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DE/FF-1045 Robert Ainsworth EM2 1986-decom em2ainsworth (AT) there will never be another like her
DE/FF-1045 Mark Burrow MM2 3/73--8/76 wheelsburrow (AT) Where's Mcglone
DE/FF-1045 Steve Mead E-3 1974 to 1975 woodenchips21 (AT)  
DE/FF-1045 Mark Mishler HTFN   jm47012002 (AT)  
DE/FF-1045 Robert Montgomery BTFN 74-76 boblmont55 (AT)  
DE/FF-1045 Karl Stanley IC3 10/68-10/69 boscograce (AT) att,net bates,pq,gates,jeff
DE/FF-1045 Joseph Wagner OSSA 2/74 - 10/75 jlostandfound (AT)  
DE/FF-1045 Gary Wasserman BT3 4/75-5/76 afordplbg (AT)  
DE/FF-1045 John Weierbach IC1 5/71 - 6/74 weierbachj (AT)  
DE-1045 Allen (Brust) Polvado TM3 1966-1968 wayne_polvado (AT) Best ship ever commissioned by the United States Navy.
DE-1045 Harry R. Ackley EM2 3/65 to 9/67 hackley (AT) Plank Owner; Where's Miller and Flash? Anyone seen Ski?
DE-1045 Dave Ah Quin E-4 1965-1967 Dallascowboy_1 (AT) Plank Owner
DE-1045 Duane Anderson DK2 1970 - 1973 duane (AT)  
DE-1045 Michael Andreadakis FTG2 5/67-9/68 m.andreadakis (AT) Looking to contact shipmates.
DE-1045 Dan Andree RM3 1973-74 daniel.andree (AT) The Radio Shack Ruled!
DE-1045 Richard Barnes STG4 6/72-3/75 rbarnes (AT)  
DE-1045 Samuel (Sam) Bartlett QM2 6/66-5/70 Bartlett (AT) Davidson crews - check out
DE-1045 Bob Baxley SN 1972-1973 rjbaxley (AT) Short tour of duty and a lifetime of memories.
DE-1045 John Blackann SM2 1969-1973 john_blackann (AT)  
DE-1045 Mark Bockhorst CS2 7/71 - 12/74 mark_bockhorst (AT) Would like to hear from all of my shipmates.
DE-1045 Roderick Boyce FTG3 10/69-6/71 rab (AT) I still have my WestPac 1970 cruise book.
DE-1045 Matthew Bozek E-4 4/70-6/73 boldeagles (AT) welcome all comments
DE-1045 John Brayman LT(jg) 1971-1972 john.brayman (AT) As time passes, I realize how much my time aboard ship means to me. Great memories.
DE-1045 Richard Breit ETCS 1965 to 1967 r.breit (AT) Just checking-send me an e-mail
DE-1045 Michael Brown BT3 1969-1972 mbrown7804 (AT)  
DE-1045 Allan Brust E-3 6/66 to 1968 waynepolvado (AT) Looking for Sam Bartlett QM2
DE-1045 Jimmy Cahill E-3 10/68-6/70 n1tzm (AT) Looking for anyone who served aboard dureing this time
DE-1045 James Cahill, Jr. SN 69-70 n1tzm (AT)  
DE-1045 Joseph Cavazos BT3 1968-1970 mcavazos16a (AT)  
DE-1045 John Chick GMG3 01/71 to 07/74 whitrabit51 (AT)  
DE-1045 Johhny Christenot BTC 1965 to 1969 btcchris (AT) Plankholder
DE-1045 Eric Christensen RM3 7/71 to 8/72 eric_sportsman (AT)  
DE-1045 Chester Clagett YN5 1971-1972 cclagett (AT)  
DE-1045 Russell Crosby BT3 1966-1969 CogswellRS (AT)  
DE-1045 William Curio CS1 1965 to 1967 newfman1974 (AT)  
DE-1045 Paull Engs BM3 1969-1972 N6KOD (AT) miss the guys
DE-1045 Rod Ennico LT(jg) 1970 - 1971 rennico (AT) Would like to hear from old shipmates
DE-1045 Gary J. Fruits RDE1/EW1 1970 -1972 gjfruits (AT)  
DE-1045 Lawrence Garlock RM2 1970 - 1973 garlockc (AT) wcoilnet.gen.oh  
DE-1045 Robert Gaskill BT3 7/71 - 12/74 rgaskill9999 (AT)  
DE-1045 James Gibbard ETR2 10/70-12/73 jimrail (AT)  
DE-1045 Mike Harris QM3 1968-1969 mikeharris000 (AT)  
DE-1045 Don Harvell EN1 1970 to 1973 SCEN40 (AT)  
DE-1045 Don Henderson OS3 06/71 - 10/74 Rockinin02 (AT) A lot of great memories with a fantastic crew. E-mail me
DE-1045 Jim Hoder E-5 1971 to 1973 jayk2014 (AT)  
DE-1045 David l. Holterhaus ETR2 3/66 to 1/69 holt007 (AT) From Iowa but now residing in Minnesota
DE-1045 Robert Hoose GMSN 1969 -1971 rhoose (AT) outstanding ship, outstanding people, outstanding life experence
DE-1045 Martin Hunt ETR3 7/65 - 9/67 mhunt (AT)  
DE-1045 Terry (Poison) Ivie SN 06/72-05/74 Terryivie70 (AT)  
DE-1045 Tom Jackson TM2 1975-1977 jacksontej (AT) looking to contact shipmates
DE-1045 Roger Jacobsen SN 1972 to 1973 rjacobsen51 (AT)  
DE-1045 Dennis Patrick (Pat) James LT(jg) 1967-69 dpjames (AT) (AT)  
DE-1045 John Jenkins SK2 05/72 - 07/74 jenkins12 (AT)  
DE-1045 Rex Johnston SN 1969 - 1970 KnightsSword1 (AT)  
DE-1045 James Jovanelly MM2 1970-1973 jjovanel (AT)  
DE-1045 Darryl (Deke) Keller STG3 12/65-8/68 KellerWid (AT) Looking for shipmates
DE-1045 Leroy L. Kimball E-3 12/71 to 12/72 salem1 (AT) Best Darn Ship in the Navy
DE-1045 Keith Krise EM3 2/67-11/69 keithkrise (AT) would like to contact James Aubrey & Jim ''scrap iron'' parrow-thought I'd never hear frm anybody-this is too cool!
DE-1045 Dan Kroeger RD/OS3 10/69-5/73 DK_1045 (AT)  
DE-1045 Donald Lafleche RM3 2/70-11/73 donaldlafleche (AT)  
DE-1045 Curtis ''Pappy'' Lawson MM1 1965-1971 lawsonchl (AT)  
DE-1045 Daren Lewis RD1 8/65 - 1970 dlewis (AT) Where have all the original Husky Pups gone?
DE-1045 Ricky Martinez EM3 1966-1969 rjmartinez47 (AT) Sorry I have'nt contacted my shipmate buddies in all these years. Hey! I'm new at this.
DE-1045 Frank McCullough LT 4/71-7/73 frank (AT) Relieved Lt. Wahlig as Ops Boss: Should have known better!!
DE-1045 Donald McRae PN2 1967/68 Joannemcrae (AT)  
DE-1045 Charles Minor STG2/E-5 4/28/70-9/24/71 chasminor (AT) I still have my WESTPAC pictures. I would really like to talk to any of my shipmates that are still alive.
DE-1045 Jim Moczarny RM3 11/72-07/73 jjmoczarny (AT) Check out the Web
DE-1045 Stephen Moulton ETN2 1970-1975 smoldy (AT) hi to all my past shipmates. All emails welcome!!
DE-1045 Thomas Norris QM3 7/65 - early 1967 yamato88 (AT) Plankowner-parttime ships barber-hurridly trns to Southerland DD-743-bec QM in charge of barbershop.
DE-1045 Jim Oleson MM2 1/73 - 6/75 jdsothun (AT)  
DE-1045 H. Winfield Padgett, Jr. LT(jg) 1968-1970 winpadgett (AT)  
DE-1045 Mike Peck AN 1971-1973 BOEINGMYWAY (AT) I ran the paint locker for Boat's Lopez...cleaned a lot of brushes for you guys....send some email!!!!''
DE-1045 Gary Pierson SM 11/71 - 11/73 GPierson (AT) Hello to all my old shipmates
DE-1045 Robert Reitter BM3 7/71-6/73 deck_ape (AT)  
DE-1045 Roger Richardson SN 1965 to 1967 ricards.44(at) Plankowner First Division
DE-1045 Randy Roudybush MM3 1/71-10/73 rnroudy (AT) engineroom
DE-1045 Ron Rulli E-3 9/66-11/67 MnRon (AT) Honerable Discharge 1970
DE-1045 Robert Schippers GMG3 1966 to 1970 colking (AT)  
DE-1045 Glenn Schneider E-4 12/70- 09/74 glenn (AT) swine-dukey
DE-1045 Teodoro Simbulan MS3 9/69 - 3/71 lsimbulan (AT) I also served with my brother alberto simbulan almost the same time
DE-1045 Dale Smith E-3 05/70 - 2/71 wndchsr2848 (AT) Anyone serving on the USS Davidson during Westpac tour
DE-1045 Richard Sparacino QM3 1971-1972 rasparacino (AT) Great memories. Welcome contact.
DE-1045 Frank Speer BM2 1965-1970 fspeer (AT)  
DE-1045 Henry Stanfield CAPT 1965 to 1967 hlstanfield (AT)  
DE-1045 Ken Steenhoek YN3 1966 - 1968 krs5024 (AT)  
DE-1045 Gary Stern SN 1967-1969 Gary_stern (AT)  
DE-1045 Richard Strofield     dpatufka128 (AT)  
DE-1045 Pat Stroud FTGC 1970-1972 stroud1 (AT) Served aboard Davy Maru twice.
DE-1045 Abels Sua E-3 1970-1973 apela.ukus (AT)  
DE-1045 Abel Su'a MM3 1970-1973 suahale (AT) calling all snipes, get in touch! brahdah Abe...
DE-1045 Patrick Swaggert STG/SN 02/71 to 08/72 patrick.swaggert (AT) Made two WesPacs and met a lot of interesting people
DE-1045 Richard 'Van' Van Kuren GMG3 6/69 to 8/71 tikitavi (AT)  
DE-1045 Dennis Viegut STG3 June-65 thur Aug.67 viphd (AT) Plankowner
DE-1045 James Wade STG3 1971-1972 Djaguar55 (AT)  
DE-1045 Len Wahlig LT Jun 1970 - Feb 1972 lwahlig (AT) Busy time as the 'pick-up' escort to WESTPAC
DE-1045 J. L. West E-3 1965-1967 cherokeemachine (AT) the best ship and crew
DE-1045 William Westfall SA 1-71 to 9-71 WWWolfie88 (AT)  
DE-1045 John Whiteing STG2 1/70-4/74 whiteing1001 (AT) Time keeps flying retired now in Nebraska
DE-1045 Lyle Windsnes BT3 65-67 dwind (AT)  
DE-1045 Robin Wong E-5 1967-69 xrwongx (AT) I remember those days well. No regrets. Great shipmates!
DE-1045 Jim (Bash) Wykstra SN 1967-1969 jwykstra (AT)  
DE-1045 Walter Zimara ETN3 Dec 1965 to Oct 1966 wzimara (AT)  
DE-1046 Michael Andreadakis FTG2 1965-1968 micmar (AT) If you know me, send me an email!!!!
FF-1045 Lee M. Anderson PNC 02/80-02/83 LMAnderson (AT)  
FF-1045 Keith Bergman BTC 7/82 -8/86 keithbergman (AT) Great ship and even Greater crew.
FF-1045 Tom Berry OS2 9/78 - 11/78 runnerdude77 (AT) Served aboard as an ASAC
FF-1045 Russell Brewer MM2 7/85-7/88 russell.brewer (AT) Great ship/great friends and Great Time's! would like to hear from the gang.
FF-1045 Mark Brownell YN3 12/84-5/88 MBrow94162 (AT) Long Live the Davy Navy
FF-1045 Michael Budziszek STG2 12/76-3/79 budziszekmj (AT)  
FF-1045 Charles Campbell IC3 2/87- final crew member goneoffshore247 (AT) shipyard, party in the barracks and nights out in Hawaii...If you are gonna be dumb, you better be tough...
FF-1045 Billy Christensen RM3 7/75-7/77 billy.christensen (AT) Just another Hawaiian onboard the Davy Maru!
FF-1045 Randy Curtis MM3 04/80-12/83 randallncurtis (AT) came on board after an exciting helo crash of the connie in the indian ocean,hullsnipes just gotta be differant
FF-1045 Duncan Dempster CDR 6/76 - 6/78 duncand (AT) Best tour of duty I ever had.
FF-1045 Frank Donovan PC3 1979 - 1981 qualitydispatching (AT) The Navy didn't want me as a Navy Diver so I became a Commercial Diver - Great Career!
FF-1045 Colin Donovan LT(jg) 12/74-6/78 wedge (AT) A formative experience I wouldn't have missed. Shipmates I'll always remember.
FF-1045 John Dunne PC3 1978-1980 jd92589 (AT)  
FF-1045 Scott Edwards LCDR 9/82-6/84 swedwards50 (AT) Weapons Officer
FF-1045 Keith Ellmaker STG2 9/80 - 9/82 bigelmo (AT)  
FF-1045 F. ''George'' Encarnacion BT2 1978-1980 fvencar (AT) Windsor Locks, CT
FF-1045 Jack Evans DCC(SW) 1987-1988 Decom jackevans (AT)  
FF-1045 Wallace Foreman QM1 1975 to 1978 navigator (AT) Never got Sub Pay 'We were robbed'
FF-1045 David Gardner STG3 1984-1988 dave62gardner (AT) Would like to hear from some old shipmates, Lost contact over the years.
FF-1045 Dennis Harden OS3 9/75 - 9/76 dgharden (AT) WESTPAC 75-76 = Midway Island, Guam, Subic Bay, Hong Kong, Taiwan
FF-1045 Kevin Hill SMSN 09/83-06/86 yamhillpub (AT)  
FF-1045 Daniel Hursh STG1 1974 to 1976 dhursh (AT) The Davy Maru was my 4th of 7 ships (Aloha!!)
FF-1045 Kevin F. Jerolaman E-4 07/1973-10/1975 kjerolaman (AT)  
FF-1045 Brent Johnson BTFN 1978 to 1980 johnson-brent (AT)  
FF-1045 Richard Jones BTFN 6/75 - 4/77 tbiskit8 (AT) I wish I would have stayed instead of taking tranfer
FF-1045 Rik Kennedy BT3 82-84 rik_kennedy (AT) Never forget the good ole Davy Maru
FF-1045 Phil Kruse IC3 1982 to 1985 pfksr64 (AT) Hi Bill, how is the family
FF-1045 Allen Kugler MMCS 12/74 to 1978 allenk43 (AT)  
FF-1045 Mike Landry E-6 10/77 - 2/79, 83-88 Mikeff1045 (AT)  
FF-1045 Peter 'Lefty' LeTarte BT2 1978 to 1982 pletarte (AT)  
FF-1045 Brownell Mark YN3 12/84 - 5/88 MBrow94162 (AT) Had a great tour of duty, Don't Forget Vancouver.
FF-1045 Park McGraw E-4 10/83 to 10/84 kuiperobject (AT) Once Navy, Always Navy
FF-1045 Frank McLaughlin MMCS 1981-1982 fmclaughlin (AT) Never dull moment in Davy-Navy-successfull 1 boiler OPPE was the res of outstanding efforts of superb Eng Dept.
FF-1045 David McMillan E-3 6/86-7/87 godsbodkin (AT)  
FF-1045 Mark Mishler FN 1976-1978 jm47012002 (AT) This has been added in memory of my brother who is deceased.
FF-1045 David Monroe IC2 1980-1984 DAM2ANN3K92 (AT) Haze grey and always underway
FF-1045 James Mullin MM3 2/76-3/78 snipe75-79 (AT)  
FF-1045 Joseph Munoz E-3 1976-1978 josfs (AT)  
FF-1045 Rick Mydlack ETSN 11/76-2/80 woodiecat (AT)  
FF-1045 Chris Neff LT(jg) 4/76-1/78 neffck (AT) Great memories, super ship, outstanding crew
FF-1045 Mike Osko E-4 12/85 till decom mreddog688 (AT) Was onboard from 86 till decom in 89-the final crew-would like to talk to any one from the final crew.
FF-1045 Ralph Pimentel OS2 2/81 - 2/85 ralph pimentel2013 (AT)  
FF-1045 Jim Poe ICFN 1975 to 1977 jpoe3d (AT)  
FF-1045 William Reddy OS2 2/79 to 6/82 reddysetgo (AT)  
FF-1045 Paul Retzlaff HT2 1981 to 1983 retzman (AT) W-PAC 82-83 Mostly Sasebo/Remember Maizuru & Tacloban?
FF-1045 Tom Roethlisberger HT2 08/80 - 10/83 tar1960 (AT)  
FF-1045 Daniel Russell EMC 02/81-02/82 russell3338 (AT)  
FF-1045 Mark Sayers BM3 11/84 7/87 kyfordman1989 (AT)  
FF-1045 Glenn Sayre QM3 1980-1984 beberabozo (AT) OL Davy Maru or Davy Navy, Pride of the Pineapple Fleet! Give me a holler shipmate!!!
FF-1045 Michael Schwalbach GMM1 04/82-02/68 Michael.schwalbach (AT) Always enjoyed returning to PH
FF-1045 Jerry Shamburg FTG3 1973-1976 gshamburg (AT) The best gunnery crew in the whole Danged Navy
FF-1045 William Steinke STG2 1975-1976-1977-1979 Jendebil (AT)  
FF-1045 Scott Stoyan STG2 1980 to 1983 scottstoyan (AT) How could anyone forget Maizuru
FF-1045 Pat Stroud FTGC 1976-1979 stroud1 (AT) Served aboard Davy Maru twice.
FF-1045 William Thomas BT3 4/81-7/84 saltyholesnipe (AT) looking for all snipes, looking for old friends
FF-1045 William Thompson EW2 11/1977 - 11/1980 wx427lucky (AT) The DAVY NAVY - Elite of the PACFLT
FF-1045 Peter Tibbetts STG1(SW) 2/84-06/87 petertibbetts (AT)  
FF-1045 Matthew Tuchscherer BMSN 77 to 78 mtuch (AT)  
FF-1045 Brad Undestad HT 10/77 - 9/78 Unde3 (AT) HT1 Lewis ran the shop back then.
FF-1045 Terry Weldon EN3 1978-1980 welter (AT) seems like along time ago...the davy navy
FF-1045 James Wezell PN2 01/86 - 12/88 nvy_scjim (AT) Remembering the pineapple fleet and the great Davy Navy..
FF-1045 Peter Wright STG3 4/76 - 9/79 pnw4657 (AT) Glad to see remembered names of old friends.
FF-1045 Thomas Zaccheo OS2 3/75-3/77 zeebo5 (AT)  
FF-1055 Bob (Ski) Withnosky SMSA 10/2-7/75 bwithnosky (AT) 2 westpacs and many memories ago...from pollywog to shellback....lots of memories

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