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FFG-15 Leon Bishop E-3 9/87-5/91 l.beezzy07 (AT) PLUG- ----GREAT FRIENDS. ...GOOD TOUR
FFG-15 Richard Bonifazio, Jr. E-3 11/84 - 5/90 rbonifazio (AT) was in reserve fleet.
FFG-15 Keith Burkland RM2 12/86-4/90 Kburkdog (AT) Partied like it was McHale Navy!!!
FFG-15 Kirk Burpee E-5 9/81-1/83 kirkburpee (AT) it was the best times we did gitmo and the med great memories awesome crew. We was the fastest ship.
FFG-15 John Coleman E-3 2/86 - 9/87 jc paiter.jc39 (AT)  
FFG-15 Eric Emery CMDCM 12/99 - 7/02 eric.w.emery (AT) Last CMC to sail SEM and then took crew over to the EST.
FFG-15 Milton Haberman SK1 6/80-12/83 miltonhaberman (AT)  
FFG-15 William Hamilton GSCS 4/80 -7/81 pham1300vtx (AT) Plank owner
FFG-15 Bryan Johnson HT2 05/85 to 11/88 allidaho (AT) Worked hard and played hard.
FFG-15 Anthony Johnson RM1 01/81 - 07/84 Johnsona2792 (AT) Plank Owner-truly some of the best years, I had in the Navy-we had a great crew and some awesome times...
FFG-15 Jeff Knowles E-4 6/85-10/86 jtodd596 (AT) Cooked for a great crew & hung out at Pick's Place.
FFG-15 Ken Kohnen SKC 1987 to 1989 ken.kohnen (AT) Good tour.
FFG-15 Joseph Morin GMM 1982 to 1985 Navygunner82 (AT)  
FFG-15 John Pickett SH2 1985-1989 johnp32608 (AT) Ran ships Laundry & ''Pick's Place'' ships store
FFG-15 Mike Plewa QM2 09/99-05/01 plewam (AT)  
FFG-15 Thomas Reed HT1 8/93 - 9/94 Reedtho (AT) Leading HT and worked in oil lab. Great Crew!
FFG-15 Timothy Rowe STG2 3/90-3/94 T.rowe40 (AT) Buzz was the word of the day.
FFG-15 Vitold Silevicz EW2 6/81 -6/83 vit53 (AT)  
FFG-15 Doug Stevens CWO3 8/93-7/94 gonneur (AT) ERO on board - retired off a very fine ship.
FFG-15 Samuel Townsend PN1(SW) 06/95 - 06/98 jumpshot7600 (AT) ship career counselor and personnel office supervisor
FFG-15 Joseph Willard BM3/E-4 9/82 -8/85 86 E. 37 ST Holland MI 49423  
FFG-15 Donald Williams EN3 12/97 to 9/99 donaldjr1977 (AT) Lot of good memories

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