Tin Can Sailors Shipmate Registry

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FFG-26 Larry Black YN1 10/30/88-02/05/90 (AT)  
FFG-26 Jeff Bower IC2 4/83- 2/86 Powerhandlu8 (AT)  
FFG-26 Mark Clark SM1 12/81-12/86 mavtruck (AT) Plankowner
FFG-26 Patrick A. Cofield PO3 1992 to 1993 patinwash (AT) Currently live in Hudson, Florida 09/2016
FFG-26 Pat Easter DK1 81-85 thumper (AT) Plankowner
FFG-26 Corey Engstrom EW3(SW) 1993-1996 coreyjameshld (AT) Great time onboard-love to hear from shipmates who served with me-decom crew-she was sold to Egyptian Navy.
FFG-26 Steve Gallimore GSE1 07/84 - 11/88 SG25801 (AT) it was a good ship that got overworked and under repaired at times , always met its commitments though
FFG-26 Harry P. Goodell GSEC (SW) 1998-1992 chiefgse (AT) Any shipmates please contact me.
FFG-26 Craig Hopkins OS2 1988-1992 craighop1 (AT)  
FFG-26 Lenny Houck GSE2 10/81 - 10/85 lmhouck (AT)  
FFG-26 Marty Knight EN3 81-84 marty5409 (AT)  
FFG-26 John Landon LT 1981-1983 CAPTJML2 (AT) Commissioning CIC Officer
FFG-26 Stephen Lashley HT2 1979 to 1983 dlashley (AT) plankowner (Nickname Flint Westwood)
FFG-26 Cedric McKinley QM3 5/88-5/90 Cedricmckinley77 (AT)  
FFG-26 Mark Moody OS2 12/82-6/85 darkdaybr549 (AT)  
FFG-26 Steve Moore GSE1(SW) 5/88 - 6/91 stevesemailaddress (AT)  
FFG-26 Donald Murrell SH1 11/87 to 04/90 dmurrell102004 (AT) gmail. com  
FFG-26 Joe Post QM3 11/81- 6/83 jpost (AT) plankowner
FFG-26 Mark Reily GMG2 1983 - 1985 mrreily (AT)  
FFG-26 Douglas Ruffing E-7 1991 rruff8811 (AT) Douglas Ruffing passed away on August 4th 2009
FFG-26 Steve Thimmes BM3 1988-1992 stefanthimmes (AT)  
FFG-26 Daniel Thomas IC3 1989 - 1992 danselectricshop (AT)  

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