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FFG-55 Christopher Bomil BMSN 10/30 07 bomilc (AT)  
FFG-55 Joe Byrnes GSCM(SW) 1984-0987 HIBATH (AT)  
FFG-55 Terry Couch E-4 1984 to 1987 Tcouch2906 (AT)  
FFG-55 Damon Edwards E-5 1/97-12/99 dedwards (AT)  
FFG-55 Lester Estrella YNSN(SW) 2007-2011 sky2578 (AT) The best time of my life.
FFG-55 Michael Fluck SKC (SW) 1985-1989 mfluck52 (AT)  
FFG-55 Chuck Ford SK2 1984-1988 Lesjob4d (AT) Plankowner
FFG-55 Jerry Gillman EM3 1986-1989 gillmanjs (AT) 4 yrs Active Duty,17 yrs Res,now 6+ yrs in Air Force Reserves-at least I made (MSgt) E-7-can't believe I'm still in.
FFG-55 Kenneth Gotreau EN2 plankowner kgotreau (AT)  
FFG-55 Mark Heather OS1 12/84-10/88 mark.heather (AT) Just following old friends around the world
FFG-55 Mark Humphries FC2(SW) 1984-1988 xnavygrump (AT) Plankowner
FFG-55 Richard Keenan HT2 1985 to 1987 richard57keenan (AT) plankowner (what's it like in the navy).haha.
FFG-55 Kurt Kimball SN 4/91-11/92 captainkurt1971 (AT) Dream as if you'll live forever, Live as if you'll die tomorrow.
FFG-55 Jeff Langdon EN3 12/91 12/94 jeff.langdon (AT)  
FFG-55 Bruce (Jeff) Lewis OS2 84-88 Brujefflew1916 (AT) Plank owner
FFG-55 Glen Mabe DCCS 08/92 - 06/96 txjoker57 (AT)  
FFG-55 Al Magdaleno STG2 1986-1988 almagnow (AT) Sonar Technician
FFG-55 John McEntee FC2(SW) 6/98-9/02 mcentee.john (AT)  
FFG-55 Billy Moon ICC 85-87 bcmjr (AT) Plankowner. 25 year reunion e-mail me.
FFG-55 Mitch Nealy RM2 10/86 - 3/91 mn0337 (AT)  
FFG-55 Stan Powell FCCM (SW) 11/1984 to 2/1987 stanley.powell (AT) Plank Owner
FFG-55 James Proctor E-5 9/05-present jimmyboy99 (AT)  
FFG-55 Stephen Reid DS2(SW) 85 to 89 reidstephenm (AT) Plankowner
FFG-55 Richard Robinson GSE2 86-88 cmejump (AT)  
FFG-55 Gary Shiffert HMC 1990 - 1993 gary_shiffert (AT)  
FFG-55 Mike Tinder HT3 12/84 - 04/86 mtinder (AT) Plank Owner
FFG-55 Eric Toppari DS1(SW) 1992 to 1996 all_wolf (AT)  

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