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DE685 Otha Crowder RM3 1/55 -3/56 othacrowder (AT) my nickname was Art and co-workers was frenchie/piper/proctor/gaffney/archetti
DE-685 John Archetti ET3 1953-1956 joncar333 (AT) Love to hear from any of my shipmates
DE-685 Willard Bechter EM2 1968-1971 ctyankee (AT) SELRES crew New Haven, CT RESCEN.
DE-685 Paul Becker MM2 1954-1957 docb7 (AT) Would like to contact anyone from these years.
DE-685 Carroll (Del) Bequeath ET3 11/55-11/58 delbe32 (AT)  
DE-685 Ronald Black   1943 to 1945 Paulblack (AT)  
DE-685 James W. Borders RD2 1944 to 1945 sirjames (AT) Deceased. Dad was serving on the Coates when I was born.
DE-685 Art Breton SN 1952 - 1955 a.g.breton (AT) Like a message from all that served those years Kent Mac Jay
DE-685 Lewis Butler FN 1955 to 1957 butler_louie (AT) Looking for shipmates (Fritz Redout ?)
DE-685 George Cirish YN2 06/69-06/70 gcirish (AT) Reserve Yeoman PA
DE-685 Konrad Clegg IC 9/55 to 58 kclegg (AT) My dad-died 6/2/2010-used to talk about ship & different ports the went to from Norfolk to New York to San Diego
DE-685 Mark Coates MSgt n/a macoates (AT) Interest in info since have same name. Am active Duty USMC
DE-685 Wilfrid Coiteux PhM2 12/15/43-7/31/44 viro1 (AT) Father served t'ill detached to the marines
DE-685 Bob Colburn SOG2 63-63 jrcol (AT) Looking for SOG2 Quackenbush, SOG McMann
DE-685 Jack Russell Collins   1941-1945 mejias27 (AT) My Father served 41-45 and I'm looking for any pic's or info
DE-685 Steve Cook TE2 12/53 - 6/55 Cookies120 (AT) Mail call
DE-685 George Costa FN 1965 to 1968 gcosta2 (AT) i was week end warrior
DE-685 John H. Cubbin   1943 to 1945 tntcubbin (AT) Deceased. His Family is just wondering if anyone remembers their Father
DE-685 Raymond Dashnaw SN1 1962 dashrj (AT)  
DE-685 Gary De Trano MM3 6/64 - 7/66 garydetrano (AT) regular crew
DE-685 Peter DeBrino MM2 1958 to 1961 PDeBrino (AT) Would like to hear from old shipmates
DE-685 Louis DeMaio PO1 1951 to 1954 Would love to hear from any shipmates! Go Navy!
DE-685 Robert Doss   1942-? lanlash1 (AT) My dad-will be 90 in July-would like to surprise him with some ship info. Please contact thanks, Gloria Lanning
DE-685 Dennis Eliassen E-3 09/60 8/62 deelias2000 (AT) accompanied ship to Long Wharf & Ft. Nathan Hale
DE-685 Lygia, Gene Eubanks E-3 1954 to 1958 eubanksfamily (AT) My dad served 54 -58 and I'm looking for any pic's or info.
DE-685 Robert (Bob) Faillaci SN 10/61 - 5/62 lrfaillaci (AT) ships barber
DE-685 Larry Fossett LT(jg) 1954 to 1956 lfossettjr (AT) Remember the good old days? Send me an e-mail
DE-685 John Foster EM2 7/45-decom 4/46 Fos1217 (AT) I have pictures of crew and a picture of the Coates in 1965
DE-685 Pat Gaffney RM3 1955 to 1956 COATESRM2 (AT) Remembering
DE-685 William A. Green SA 1952 PUNCHYBILL (AT) On for 3 months in 1952 in Key west Florida
DE-685 Alfred Guidone, Sr. FN 1962-1964 valerieguidone (AT) Looking forward to hearing from former shipmates.
DE-685 Eugene (Gene) Hall PN2 5/53 - 3/55 genesdestiny (AT) Would like to hear from some of you, especially Dick Jolie
DE-685 Mike Juhase FN 1965 mikejuhase (AT) I served in the Coates for a training cruise to Gitmo, circa 1965
DE-685 William Knipple BTCS 1963-1964 MarBilUSN (AT) Would like to hear from crew members
DE-685 Henry Leichner SA 1962-1963 hank90219 (AT) First ship, 32 year career. Retired EWCM in 94.
DE-685 Henry Masten SN 12/66-12/66 mastenco (AT) board ship at drydock in Staten Island and sail to New Haven
DE-685 Harry McBrien RDSN 8/61-10/62 newjob_1 (AT)  
DE-685 Dagoberto Moreno GM 12/54-08/57 RENFROEDANIEL (AT) George Moreno recently found service records/other info on his father-would like to talk to anyone who knew him.
DE-685 Raymond Morgans SM1 1/44-2/46 eimorgan (AT)  
DE-685 Ronald T. Nappe MMEN 1955 - 1957 RTN 444 (AT) aol. com Hello Fritz !
DE-685 Dan Noel DK2 6/54-1/55 danlamos (AT) NROTC Middie cruise to No. Europe Summer 54
DE-685 Ed O'Brien FT2 10/55-12/57 emobrien54 (AT) Would like to make contact with old shipmates.
DE-685 Tim Oleary FT3 57-58 oleary.tim20 (AT) I would like to contact George Moreno.Can you provide an updated e-mail add
DE-685 Ronald Orszag SH/E-3 05/68 to 05/69 bulondlo (AT) Looking for DE sailors for Ct Chapter DESA anyone interested e-mail me.
DE-685 Jack Peifer RM3 12/53-3/57 peif34 (AT) Great duty...lets visit...
DE-685 Daniel Petersen SA 1966 to 1966 chili62 (AT)  
DE-685 George L. Peterson (deceased)   1943 thru 1945 nisu (AT) daughter wonders if anyone remembers him
DE-685 Stephen Polifka EM3 1962-1964 sjpyardstick (AT)  
DE-685 John (Quack) Quest SO2 1961-62 Clizisani2736 (AT) embarqmail.con SAME INFO BUT NEW EMAIL ADDRESS
DE-685 Don Redman GM3 1951-1954 alicemacred (AT) Hey guys, would like to hear from you!
DE-685 Fred Ridout MM2 54 to 57 fredandbea (AT) looking for ronnie hall?
DE-685 Ted Roach IC3 10/62 to 11/64 tedroach5 (AT)  
DE-685 Jim Robinson LT(jg) 1961 to 1962 jratwccc (AT)  
DE-685 Bob Rogers ENS 1957 bob752r (AT) Great memories, would like to talk to former crew.
DE-685 Karl Rupp RM3 12/68 to 1/70 KRBR1005 (AT) New Haven CT USN Reserve Crew
DE-685 George Shatto EMC 1954-59 & 1961-1964 gjshatto (AT) served two tours onboard
DE-685 Larry Sjoquist EM3 10/61-10/63 sjoq (AT) Like to hear from shipmates.
DE-685 Thomas Stenger SO2 1951 to 1954 Tstenger (AT) Would like to here from any of you shipmates.
DE-685 George Swanson MM2 1966 to 1970 Skipswanson42 (AT) Chiefs Spiers and Sands were mentors.
DE-685 Joe Swientek EM2 1969 to 1970 jdswien (AT) Wonderful Tour of Duty! Fond memories of the shipmates that I served with. Closest thing to McHales Navy!!
DE-685 Francis Talarczyk FA 10/65-5/67 apawnspal (AT) New Haven Naval Reserve Served in the after fireroom. Hi Chief Sands, and PO1 Watson.
DE-685 Nick Tiberio MM2 65-67, 69-70 furyus63 (AT) Reserve Crew (building 40 model of ship)
DE-685 Russell Tobias SN 1957-1958 woodman26 (AT) long long ago
DE-685 Donald Tompkins ET2 1964-65 donald.r.tompkins (AT) Assigned to USS Coates USNR after serving 4 years active duty 1960-64.
DE-685 Danny Ulino EM3 1956-1958 dani1003 (AT) My father passed away in 2001. Thank you.
DE-685 Robert Venton TMSN 1968 Bob_venton (AT) Rats bigger than cats-walked that pier at night hourly w/only wooden stick-tried to trade OOD for .45 but no deal
DE-685 Ken Weems MM3 1952-1954 kenweems1 (AT) Love to hear from anyone who remembers me-played drums in our Dixieland Band-Mr. Markel played trombone.
DE-685 Joe (Yogi) Yakubaskas CS3 1955 to 1957 ames (AT) The good ol' days. ;-)
DE-685/APD-138 Francine Hayes UNK   fmhayes (AT) have Francis Barteck picture w/fellow officers WWII

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