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DE/FF-1085 Dennis Allis MM2 11/73-8/76 dennis.allis (AT) Lot of memories aboard the Beary, great crew on all the cruises
DE/FF-1085 Michael Dignan EM3 3/76-12/77 mdignan (AT) Good time on Middle East Cruise.
DE/FF-1085 Jimmie Emerick STG2 1977-1980 emerickkde (AT)  
DE/FF-1085 Keith Mattis QM2 1972 - 1977 KM5356 (AT) Last plankowner to leave the DUCK-3 meds,cross artic circle,cross equator,transit Suez Canal-served under 3 COs
DE/FF-1085 Joseph McAvoy EM2 1977-1980 Josephmcavoy3 (AT) What to find old shipmates
DE/FF-1085 Sam Namen STG3   snamen (AT) This email address supercedes the (AT) address
DE/FF-1085 Frank Parker QM2 8/74-8/78 flparker1 (AT) Great to see all these names. Reunion anyone?
DE/FF-1085 Gary Stevenson HTFN 3/75 - 2/78 steve8680 (AT) Served under CDR Berry and CDR Cottom, MED cruise, Milldle East Cruise........
DE-1085 David (J. P.) Anderson EN3 1971-1975 jpcamaro68 (AT) in A-Gang Plank Holder
DE-1085 Kim Anderson EW1 2/74-10/78 kimca (AT)  
DE-1085 Dale Anthony PN3 10/73 - 11/75 daleandjanet (AT) 30 years later, grey headed and won't fit into the unform.
DE-1085 Merritt Bears MM3 72-75 merrittcga (AT) M Divison,
DE-1085 Dan Bigler HM2 1/71-8/75 Danbigler (AT)  
DE-1085 Jim Brookover EM3 2/72 - 9/73 brookoverjim (AT) PlankOwner
DE-1085 Daniel Clark SK3 4/72-9/75 danielclark (AT) Was on commissioning crew. Stationed in Boston and Norfolk
DE-1085 Mark Ferguson BTFN 5/72-12/73 Sheltowee.fergus (AT) Plank Owner, Shake down cruises. GITMO. Virgin Islands and Bahamas. Great memories.
DE-1085 John Fleming GMGC 2/72-9/73 john37 (AT) Precom crew and plankowner retired in 73, now live in OK & TEX
DE-1085 Chuck Fry SH3 2/72 - 74 chuck (AT) Would like to hear from other plankowners
DE-1085 John Gelke CDR 1972-1973 usmmakp (AT) First Commanding Officer--Great crew--As a Ship Starts So does She Sail.
DE-1085 John M. Goudie PC3 1/70-11/73 rreilly (AT)  
DE-1085 Dean Harrison BM3 7/73-6/77 windchaser (AT) Retired now reside in OK
DE-1085 Mike Henderson MM2 1972 - 1975 hendersonm (AT)  
DE-1085 Fred Heyward EM2 1972-1974 reddy58 (AT) plank owner,Great Ship
DE-1085 Eugene Hildreth MMCS 2/72-1/75 hildy638 (AT)
DE-1085 Steve Hoover SM3 1/73 - 11/76 sehoover (AT) Many good memories
DE-1085 Gary Johnson IC2 7/75 - 4/78 Gjohnson8 (AT)  
DE-1085 Jim Keiper AT2 1/74 - 8/74 eljek52 (AT) Served on Helo Crew, was left in Imperia, Italy while on leave due to Tender availability.
DE-1085 Mark Kelly MMFN 6/73-5/75 slow.hand (AT) M-Division Water King
DE-1085 Wayne Koller MMC 2/72 through 6/76 wkoller (AT) Now belongs to Turkey
DE-1085 Leonard Manuelito RM3 8/73 - 11/74 lenmanuelito (AT) After Donald B Beary I join another professional group, the FAA and currently still with
DE-1085 Jim McKee MM3 1972-1974 jfm611 (AT) plankowner
DE-1085 Ralph (Bud) O'Connor GMG2   bud.oconnor (AT) Plankowner
DE-1085 Harold Planty SN 1973 to 1977 hplanty (AT) It's been 28 years - how about a reunion?
DE-1085 Jerry Rummer HT3 1972 - 1973 deerjony (AT) Plank Owner - I'd like to hear from plank owners. Use FB & post any Pics of you and/or the Beary.
DE-1085 Gary Sole STG2 03/72 - 10/74 gsole69 (AT) Plank Owner
DE-1085 Harold Swofford SN 5/72- 3/75 busdriver1909 (AT) Plankowner-everyday that I have been out I wish that I was still onboard-I really miss that ship & crewmembers.
FF-1085 Jay (Andy) Anderson MM2 11/75 - 6/80 pastorjay (AT) Remember those Mid-East crusies and towing the Capodanno?
FF-1085 Jeffrey Ankrom MM2 06/76 - 11/79 middlebro (AT) Working on a reunion in 2005, mostly SNIPES, write me....
FF-1085 Vance Backus BTFN 1/77-6/80 Vmbackus (AT) Had some good times and met some interesting people. Great experience
FF-1085 Philip Balcerzak DSCM 1990-1991 philip0728 (AT)  
FF-1085 John Barnes MM2 11/76 - 10/79 fantasin (AT) It's been a very long time. Greetings to my old shipmates.
FF-1085 Ron Bartlett EM3 02/88-08/91 rhawnb (AT) Get in touch. I know several guys that want to get together
FF-1085 Mark Beatty GMG2 5/81-4/83 markb (AT) been a long time
FF-1085 Chad Bednar FN 9/78-1/81 Tree80tree (AT) I was kind of a dipshit, disrespected a lot of good people I wish I could make amends.
FF-1085 Mike Bennett SM2 1983 to 1987 imadanefan (AT) I remember Palma de Mallorca too!!!
FF-1085 Gary Blackford QMC 3/72 to 6/74 ggblackf4d (AT) Plankowner
FF-1085 Bradley Bland MS3 2/92 to 5/94 bradley.bland (AT) Decommissioning plankowner
FF-1085 William Bland STG3 7/92-4/94 wbland (AT)  
FF-1085 Stu Bloom FTG1 1972 to 1973 sbloom (AT)  
FF-1085 Walter Bourland BMSN 1988 to1990 wulf311 (AT)  
FF-1085 Clyde Bowman STG3 77 to 79 clydebowman (AT) Bath, Mid East,
FF-1085 John Brasher MM2(SW) 90-93 JBRASHER (AT) Would like to hear from some of my old shipmates.
FF-1085 James Dwight Brooks SKC/SW 12/82 to 11/84 jbrooks (AT) transfered to submarines from Beary. Retired 11/96 SKCM/SS
FF-1085 Robert Brown TMSN 08/80 - 09/81 rjbrownjr61 (AT) Great times boating for a living
FF-1085 William Brown BT3 4/79-10/80 wrphoto (AT) Good times on the ship, great people, nice ports, wish I could do it again.
FF-1085 Edward J. Burkhart BT2 1982 - 1984 sonovern (AT) Still a snipe! Better pay though!
FF-1085 Kevin Byron MM2 12/87 to 7/92 byronsathome (AT) I would love to hear from you guys.
FF-1085 R. Christopher Carberry MM1 5/85-1990 wvcarberry (AT) would like heard from my ship-mates
FF-1085 Leigh (Dom) Caruso OS2 1972-1975 Tamone1 (AT) Plankowner would like to hear from other plankowners
FF-1085 Larry Chesser IC2 1976 to 1979 larrychesser (AT)  
FF-1085 Needham Christopher FN 6/87 - 10/89 develdoc (AT) My first boat
FF-1085 William Cline FTG1 4/78 - 5/82 wecline (AT)  
FF-1085 Jorge Coello MMFN 1981 to 1985 Jocoello2000 (AT)  
FF-1085 Ted Copeland MM2 10/75-5/79 ctedandluanne (AT) USN ret MM1 12/93 work in powerhouse at Saturn Corp in TN
FF-1085 Brian Coulter BT3 9/89 to 4/93 brian-coulter (AT)  
FF-1085 Tom Cruser CDR 9/88-8/90 fattestdog (AT)  
FF-1085 Stephen DAgostino MM2 1978 to 1982 sdag28 (AT) Bath thru 3 Meds, North Atlantic, Gitmo. Always underway!
FF-1085 Jack Davidson STGC(SW) 1984 to 1988 seawolfjack (AT) Teacher of Science 7th grade and retired Professor Valencia College
FF-1085 William DeGrange STG1 12/74-5/76 usnret679 (AT)  
FF-1085 James Denny EM3 73-77 howelzallrus (AT) send me an e-mail
FF-1085 Jim Devine BM3 9/82-4/86 jmdevine1 (AT) Pres - Dewy, Cheetem & Enhow!
FF-1085 Miguel Diaz SK3 5/1981 to 10/1985 miguel_l_diaz (AT) Will like to hear from some of the good old friends.
FF-1085 Kevin Dickinson BMC(SW) 7/92-5/94 kdickin2 (AT) I would like to hear from some of my old shipmates
FF-1085 Chuck Dilts STG2 1979 to 1984 cdilts (AT)  
FF-1085 Wilbur Dobson LCDR 1974 to 1979 joeldobson (AT)  
FF-1085 Joel Dobson O-4 12/77-3/79 joel (AT) Would definitely enjoy hearing from my former shipmates.
FF-1085 Chuck Drysdale LT(jg) 4/74 - 4/77 cdrysdale (AT) CIC officer/ Intell/ OI Division
FF-1085 Christopher Dunne SN 1983 ctdunne (AT) Deployed once, then off to Journalism School
FF-1085 Benji Dyches MM3 1988-1990 benjid (AT) A division
FF-1085 Leonard Easterday MM3 1973-1978 leneast51 (AT) worked in A div.
FF-1085 Bill Elder BTC 03/79-12/82 farmcub52 (AT) tel - 802-584-3612
FF-1085 Sam Fares MS3 5/87-3/91 lpd4cook (AT)  
FF-1085 David Finley QM2 1986-90 dfinley (AT)  
FF-1085 David Fisher EN3 81-85 Defisher28 (AT) Good times. A gang
FF-1085 Tom Flynn SM2 1982 to 1986 BostonfireL1 (AT) 2 Med cruises 83 and 85 Palma de Mallorca Rules!
FF-1085 Harry Russell Freeman FTG2 1976/1979 freemanjmj (AT) Trying to find Guy Russo
FF-1085 Robert Geiger OS2 4/81 - 9/83 bgeiger1160 (AT) Let's get a reunion together -
FF-1085 Ed Glova SK3 Dec 86-Sep 90 speed57 (AT) Hi shipmates!!!
FF-1085 Russell Gresham QMC 10/75-8/77 RG1KC (AT)  
FF-1085 Steve Gross OS2 4/74 to 9/77 sgross (AT)  
FF-1085 William Gunn BT3 7/76 - 9/80 wgunn69 (AT) med cruises - seems like yesterday
FF-1085 Tim Hall BM3 06/84-03/88 sgtthall (AT) Some of my best memories are on that ship...
FF-1085 Carl Harvey BMSN 12/86 - 9/88 dog_patches (AT) Never got my copy of Med Cruise book before I left-would like to find shipmates/old pics from my time onboard..
FF-1085 David Hathaway BMSN Jan. 82 - Jan. 84 lumpymagu (AT)  
FF-1085 Doug Hays OS3 1976-1980 hays2u (AT) 40 foot waves in the North Atlantic!!!!!
FF-1085 John Hazlewood ENCM(SW) 5/92-5/94 powergen2002 (AT) Last CMC on board prior to turning ship over to Turkey
FF-1085 Javier Hernandez BM2 1985-1988 javih65 (AT) Good memories
FF-1085 Gary Heubner RM1 1974 to 1977 pop_a_top (AT)  
FF-1085 Fred Hines OS2 1984-1987 fredhines (AT)  
FF-1085 Terry Hummel YN3 1972- 1975 hummel_carol (AT) Like to hear from old shipmates
FF-1085 James Hummel RMC 1975 to 1976 jimbet (AT)  
FF-1085 John Ickes LT(jg) 8/81 - 3/84 johnmickes (AT) CICO on the Sleek and Deadly Duck. Author of the all-time smash hit, Frigate Sailor
FF-1085 Dave Ingram MM2 01/75-08/78 davegsmc (AT) One Med, One Mid East and First Overhaul.
FF-1085 Joel Jacobson DK1 10/85 - 09/89 jake1052003 (AT)  
FF-1085 Kevin Johnson STG3(SW) 9/5/92 - 3/29/93 johnsonk (AT)  
FF-1085 Mike Jones OS3 5/82 - 5/86 maj1218 (AT) I now reside in Lakeland, FL. I am on Facebook...please look me up: and add as a friend
FF-1085 Steve Jordan BT3 ? - 1979 ussloeser (AT) Dad request info about Steve on board. Steve deceased 2/2002
FF-1085 Chris Keene MM3 9/81 to 6/83 lckeene (AT) Burke,Dagostino,Mortenson,Tatorhead,Johnson-got blue balled/greased for my pranks-love to see pictures.
FF-1085 Mike Kellers DC3 89-91 Camping101314012 (AT) aol. Com Just looking for some old shipmates
FF-1085 Martin Kempka RM1(SW) 1982-1984 jbkempka (AT) My brother and I served onboard during this period. TM1 Joh
FF-1085 James Knox SHSN 5/75-1/78 tmcndy (AT) any Mid-East cruise/ equator crossing memories 1976?
FF-1085 Michael Lambakis MS2 2/89-6/92 lambakis (AT)  
FF-1085 Robert Lamotte SH3 1985 to 1989 merc51 (AT)  
FF-1085 Jason Lax EMSN 5/91 - 3/92 blinkie1326 (AT) Looking for David C Vaughn IC1
FF-1085 Richard Lee MSSN 91-93 rrleenm (AT) Like to hear from shipmates
FF-1085 Jon Lloyd STG2 9/81-3/85 jlloydreno (AT) Been 20 years, seems like yesterday.
FF-1085 Philip Luckett DCFN 1990-1991 europeanwoodwork (AT)  
FF-1085 Price (Ed) Luther DC1 83-88 limenosalt1 (AT)  
FF-1085 Mike Macaluso DC2 1/88 - 9/91 papamac (AT) Keep in touch (813) 643-8116
FF-1085 Larry Maggard DP3 1980 - 1982 lm962ga (AT)  
FF-1085 Dave McClung SKSN 3-78/8-80 Scottsgrey (AT) Here's to the first Gulf Vets. Thanks Ayatolla.
FF-1085 Thomas McLernon LT 7/79-3/83 thomasmclernon (AT) Navigator, COMMO, Gunnery
FF-1085 Steve Meyer SM3 1975-1977 Mboobear47 (AT) or Meyer.18 (AT) wrig Any sigs out there----Mid east and bath
FF-1085 Rich ''Goat'' Milhoan HT2 6/806/83 618-485-3101 reunion anyone??
FF-1085 Micheal Mills OSC 1979-1983 Millsmd (AT)  
FF-1085 Matt Moran PC2 1/81 - 1/85 southendbaseball23 (AT) let's visit Jim Sterrett in FLA.
FF-1085 Robert Mulvihill QM2 1980 to1984 bulletbob47 (AT) I recognize some of these names, how are you guys?
FF-1085 Sam Namen STG3 1976-1980 snamen (AT)  
FF-1085 Claude Newton LT 1977-1980 thesunfire (AT) I would love to hear from former shipmates.
FF-1085 Jack Nix CWO2 2/90 - 4/92 jackenix (AT)  
FF-1085 Dominico Novielli STG2 4/85-3/87 dominic (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates
FF-1085 Nick Pelz FTG3 1973-1976 Bignick8207 (AT) Would like to hear from old shipmates,FT's
FF-1085 Kevin Peterson EM2 1/77 - 5/78 kbob (AT)  
FF-1085 Jimmy Pitmon DC1 1983 to 1988 pitmonj (AT)  
FF-1085 Dave Powell OS2 4/85-2/89 powell (AT) Been in touch with OS2 Daulton. Anyone elese out there still remember me?
FF-1085 Luther (Ed) Price HT1   limenosalt (AT)  
FF-1085 Randy Pruitt HT2 1978 to 1980 FALCON1957F (AT) Hello to all my old shipmates!
FF-1085 Kevin Ricard BM3 1982 to 1985 perf3ct_dad (AT) Living in New Orleans, survived the Navy and Katrina, life is good! Creo.
FF-1085 James Rickard MM3 9/73 to 4/77 chupacabara1 (AT) Phone # 734-281-4563
FF-1085 Jimmy Rigby FTGCS 1986 - 1989 jrigbyjr (AT) Good times, Good memories. Many of the finest people I've ever known.
FF-1085 Daniel Rodda SM1 11/75-8/76 rodda1942 (AT)  
FF-1085 Dale Rohrer MM2 2/77-7/79 dalerohrer (AT) From Bath to GTMO, Med, Persian Gulf
FF-1085 Chris Sabolsky EN2 1990-1993 grizz415 (AT) Would like to hear from old shipmates
FF-1085 John Sanders GMG3 1988-1990 lonewulf311 (AT)  
FF-1085 Barry Sharp STGCS 1991-1994 bsharp (AT) Retired on Beary in March 1994 in Norfolk
FF-1085 Mike Simko HT2 5/81 - 6/83 Accesssolutions (AT) Had some good times. Where's the time go?
FF-1085 Johnny Snyder EM1 9/86-9/89 snyder1350 (AT) I was 3M Co-ordinator and Snap 2 Manager & LPO of the IC and Electric shop. Those were the days!
FF-1085 Jim Sterrett EW3 12/82-11/85 jsterret (AT) I would invite you all to FL but you would all show up.
FF-1085 John Strout STG1 10/82-04/84 moodyblue1945 (AT)  
FF-1085 Jim Tortorelli LCDR 8/87-4/89 abaco87-milcom (AT)  
FF-1085 Eric Truempy TMSN 9/80-12/83 truemp3 (AT) I had some good times on the old Duck..
FF-1085 David Turner MM3 1988 - 1990 dandbtur (AT) Looking for all snipes I served with
FF-1085 Steve Unser BM3 1981 to 1984 ukkls (AT) Peils lite in the bottle
FF-1085 Mark Wadsworth EW1 4/85 to 2/88 mlm (AT)  
FF-1085 Marvin Wagner HT2 1/83 - 10/86 marvin.kwagner1 (AT) I am looking for bob warsham who was on the ff-1085
FF-1085 Tony Ward OS3 1982-1985 irishguy61 (AT) Never will forget the harrowing tour bus ride up the French Alps for wine and cheese tasting.
FF-1085 David Watson MS3 11/74 - 78 davewatt100 (AT) Memory Lane: Med cruses,Middle East,Gitmo, Bath Maine,etc
FF-1085 Huston Weems DK3 09/92 - 05/94 kh6ip (AT) I miss that ship.
FF-1085 Steven Weishaar GM2 11/84 - 1/89 steve_weishaar (AT) ASROC gunner all the way through
FF-1085 James Williams BT/FN 10/81-2/83 jimaje (AT)  
FF-1085 Roy Williamson RM3 03/87-9-90 rthewalrus (AT)  
FF-1085 N. L. Wilson MM3 1988 to 1992 wils123451 (AT) look me up
FF-1085 Paul Wolfe RM3 1981 to 1984 twufman13 (AT) Any radiomen still around?
FF-1085 David Wood BT2 8/71 to 4/74 navy oldsalt (AT) Looking for other plankowners
FF-1085 Gregg Woodworth GMG2 6/90 thru decomm 8/94 gwoodworth (AT) First ship, had lots of fun
FF-1085 Toby Young ETC/SW 1981 to 10/82 doxe_4downs (AT) Haze gray and underway, Gitmo, Med, Brooklyn and the drug bust.
FF-1985 Roger Young HT1 1987 to 1992 totallymetal (AT) First ship, best ship!
FFT-1085 Erdest Anderson E-3 6/93-7/94 bigicedog (AT) my first and last shipboard command.
FFT-1085 Brian Bennett HTC 1992-1994 thirtack (AT) Looking 4 some shipmates BTC Wyman & OSC Parker

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