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FFG-25 David Ables RM2 1982 to 1985 ablesd (AT) Plankowner-3 of the best years of my life-I think of those days often-had a blast dur Westpac 84-awesome shipmates.
FFG-25 Dan Aldrich BM2 8/83 - 5/87 daniel.aldrich (AT) Some of the best days of my life! What's up Boats?
FFG-25 Matthew Amato HT3 2/92-3/95 ECCTT (AT)  
FFG-25 Ray Anderson RMC 81 to 83 rmcusnret (AT)  
FFG-25 Andrew D. Ball GMM2 8/81-8/85 ballad (AT) I enjoyed being on her and I was a plank owner.
FFG-25 Michael Bankson EM1 1988-1992 bankson (AT)  
FFG-25 Benjamin Bankston LT 06/84 - 12/85 bbankston (AT) Served as Chief Engineer. Got to work with a great bunch of hard working engineers on Copeland.
FFG-25 Zane Beaty RM/E-3 1/81-1/83 zmb1957 (AT) Enjoyed my time aboard as a Plankowner! Radioman onboard & ''A'' School Honor Student
FFG-25 Anthony (Tony) Campbell ENC 8/88 - 8/90 tony.pat (AT) Retired aft my last 2 yrs of 26 for this lovely lady-(reserve ship by then)-wish I could have done a deployment on her.
FFG-25 Mike Cody SA 7/84 - 10/85 coyoteswin (AT) I had alot of good memories on board the Copeland
FFG-25 Michael Collins E-3 1987 -1988 mdcpost (AT) Served until I retired from US Navy.
FFG-25 Gregory Cooper CDR USNR 10/91-10/95 MARCREST (AT)  
FFG-25 Brent Decker BM2 1982 milehighthunderthunder (AT) Can't beleave they sold you to Egypt
FFG-25 Steve Elmore OSC 1983 to 1985 selmore (AT)  
FFG-25 Bill Fajardo MR1 93 - 96 reybill (AT) Best deployments ever
FFG-25 Ronald Farwell E-3 9/82-6/85 kahne9fan (AT) PLANK-OWNER Wooley,Remember the trip to Vegas in the 65 Dodge We Woke up in Vegas With No Money......
FFG-25 Timothy Gominiak EN2 4/82-10/85 tgominia (AT) Lots of good memories from Precom to WESTPAC 84.
FFG-25 Joe Gottschalk LT USN 1992 to 1995 jpgotts (AT)  
FFG-25 Brian Harper E-4 1994-1996 homeygmoneygrip (AT)  
FFG-25 Dan Hartman YNC(SW) 6/90 - 6/93 danhartman3256 (AT) The Combat Yeoman'' lives!!!''
FFG-25 Dan Hathaway E-4 84/86 danhathaway11 (AT) first one is always best deck div.v.mack m.rhodes
FFG-25 Glenn Hoffman QM2 11/85 - 05/87 grhoff (AT) Best tour of Duty in my naval Career, best ship, best crew, had way too many good times.
FFG-25 Timothy Howard GMG2 1991 to 1993 tmndor (AT) Can't believe she was sold to a forign country!
FFG-25 Don Jagoe CDR 1993-1995 donjagoe (AT) Great ship because of great people. They traded us for LCS? Bad deal... The little ships that could, and did...
FFG-25 Bruce Johnson LT 11/90-06/92 74Coug (AT)  
FFG-25 Wiley Jones HTC (SW) 11/90 - 2/94 wiley.jones (AT) Where is HTC (SW) Pointer?
FFG-25 Kent Kilmer FC1 1/82 - 4/86 Calsker (AT) Plankowner. Thoroughly enjoyed our WESTPAC '84...especially Darwin NT Australia
FFG-25 Scott Kleber EM2 1994 to 1996 skleber (AT)  
FFG-25 Brett Lee DC2(SW) Lee 05/91 - 12/94 balee (AT) I'm looking for HTC Ed Devine. Any help would be appreciated
FFG-25 Vince Long QM2 3/82 - 7/84 Longvince63 (AT) Had a great time, have missed the buddies through the years. Hay Mikey were you at
FFG-25 Dominic Maida HTFN 6/84-12/86 maida.r (AT) westtpac bound fire hose wound in prop in San Diego harbor
FFG-25 Kevin McCarthy ET2 (SW) 3/93-6/96 kmccarthy (AT) We didnt sell her.....unfortunately we gave her to Egypt
FFG-25 Brett McMillan YNSN 1995 alxmcmillan (AT)  
FFG-25 Michael Newcomb OS2 1994- nukeim (AT) Good times, good times.
FFG-25 Steve Parkes QM3 1981 to 1984 hondo81 (AT) A plankowner that misses the lady
FFG-25 Paul Reinert E-3 4/83 to 7/85 central (AT) Hi to all my shipmates from the Copeland.
FFG-25 Marvin Rhodes E-3 1984 to 1987 yarddogz40 (AT) Deck div-Darryl Hartley,Antoine Parrish,Basil Rodgers,Dan Aldrich,Andre Marcus Sencer,Dan Hathaway,Joe Pate
FFG-25 Frederick Sloss BM2 1/82 - 1/84 fredrsloss (AT) The good old days.....
FFG-25 Matthew Staden HMC 6/91-1/94 mdsmds117 (AT) Retired from the Navy 31 August 2002 as a HMCM
FFG-25 Dean Tarbell STG2 preomm - 84 deansaved (AT)  
FFG-25 Vinnie Ventacur E-2 4/81-12/84 mventacur (AT) What's up! still same old (vinnie)-god bless you all. peace out think you mcpo boyle you the man-still love my beer
FFG-25 Gary Waldron GSM1 1982 - 1984 old.sailor (AT) Commissioned her & tried to extend on sea duty to complete our WESTPAC but it was time for shore duty!
FFG-25 Steve Walker EN2 1984-1988 steve.walker (AT) I was ships oil king.made two middle east deployments on her. I time of my life!
FFG-25 William Warren, IV DC3 5/92 to 5/94 williamiiii (AT) I can't believe they sold it to Egypt
FFG-25 Jerry Wells BM2 10/88 - 10/91 j.wells50 (AT)  
FFG-25 Paul White MSSN 9/95 - 96 abcptwhite (AT)  
FFG-25 Gordon Winter O-3 (E) 7/87- 10/92 Chamorro_chowchows (AT) A fantastic crew and ship. Hard work and diligently made the Copeland the best ship I haver ever served on.
FFG-25 Kenneth Wooley EN2 7/82-8/83 kw39 (AT) Where the hell is my plank??
FFG-25 Emerson Yabut EN2 03/82-03/86 emyabut (AT) Stayed in for 20 although I hated OPPE.

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