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DE/FF-1067 Alan Cassavant RM3 1973-1976 acassavant (AT)  
DE/FF-1067 Kent Grealish LT(jg) 7/71-6/73 kent (AT)  
DE/FF-1067 Mike Manry OS2 3/70 - 5/73 mike_manry (AT) Lots of good memories from the Franny Maru'' and WestPac '72''
DE/FF-1067 Mark Mendel SA 4/73 10/73 mendel1954 (AT) my first ship very cool .
DE/FF-1067 Jeff Preuss AW2 1979-1981 preuss909 (AT) Air Det for 2yrs-a tin can sailor-lets have a reunion-I'm in S Diego but willing to fly anywhere-where are my bros?
DE/FF-1067 Mickey Ragan HT 70/75 ragmm (AT)  
DE/FF-1067 Scott Reid STG1 10/79-10/81 subicpingjockey (AT) Homeported Yokosuka, Japan.
DE/FF-1067 Larry Sano MS2 9/72 to 5/76 sanolarry (AT)  
DE-1067 Jimmy Alsobrooks BM3 70-71 (plankowner) Jalsobrooks1881 (AT) Hit submerged log in Puget Sound & bent shaft on the way to Seattle aft cruise went into dry dock in long Beach
DE-1067 Jerry Bruce (Andy) Anderson QMSN 6/73 - 8/75 jerrytwoelk (AT)  
DE-1067 Robert Barrie ETN2 1/73-12/73 bbarrie (AT) Joined for the liberty cruise, coming back from 'Nam
DE-1067 John Blumthal OS3 06/70 -08/73 jnblumthal (AT)  
DE-1067 Steven Borgstedt MR3 11/72- 08/76 sntazborg (AT)  
DE-1067 James Bunce MM2 1971-1974 jbunce18 (AT)  
DE-1067 Jerry Burback GMG2 4/71 to 12/75 jb4013 (AT) Love this ship (my first) enjoyed everyone in the div.-Dean,Reed,Thompson,Creel, ASW/ASROC team. Thks to all.
DE-1067 Frank Cenchitz STG2 1970 to 1974 fcenchit (AT) Plank Owner. 2 West Pac's (1971 & 1973). Lots of Sonar Gang Memories.
DE-1067 Dennis Clevenger OS3 1970-1973 dcgraphics205 (AT)  
DE-1067 Richard Craig CS3 06/70-04/72 rccaptcowboy (AT) Jack of the dust
DE-1067 Bobby Daniel RD2 03/71-07/72 Dnrobe9 (AT) Came aboard in drydock left in Hawaii at end of 1st cruise-outstanding ship-hated to leave but loved WPac more
DE-1067 Mark Delmage BM3 3/73-6/76 markandnikki (AT) She was a beautiful ship to sail on.
DE-1067 Philip DiBenedetto SM3 2/28/71 - 3/23/73 bostonsportsfan0 (AT) plankowner vietnam vet 1969 72 Grate ship
DE-1067 Patrick Ellis OSSN 1972-1974 PEllis4253 (AT) Looking for old shipmates.
DE-1067 Jerry Floeting SN 1972-1973 krngrn (AT)  
DE-1067 Bruce Gilliam YN 10/1/74 Mercedes31833 (AT) I was a yoeman in dry dock long beach Cal
DE-1067 G.C. 'Speed' Gonsalves MMC 3/70 - 9/73 k7tfj (AT) Plankowner. Good ship, Good crew.
DE-1067 Donald Gross BM3 1970-72 dgboatspo3 (AT) miss the navy life and all the friends I had-'-----plank owner
DE-1067 Timothy Hagquist ST1 1970 to 1974 tghagquist (AT) Nucleus Crew & Plank Owner
DE-1067 Paul Haldaman RD2 1971-1972 paulbathpa (AT) On board for Franny's first WestPac - Lifelong memories
DE-1067 Wilford Harris BT2/E-5 1/71-12/74 wilford (AT) great ship and crew
DE-1067 John Hayes EM2 Plankowner- 12/71 jhayes_66 (AT) Anybody out there?
DE-1067 Richard Kowalczyk BT3 1971-1973 kowalczyk3 (AT)  
DE-1067 David Lower STG3 1970-1971 dlower8 (AT)  
DE-1067 Jim Montgomery STG/SA 3/71- 3/73 salesleader0034 (AT)  
DE-1067 Robert Morrison STG2 1970-1972 Bvdawg67 (AT)  
DE-1067 Roger Payne STG1 4/74 - 11/78 roger3282 (AT)  
DE-1067 Gregory Rockwell STGSN 77-79 bowlake2001 (AT) Learned a lot from STGC Kirby I finally realized he was a great teacher in electronics
DE-1067 Pat Ryan SH3 5/72-4/75 stillgonefishing (AT) Ship's barber...I cut off the ex-o sideburns on a bet !
DE-1067 Thomas Schnettler MR3 09/70-08/72 trs (AT)  
DE-1067 Wesley Skelton RD3 3/70-12/71 wes (AT)  
DE-1067 Randy Smith FTG2 08/72-02/77 rkiliansmith (AT) Well worth the ride!
DE-1067 Paul Sylvia BT3 1971 to 1974 ppsbeech (AT) Lots of memories, great crew, and good friends.
DE-1067 Boyd Thomas EW3 1970 to 8/73 (AT) a lot of memorys. i miss the radar gang, and the crazy things we did (Plank owner)
DE-1067 Salvatore Torre BT3 1984-1986 Jimi70 (AT)  
DE-1067 James Treadway BM3 6/70 - 7/71 Jamtread (AT) Remember being dead in water near San Francisco Bay on comm cruise-never seen so many green faced saliors.
DE-1067 Rickey Vaughan BM2 1970 gvrv1988 (AT) Plankowner-left when I went to Viet Nam-I remember the water very clear north of Seattle on the comm cruise
DE-1067 Jeff (Willy) Williams MM3 1970-1973 jmwilliams48  
DE-1067 Pete Yelenich BT3 1971-1974 fatcats (AT)  
DE-I1067 Harold Nichols CSSN 1970 to 1974 Hdnich (AT) Called me Nick l fed a lot meals to the crew two Westpac
FF-1067 Jose Acasio EMC 01/86-07/87 jacasio (AT) I want to hear from old shipmates that I sailed with.
FF-1067 David Agresti MM2 7/1988 to 12/1990 david (AT) Anchor's Aweigh!
FF-1067 Brent Arey STG1 8/79 - 7/82 brent.arey (AT) Best time I ever had while in the Navy.
FF-1067 Mark Babbitt FTG2 02/80 - 08/82 mbabbitt (AT) Best ship of the 4 ships I served on. GREAT crew. Best of times.....
FF-1067 Richard Boersema MM1 1982-1986 Boersema1 (AT) Just hello shipmates
FF-1067 Scott Bohannon EN2 1980 to 1982 sbscottybo (AT) would love to hear from old shipmates that served aboard .
FF-1067 Nathan Buce FTG3 3/78 - 6/80 Farmnstorm (AT) good times, good people, another lifetime ago
FF-1067 Brian Buck EW2 7/74-8/75 brianab4802 (AT) Served on board from ROH in 74 to homeport shift in 75
FF-1067 John Carey STG3 10/86 to 08/88 kicath (AT)  
FF-1067 Ron Carrier ETC 9/86 - 6/88 ron.carrier (AT)  
FF-1067 Don Caterson ETR2 Oct 1976 - Sept 1978 doncat51 (AT)  
FF-1067 Michael Clegg QM3 4/82-6/84 ccmkmaj (AT) Had a great time in Yoko, would like to hear from anybody.
FF-1067 Steven Cleland ETR2 12/75 to 7/76 s.cleland (AT) Only on board about 7 months, then transferred to the USS White Plains
FF-1067 Dr. Bob Collins GMM3 08/88 - 07/91 thenauticalwheeler (AT) GO GO Franny Maru!
FF-1067 Steven Conley SN 1979 to 1982 kellyryoko (AT) Great time in my life. I will always remember everyone, and P. I.
FF-1067 Charles R. Culver BM2 1985 to 1989 charles.r.culver (AT)  
FF-1067 Dave Davenport SM2 7/79 - 12/80 Davenstbd (AT) My most favorite-Sigs Gang-We kicked it better than the rest!
FF-1067 Gary Divine OS3 1973 - 1975 gary.divine409 (AT)  
FF-1067 Brian Duerr HM3 1987-1989 ubduerr (AT) Great crew, unforgettable memories.
FF-1067 Tim Duke MM2 8/80-10/85 TTad316 (AT) want to get in touch with my fellow shipmates
FF-1067 Robert Durand FTG3 1971-1973 rjdurand_95726 (AT)  
FF-1067 Dennis Early SA 3/77-3/79 denearly (AT) Insane times,l eft many brain cells in the South Pacific.
FF-1067 Don Elbon MMFN 1976 dmelbon328 (AT) Volunteered for sub duty. Sorry but boomer subs had blue and gold crew so did not stay at sea all the time
FF-1067 Kurt Garriott QM3 6/87 - 6/90 garriottkd2 (AT)  
FF-1067 Wayne Goggans EWC 10/75 - 10/78 gasg (AT)  
FF-1067 Kent Grealish LT(jg) 07/71-07/73 kentgrealish (AT)  
FF-1067 Tom Halfpap QM2 9/75-3/80 thalfpap (AT) Would like to hear from fellow crewmembers
FF-1067 Brian Hanson FTG2 1976-1978 brian.hanson (AT)  
FF-1067 Ervin Harper HT3 1982-1984 ervinh40 (AT) Howdy shipmates from the Franny Maru
FF-1067 Michael Harris EW3/E-4 11/89 - 11/91 barefootmike (AT) Great old ship, Great friends, I became a Shellback aboard her as well as went to war (Operation Desert Storm BKA Iraq PAC 91'
FF-1067 Carl Harrison GMG/E-3 ?/78 - 12/81 carljh2002 (AT) Does anyone know where I can get a piece of the ship?
FF-1067 Chris Hendricks SM2 1988- 1990 chendricks (AT)  
FF-1067 Thomas Higley SM1 12/82 - 08/84 twhisc (AT) Great ship, good times.
FF-1067 Joe Hoefling SN 1/79 - 03/81 joehoefling (AT) Like to hear from all shipmates with which I served.
FF-1067 John Holland SM3 4/77-4/79 jaymsholland (AT)  
FF-1067 Bob Holzlohner RM2 8/77-7/79 workout1000 (AT) One ship prior, one after. Neither held up to Fleet's Finest Frigate!
FF-1067 David Hoss E-4 5/83to10/86 davidhoss (AT)  
FF-1067 Jimmie Hudson STG2 12/81-12/83 jim8ball (AT) Best tour of duty I ever had
FF-1067 Howard King EW2 1982 - 1985 oh-too (AT)  
FF-1067 Stratton Kirby STGC 1976 to 1980 s_kirb (AT) Great times and ports of call
FF-1067 Frank Kulick LT 8/77-6/80 fkulick (AT) Haze grey and underway. Best ship in PACFLT.
FF-1067 Gerald Ladouceur LT 2/83-5/85 Ladouceurg (AT)  
FF-1067 Phil Lewis LT 3/79-4/82 palewis (AT)  
FF-1067 Mike Locker STG2 1984 to 1985 blackfoot64 (AT)  
FF-1067 Carl Marino STG2 1987 - 1990 marino9121 (AT)  
FF-1067 Howard Marshall YN3 1/75 - 10/76 proldo1 (AT)  
FF-1067 Ora Miller MM2/1 71/73 moose (AT) Speedy thanks agin for the P coat
FF-1067 Steven Nazaruk PC3 1983-1986 thenaz_64 (AT) Honorable Cold War Veteran!
FF-1067 Thomas V. O'Brien SH2 4/74-6/76 Countryhick1105 (AT) called me Obie, had Ships Store and Laundry
FF-1067 John Osife YN3 1981 to 1983 josifejr (AT) Hello to anyone from Yokosuka during the 80s.
FF-1067 Wilson Paje MM2 1982-1985 wilson.paje (AT)  
FF-1067 Roger Payne STG1 1974 to 1978 rogerpayne (AT) Like to hear from former shipmates!
FF-1067 Allen Peterson GMG1 1975-1979 simcunner (AT) anyone heard from Duane Kleck
FF-1067 John Petty SA 7/91 - 7/2 johnpetty (AT) My first ship and it was awesome.
FF-1067 Dave Phelps OS2 08/85-08/88 Kamakazidave (AT)  
FF-1067 Richard Pirrin IC2 1977 to 1978 rpirrin (AT)  
FF-1067 James Prince EM2 5/88 - 8/91 jprincel (AT)  
FF-1067 Bernie Reyes PN3 1984 to 1986 breyes111 (AT)  
FF-1067 Eric Sakamoto BM2 1985-1987 sakamotogume (AT)  
FF-1067 Jim Sanborn MM2 8/81-2/83 BORN2CRUSE (AT)  
FF-1067 Larry Sano MS2 72 thru 76 sanolarry (AT)  
FF-1067 Ron Sears OS1 11/86-7/88 searsr3 (AT)  
FF-1067 Robert Shampoe EN1 10/75 - 10/76 bshampoe (AT)  
FF-1067 Jay Strakal STG3 77 to78 rjaystra (AT) Memories that last a lifetime.....
FF-1067 Ray Stutz BTC 1980 to 1981 raztuts (AT) Had to be my best sea duty, thanks to the ship's captain, Capt. Sperling, and the rest of the crew.
FF-1067 David A. Talbott HN/E-3 1/81-6/82 davidtalbott20 (AT) Best DAMN Ship/Crew in YOKO. We was tight!! Looking to hear from any old shipmate
FF-1067 J. Eric Thomas EW3 10/76-9/78 jericthomas (AT)  
FF-1067 Jackie Thornton TM2 10/75-10/76 tmcsw90 (AT)  
FF-1067 Jerry Thurman BT3 6/86-7/89 jerryt3911 (AT)  
FF-1067 Mike (McLain) Toungette FTG2 02/77-0279 miketoungette2 (AT) Lots of memories long ago.
FF-1067 Brian Trekas IC3 1/88 - 7/91 btrek (AT) Great times and a great crew.
FF-1067 Miguel Valentin E-3 01/79 - 01/81 cyberoptiq (AT) Anyone remember drop me a note. Currently living in Saylorsburg, PA. Cellphone: 908-623-7050
FF-1067 Rick Valentine STGSN 1976-1978 prvalentine (AT) Wild times. Enjoyed seeing the world.
FF-1067 Gary VanNostrand QM2 4/78-8/80 GARVAN (AT) Just looking up old shipmates
FF-1067 Michael Watkins HT2 1977-1980 watk5 (AT)  
FF-1067 Steven Wilcox RM2 4/74 - 4/78 swilcox (AT) Those were the days.
FF-1067 Tim Williams EN3 79-81 tdwilliams860 (AT) Would like to hear from any/all former Hammond crewmembers.
FF-1067 Mike Wilson BT3 84-87 treelovervt (AT)  
FF-1067 Thomas Wojciechowski BM2 1983-1987 tswojo57 (AT) Those were the days, my friend.
FF-1067 Woody Woodworth SM3 9/77-3/80 llv2585 (AT) would love to hear from old shipmates especially signalman
FF-1067 Keith Wright BT2 9/81-11/83 keythw (AT) I would like to hear from anyone I served with.
FF-1067 Jeff Zavada OS3 71-75 jeffzavada (AT)  
FF-1068 Victor Carlson IC2(sw) 10/84-11/86 vicarlson (AT)  

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