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DE 1021 Daniel Seiler RD3 8/66 - 8/68 danamdg (AT)  
DE1021 Rick Froehle MM3 9/72 to 10/73 Richardfroehle (AT) Cruising thru Russian anchorage off Algerian coast was a rush then swim call-gun mounts were pointed astern
DE-1021 William Albright MM3 1957 to 1959 bakerbev38 (AT)  
DE-1021 Kenneth (Lon) Andersen RM2 12/70 - 12/72 kla48 (AT) Enjoyed serving onboard & being RM-great going to Spain, Portugal, Greece being homeported out of Naples.
DE-1021 Phil (Ash) Aschendorf IC3 1956 to 1958 philip aschendorf (AT) precomission crew remember blalock,franey,green,holt,kelley,nigro,smith,trout,yanke,good crew members,great ship ,53 years ago
DE-1021 Richard Bagge FN 1962 to 1963 rbagge (AT)  
DE-1021 James Barton FTG2 Feb 1969 - Apr 1969 JBarton834 (AT)  
DE-1021 Gerald BeDen HT2 1969-1971 jerryb.ccmillwork (AT) One great ship, great crew, Capt. Reiman the best, Catfish, I remember you
DE-1021 Tim Bever MM3 6/72-12/73 TimBever (AT)  
DE-1021 Art (Biz) Bisner E-4 12/72 - Decom art.bisner (AT)  
DE-1021 Thomas Blalock RD2 1956-1960 tf_blalock (AT)  
DE-1021 Melvin Blalock MMCM 10/57-11/60 melvinblalock2 (AT) Enjoyed my time on the ship and all the people I served with
DE-1021 Dan Boyles MR3 1971-1972 dvb288 (AT) Took some good photos of Russian ships and copters.
DE-1021 Wilson Breen MM3 1959 to 1960 jwbreen (AT) Great memories with crewmates in Eng Room.
DE-1021 Robert Brennan FN 9/72-10/73 bob brennan 1955 (AT)  
DE-1021 Lowell Buchanan MM3 9/65 - 5/67 leniebuck (AT) First ship of a 27 year tour
DE-1021 James Clark SN 1962-1963 james.clark155 (AT)  
DE-1021 Peter Collins LT(jg) 1960-1962(?) collinsandson88 (AT) My Dad-died 6/10/17-many stories of his time onboard-he valued his time with his shipmates-Phil Collins,Jax,FL
DE-1021 Richard Colucci PC3 9/66-8/68 rickyc (AT) Glad to find site. Will answer e-mails.
DE-1021 Robert Cordner STG2 1/60-2/64 bcordner22853 (AT) Would like to hear from former shipmates
DE-1021 David Costantino SN 1960-1962 Daved (AT) Was also Log Rm Yeoman under Engineering Dept.
DE-1021 Garland (Gary) Costilow     wenzrel (AT)  
DE-1021 John Cramer RD2 1965 to 1969 jcram2 (AT) Any of you guys still living out there?
DE-1021 Mark Dallner STG2 1/71 - 10/73 mark (AT)  
DE-1021 William DeGrange STG2 9/70-9/71 usnret679 (AT)  
DE-1021 Tom Delheimer ETN2 8/60-8/61 delh1938 (AT) Operation Unitas, Boston Yards, Shakedown - Fun in Ocho Rios
DE-1021 James A. Diskill GM3 1964-1968 shamskill (AT) Doing great. Looking for shipmates
DE-1021 Robert Donovan BT3 2/66-10/68 bobdhelm (AT) It's been too long, o'l friends. wish to hear from you.
DE-1021 James Driskill GM3 1964 to 1966 Shamskill (AT) Would like to from ship mates
DE-1021 George Fertal STG3 9/64-11/66 gefertal (AT) We were young sailors who worked well and did our jobs.
DE-1021 Gregory Fox SN 2/71 - 2/73 gfox (AT) Looking for shipmates w/photos of crew or ship from our time in Naples.also reg w/DESA, & Navy Log
DE-1021 James Franey MM3 July 1956-May 1958 jfraney448 (AT) Plankowner
DE-1021 Franklin Frye 3/c 1956-1959 fdfrye (AT) Great time in Charleston SC,Gitmo,S America,Nato Cruise,Boston,etc-Good times w/Frank Mills,Fred Kingham
DE-1021 Malcolm Gatford TM2 1/65-11/67 Gatfordhouse (AT) Would like to contact former shipmates
DE-1021 Robert George SK2 1963 - 1964 webber43 (AT) In memory of Bob, passed away 1999.
DE-1021 Loren Greene YN1 4/56-1/59 lgdg (AT) Member Precomm crew at Bay City
DE-1021 Ronald Groves BT2 1/59 - 9/62 coronag (AT)  
DE-1021 Dennis Hale MM3 1961 to 1964 dhale (AT) I'd love to hear from old shipmates
DE-1021 Bob Halford MM2 1959-1961 bobhalford (AT)  
DE-1021 Richard Hardison QMSN 10/72-12/73 mrgcoengr (AT) Looking for former Courtney Crew
DE-1021 Richard Harmor, Jr. CS3 1963 to 1965 rharmorjr (AT) Unitas iv went out for USS Thresher like it was yesterday.
DE-1021 Roy Haworth MM1 1970 to 1971 cousinroy.geo (AT) From Newport to Naples, living in Italy was a blast
DE-1021 Bill Holt MM3 9/56-8/59 billholt (AT) Hello From ''Kid Brooklyn''
DE-1021 J. Houlihan MM3 12/60-6/63 moejack1966 (AT)  
DE-1021 Larry Huffman BM2 1966-1970 Tonihuffman (AT)  
DE-1021 Richard Husch RM3 1964 to 1967 rich_husch (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates.
DE-1021 Kenneth Jones SO2 8/59 - 12/61 jones1kp (AT)  
DE-1021 Charles E. Kelley STCS 1956 to 1958 kellatronics (AT) Plankowner. Like to hear from you.
DE-1021 Glenn Kichline ETR3 1965 to 1967 gek (AT)  
DE-1021 Ron Kirkpatrick MM2 1971 to 1972 kirkron1 (AT)  
DE-1021 James Klein EM2 5/69 - 5/70 Jamestklein (AT) Got home ported in Naples Got off in Naples electrician
DE-1021 Nick Lacey SH3 1971-1973 nicholas (AT) looking for ship mates
DE-1021 Glyn Lacina SA 1970 to 1972 glynlacina (AT) had a great time in napoli got on board in new port ri and went to new home port in napoli
DE-1021 Dennis Lane SN 1969 - 1971 dplspike (AT)  
DE-1021 Fred Lauridsen ET1 1971 to 1973 flaurids (AT)  
DE-1021 Charles Leswing EMFN 1961 - 1966 webber43 (AT) In memory of Charley, passed away Dec. 2005 (motorcycle accident)
DE-1021 Ralph Loftin RD2 1966-1968 rrloftin (AT)  
DE-1021 Hugh Machen FR early 73 to Decom flasporty (AT) Amazing-watching russian subs in MED,swim call middle of med,shooting flying fish w/30 cal from flight deck
DE-1021 Steve Magistro RM2 7/71-9/72 spjnyyanks (AT)  
DE-1021 Jack Manda BT2 1969-1972 mpf (AT) water&oil king top watch in Boiler room Good times in Naples
DE-1021 Richard Marlin PN2 1958-61 MCPO Marlin (AT) Would like to hear from all my shipmates.
DE-1021 Brian Martello SN 1967 years 1968 Bwmartello (AT)  
DE-1021 Mark Martinez STG3 1964-1967 On Facebook Met some good people during those years , will never forget them!
DE-1021 Larry McKenzie MM2 01/63-01/65 mckenzielw (AT) Was in the a-gang, went on the unitus trip 1963
DE-1021 Bill McNeil DC3 1/2 1967-1969 pattimcneil (AT) Two North Atlantic-Med. Cruises . Where's ''.Skerb''?
DE-1021 Al Moller MM2 61-63 mollertrans (AT) would like to here from shipmates
DE-1021 Tom Morton STG3 1966 -1968 tvmorton2000 (AT) Notmy first ship but one I had the most enjoyable time on
DE-1021 Kirk Nields SN 12/67 to 12/68 K_Nields (AT) Would like to talk with any shipmates all years
DE-1021 Charles (Chuck) Nigro RM2 7/56 - 6/58 chazscasa (AT) I wish I took more movies. I have some copies
DE-1021 Larry Nobles IC3 1963-1964 webber43 (AT) UNITAS IV, pinging for the USS Thresher off Newfoundland
DE-1021 Kenn Paprocki EM1 68 to 68 kennpaprocki (AT)  
DE-1021 Frederick Provencher YN3 1967 lspcape40 (AT) aol;com would like to hear from shipmates
DE-1021 Bob Radle MM3 1962 to 1964 BRadle10 (AT) Boston Yards, Gitmo, Unitas IV, etc . . .
DE-1021 Donald Rathel SK3 05/72-12/73 YDRATHEL (AT) Last petty officer of the watch at decom
DE-1021 Andrew Rizzo SK3 1960 to 1962 rizfam4 (AT)  
DE-1021 Jimmy Rodgers SOG3 1956 to 1958 jardrod (AT) Send me e-mail
DE-1021 James Rohrick RM1 9/60-10/64 jrrlbj (AT) Could not find the Courtney listed. Seaw a lot of South America. Unitas 2 Unitas 4
DE-1021 Ralph Rooney OTCS 9/69-4/71 rerooney (AT) ITASS Team leader during Naples homeport period
DE-1021 Joe Schulmeister ETN3 1/73-12/73 joeschlmstr (AT) My first ship. Naples, Italy. What an experience!
DE-1021 Daniel Seiler RD3 8/66-8/68 Danamdg (AT) John Cramer, I'm still out here !
DE-1021 Gerald Shenkin PN3 1958 - 1959 gshenkin (AT)  
DE-1021 Paul T. Shuhart BMSN 1965 to 1967 ptshuhart (AT) Great memories
DE-1021 David Silverthorn OS3 1971-73 David (AT) Looking for friends from the Naples years.
DE-1021 David Simon BT2 2/62 to 6/66 Dsimon056 (AT) Looking to connect with shipmates
DE-1021 Daniel Smith RD3 63-64 dpcsdan (AT) made the UNITAS IV South American cruise. Kennedy killed.
DE-1021 Norman Smith CS3 1956-1959 pam1218 (AT) It was a good ship with a good command!!!
DE-1021 Henry Stanfield LCDR 1961 to 1962 hlstanfield (AT)  
DE-1021 Robert Stephens STG3 1962 to 1965 cbs_bob (AT)  
DE-1021 Ed Synowiez SH3 1/60 to 12/62 kinged1th (AT)  
DE-1021 Mark Tabing LT(jg) 1972 - return for decom mark.tabing (AT) After 30 years the pain fades
DE-1021 Robert Thurber SN 01/63-01/65 Thurberlogging (AT)  
DE-1021 Robert Trout EM3 12/57-2/61 vietvet66 (AT) I am glad I found this site, will ans. emails.
DE-1021 William Valerioti IC3 2/61-9/62 ltvalnrfd (AT)  
DE-1021 Ray Van Stone YN2 12/69 to 10/71 rvanstone (AT) Was on board during conversion to ITASS; 15 months in Med
DE-1021 David Varisco RD2 10/70-6/71 hotwheeldave (AT)  
DE-1021 James (Ace) Venanzi RM3 1962 to 1965 bungalowjoe1 (AT) So many places-some life for a young kid-do it all over again in a heartbeat-thks to great Skipper,Officers,Crew
DE-1021 Stephen Vokoun SN 1961-1965 sbvfl (AT) The best time of my life. Made great friends for life and would alway welcome hearing from my old shipmates.
DE-1021 James (Catfish) Walker EM3 12/67-4/71 jameswalker (AT) Stayed on board 40 months, know as catfish
DE-1021 Charles Walker RMSN 6/60 - 3/61 cook-walker (AT) 1st of 4 destroyers that I was on
DE-1021 Gary B. Ward ENS 1962 to 1963 Garybward (AT) What a tour !
DE-1021 Richard Whetstone OT2 1970 to 1972 rlwhet (AT)  
DE-1021 Ron White OS3 1971-1973 whiteron (AT) Years in Naples were great
DE-1021 Don (Ski) Wysokowski E-4 1961-1963 dwysokowski (AT)  
DE-1021 Marvin Yanke FT2 6/56-7/59 gopack3 (AT) very good site
DE-1021 Chet Zay SN 1967-1968 chetzay (AT)  
DE-1121 Edward Synowiez SH3 1/60 - 12/62 kinged1th (AT) i am already a member this a change of address

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