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DE-684 Bill Miller PO3/SFM 10/63-10/65 bjmiller (AT) served as regular crew member
DE-684 John N. Mlincsek BT1 1960-1962 jmlincsek (AT) Buan Missile Crisis
DE-684 Richard Murphy FN 5/52-8/52 RJMDuke (AT)  
DE-684 Kevin Olden CAPT 62-63 kolden (AT) I played aboard as a 14 year old. It inspired my navy career.
DE-684 Juergen ''Pete'' Peters LT(jg) 6/53-6/56 jnpets (AT)  
DE-684 Frederick Picot BT3 9/61 to 10/62 Flip3791 (AT) Charter.Net Served during Cuban Missle Crisis, Newport R.I and Gitmo
DE-684 Leo Rose E-3 1969 to 1969 locoleo (AT)  
DE-684 Darrel Ruebsamen LT 1954-1956 drueb (AT)  
DE-684 Frank Sabadin MR3 1956 to 1957 fjsab (AT) it was a great experience - loved every minute of it.
DE-684 Joseph Sirc gun mat 1959-1960 jobear421 (AT) wheh is the next reunion
DE-684 Ray Soler SA/FA 01/65-07/66 felcap07 (AT) 1st res duty-U/W in blizzard as bow lookout-by Sunday evening, talked my way into IC gang-no more ice/snow!
DE-684 Raynald R. Souliere YNSN 1966 - 1967  
DE-684 Ronald Spears MM3 2/55 - 1/57 ronlees (AT) good times, some times you never forget
DE-684 Richard Stover FT2 11/53-10/55 hidiso (AT) Looking for shipmates in the 53-55 time frame
DE-684 Trent Stratton IC2 10/61-8/62 strattonelectra (AT) Fort Scuyler NY-Newport RI- Gitmo for ORI
DE-684 Chester Szachor EM3 1951-1955 lenoraszachor (AT) Great Navy, Great Crew. Many memories!
DE-684 Thomas Taggart SN 1958 to 1959 tomlortag (AT) Ships company. Six months TAD waiting for FT school. '' McHales Navy all the way!!
DE-684 Owen Vose BT1 1955-1958 ltzrocks (AT) This is my sons e-mail address. My mailing address is PO Box 110,Verbank,NY 12585
DE-684 Lyle Watmer RM2   witml6 (AT)  
DE-684 Dan Willis SK3 8/56-8/58 dandorothy1969 (AT)  
DE-684 Lyle Witmer RM2 12/43-3/46 witml6 (AT)  

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