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FFG-45 Edward Acton QMC 9/83-11/85 eacton (AT) plankowner
FFG-45 Dave Adams OS2 1983 to 1986 adamsrd64 (AT) Plank Owner
FFG-45 John Allen MS1(SW) 1/94-3/97 jallen (AT) retired from this command/ I'm now a deputy sheriff with Nassau County on patrol for over 10 years
FFG-45 Darrin Arnold EW 2/90 - 4/91 Darrin.Arnold (AT) LOT OF FUN!!!!!!
FFG-45 Daniel Brigman E-5 1988-1991 dan.brigman (AT) GO Navy!! Any shipmates out there who participated in Persian Gulf Tour 1988 and beyond?
FFG-45 Reginald Brown ICFN 6/83-6/86 reggiebrown (AT) wondering how everyone was doing and where they are now..
FFG-45 Antonio Burden TM2 8/03-8/08 marquesburden (AT)  
FFG-45 Dennis Cannon 2/c 80'sometime dennyq59.dc (AT) Is there any body out there?
FFG-45 Josh (Mamba) Canty OS2 1983 to 1986 jcnoel1051 (AT) Tag Team Player's Unite .
FFG-45 Boyd Carter BM3 8/83-6/85 supergoldtone (AT) Plankowner
FFG-45 Richard Cocklin EM3 12/91-3/96 rcocklin (AT)  
FFG-45 Mike Cummings GSE2 1983-1986 mikec (AT) Fellow Plank Owners hello.
FFG-45 Charles Dabney STG2 1986 to 1988 Charles. Dabney (AT) Enjoyed my Unitas cruise. Persian Gulf....ok
FFG-45 James Davis OS1 83-88 jimd14830 (AT) Commission crew was the best crew that I ever had the privlage to work with during my career.
FFG-45 Greg Doan FC2 11/83-05/88 greg (AT) Wondering who's out there . .
FFG-45 William Dodd GSMC(SW) Plankowner billydodd57 (AT) Saying Hi to all the plankowner engineers
FFG-45 Richard Drummond DC1 03/00-present drummora (AT)  
FFG-45 Gregg Duke ET2   cmc-sales (AT)  
FFG-45 Russell Dykman RP3 4/03-2/04 crazzyrussruss (AT) R-Div is still the best division on board
FFG-45 Jerry Emert EWC(SW) 1983-1986 gemert (AT) Plankowner
FFG-45 Miguel Farina SH2(SW) 10/94 to 10/97 dozdidariai (AT) Great ship and great shipmates and great memories! I'm proud to have been part of her crew.
FFG-45 Sergio Galvan ITC 7/02 - 10/05 Sgalvan72 (AT) Great ship, great memories!
FFG-45 Jeff Gatlin EN3 1985-1988 ronaldjgatlin (AT) hotmail man what what a great time in my life
FFG-45 Eric Greifenberger LT 09/01-06/03 gdog_swo99 (AT) The one and only G
FFG-45 Gary Grinsted BM2 9/83-1/85 Forddriver4x4 (AT) Plankowner
FFG-45 Mike Guebert GSMC   gscmswret (AT) Plankowner
FFG-45 Jonathan Hardy DC2 2000-present hardyjr (AT)  
FFG-45 Bryan Hare MS3 83-87 bhare44 (AT) PLankowner
FFG-45 Mike Harper GSM1 7/88-10/91  
FFG-45 Austin Harris E-5 7/99 to 9/00 aharris7074 (AT)  
FFG-45 Stephen Herr EN2(SW) 4/93-12/97 stepehenh42fl (AT)  
FFG-45 William (Steve) Holland OS2 8/83-12/86 Galaxcyman (AT) Plank Owner-Great times on the Dewert
FFG-45 Marty Holm BM3 87-90 marty.holm (AT) 20 years is a long time! Does anybody remember........:)
FFG-45 David Houghton ET2 7/83 - 8/87 houghtond (AT) Drop a line anytime. Go ''Ricky D''
FFG-45 Michael Hurley GSE2 09/05-05/08 michael.s.hurley (AT)  
FFG-45 Mark Ide FCC 1998-2002 wizard_of_id (AT)  
FFG-45 Daniel Jackson SKCS 4/83 - 1/85 montg105 (AT) Plank Owner, contact me anytime.
FFG-45 James (J. J.) Jensen OS2 11/84-05/88 atcjj (AT) sure miss cic and the whole crew
FFG-45 George ''Emit'' Johnson GSCS(SW/ATS) 83-86 RTASP (AT) Plankowner
FFG-45 Phillip Jones GMC 01/98-03/02 jgunner79 (AT)  
FFG-45 Keshima Jones SN 8/93 - 4/96 shimakdj30 (AT) Looking for Orlando Sanders,Casaveno Sanders, Eric Jeter, Grip, or should I say the whole BM Crew.
FFG-45 James Jordan GMM1 Plank Owner jimgntlman (AT) just hit the big 50. hope all my mates r doin great
FFG-45 Stephen Kamp HT2/E-5 10/83-7/85 Skamp64 (AT) Plankowner, Hon dischg 5/89-liv Whitehorse Beach,MA. Married for 2nd tm 07-work as prod lead mak pacemkrs.
FFG-45 Thomas Kandziorski EN3 1996-1998 navyvet1974 (AT)  
FFG-45 Andrew Kelley GSE1 1988 to 1991 andyk1166 (AT) Hello shipmates!
FFG-45 Jay Kirk RM2 04/83 - 10/87 jkirk46 (AT) Interested in talking with other Plank Owners
FFG-45 Richard Klemm EN1 08/01 - 07/03 richard_klemm (AT)  
FFG-45 Gary (Scott) Krajick EN2 7/89-6/93 skrajick24 (AT) long live the RICKY D
FFG-45 Jeffrey LeCun CS3 2/03-6/07 jeff121705 (AT) I miss the Dirty D but its not better than here in naples, Italy
FFG-45 Thomas Lightner MS3 Plankowner ffg45pa (AT) best chow anywhere
FFG-45 Anthony Livoti LT 1/91-3/94 awlivoti (AT)  
FFG-45 Eddie Loggins OS2 08/86-12/90 Fivels76088 (AT) So many good times..We ran the ship aground three times..
FFG-45 Mike Lytle HT3 1983 to 1987 uniondog (AT) Just checkin on the ole girl, and past & present shipmates
FFG-45 Michael Martinez OS2 1989-1993 MSG0322 (AT)  
FFG-45 Sergiy Matirniy GSE2 09/04-04/08 matirniy (AT)  
FFG-45 William Meyers DCFN 95-97 meyersplmbgmech (AT)  
FFG-45 Eris D. Miller plankowner 1983-1988 Millerdina13 (AT) Old shipmates get in touch!
FFG-45 Mauricio Montes BM3(SW/AW) 2002 to 2003 chempempe (AT) Made BM2, Hon. Discharged in May, 2005, University Student.
FFG-45 Marshall Morris CMDCM 12/99-07/01 cmcnrdnyc (AT)  
FFG-45 Steve Nelson GMM2 3/83 - 11/86 winston4414 (AT) Plankowner
FFG-45 Charles B. (Chaz) Owen SMSN/E-3 1989 to1991 cbo7string (AT) I am born-again christian-looking for shipmates-A Lewis,J Yara,J Altman,A Tucker(closest friend)F Riggs & Floyd-please contact me. Be Blessed.
FFG-45 Tony Pagliaro LT 5/89 to 6/91 kimantplus (AT)  
FFG-45 Alfred Perry E-5 Plank owner Perryteam (AT) Plank owners / early 80's / send me a email / look forward to hearing from you
FFG-45 Craig Pierce MA1 4/01- present pierceca (AT)  
FFG-45 Teddy Pruitt BMC 3/74 to 2/77 tedprui4 (AT)  
FFG-45 Gaddis Rathel SH3 1999-2004 gaddissrathel (AT) Dirty D
FFG-45 Barry Robinson SM2 05/00 - 01/04 mrtire (AT) Please feel free to contact me
FFG-45 Alberto Rodriguez SH2(SW) 9/00 to present rodriguez792003 (AT) We still call it the Dirty ''D''
FFG-45 William Rose HT3 1/73 6/77 rrosebj (AT) 509 542 0955
FFG-45 Jim Rose SM2 10/91 - 10/95 sentar72 (AT) my first ship and best command!
FFG-45 Clay Rouse SM3 1992 to 1995 followthe1 (AT)  
FFG-45 Juan Carlos Sanchez-Gil HN 1995-1996 cssanchezgil (AT) Hello I was the babydoc when I was on board the ship with HMCS Martin'' :)''
FFG-45 Scott Settles GM2(SW) 06/02 - 06/05 ironboy_83 (AT) They took the launcher...should be called FF-45
FFG-45 Pierre Springs E-2 1994 to 1996 winsprings (AT) looking for Pena, Drel, Mcgoogan, Grip
FFG-45 Brian Strommer OSCS 10/96 - 06/00 sailorbytrade (AT) Great Ship! Awesome crew... unrivaled CPO Mess!
FFG-45 Michael Surrena E-4/IC3 6/98-9/99 justasailor (AT)  
FFG-45 David Taylor BM 93-96 boatstaylor (AT)  
FFG-45 Timothy Vogt SN 8/03 timpvjr (AT)  
FFG-45 Robert (Bob) Waggoner EMCS 1985 to 1987 bwaggoner2001 (AT)  
FFG-45 Franklin Watkins EW3 10/86-06/88 tx_headcase (AT)  
FFG-45 Charles White RM3 1995-1997 christielw (AT)  
FFG-45 Wayne Wilcher E-5 8/83-5/87 hlwwilcher (AT) Plankowner
FFG-45 Glenn Wilkerson MA1 04/81 - 05/91 wilkerson1070 (AT)  
FFG-45 Patrick Winsett OS1 1992 to 1996 p_winsett (AT)  
FFG-45 Brian Wright LT 06/05 - 09/08 wrightbr (AT) 1st LT / DCA
FFG-45 Rebecca Znameroski ENS 8/03-6/05 RAZ429 (AT) I miss you all! me PLEASE I loved the DD and will always think upon her fondly. :)

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