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DE-509 Milton L Amsden GM2 1951-1955 anneandlyman (AT) would like to swap pictures of The Formoe and shipmates
DE-509 Richard Arendt RM2 1954  
DE-509 E. E. (Gene) Butler BT/IC FN 1954 to 1956 509742eeb (AT) 56-IC A school second in class,56-58 USS Frank Knox DDR 742 psssed IC second class
DE-509 Tommy Caldwell DK3 8/51 to 11/54 tcaldw833 (AT) Would like to get a crew list circa 1953
DE-509 Albert Carville   1944 alcarville (AT) Am looking for information from anyone who served with my father Albert Carville in the Pac campaign.
DE-509 Joseph De Sues EM2 4/50-7/52 josephde509 (AT) contact me any way you can. go to the reunion. I'll be there.
DE-509 Robert Dodd MA1(SW)   USNMACID (AT) I am the Grandson of Erskin Millican. I am looking for information about my Grandfather. Anyone with information please contact me.
DE-509 Michael Eplite FR. 1/15/46 -12/15/46 eplitem (AT) Like to hear frm anyone onboard at that time-remember T Snow,C Nelson,Charly Sisto-ph 386 424-0719 (Florida)
DE-509 John Ivan Franklin F1/WTR3 1943 to 1944 ijfrank (AT) John passed away Jan.1, 1992, but he always spoke highly of the men he served with on the Formoe.
DE-509 Bruce Gestner EM3 1955 to 1956 b.gestner (AT)  
DE-509 Ronald Gulbranson MM2 7/52 - 4/56 swaby91 (AT)  
DE-509 John Wm (Bill) Jenkins ETM2 04-Sep-45 to 01-Jun-46 BilJenkins (AT) Would like to hear from Folmoe folks.
DE-509 John Jungmann PO3 09/51-09/55 Johnjungmann (AT)  
DE-509 Charlie Leonard EM1 6/51 7/54 WCLeonard (AT) Presently DESA Director/Ships Coordinator
DE-509 Anthony Marks MM1 1944-1945 mmcmarks23 (AT)  
DE-509 Alan Marsh FP3 12/52-9/55 chub34 (AT)  
DE-509 Charles W. Maslin LT(jg) 7/54 - 6/55 Masgp (AT)  
DE-509 Orville (Gene) Milner RD3 12/52-6/56 gjmilner (AT)  
DE-509 David Moody LT(jg) 1/52-2/55 david (AT)  
DE-509 Roy S. Portugal LT(jg) 6/53 to 4/55 royportugal (AT) reunion in Albany, NY 9-10-00
DE-509 George Radovich MSGT USAF usaf 1952-1974 georgerado (AT) I am nephew of AMM1 Formoe killed December 7th, 1941
DE-509 Arnold Siegel LT(jg) 9/52 - 9/54 FAX # (757) 460 - 2915  
DE-509 William Toso SM1 1949-1951 damezia (AT) Write to me
DE-509 Bill Zimmerman RD3 July 54 to Sept. 56 zimwil (AT) Would like to contact anyone from 'O' Div.

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