because of Norfolk!
FFG-52 Jeff Broadhead STG1 7/85-2/90 jeffb25165 (AT) Been a long time guys, lets get together!
FFG-52 Brian Cabral E-5 2/84-12/88 brian (AT)  
FFG-52 Joseph F. Casalina MR2 1990 JnMelplus4MI (AT) Cross deck transfer from USS Mount Baker AE-34 for approximately 5 months until a permanant MR ship over.
FFG-52 Carl Consalvo FC1 1984 - 1993 ccusn20 (AT)  
FFG-52 William Dahn BM3 12/27/87-12/18/88 5timeironman (AT)  
FFG-52 Sherman Danley SM2 5/1985 - 4/1988 shermbama1957 (AT) Miss all you guys; wish we all could get togrther!!!
FFG-52 Gary Farris GMM1(SW) 1987-1990 exffg7gunner (AT)  
FFG-52 Chris Faulstich OS3 12/87-7/90 tiffany_anne1 (AT) I would really like to hear from old shipmates-esp. any OS's
FFG-52 Roger Fontinel FN 06/91 to03/39 WWW.ROGERFONTINEL (AT) It's good to see the sun. I'm a Seabee in the reserves now...
FFG-52 Anthony (Tony) Giannavola SM3/E-4 01/88-05/91 giannavola (AT) An honor to serve in the Navy aboard this outstanding ship so long ago. The memories will last forever. Carry on!
FFG-52 Paul Hitchcock GMG2 1985-1989 hitchp01 (AT)  
FFG-52 Mike (Stubbie) Hubbert E-2 1985 to 1987 hubbert5 (AT)  
FFG-52 Robert Hull GSM1 12/89-12/92 cc150a (AT) Whats up tooz and all the boys
FFG-52 Robert Isbell GSMC(SW) 1984-1989 jodibob (AT) Plankowner
FFG-52 Micheal Johnson OS2 09/2001 to 01/2006 mikej_jr (AT)  
FFG-52 Jeff Karwisch RMCS/CSC 03/93-03/97 kingofcable (AT) Command Senior Chief onboard and also OPS LCPO
FFG-52 Nick Kentopp OS2 89-91 nkentopp (AT) Sad to see her being decommissioned. Hoping to attend the ceremony.
FFG-52 Bryan Kowalski BM3 1985-1987 mytwins2cool (AT) I am a plankowner
FFG-52 Alex Lawson ET2 1985 to 1986 alex.w.lawson (AT) Give me a shout sometime. ET2 chuck davis also works here with me.anybody wanting to get in touch with either one of us, send an email.
FFG-52 Michael Letourneau GMG1 12/89-09/92 mletourneau2000 (AT)  
FFG-52 Seneca McMillian E-3 11/96 - 9/98 tyjuan.mcmillian (AT) I was a SM back then. Great ship I served on.
FFG-52 Anthony Middleton FC2 11/86-01/91 atlsailor (AT) C.I.W.S. GO!
FFG-52 Tony Paparazzo OS2 1992-1995 tpaparazzo (AT)  
FFG-52 David Perlewitz YN1(SW) 1994-1997 djperlewitz (AT)  
FFG-52 Clay Rausch FC2 2/97 to 2/2001 clayton.rausch (AT) Who knew we weren't allowed to jump off the 02 level while in port in St.Thomas???
FFG-52 Julio Rocha ITSR 2004- Present RochaNavyIT (AT)  
FFG-52 Peter Sikes EW1 (SW) 12/94-11/98 PHSikes (AT) Great cruise in '97 (14 ports) 4 mo. of P/S in '98, me & Bob
FFG-52 Regan Simmons OSCS 9/00-2/04 karhre2003 (AT)  
FFG-52 Clarence Skinner E-2 1985-1988 bambamrecordingstudios (AT) I am a plank owner...
FFG-52 Andre St.Louis ICC 1985-1990 akstlouis (AT) Last Plankowner to leave. Retired 01Aug00 as CWO3
FFG-52 Robert Stanford OS1 1990 to 1995 olenavy460 (AT) Callsign: Country
FFG-52 Tim Steiger SK2 1985-1988 Maizenblue1997 (AT) Plankowner
FFG-52 Paul Alen Stewart NCC 2002-2005 paulalenstewart (AT) Great ship, Great times!
FFG-52 Richard Sundstrom SM2 1988-1991 rsundstrom (AT) I am now a BMC in the Reserves. Enjoyed many fond memories & Life Long friends onboard this great ship!
FFG-52 Barry Taylor SK2 10/90-6/94 Barry.Taylor (AT)  
FFG-52 Wayne Tucker FC2 1985-1986 TCKRWYN (AT) Plankowner
FFG-52 David Voelcker HT2 6/85 - 01/88 bossman66441 (AT) Plankowner, great time.
FFG-52 Gregory Washburn GMM3 9/87-6/91 gwasguru (AT)  
FFG-52 Robert (Bob) Waterfield EMCS(SW) 7/85 - 8/89 bobwaterfield (AT) Plankowner-great ship-many fond memories of time onboard-have copy of the first ''Official'' POD from 27 July 1985
FFG-52 Kelvin Weldon STG2(SW) 7/85-7/89 kptransam78 (AT) Great ship,even greater plankowner crew-had lots of fun while assigned onboard-Mess deck movies were great!
FFG-52 Tony Wildman OS2 1985 to 12/89 twildman (AT) Proud to have served aboard the Carr, lots of good memories!
FFG-52 Adam Wilson OS1 1998-2003 wilsonam (AT)  
FFG-52 Alan Winans ICFN 1995-1996 A_Winans (AT) I have about 200 pictures of the ships first 1-1/2 years

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