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DE-220 William Ancker SO2 1950-1951 wancker (AT) nice site.
DE-220 Charles (Buddy) Brocato SN 1948 to 1949 charlie_b (AT) Have a couple pictures on board. Not very good, but available on request.
DE-220 Paul Burke EMFN 7/55-4/59 pburke4 (AT) I am hoping to make contact with shipmates from those years.
DE-220 Robert Clamp SK3 9/46-11/47 robertc329 (AT) Mostly at Key West
DE-220 Edward (Bud) Dudley SN 10/48-1949 buddudley (AT) Looking for shipmates and photos.
DE-220 Victor Ehre LT(jg) 1943-1945 don.ehre (AT) My father-Gun Officer in WWII-died 9/13/01-have scanned his pics of ship & shipmates-anyone interested?
DE-220 Paul Grossman FN/MM 11/55 to 08/57 chelliegrossman (AT) Died 9/5/13-loved time in Navy/on this ship-If anyone has any stories or pictures to share, please email me.
DE-220 Anthony Latess SFC 1942/1946 roblatess (AT)  
DE-220 O. D. McDonald MM2 1954 to 1957 odmcd (AT) best time in the service
DE-220 Joe McGee EM2 Plankowner till VE day Fmrobinson (AT) Check DESA membership list
DE-220 Ira Osborne SN1 1/46-1/47 Hidonosbonre (AT)  
DE-220 Robert Petzinger   52-56 delhibobpet (AT) If we were in together send an e-mail
DE-220 Dr. Lorenzo Pitts SO2 10/42-10/45 dr.pitts (AT) My dad (Lorenzo Pitts, S02) served during WWII . If you recall my dad, please respond by return e-mail.
DE-220 Edward R. (Ski) Segeske BT3 4/53 to 4/56 EDJU (AT)  
DE-220 Jim Siciliano RD2 3/51-3/55 jimutz1 (AT)  
DE-220 Jim Simm MM3 1956-1958 jifls (AT)  
DE-220 Walter Tomkiewicz   52-56 scotto0303 (AT) if any pics of ship,crew, or my dad please contact me 330-221-0999
EDE-220 Clint ''Buddy'' Cox MM1 6/55-8/57 mihartman (AT) Clint passed away 29 May 06
EDE-220 Louis Freeman RM2 8/59-5/60 LFREEMAN5 (AT) In Key West. In decom party in Philly
EDE-220 Lester Ostrom LT(jg) 1956 to 1958 lesoldsailor (AT) Supply Officer
EDE-220 James Scruggs GM2 5/51-6/52 jscruggs1 (AT)  
EDE-220 Henry Yaeger RD3 11/52-4/56 Hyaeger (AT)  

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