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FFG-21 Ed Amdahl FC2 1991 to 1993 edamdahl (AT)  
FFG-21 Patrick Beckley DCC 3/92 - 9/95 Beck866 (AT) I miss sailing on this ship. She served her country well!
FFG-21 Chris Berry BMSN 3/91-3/93 rcberry4314 (AT)  
FFG-21 Cary Blackwell BM3 10/83 - 7/85 bcary96 (AT) I remember the crash w/ the antrim. I remember max liberty in De Mallorca, Spain
FFG-21 Jason Blocksom DS2 (SW) 1990 to 1994 Jasonblocksom (AT) Great times on board! There also is a flatley facebook page
FFG-21 Larry Borden DS2 2/81 - 10/84 larryborden (AT) Plankowner
FFG-21 Joseph Boyd STGC(SW) 1995-1996 boyd11 (AT)  
FFG-21 James Brewer E-3 1994 to 1996 bfireball920 (AT) Glad I'm out!
FFG-21 Bill (Mongo) Brown OS2 12/83 to 3/87 billnkellybrown (AT) Mongo man catch me if you can!!! E-Mail me.
FFG-21 Rob Brown FC1 02/93-05/96 robbrown1190 (AT) CIWS/3MC
FFG-21 Ronald Budnick IC2 05/81 - 10/82 ronbudnick (AT) Plankowner.
FFG-21 Michael Butterfield FTM2 1981-1985 Mike7461 (AT) Plank owner. Would love to hear from the old gang and what they are doing these days.
FFG-21 James Cahal PN1 1981-1983 JCahal (AT) Plankowner
FFG-21 Grace Caruso   1981 to 1984 taromenia (AT) Pls-looking for David Cushman (frm OR)-was onboard about 6/83 in Catania (Sicily - Italy).
FFG-21 Matthew Catalano OS2 85-88 matpcat (AT)  
FFG-21 Gary Cinko HM3 02/94-05/96 cinkojr (AT) comcast  
FFG-21 Jackie Colonel   1982 to 1985 JackieR_Fl (AT) I am the ex wife of Chris Colonel looking for Bob Armitage
FFG-21 Alan Crabtree SN 1987 to 1989 CRABTREEAL66 (AT) would like to here from fellow flatdogs
FFG-21 Bill Davis ET3 83-86 bp.davis.21 (AT) It would be great to hear from some of my shipmates. Anyone remember going too Mombasa Kenya?
FFG-21 Brad Davis LT 11/86-3/90 bradford.c.davis (AT) '87 PG cruise & NRF transition & Mayport shuffle & Reagan's 600 ship Navy!
FFG-21 Timothy Dedee HT2 85-89 metsman432 (AT) great times on board
FFG-21 Donnie Dunn ET2 4/93-5/96 djdunn01 (AT)  
FFG-21 Dennis Endicott PN2 05/86-06/90 dennyhopper (AT) Worked in admin.
FFG-21 John Frye GMM1 7/86- 7/88 gmcffg (AT) Fun on the Flatley!
FFG-21 Tom Graves STG2 10/83-1/87 tegraves2112 (AT) Great guys, can't get rid of the # 21. Go Helen! ping....
FFG-21 Mike Hangaard STGC(SW) 1988-1992 michael.hangaard (AT)  
FFG-21 Mark Harris OS2 1992-1994 khattdaddie (AT)  
FFG-21 Ronnie Harvell DC3 1992-1995 deputyronnie (AT)  
FFG-21 Steven Hawes ET2 1/88-2/91 shawes (AT)  
FFG-21 Garry Hervey RMC(AW)Ret 1986-1987 gherve8049 (AT) Mac whats up
FFG-21 Walter Hicks FTM2 10/81-2/84 whicks (AT) Plankowner, Love to here from others, Maybe a reunion. How about St. Thomas?
FFG-21 Larry Hill E-5 84-86 larryvhill (AT)  
FFG-21 Randy Hill EN2 08/86-2/89 1gatortrout (AT)  
FFG-21 James Huff RM1 03/90 - 04/93 jhuff (AT) Flat-Dog
FFG-21 Preston Jenkins LT 10/85 -10/88 prejenkins (AT) CICO,AUXO,ORDO,DCA
FFG-21 Kris Katzmann STG2 (SW) 2/90 - 4/92 kris.m.katzmann (AT) Who remembers drug ops with the C.G. and pulling the 50 pound bales of pot out of the ocean?
FFG-21 Andrew Keith STG2 1991-1996 keith2112 (AT) Would love to hear from the guys I served with
FFG-21 Steven Kieswetter BM3 1985 to 1988 4813643 (AT) I was proud to be aboard the Flatley. Please email me
FFG-21 Jeff Krych FC1(SW) 1985-1989 jkrych (AT) '85 Med Cruise / '87 Gulf deployment
FFG-21 Joseph Lambert OSC 9/81-3/84 chiefjla (AT)  
FFG-21 Gary Latuszek QM3 10/93-5/96 glatuszek (AT) Dammit Andy! Never thought I'd find you! I'll email you this afternoon (5-25-08)-u fellas write me anytime-God bless.
FFG-21 Nathaniel Lawrence BM1/E-6 12/80-09/83 galenate (AT) serve aboard as plankowner with bmcs joe duck/bm1 alvin yerance /joe guy great ship
FFG-21 Russell Maine GSM3 3/82 - 6/85 maine (AT)  
FFG-21 Scott McDonald RM1(SW) 1987-1990 Mangorn1 (AT) Good to see the familiar names on this site.
FFG-21 Kevin McMillan FTG2 81-83 km.starhopper (AT) Ahhh the Blackjack!!!!
FFG-21 Jefferson Meffert IC 4/92-7/93 jdmphoto73 (AT)  
FFG-21 Ted Meredith SMSA 03/86 - 08/86 ted-m5 (AT) My first ship, but had to leave because of Broken Leg
FFG-21 Rick Milstead OSC 05/84-01/87(retired) dmilst3869 (AT) if this had been my first ship, it would have been my last.
FFG-21 Kevin Moylan DC2 9/87- 6/92 kjm760usa (AT) seen alot of ship mates had a good time under foley you waskly wabbits
FFG-21 Kevin Mulderig LT(jg) 6/81-8/81 Mulderig6 (AT) Great ship! Did some ship driving training on her.
FFG-21 Ken Nichter DC3 9/88 - 7/92 kenneth.nichter (AT) Plenty of good times and good friends. Info on GM Hornkuhl?
FFG-21 Joel Nothum E-3 1985-1988 nothum (AT)  
FFG-21 Arthur Peck MSC(SW) 11/92-05/96 seachef59 (AT)  
FFG-21 John Perry BMSN 01/92-09/93 johnandsandra_perry (AT) Hoping all my shipmates are doing well...
FFG-21 Stephen Pino RM3 12/87-6/90 tbirde (AT) I'd love to hear from you guys
FFG-21 Joe Popecki GSM1 1/87-6/90 joekatp32148 (AT) good ship and crew,87 gulf deployment
FFG-21 James (H. B.) Puckett LT 1/83-12/84 jpuck (AT) Still Navy after all these years
FFG-21 Lawrence Ramsey OS1 8/82-7/85 MarjorieRobinson (AT)  
FFG-21 Tony Reasor E-3 93-95 reasor (AT)  
FFG-21 Kevin Redden   84-87 Kevinredden63 (AT)  
FFG-21 William Reed OSC 12/80 to 10/84 reedwilliam269 (AT) Plank Owner and a prowd member of the greatest crew ever!!
FFG-21 Mark Reed FN 1990 to 1992 paintedwarrior2002 (AT) looking for old friends frm the flatley ! email me ; put in th esubject area on who you are !!!!
FFG-21 Calvin Robinson E-4 08/82 - 08/86 robga63 (AT) First Ship, great leadership, learned from the best. Started off in deck, transferred to Supply SK
FFG-21 Bradford Rowan BM3 1993-1996 bradrowan (AT) Decom crew! Wow was that along time ago. 2011 now
FFG-21 Dain Smith ET1 6/81-3/85 dain.smith (AT)  
FFG-21 Bill Spann LT 1984-1989 bspann (AT)  
FFG-21 Christopher Sparks LT(jg) 1989 to 1993 cgs10 (AT)  
FFG-21 Daniel Spowart ET2 3/87-5/91 spowartd (AT) PG cruise 87, NRF Had fun on the Flatdog
FFG-21 Kermit Stevenson GSE2 1/93 - 5/96 solomon (AT) Decommissionning crew
FFG-21 James Tatum GSMI(SW) 1981-1985 tennsnipe (AT) Plankowner
FFG-21 Justin Underwood GMG3 1992-1996 jewishredneck (AT)  
FFG-21 James Walker OS2 1981-1984 store4835 (AT) Plank owner. Remember collision with USS Antrim. Hey they got in our way.
FFG-21 Scott Wessels STG1(SW) 1990-1992 wessels (AT)  
FFG-21 Noel White TM1 10/84/-09/87 NOEL.WHITE (AT)  
FFG-21 Bill Wilkerson CAPT 06/88 - 12/90 Docwilk (AT)  
FFG-21 Lawrence Witt FC3 1991 - 1994 Wittbunch (AT) I been wondering what ever happened to everone.
FFG-21 Kublai Woody DK3 7/83 - 1985 kwoody (AT) Work as an SN BM striking for DK under MC Duck-transfered to the naval academy after serving on the Flatley.
FFG-21 Bruce Wright BM3(SW) 1 (AT)  
FFG-21 David Young FTM1 Jun 1981 - May 1985 d.young (AT)  

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