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DE-406 Jack Adelson GM3 comm to decom 1946 Deceased died march 06-76
DE-406 Charles Allard QM3 1956 c.allard (AT)  
DE-406 Bob Baker CS3 1951-1953 magicbob20 (AT) Hang in there guys.
DE-406 Don Ballard SOG3 1961 to 1962 1donballard (AT) Reserve activation-anybody verify I was aboard? DD-214 doesn't show me serving on Edmonds.Was I that bad?
DE-406 Joseph Bays IC3 4/51-6/52 jhbays (AT) Retired in 1968 as ICCS(SS)
DE-406 Charles Beattie RM3 4/44 - 3/46 cbeattie (AT)  
DE-406 Earl Bennett E-5 4/1964 - 1964 jbbeaverton (AT)  
DE-406 Norman Bewley MM3 2/51-2/54 primenb (AT) switched to aviation electronics and retired in1974 as CWO3
DE-406 Bob Boegman RMSN 1953 to 1955 bboegman (AT) Late 53 to Early 55
DE-406 Donald Bone GMM2 56 to 61 eileenbone1 (AT) would like to hear from shipmates
DE-406 Bobby Bost SA 1964-1965 bosginger300 (AT) This was my first duty station. I was in Supply Division,
DE-406 Vic Brown EN3 3/61 to 10/61 victors_computers (AT) A lot has happened since I was aboard, Viet Nam.....
DE-406 Henry (Hank) Burris SN1 1943-1946 marshaburriscook9301 (AT) My father-have his DD214,oth Service papers,list of places USS Edmonds was at during yrs in service & other info.
DE-406 Robert (Bob) Cole SFFN 2/63 - 4/64 coler004 (AT) Great ship and shipmates.
DE-406 Gary Cortner QM2 1953-1956 catrinaone (AT) Would like to hear from all aboard from 1953 - 1956
DE-406 Gordon Denton YNM3 56 to 60 dentongd (AT) I was the ship's Postmaster and typed personal recods.
DE-406 Clarence (Bill) Elliott FTU2 1955 to 1958 caelliott3 (AT)  
DE-406 Pat Engles CS3 12/61-03/65 patengles (AT) I was the ships baker in 1962. I live in Pryor, OK (918) 231-8357
DE-406 Donald Fankhouser E-3 12/62 to 12/64 karynmarie.f (AT) They gave me so much of everything.
DE-406 William Frye SH3 1952 - 1955 efrye333 (AT) Looking for shipmates to verify incident in fwd gunmount during my time aboard-give me a call (775) 304-9928
DE-406 Don Goodrum ET2 1957 - 1960 goodruumdon (AT) made shellback status 1958 westbac cruse discharged 6/60 left ship at Portland, Oregon
DE-406 Irby Hall MM2 12/51-5/53 dhall (AT)  
DE-406 Robert Hawkins RM3 6/51-11/53 rhawk1933 (AT) Edmonds Shipmates, any era interested in reunions or talk
DE-406 William Holcomb RM2 1951-52 wcholcomb (AT)  
DE-406 Charles A. Howe YN2 2/62 to 4/63 edmondsmate (AT) Reported in Subic - '62 cruise Swapped off USS Maury AGS-16
DE-406 Jake Jacobsen MM3 3/63 - 4/65 rljaco1 (AT) Log room Yeoman / Fwd Engine Room / Decommissioning Crew
DE-406 T. Robert Jones LT 1951-1953 bob (AT)  
DE-406 Alfred L. Lecaroz RD1 7/01/60 - 11/22/60 alecaroz (AT)  
DE-406 Robert (Bob) Lininger SHSN 1961-1962 bnhpad (AT) Ships Barber - served on Viet-Nam tour
DE-406 Horace Mann LT 12/57-02/59 hdmann (AT) I was the Ops officer for the time aboard
DE-406 Philip Marciano   1944-47 jen4597 (AT) Looking for anyone who was on my ship. In WW II.
DE-406 Joseph Morse BT2 1963 to decom jdmorse1 (AT) I was BT2 give me a email be glad to hear from old shipmates
DE-406 Homer Moss EM3 1961 to 1963 dougmoss (AT) Looking for shipmates
DE-406 Lewis Murray EM2 1962 smalltimelivestock (AT) I came when the Edmonds came back from an extended west pac cruise.
DE-406 Don Musgrove BT3 2/52-12/53 dmusgrove3 (AT) looking for old friends
DE-406 Norman B. Newley MM3 2/51-2/54 primenb (AT) retired from VP46 Moffett Field 1974 as CWO3
DE-406 Arnulfo Opilla SK3 5/57-4/59 ernieopilla (AT) ssigned to Fox Div (Gunnery) under GMG1 George Webb, later ships store operator under SHC Ferdinand Napfel
DE-406 Ernie Opilla SK3 5/17/1956 ernieopilla (AT) Like to know the whereabout of GMG1 George Webb USN
DE-406 Bob Oxley CS3 60 to 7/64 kroxxx1 (AT) Had a great time
DE-406 Frank Pallante   1956-1958 Debora_Hill (AT) Frank Pallante lives in Westville, New Jersey
DE-406 Ken Poggenburg LT 1961-1962 jkp135 (AT) Chief Engineer during ''Berlin Crisis'' Recall
DE-406 Robert Ray MM3 7/59-7/63 bobray2010 (AT)  
DE-406 Joe Resneder FN 1963 joebarb (AT) from Okla. live in OKC
DE-406 Ed Reynolds SO3 51-52 eddirey (AT) After all these years, it would be fun to share life historys-I was 20 and 21 way back then, now I'm approaching 80
DE-406 Willard Shotwell BT3 1960-1964 downydk (AT) looking for brother's shipmates
DE-406 Claud Smith SO2 5/55 - 6/57 cvsmith (AT) Leading Sonarman was SO1 Norval E. Furgeson. E.E. Swansea, I still have the wife snurg cup you made for me.
DE-406 Pat Stafford EM2 1965-1965 elkper (AT) Decommissioning crew-I have the short timers badge
DE-406 Allen Struck SN 10/61-10/63 a-wstruck (AT) Looking for Don White - was from Kirksville, MO.
DE-406 William Studebaker LT(jg) 01/61-08/62 stude (AT)  
DE-406 Edward Swansea SO2 1/56-4/58 eezeypic (AT)  
DE-406 Edward (Ernie) (Swansea) Swanzey SO2 1955 -1958 eezey (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates. Looking for B. L. Chalmers
DE-406 Don Sypal IC2 3/62-5/65 csypal (AT) I gained 20 lbs on this ship-she was a feeder! Ha! Ha!
DE-406 M. Ray Tope SN 1963 to decom raytope (AT) Good Ship, Greta bunch of guys
DE-406 Jan Underwood SN 1964 to Decom jbuwood (AT) Great Ship
DE-406 Terry Wall ETR3 1964 to decom tawall0428 (AT) I still remember the ''Pope'', the ''Bishop'', and all that beer
DE-406 Cornelius Wall E-7 1/60-3-65 bulkhed (AT) Served during Berlin Callup. My son came aboard as E3
DE-406 Daniel Wall E-3 2/63 - 8/64 bulkhed (AT) Served with my dad aboard the Edmonds who was an EMC-
DE-406 David Welch E-3 8/63-9/65 jammer102045 (AT)  
DE-406 Tom Welsh GM2 6/51-12/53 welsh59 (AT)  
DE-406 Jack Williams BM3 1951-1953 willjv1 (AT) I have lots of photos
DE-406 William (Willy) Wilson MM3 10/61-9/63 wwilsonb (AT) new E-Mail address
DE-406 William (Bill) Wise EM3 12/50 -8/52 1cbwise (AT) sbc I was part of the re-commisioning crew 12/50 in San Diego,california.
DE-406 Everett Womack RM2 1952-1955 edwomack (AT)  
DE-406 Robert Wright LT(jg) 1961-1963 rwrigh15 (AT)  
DE-408 David D. Haynes FT2 1964-65 Hayneddd (AT)  

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