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DE/DER-389 Terrance Cusick FTG3 1962-1964 cusickt (AT) decommisiond her still looking fro Hopson Had a change of E-mail address
DE/DER-389 Larry Spurgeon RD1 6/60 - 12/61 lspurg1935 (AT)  
DE-389 Bob Carpenter SM1 5/45-2/46 uncletooth (AT) My dad (died 2006)-WWII-left stories & photos of in Coast Guard, inc capture of German UBoat near war's end
DE-389 Fred Kline MOM2 5/43 to 244 mkfkl (AT)  
DE-389 James Rennie MoMM2 ?-1945 renniet77 (AT) My uncle James Rennie enlisted in Miami-same day as his brother George (my Dad)-email me Dr Thomas Rennie
DE-389 William Shelt SM2 1943-1945 shelt3 (AT)  
DE-389 Bob Stowman QM3 12/44-4/46 rastowman (AT) USCG WWII
DE-389/WDE-489 Steve Sylvester   1952-1954 hoglife (AT) Looking for info, groups, clubs, shipmates.
DER-389 Charles Allen DC1 6/61 12/64 Chuck_allen (AT)  
DER-389 James Barneburg EN3 1962 to 1964 tektah (AT)  
DER-389 Helen Barnett     dunedinkiwi (AT) Dated crew mem Fred West-like to find him-now in US-born/raised NZ-rem times w/you-Hob Nob Café-anyone rem?
DER-389 Duane Baumgartner EN1 1959 - 1961 duanebaumgartner (AT) Retired ENCS 7/71-now at Vets Home, Lebanon,OR-thks shipmates for the DURANT cap-I will wear it with pride!
DER-389 Robert Bohaboy SN 12/57-12/59 robertjb2 (AT) I was on this ship most of 1958 and 1959. DEW line, 24 days in, 24 days at sea.
DER-389 Burns Cameron SO3 1958-1959 bcameron (AT) Retired as STCM(SS). Served as AcInt Specialist(0416)
DER-389 Robert Caron RM2 1962 to 1963 boblc (AT) Operation Deep Freeze 62-63
DER-389 John Caron GM 1944-1946 eaglesnest-45 (AT) My father proudly served on the USS Durant. He is one of the few WW II heros still alive.
DER-389 Charles (Bart) Cotton RD2 1956 - 2/1958 bcotton (AT) Found website, and brought back memories. The bearded on on 1957 pictures.
DER-389 Terry Cusick FTG3 2/62 cusickt (AT) know Barneburg, looking for Hopson
DER-389 Ted Escott RM3 1959-1963 ttedibear7 (AT)  
DER-389 Chuck Fierro YN2 1958 to 1961 cfierro627 (AT) Retired from USN 1978, as LNCS, retired from USDA Forest Service 2003 as GS-15
DER-389 Larry Gilmore RD2 6/58-11/59 larrytgsr (AT) Great crew. Horrible steaming conditions. RET. in 1980.
DER-389 Robert Herron RM3 7/62 to 7/63 rherron (AT)  
DER-389 Raymond Hollister EN3 12/58 - 10/61 raylyn (AT) I will never forget 'Pete' Peterson, Wells, and Shepard
DER-389 James Hopson FT2 61-62 jimhopson (AT)  
DER-389 Gail Laughlin RMSN 1960 to 1962 gl1319 (AT)  
DER-389 Ronald David Matus RM3 1962 1963 ysaaden (AT) Looking for Chuck Wendler ET3 believe living in NZ
DER-389 David May ETN2 1960-1963 dpmay1 (AT)  
DER-389 Carl McClanahan ET2 12/57 - 3/60 cmcclanahanzx (AT)  
DER-389 David McCuin SM1 62-64 mccuinaz (AT) Would be good to hear from shipmates
DER-389 Dan Miller RM3 1960 to 1962 millerf (AT) looking for Dale Cumbee RM2
DER-389 Thomas Morgan ETR2 12/56 - 6/58 tangom (AT) Good times in Honolulu.
DER-389 John Penland ETN2 4/62 to 12/63 jcpenland (AT) Note: updating entry
DER-389 Clytis Primeau RM3 1963-64 rm2navy (AT) Help to decommission her at Bremerton
DER-389 David Sallee RD2 1960-1963 desal (AT) returned to New Zealand to live in 1965
DER-389 Jerry Trailor RD2 6/62-3/64 jltrailor (AT) Deep Freeze 62-63
DER-389 Robert Vaughn SF2 1960-1961 robertvaughn1 (AT)  
DER-389 William Wade YN3 11/57 - 5/59 navy5689 (AT) correction to add info: ....dischg 1/67 (YN1) Re-up NR 1/67 - Ret. 10/89 (W4)
DER-389 Dennis Wegner ETN3 8/62 - 6/64 dbwegner21 (AT) updated 1/14-Deepfreeze 62-63 thru decommissioning in Bremerton in 64
DER-389 Donald L. Wiggins AG3 2/68 to 2/69 ribbittwigg (AT) It was an experience, but fun. Lots of good stories to tell

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