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DE-171 Duane Behrend   1943-1945 dreed (AT) This is my Father-in-law. He died in 2006
DE-171 Artis A. (AA) Brown SN1 1943-1945 brownta_30240 (AT) Shipmates please contact me....
DE-171 Charles Couch   1943-1945 darenccouch (AT) Charles is my father, He is my father and living in Sandusky Ohio.
DE-171 Anthony Giampolo MM2 1943 to 1946 gimp1027 (AT) This is my Father. He died in 1991
DE-171 Warren Haak SM2 4/44-6/46 Whaak24 (AT) Would like to hear from anyone.
DE-171 Kenneth (KVH) Hagland FC1 1943-1945 khagland (AT) Hope to hear from somebody, anybody!
DE-171 Cloyd ''Art'' Keebaugh GM2   asweikel (AT) Looking for info on my father Art Keebaugh, who died 12/17/2003.
DE-171 William McFarland F1 1943-1945 rnmom (AT) Injured while on board the Carroll.
DE-171 Ellis Meredith   1943-1945 merediths0196 (AT) My father-deceased-was a welder onboard-gave me pictures of Jacksonville, Panama & the Pacific tour.
DE-171 Peter ORourke RM3 1945 to 1946 JimORourkeGB (AT) My father-searched for sub that sank USS Indianapolis-heard break in radio silence that announced atomic bomb
DE-171 Walter Pawlak EM1 1944 to 1945 waltpaw93 (AT) I am writing this for my dad, he doesn't have an e mail address. I will relay any messages
DE-171 John Radford BK1 08/43-06/45 junerad (AT) Looking for shipmates. Served with pride
DE-171 Henry V. Stewart S1 1943 - 1945 mkstewart100 (AT) This is my father.
DE-171 Robert Thigpen FN1 8/43-to 5/46 rwt (AT) My father served aboard the Carroll. Father died in 1989
DE-171 Howard (Willie) Wilbanks SLC 6/14 - 2/46 derek12173 (AT) My grandfather-died in 1964(dad was only 10-my family knows nothing about him )-any info would be appreciated.
DE-171 Thaddeus Wishowsky BM 1943 to 1946 tatradog (AT) This is my father. He died in 1992.

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