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FFG-54 David Benson RM3 9/91-10/95 steelerdbb (AT) BEST DAMN SHIP I EVER SERVED ON
FFG-54 Thomas Brown SN 5/86-12/88 tomjustbro (AT) Best times of my life.Will always rememberPersian Gulf escort duty in 87 .BM1 Noe rocks.
FFG-54 Robert Butler, Sr.   2003 - 04 ? beatrisbutler (AT) My son-fatally injured in auto accident 10/2708.-looking for anyone who served with him-please contact me
FFG-54 Gerald Douglas EN1 1985-1987 gdjagged (AT) Precom crew 84-85,Plankowner 85-87-Ret ENCS(sw) 2006-great ship/crew, hard work/play-good memories.
FFG-54 John Frazier HT3 1986 to 1989 jeepsoffroad (AT) Proud to be sailor on the Ford-hated to see her decommed-2 WestPacs to Persian Gulf Oper Ernest Will Missions
FFG-54 Jeff Friesner GSM3 3/92-8/94 j.friesner (AT)  
FFG-54 Mike Gaines EW2 8/86-1/91 turnerjoy951 (AT)  
FFG-54 Scott Gaynor ET2 (SW) 85-89 ronyag (AT) Plankowner
FFG-54 Ernie Gillis   2011 (606) 304-1267 12-5-12 ernie died. someone who hade contact with my son, at above year please contact me.
FFG-54 Ed Hendrickson ENCS 07/93-06/97 Sealawer (AT) Great group of people. Will always remember them!
FFG-54 Keneth Klem IC man 1985-1990 rogerjpines (AT) Want to find, (personal)
FFG-54 Peter J. Langworthy DS2(SW) 87-90 kc7gvl (AT) Best time in the club I had!!
FFG-54 Mac McCullough BMCS 8/88-3/90 macmccullough (AT)  
FFG-54 Terrance Patterson LT 06/03 - 10/04 limiteddutyofficer (AT)  
FFG-54 Stu Richmond FC1(SW) 1988 commdude450 (AT)  
FFG-54 Luis Rodriguez YNSN 1988 to 1991 Louan35 (AT) I had a great time aboard the ford.
FFG-54 Daniel Schmidt GSE1(SW) 5/1984 - 11/1990 impossibledone (AT) Plankowner-my 1st ship-The best times of my career and my life-11th person at command-retired after 22 1/2yrs
FFG-54 Nate Stevens ETC 1994 - 1996 (AT) Homeport Shift to Everett,WA and WESTPAC with NIMITZ BG
FFG-54 Michael Stevens HT2 1986 to 1989 sfscatm (AT) Great times 2 gulf cruises.
FFG-54 Clint Tatro FCCS(SW) 1985-1988 clint_fv (AT) Very proud Plankowner! Lots of great Long Beach memories!

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