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DE-1014 Chet Adessa PN2 2/69 - 2/72 adessajrc001 (AT) Looking for shipmates and cruise book for North Atlantic/Med cruise
DE-1014 John Ayers LT(jg) 6/62 - 7/63 ayerloom (AT) Most import year of my life-LCDR helped make me man I became-like to find Lauren Reichert-helped all he touched
DE-1014 Richard Baker RM2 1/1971-4/1972 shag114 (AT) Retired from teaching top the Antique business.
DE-1014 Ronald Bauer RD3 1961-1963 RRBauer (AT)  
DE-1014 Ernest (Ernie or Buddy) Beckner FN 3/56 to 12/57 66mustang (AT)  
DE-1014 Tony Blanch EM3 1964-1966 onesailor (AT) Just looking for old shipmates.
DE-1014 William Brock IC2 6/66 - 9/69 wkbrock (AT)  
DE-1014 Daniel Butler QM3 2/69 to7/72 dan (AT) Many good memories, good shipmates!
DE-1014 Bob Cantu EM2 1965 to 1966 robtucan (AT) Came on board just prior to our North Atlantic cruise.
DE-1014 Peter Collins ENS or LT (?) 1959-1961? collinsandson88 (AT) My Dad-died 6/10/17-many awesome stories (S America cruise in 59-he valued his time with his shipmates
DE-1014 Joseph Csizmadia YN3 11/56-12/59 chiz37 (AT) I would like to hear from my shipmates
DE-1014 Noel Dailey SF1 1966 to 1968 wildman (AT) Have a lots of fond memories. Retired Nov. 1972. Live in Tex
DE-1014 Steve Decker GMG3 1968-1969 ssdecker (AT) Hope to see everyone at the October Reunion!!
DE-1014 James Deyo EM2 1957 - 1960 jjdeyo (AT) It was an experience
DE-1014 Wade Dickinson FTG2 10/68 - 10/69 twolick_330 (AT) Given 1 hour in Portugal at quarters that I was being trans frm USS Dealey DE 1006 to USS Cromwell DE 1014
DE-1014 Bill Dittmar SKSN 1970 to 1971 will.ditt (AT) North Atlantic and Med cruise. Had some good times Crazy friends.
DE-1014 Bill Dudley LT(jg) 1/60-8/62 wsdudley (AT)  
DE-1014 Jim Dundon E-2 1961-1963 ? jimspections (AT) My father was a crew member, he passed in September. He spoke well of his time on board.
DE-1014 Al Dunn QMSN 6/70-11/72 Althebakerboy (AT) First ship,ending with a hurricane damage decom-fond memories of old shipmates & a europe-med cruise.
DE-1014 Bart Durbin RDM/E-5 1966 to 1968 im4fni (AT) A very interesting time in my life, which I will never forget-I was proud to have served & don't regret a minute of it
DE-1014 John Foissett BM2 08/67 -2/71 johnfoissett (AT) My first ship and the best ship in my 30 years of service. I will always remember her and my shipmates
DE-1014 Charles Fuller FT3 1958-1959 WWW.maplewoodfuller (AT) it was a great time. saw a lot of the world.
DE-1014 Jerry Good BM3 9/66 - 12/68 jerarlin (AT)  
DE-1014 Sheldon Goodman SN 11/54 to 11/57 nomosno1 (AT) It was a great expierience being a plankowner on this ship
DE-1014 William Gost LT 8/66-9/62 wgost (AT) XO. CAPT, USN (ret.)
DE-1014 Richard Haese SK2 5/66 - 12/68 dickhaese (AT) Enjoyed the Northern Europe and Med tours...
DE-1014 William R. Hall SK3 4/63 - 12/65 hallsie4 (AT)  
DE-1014 Charles Hanff IC3 1970 - 1972 chanff (AT)  
DE-1014 Robert Harris QM2 1970-1971 bobharris2 (AT)  
DE-1014 Robert (Bebop) Hedman CS3 1971-1972 hedman50 (AT)  
DE-1014 Grant Herget BT2 1971-1972 gherget (AT)  
DE-1014 Harry Heuer FTG2 1968-1970 Heuerenterprises (AT) Ship ran aground in Cuba-was towed up to Boston where we spent a very cold winter in dry dock.
DE-1014 Quentin Hicks SN 11/65 - 11/66 judygirl111 (AT) it is over i can sleep easy
DE-1014 David Howard QM3 12/22/57 to 9/17/60 jitterbugdave (AT) great ship, great crew, good times & bad times.
DE-1014 Charlie Hoye ETRSN 12/70 - 1/71 elecmod (AT) my first ship, one helluva ride!
DE-1014 Al Huff MM3 1962 - 1964 ahuff10092 (AT) Would like to find old buddies
DE-1014 Robert Hughes RM2 1966-1969 rahj (AT)  
DE-1014 Jan Huisman SN 10/58- 10-60 poppa82040 (AT)  
DE-1014 Thomas Izzo SN 12/58 to 09/60 www/weezer1220 (AT)  
DE-1014 George Jackson YN3 12/64-12/65 jackgeo44 (AT) Beginning of Naval Career
DE-1014 John Jarred IC2 1956 to 1959 jbjarred (AT)  
DE-1014 James Jupena STG2 10/69-06/71 jmjupena (AT)  
DE-1014 David Kennedy BM/E-3 1968-1972 dlk1950 (AT) would love to hear from some of my ship mates.
DE-1014 William Kirkpatrick RM3 1968-3/6/71 kirkpatickwilliam691 (AT) port/std duty. gitmo. meditrean cruise. forget the number times carribean sea. haifoa noves
DE-1014 Dan Kjos ETR2/EW2 1971-1972 dankjos (AT) A good North Atlantic storm - everyone should experience at least one in their lifetime. Good friends, good times.
DE-1014 Robert Klingler QM3 01/69 - 04/72 Rlk930 (AT) One of the reason for retiring in 1988.
DE-1014 Vincent Letourneau RD2 4/65 - 12/65 fordstang1 (AT) Looking for any RDs I may have served with.
DE-1014 David Lyttle SA 04/69 to 10/70 Batesville, IN  
DE-1014 Larry MacDonald STG2 2/67 - 9/69 lmac2547 (AT)  
DE-1014 Ewell Mahone GM3 11/54-6/56 ebill1203 (AT)  
DE-1014 Tyrone Marcucci SM1 4/66-4/70 bb36dd966 (AT) Great ship & crew-best food of any tin can-but a main deck crack in a N Atlantic storm can give you the worries.
DE-1014 Richard S. Marter, Jr. YN3 11/69-12/71 rmarterjr (AT)  
DE-1014 Elijah Joel Mason BT2 2/57 - 12/59 Joelm1357 (AT) Great Days and Shipmates to remember.
DE-1014 James A. McCruden YN 1967 to 1970 jammc (AT)  
DE-1014 Arthur (Artie) (Mack) McIntire E-6 1961 rterrymcintyre (AT) Date aboard is approximate.
DE-1014 Harry McKillips FT3 1959 to 1961 hntrhmck (AT) does anybody remember crazyhorse?
DE-1014 Frank McLaughlin MM2 4/66-12/68 fmclaughlin (AT) Fond memories of CROMWELL and it's crew are with me constantly.
DE-1014 Joe McSheffrey RD2 1969 to 1971 mcshefjo (AT)  
DE-1014 Ken Meister BM3 4/71 - 10/71 beancounter314 (AT)  
DE-1014 Billy Miles RM2 05/70 -08/71 Billy.miles (AT) raymondjames.cim Nova Scotia, Virgin Island,Lisbon,Rota,Naples,Nice,Barcelona,Dartmouth,Plymouth,etc & lots of salt water.
DE-1014 F. J. Moore BM3 1967 - 1969 fmoore4 (AT)  
DE-1014 Talmage Murphy BT2 1958-1962 Mtalmurph (AT)  
DE-1014 Paul Murphy CPO 1966-67 roy.murphy (AT) my dad-died of cancer while onboard in 3/67-served some yrs before that on the guns-son Roy
DE-1014 William Murray QM1 1972 wmurray3 (AT)  
DE-1014 Ralph Newton BM3 8/68 - 12/68 Rnewton31 (AT) Great North Atlantic and Med cruise
DE-1014 Jim Nixon CS3 6/62-6/66 jjnixon4 (AT) good duty
DE-1014 Dick D. Odenbach BT3 1960-1962 Dickoden (AT)  
DE-1014 Kim Patterson E-3 69 to 72 ymp9 (AT)  
DE-1014 Robert Petersen BT3 9/61-7/63 rpete4811w (AT) It was not too bad when I was onboard we all thouhg it suck but it was pretty good.
DE-1014 Tom Price ETN2 1969 to 1972 tprice (AT) My first ship. A lot of hard work but some great times
DE-1014 Lysle Radley BT2 1969 to 1970 radleyd (AT)  
DE-1014 John Reardon ETR3 12/61 to 12/63 jakelevit (AT) Unitas iv cruise, polywog to shellback
DE-1014 Anthony Rego ST2 1968 -1969 arego1 (AT)  
DE-1014 Tony Richardson E-3 1970 1971 Trich1010 (AT) Looking for vincent macelli
DE-1014 David (Shorty) Rondeau BT2 1/69-2/72 printingplus (AT)  
DE-1014 Bruce Rostad EN2 12/67-8/69 BPRostad (AT) enjoyed my time on this ship and those I served with. especially liked the cruises we went on
DE-1014 Phil Shaunfield RM2 3/69-2/72 philshaunfield (AT) Looking for STG2 William (Dabs) Dabney
DE-1014 Michael Shelton FTG3 1966-1969 floydmichaelshelton (AT)  
DE-1014 Vernon Smith E-3 1962-4/68 vernsnith2013 (AT) Sailed around S America while onboard-Got out & worked in Finance for 30 yrs-retired living on East coast
DE-1014 Jim Steber MM2 5/68 to 9/69 uapf41 (AT)  
DE-1014 Richard Stetar RD2 7/60-8/63 stetar (AT) Have old slides and ships plaque
DE-1014 John Sutherland RDM/SN 11/63 to 6/64 suthlock (AT) JImmy freeman where da heck r u-(L.D. Reichard my teacher)
DE-1014 Ernest Talbot SH3 11/58 - 12/63 Tzipper12 (AT) Would like to find old shipmates. Was ship's barber
DE-1014 Jerry Taylor BM3 5/66 - 5/68 JerTay (AT)  
DE-1014 Joseph Tiemann ETN3 01/68-10/71 joseph.tiemann (AT) Good times & great crew. Just love the North Atlantic in winter.
DE-1014 Kenneth Tomaso SK3 1958-1960 papaken2 (AT)  
DE-1014 Alvin Toney SO2 1956-1957 whoucisme (AT) My father is now deceased but surely enjoyed his Navy years.
DE-1014 Ronald Trummell RD2 1969-1971 fsbcron (AT) The bouy in Malta, dry dock in Naples, (the riot in Malta)!!! Is Fang '' still around?''
DE-1014 William Unangst RDC 7/65 to 6/68 billu01 (AT)  
DE-1014 John Vick LT(jg) 1/63-8/64 johnfayevick (AT) Participated in UNITAS IV [Aug-Dec 1963], still the longest running naval exercise in the US Navy
DE-1014 Charles Welles GMG2 5-Jun-65 clwelles (AT) I would like to be added to ships registry I was on this ship home ported in Newport rl
DE-1014 Victor Wells SFM2 1963 to 1966 wellsva34 (AT)  
DE-1014 Gregory Williams MM2 3/66-9/70 Boney823 (AT)  
DE-1014 Ray Ziierman STGSN 1/69-11/69 rayzierman (AT)  

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