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DE-446 Garold (Gary) Anderson MM1 10/58-11/61 ganderson4231 (AT) Had a great time on some of the reserve cruse there were a lot of them
DE-446 Guy Bowen MM2 9/56 to 3/60 gdbowen (AT)  
DE-446 Ronald Bravo SN 10/63-7/64 bravsguns51 (AT) Res Crew, age 17, S Division, Pier 91, Seattle
DE-446 Gene Brick GM2 1951-1952 embrick (AT) We hauled NROTC members all over the Pacific Coast!
DE-446 Denny Cline BT3 1960 - 1961 dpweeze (AT)  
DE-446 Stephen Delaney BMSN 06-64 05-66 DDSAILOR60 (AT) Only thing good about this bucket, named for Marine Hero
DE-446 Thomas J. Fox BM3 04/64-09/66 thefox2 (AT)  
DE-446 Larry George RD3 7/57- 7/59 lg59mg (AT) Lawerence Pay, I finnaly got your message, e-mail me.
DE-446 Earl Hamilton HM1 1958 to 1965 ebhams (AT) Reserve crew called back to active duty in Oct. 1961 to July 1962
DE-446 Robert Hanson MM1 6/54-6/57 starfiresix (AT) super duty training Reservists
DE-446 Charles E. Hayden FN 1960-61 odessa000 (AT) went on a couple of cruises on this tin-can from Seattle to Ensenada B.C., berthed at pier 91
DE-446 George Henicle RD2 3/58 to 10/59 geohenicl (AT)  
DE-446 Richard Hughes RM3   rwhjfh (AT) 435O E Lincolnway #106 Cheyenne WY 82001
DE-446 John Hulslander FTGSN 1966 to 1967 cgresq (AT) Transition ship to inactive status-remember summer cruise to San Diego & some crew members like Joe Toro.
DE-446 Gene Johnsen DK3 10/63-1/66 eujan (AT) payroll was my game + others
DE-446 Allan (Johnny) Johnson CSSN 58 to 60 awj (AT) gte.nwt Would like to contact old shipmates
DE-446 Jerome Johnson   1945-1946 Looking for shipmates who knew my Grandpa Jerome.
DE-446 Warren Jones CS3 5/61-10/62 Bumpasdog (AT)  
DE-446 Hershal Lawson BT2 1950 to 1954 telawson (AT)  
DE-446 John McAlister IC2 12/52 -09/56 katsymc (AT)  
DE-446 Joe McKewen SO3 1951-1954 jodymckewen (AT)  
DE-446 Jack Miller SoM2 1944-1946 jaeve (AT) still looking for shipmates
DE-446 William Hobert Moyer ? WWII wtwarthog (AT) passed 8/2/2013
DE-446 Jim Nicklin CS1 1963 - 1967 None Retired Navy 1972 as CS Chief Am Now Living in Lynnwood Wa. Phone# is 425 771 5039
DE-446 Ray Nicklin SK3 1964 - 1966 None Call Me At 206 769 3367 Seattle Wa.
DE-446 Dan O'Reilly SM1 10/61-1/63 1/65-12/68 droreilly (AT)  
DE-446 Lawrence Pay RD3 5/57 - 9/59 lnpay (AT) Larry George where art thou now...
DE-446 Wayne Rayford DC3 3/62-/62 wjack12412 (AT)  
DE-446 Chuck Roberg BT2 1963 - 1966 none My Phone # IS 509 292 5249 Spokane Wash.
DE-446 Joseph Rough SN 9/65-11/66 joe (AT)  
DE-446 Venice A. (Alton) Ryan STG2 06/56 to 10/58 altonryan (AT) Great duty- 3-section liberty in with 4-on and 8-off watches
DE-446 Jim Sciallo MM2 1962 to 12/63 thesiuman (AT) Kraft,Benner,Wallack,Jones,Weed,Flintstone,Ch Nicholas, etc-give anything to go back to those days-email me
DE-446 Ronald G. Smeets MM2 1956-1960 talllighthouse (AT) wish I could do it all again.
DE-446 William Wages RM1 5/62-11/63 zackem (AT)  
DE-466 Thomas J. Fox BM3 4/63-9/66 the-fox2 (AT)  

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