Tin Can Sailors Shipmate Registry

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FFG-16 Mark W. Sweeney SN 1980-1983 Deceased Passed away Nov 20 2011.......Plankowner
FFG-16 Dan Tangen E-3 8/93-6/95 dantangen (AT) Be great to here from a couple of shipmates. ESPECIALLY 1ST DIV
FFG-16 Lonnie Tebow FC1 12/86-4/91 ltebow (AT)  
FFG-16 Steven Temple ET2 1980-1985 stemple39 (AT) looking for shipmates from the good old days
FFG-16 David Tucker SH2 11/80-11/83 chiefdave1960 (AT) Plankowner
FFG-16 Dan Turner STG2 1981-1983 dturner (AT)  
FFG-16 Thomas Walkowiak MSC(SS) 1985-1991 fdrydock (AT)  
FFG-16 Terry Weekley QM2 5/82 - 6/87 Weekley1610 (AT) looking for Cal Broussard.
FFG-16 Johnny Welch BM2 Jan 1981- Aug 1984 Johnnyw (AT)
FFG-16 Mick White GSM1(SW) 1981-1986 hundredtonc (AT)  
FFG-16 Jeff Willis EM3 11/90-12/93 emma_makes_3 (AT)  
FFG-16 Ken Wirth E-4 1992 to 1995 ken_lapeer (AT) OH HOW I MISS THOSE KEY WEST AND NASSAU DAYS
FFG-16 Randy Wyatt GSM 1982-1985 Blade (AT) Looking for shipmates (Satchquatch)
FFG-16 Mark Yelsits OS2 5/87 - 4/90 mark.yelsits (AT)  
FFG-16 David Yetter EN1 1980-1983 davey_155 (AT) plankowner.. email me at
FFG-16 Robert Zugan HT2 1984-1988 zugand (AT) looking for shipmates during this period

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