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DE-1035 Bill Abbott BT3 64-66 abbottwp (AT)  
DE-1035 Roy Adams EM2 71-74 Retired06 (AT) Where's Bill Crimmons? Retired from US Army in 2002 as Colonel (06) Engineer Branch.Drop me a line!
DE-1035 Jimmy Alsobrooks BM2 1/72 - 12/72 Jalsobrooks1881 (AT) Came on board in subic bay ship pulls in gang plank heads to gulf of tonkin
DE-1035 Donald Avant LT(jg) 11/62 -10/65 don (AT) Served under three good skippers
DE-1035 Roger D. Battin E-3 1968 - 1970 rdbattin (AT) God bless and protect all who are aboard this ship.
DE-1035 Duane Baumgartner ENC 7/61 - 5/66 DuaneBaumgartner (AT)  
DE-1035 Dennis Bence IC1 1969 D_BENCE (AT) D I W
DE-1035 John Bjornes IC3 1970-1972 jbjornes (AT) my email address has changed
DE-1035 Kelsey Blankenship TM2 59 to 62 kelsey_542 (AT) hotmail Anyone there e-mail me.
DE-1035 Danial Bonham SOG2 6/59-7/62 dcbonham (AT)  
DE-1035 Jim Borgeson IC3 1/60-12/61 jaborgeson (AT) Cleanest ship in the Navy
DE-1035 Larry Brooks E-4 1/67-8/69 nuthatch (AT) Ah---steaming the streets of Honolulu
DE-1035 Larry Bryant EM3 9/69-10-71 lbryant (AT) McHales was great, interesting times in Midway
DE-1035 John Buoy SN 9/72 - 2/74 jcbuoy (AT) underway in 12 hours don't ask where or how long
DE-1035 Melvin (Vance) Burris ETRSN 9/71 - 11/72 VBurris (AT) Experiences that are never forgotten!
DE-1035 Richard Buxton FT2 1959-1961 rabuxton (AT)  
DE-1035 Joseph Chenier E-3 1/68 to 7/70 seabees1996 (AT) To request a registration- Please mail it to me. Thank you:
DE-1035 Mac Christy EN1 1961-1963 machief (AT) Would like to hear from any shipmate.
DE-1035 Hugh Clark HT3 1/70-3/73 hugh.clark (AT)  
DE-1035 Arthur Cobb QM3 1964 to 1967 cealcobb (AT)  
DE-1035 Bobby Crosswhite EM2 1972 levi (AT) combat-wombat
DE-1035 James Crowe STG3 6/66-10/69 jdcrowe12 (AT)  
DE-1035 Larry Cunnington SK3 Oct-62 cunnington (AT) Send names of any shipmates
DE-1035 Robert Desplaines GMG2 3/60 to 4/62 Hummer5 (AT) Ret 10/80 GMGMC 32 years of service Dec'd 4-2001
DE-1035 Robert Dunlop EM3 1972-1973 rdunlop (AT)  
DE-1035 Randy Faires EN Fwd. Eng. fairesrg (AT) God Bless All
DE-1035 Virgil Fries DC21 1964 to 1966 vkfries (AT) looking for shipmates from 1964 1966
DE-1035 Steve Getzoff LT(jg) 1968-1971 stevegetzoff (AT)  
DE-1035 Duane Gillis EM3 1962 - 1964 gillisd (AT)  
DE-1035 Billy Gomban RM2 1969-1970 billyghawaii (AT) God bless you brothers.. pineapple
DE-1035 Harley Gordon EM/E-5 6/65 - 2/68 harleygordon (AT) stationed at pearl harbor & operated mainly in the south pacific
DE-1035 Gary Grant RM2 1970 to 1972 garyg8102 (AT) visit
DE-1035 Ronald Griffin E-3 09/66-06/69 Ronwgriff (AT)  
DE-1035 Bernard Gursky STG2 1967 to 1969 b.gursky (AT) Always a Mystery
DE-1035 Bob Hagel RM3 4/65 to 9/67 Tigerbob46 (AT) Do I miss it?
DE-1035 Pat Hanratty STG3 12/71-12/74 pathanratty (AT) Howdy to the Chucky B and any poor souls still aboard.
DE-1035 Lawrence Haynes ETN2 7/61-2/64 canniehaynes (AT)  
DE-1035 Jim Hemminger RM3 1972-1974 (AT) Hey get in touch if you served during that time period on th
DE-1035 Larry Henke EM2 1966-1968 lshenke (AT) Remember being a Russian target
DE-1035 Carl Holland ETN2 11/67 to 7/68 35bone (AT) Became a shellback - that was the high point.
DE-1035 Terry Hopkins RD3 1964 to 1966 thopkins (AT)  
DE-1035 Ken Howard EN3 1970-6/72 lhoward (AT)  
DE-1035 Tracy Johnson SN 1972 to 1974 Donnaj33 (AT)  
DE-1035 Nathaniel Jones RM1 1966 to 1969 k8dje (AT) No Comments.
DE-1035 Roger Jones TM2 12/70-10/72 rjones (AT)  
DE-1035 Laverne Josey DC2 2/64-8/64 Ljosey (AT)  
DE-1035 Frank Keim LT(jg) 1964-1966 fkeim (AT)  
DE-1035 Randy Kirk SN 1971-1972 clanburns (AT) Great shipmates-lots of learning experiences-really came of age at this point in my life-treasure my time aboard
DE-1035 James Krause STG3 9/69 to 3/70 scan49 (AT) Had a great time on WESTPAC '70
DE-1035 Alan Kuentz LT(jg) 1969 to 1971 apkuentz (AT)  
DE-1035 Douglas Lassiter EM3 1961 to 1963 douglaslassiter (AT)  
DE-1035 George Mackley EM3 08/72-01/74 mackleyk (AT) Good ship, best west-pac, Shipmates please contact would liketo hear from you.
DE-1035 Jeffrey Marcus E-4 1968 - 1969 jhmarcus1946 (AT) Looking for shellback and golden shellback (00-00) from 1968
DE-1035 Lonny Mascho SH2 9/72-5/74 Lgm2g (AT)  
DE-1035 Clarence Matheny PC3 1969 - 1971 janimathen (AT) Living in Dayton, WA
DE-1035 Rick Matheson STG 2 5/72 to 9/73 rickjo2 (AT) Iím not exact on the dates, I was still there when we handed it over to Indonesia
DE-1035 L. Dale McClure ETR2 08/64 - 08/65 dmcclure377 (AT) Lots of two to three month cruises during my year aboard.
DE-1035 Errol Melander LT 3/67-12/68 yippynpoppop (AT) I retired after twenty as a full commander (O-5)
DE-1035 John D. Miller YN3 1960-61 janelle_doug (AT)  
DE-1035 John Moore E-3 12/74 - 01/74 mje58 (AT) my 1st navy ship out of 4
DE-1035 Lloyd L. Morris FN 7/61- 62 lm0843 (AT) 1 st of 15 ships in 21 yrs
DE-1035 Jackson Murphy HTFN 9/72 - 1/74 Cmurphy010755 (AT) Can't think of anything to say after 40 years.
DE-1035 Ronald Nadarski AG2 07/65 to 02/66 rnpaz (AT) while at sea I was the weatherman.In port the Mess deck MAA
DE-1035 Ken Parks ET2 1960-1961 99Parks (AT) Capt HC Murry was a good man. I left Aug, 1961
DE-1035 William Parks ET2 1960 to 1961 wparks111 (AT)  
DE-1035 Ronald Prest RM2 11/70 - 4/72 rtaffy8022 (AT)  
DE-1035 Edward Prior YN2 5/67-10/68 Prioredwardb (AT) LT Melander was EXO and I ran the ship''s office.
DE-1035 Gary Rathbun RM2 1959-1/61 grathbun (AT) hello out there.
DE-1035 Stonewall Ray BT3 1972-1974 stonewallray (AT) contact me brothers
DE-1035 Charles Richards HT2 12/69 - 2/73 ffrich1201 (AT) Great ship - Good times!
DE-1035 Jack Riley EN3/E-4 03/67 - 08/70 ee.riley (AT) (new e-mail) Interested in a Reunion
DE-1035 James Rueger ENS 1971-1972 jrueger (AT)  
DE-1035 Johnny Rutledge EN3 6/1/64 to 6/66 Howard.rutledge69 (AT) Looking for steve Shelly
DE-1035 Danny Salyer SFM3 1968-1970 Hulltec (AT)  
DE-1035 Michael Selby EN2 12/65-10/68 handloader (AT) It was a long 4 years...
DE-1035 Theodore Smith     cjs3190 (AT) Wife Carolyn. Ted died, 39 1/2 yrs together, don't have many pictures of him
DE-1035 David Stewart STG3 5/72 - 12/73 stg1.stewart (AT)  
DE-1035 Michael Stolowski QM3 2/63 - 2/64 millriver72 (AT)  
DE-1035 Kurt Tella RM3 5/65-10/67 ktella (AT) Does anybody remember bug juice?
DE-1035 Donald Traut LT 3/70-8/72 attorneydlt (AT) Still soul searching. E-mail me to catch up!
DE-1035 Gary Van Horn BM3 9/68-8/69 vanhorn69 (AT) I would like to say hello to all my long lost shipmates!
DE-1035 Robert Vantassel EM3 6/71-12/72 robertvantassel (AT) i'll never forget my shipmates and my time there
DE-1035 Thomas E. Weil LT(jg) 11/70 - 08/72 teweil (AT) Good ship, good shipmates, and good memories.
DE-1035 Nova Whisenhunt SFM2 8/64 5/67 woodywhisenhunt (AT) 423 725 3026

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