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DE/FF-1040 Ernie Eisenbaugh FN 1974-1976 acking1 (AT)  
DE/FF-1040 Mike Fox MM3 9/66-9/70 Mikekfox47 (AT) Changed my e-mail address to this one. Four years on the Garcia. I would do it over.
DE/FF-1040 Ralph Fusco   1964-1968 rfusco (AT) looking for other shipmates who were plank owners
DE/FF-1040 Bill Griggs SN 1968-1972 Billgriggs (AT) An ole swabby
DE/FF-1040 Raymond Petro GM3 1969 to 1973 raypetro (AT)  
DE/FF-1040 Reginald Ray MS3 1980 -1982 Virden1925 Gmail .com  
DE/FF-1040 Jack Smith ETR2 5/72 to 7/76 jaxsmith5252 (AT) 4 yrs,1 mo,19 days onboard. Hey Bulkhead-have pic of you painting hull # back on in the Azores
DE/FF-1040 Paul Stackpole HM2 1979-1980 stackpolep (AT) 21 yrs in USN but this tour was a highlight-79 Med cruise-ops in Carribean-Op Sail (80) (300th anniv of Boston)
DE/FF-1040 William Voss STG3 1967 to 1970 wvoss (AT)  
DE/FF-1040 Eric Wells IC3 06/74 - 03/78 ewells (AT) Many Thanks to our Skipper (Vince P. McDonough) for saving my career-later served with him at SSC Great Lakes.
DE1040 Jack Coen RM2 8/64 to 11/66 JACO407 (AT) AOL.COM Plankowner, matchmaker cruise
DE-1040 Paul Anderson E-3 1970 -1972 thedarebear (AT) Worked in Aux Engine Room. Hey Doc, How are you?
DE-1040 Lloyd Anthony SK3 10/70 - 7/73 dyoll1040 (AT) Great experience. Would do it all over again!
DE-1040 Benny Atchley SN 1964-1966 batch51323 (AT) Plankowner-old shipmates,Harry Manuel,Jimmy Bidel,Jerry Barrow-too many to name-boats Asker,Randy Goss
DE-1040 John Barr RM2 08/69-08/72 barrpp (AT) went to Gitmo 69, Norlant cruise in '70, many ASW ops and carib runs. Great experience.
DE-1040 Jerry Barrow BM2 1964 to 1967 lbarrow2 (AT) Plank owner and Matchmaker II, looking for Goss and Saltzman
DE-1040 Bart Bentley RD3 1/66 to 11/68 AC2VegasBart (AT) Nato cruise in 66 the best ever
DE-1040 Henry Berman QM2 10/64 - 6/68 buddyb (AT) MatchMaker 2 cruise in '66 was the best cruise in the Navy
DE-1040 Marcus Q. Berry GMG2 1968-1970 marcus.berry (AT) I was in charge of Mount 52. We won the Battle ''E''.
DE-1040 Edward Blanchette MM2 12/68 - 06/69 eblanchette (AT)  
DE-1040 Steve Bonner CT3 1964-1966 sbonner12 (AT) Plank Owner
DE-1040 Larry Bowers SN 1969 - 1970 Larrybowers51 (AT)  
DE-1040 Bobby Breeding QM3 7/66 to 9/67 bobbreeding (AT) found this site looking for the Garcia and finding H. Berman.
DE-1040 Vaughn (Charlie) Brobst EN3 10/64 - 08/66 snuffyandmonalisa (AT) origional crew member in San Francisco at Bethlehem Ship yards.
DE-1040 John Brooks LCDR, MC 7/70-6/71 DOCHTUIRSEAN (AT) Attached to DESRON 12, Commodore Tom Nugent
DE-1040 Roger Bullen SH3 9/64-1/68 rmbullen (AT) PreCom, Plankowner, Matchmaker II, Nato cruises.
DE-1040 Stan Buskus FTGSN 1/70 - 7/71 madistanb (AT) Newport was good duty-hung out at old abandoned building on Ocean Ave. Boston Navy yards was also fun.
DE-1040 L. W. Caruthers SA 1970-1974 7Arkhorn (AT) Time aboard was 4 of my very best yrs-you some of the finest folk I have known-email or call me 850-363-6127
DE-1040 Pat Casey QM3 1968 to 1969 patjcasey (AT) Hey Tom, where is B.L. Oats?? GTMO run.
DE-1040 Robert Clark BM3 2/69-11/72 beclark (AT)  
DE-1040 Ken Clevenger EN3 8/64-1/66 kenc (AT) Looking for Leo J Thompson
DE-1040 George Collen SN 1969 to 1971 theemtman (AT) A time to grow . great friends. would do it again.
DE-1040 Steve Coomer SK1 10/74 - 12/77 skcsret (AT) joined the ship in Naples in 74 as a 2nd class, and departed from New York in 77 as a Chief Selectee
DE-1040 Jim Cousin SN 1968-1969 NASCARJIM (AT) I was a member of COMCORTRON SIX staff
DE-1040 Charles (Eddie) Covington EM2 '70-74 Eddyc1950 (AT) Looking for EMFN Jackie Williams-was discharged around 1972-I think the laws discharged and went to OK
DE-1040 John Cuff MS2 1972-1975 cafechef1 (AT) A really great time
DE-1040 William DeGrange MM3 12/64-1/66 usnret679 (AT) Pre Com-Plank Owner
DE-1040 Hugh Delaney MM3/E-4 65 to 69 NAS3KAR (AT) ZOOMTOWN.COM Like to hear from shipmates-been trying to find Mike Fox (Mich?)for a long time-how about Vinnie Coen from NY
DE-1040 Tom Dinges QM3 1968 to 1970 segnid1040 (AT) Gitmo and North Atlantic. Where's B L Oates?
DE-1040 Rolf Doerfle STG2 10/64 - 09/67 dakraut (AT) Pre Com Crew, Plank Owner, and part of original Sonar Gang
DE-1040 Carl Dunkerley HT2 1969-1973 karhard (AT) sure did see a lot of the world. Great time with good friends.
DE-1040 Bill Durso PC3 1968-1970 bdurso129 (AT) Booze runs to the Caribbean San Juan, St. Thomas, Kingston Jamica, GITMO and North Atlantic Cruise
DE-1040 Eugene Dzieginski EM2 12/68 - 10/72 tb225 (AT)  
DE-1040 Tim Edison SN 9/70-8/72 tedison51 (AT) good times nice to hear from someone
DE-1040 Brothers Estes E-3 Commission - 1966 kidcruise (AT) Mark is plankowner-I Mike, not plankowner(& jealous)stole shackle bef leaving ship-I'm ''unauthorized'' shackle owner
DE-1040 Harry Field CS2 1/72 - 12/72 field4 (AT)  
DE-1040 Mike Fox MM3 1966 to 1970 Mikefox47 (AT) Med North Atlantic. Cuba. Blue nose. Boston ship yard for 13months. Home port. Newport great time
DE-1040 Leonard Franzil SA 73-74 lfranzil55 (AT) wheres bob hays old bud ? ibiza,,you old goat,you were the best.
DE-1040 Ralph Fusco CS2 1964 to 1968 rfusco620 (AT)  
DE-1040 Mike Gibbs TM4 1973-1975 tooltechmlg(AT)  
DE-1040 Leonard Glick EMFN 6/67-11/68 BIGLEN1947 (AT) Sam Meyer, where are you?
DE-1040 Roy 'Red' Guinn RM1 1969-1970 Rtguinn69 (AT)  
DE-1040 Robert Hagarty RM3 10/64-4/67 rheagle (AT) Plank owner. Nickname Steamer
DE-1040 William Hall TM3 6/70 to 1/72 seth4494 (AT) great shipmates
DE-1040 Larry Hancock EM3 4/73-4/75 lah35772 (AT) Enjoyed my tour. Would do it again.
DE-1040 Thomas Hansen BM3 3/70 - 11/73 thomas.hansen (AT)  
DE-1040 Perry Hansen STG2 1963 1967 plhansen46 (AT)  
DE-1040 Mark Healy EM4 1973-1975 aug21mshealy (AT) Great Time lots of good memories. i would do it all over again. best wishes to Chief Olsen
DE-1040 James Hopp ETN3 12/64 - 11/66 james-c-hopp (AT)  
DE-1040 Dwight Jenkins CS3 7/66-7/68 jenkinsdwight1 (AT) had a lot of good times with my shipmates
DE-1040 Harvey (Zip) Johnson MMFM 4/19/74 9/15/75 phyllis i miss (pops)bill wheeler, chief wardlaw, bob bakely,gary boatman, toby duncan,john anderson,tweety great times
DE-1040 David Jones ETR2 1864 to 1967 txjoneses (AT) Plank owner, Matchmaker II, and Gitmo. Great ship & great times.
DE-1040 George Kavanaugh MM3 7/66-7/68 gkavy (AT) Two great years.
DE-1040 Rod Knipes RD2 1963 thru 1967 dlknipes (AT) Plank owner. First ship and best ship. Loved the NATO Cruise.
DE-1040 Bob Komrow MM3 5/66 to 12/67 bobkomrow (AT)  
DE-1040 Dennis Lane BT3 2/70-9/72 Denny227 (AT) Embarqmail Good times during NATO North Atlantic Cruise
DE-1040 Leroy Letourneau GMG2 1965 to 1969 roystire (AT) worked on the ASRO LAUNCHER
DE-1040 Robert Logan IC3 11/68 to 11/72 robert.a.logan (AT)  
DE-1040 James MacIlveen BM3 4/64/-10/66 seniormac1 (AT) looking for Saltzman,Griffith LCDR Heekin
DE-1040 Arthur Mahony CS3 66 or 67 artcar2000 (AT) great ship
DE-1040 Harry Manuel LI3 1964 to 1967 h.manuel (AT) plankowner - transferred after matchmaker
DE-1040 Lawrence Martinelli STG1 3/64-7/66 lmarti2 (AT)  
DE-1040 Thomas McManus RM2 11/65 to 10/66 tomarn1965 (AT) Matchron 2,me and bro Vincent one of five sets of brothers onboard.
DE-1040 James (Snoopy) Meade SH3 11/70 - 3/73 jimxmeade (AT) Came on board as E-3-ended up running ships store-dam snipes woke me up at sea because they had munchies
DE-1040 Guy Michalczyk YN3 72-75 gwm1040 (AT)  
DE-1040 Bernie Miethe FTG2 1971-1973 ilvwdw (AT)  
DE-1040 George Miller RM2 1966-1968 george4 (AT)  
DE-1040 B. L. Oats QM2 1967-1969 boats3 (AT) Pat and/or Tom email me.
DE-1040 James (Oats) Otis SN 10/66 to 10/68 VMANSTAR5 (AT) Just saying hi to all my old mates-saw skip Willison 2 yrs ago-Darr Smoller is still on the Cape.
DE-1040 James Palmisano MM2 12-64to01-68 jamespalmisano (AT) original plank owner
DE-1040 Robert Parrinello BM3 2/71 - 6/73 bparrinello2002 (AT)  
DE-1040 Larry Penley SKSN 1970 to 1972 larrybug (AT) To:Charles Covington-it's been over 40 yrs-love to hear from you-call me at 828-250-9170 home/cell 828-230-3730
DE-1040 Mark Polnaszek LT 2/87-12/88 mrpolnaszek (AT)  
DE-1040 David Pusill L/Sea (Royal Navy) 1966 patndave885 (AT) I was on loan to the ship for about ten days from HMS Agincourt (Royal Navy) during Matchmaker
DE-1040 Donald Rapp E-5 1968 - 1971 dwrapp (AT) First ship after boot camp
DE-1040 Marty Reich YN2 6/69-6/71 gemireich (AT) Anyone know what happened to Dave Mecklenberg?
DE-1040 Douglas Reimer HM1 68 - 72 dreimer (AT) To all you Garciamen who remember 'Ravin Robert' drop me an
DE-1040 Terry Robinson GMG3 12/69 - 12/70 texastrek46 (AT) North Atlantic Cruise 1970 - Crossed Arctic Circle 7/1/70 - Bluenose
DE-1040 Alvin Rothe RM3 1972 - 1973 arothejr (AT)  
DE-1040 Frank Rowe IC3 69-70 vze29s8j (AT)  
DE-1040 Tony Sarica BM3 7/64 - 8/66 scorpio1945 (AT) Plank Owner, Matchmaker ll & Nato Cruises - Hey Chief, Jeep,
DE-1040 Steve Singlar ETR2 8/69 to 9/71 Schiefet (AT)  
DE-1040 Robert Slee BMC 1973 to 1977 bprthc (AT)  
DE-1040 Paul Stanley MM3 66-67 Formula35 (AT) Hello Jim palmisano
DE-1040 Terry Stark SN 1964 - 1966 Plank Owner, NATO Matchron II, Great Ship, You are right Chuck West, Terribile Ending
DE-1040 Lari Stewart E-4 12/70 to 7/74 biff (AT) Living in Washington state. You guys were great. Had fun. Send me an E-mail or call me at 253-495-0744
DE-1040 Don Stump BT2 12/64-09/67 stgreg241 (AT) Pre-Co, Plank Owner, NATO, MatchMaker
DE-1040 Jim Sunningham RD3 66-67 jimwcunningham (AT) came aboard after a year in nam and was really impressed with the looks and ability of this ship.
DE-1040 Keith Tweed MMFN3 73-75 keith (AT) Med cruise '74 - some great liberty in small Italian ports..
DE-1040 Scott Webb SN 1966 - 1967 we7sco (AT)  
DE-1040 Scott P. Webb, Jr. SN 1966-1967 we7sco (AT) I was assigned to Operations department working in radar.
DE-1040 Chuck West TM3 8/64 to 8/66 cbonewest (AT) Com. plank owner, Matchmaker11 Nato cruise. Great ship bad ending!!
DE-1040 Clark Whitcomb MM3 1972 - 1975 976 whisper cove winter haven, fl 33880 Snipes !!!
DE-1040 Chester Yount   1968 c.yount (AT) Trying to any or all of my ship mates.
FF/DE-1040 Thomas Hansen BM3 1970 to 1973 tommyhan60 (AT) Would do it all over again.
FF-1040 David Annis OT1   otmcsw (AT)  
FF-1040 Bruce Bakker RD2   bruceabakker (AT) Great crew - Great friendsj!!
FF-1040 Donald E. Barnard EW2 1984-1986 destroyer (AT) 85-86 Med cruise was best time in the service. 'Hey, 'Shoe!'
FF-1040 Brian Bastian TM3 10/75 to 11/77 squeaky919 (AT) Jack of all trades, master of none, but what a ride!
FF-1040 Tommy Bentley OS2 1/84 to 3/87 splitwindowfan (AT) We had some good times.
FF-1040 Marcus Q. Berry GMC 09/82 - 10/82 marcus.berry (AT) I performed ACDUTRA while the Gracia was in Boston, MA
FF-1040 Paul Boudreau OS2 3/73 - 9/76 Paulb2489 (AT)  
FF-1040 Campbell Brad E-4 1973 to 1976 tscamp97 (AT) prev. dates aboard ''71 to 73'' are incorrect
FF-1040 Darren Brown OS2 86-89 darrenbrown (AT) Great crew but boy did that shipyard suck!
FF-1040 Earnie Burton OTA1 1980-1982 burnieurton (AT) Part of TASS 'OT' Division
FF-1040 Brad Campbell E-4 1971 to 1973 tscamp97 (AT) torpedoman in weapons division
FF-1040 Jack Carey EW2 1978-1981 Jack.carey1 (AT)  
FF-1040 William T. Clark FC2 1982-1984 wtc (AT)  
FF-1040 Joe Clark GMT3 8/75-8/78 flinter53 (AT) did the Mid-East & N. Atlantic in '76, left from Brooklyn
FF-1040 Charles Clayviellie STG3 5/76 - 8/77 Charles9018444 (AT)  
FF-1040 Tim Collins EN3 11/86-decom desdvr124 (AT) I've got a video shot by (who I think was) BM3 Rhindage shot onboard the Garcia in 1988.
FF-1040 Tom Comerford FTG3 June 82 to June 85 tjcomer (AT) Remember the Med!
FF-1040 Richard Dana TM3 12/72 to 5/74 rchrddana (AT) It was a great ship
FF-1040 Jay Davis BT3 2/74 - 576 pewter2285 (AT) Oil Lab was so much better place to work then the fireroom w/Graves
FF-1040 George Davis EM3 12/80-1/84 navydavis (AT) I miss the good old greasy G!!
FF-1040 Mark J. DonDero DCC 12/64 to 10/69 mdondero (AT) Great layout
FF-1040 Greg Dunican MM2(SW) 81-85 cngconsignments (AT) Not too many days go by that I don't think about my 4 yrs onboard. Steaming? Oh, yeah.. we did some steaming!
FF-1040 Kenneth Edwards SM2 7/83 - 12/84 jeromekje (AT) 2nd ship, second MED, made SM2
FF-1040 Ora Evitt GMG2 5/86-1/89 chesterevitt (AT) I found gmcs mark snider im looking for chief gene england and mcconnel burlison any help please.
FF-1040 Lenward (Lenny) Faison OTA2 10/80 - 9/83 Lenny.Faison (AT) Uss Garcia invented Rock and Roll
FF-1040 Michael Ferguson EM/E-4 1979 to 1982 highlandexpress53 (AT)  
FF-1040 William Fields FC1(SS) 1984-1989 wrf (AT) Came aboard from subs.. ldg tech to Pakistan.. now no more!
FF-1040 Mike Fox MM3 10/66-9/70 m-rfox (AT) Four good years. I would do it again. Sorry she is gone.
FF-1040 John Fugit PC2 1982-1986 jfugit (AT)  
FF-1040 Jimmy Galloway ST2 1969 - 1970 yachtkindred (AT)  
FF-1040 Tim Goubeaux OS2 7/80 - 6/84 tjgoubeaux (AT) Great bunch of sailors and buddies !
FF-1040 Michael Graves EW1 12/79-3/84 calibos70 (AT) Part of the ''Buoy Killers'' gang
FF-1040 David Green BT1(SW) 10/79-4/85 wgreen (AT) Bring back the P-Fired Boiler!
FF-1040 James Griffin RM/PO2 1982-1984 squid9453 (AT) only ship I rode that got me sea sick, but had a great time.
FF-1040 Jim Hannigan E-3 ?/77-1981 Jim6737 (AT) would do it all over again. loved being at sea
FF-1040 Frank Harness CDR 11/79-7/81 fharness (AT) Commanding Officer
FF-1040 Gary Heubner RMC 1980 to 1981 pop_a_top (AT)  
FF-1040 Thomas Hofsiss SK2 8/77 - 6/79 tomthof (AT) Boarded in Brooklyn Navy Yard, some good party times. New York was a fun place. Charleston not so much
FF-1040 Martin Hruz MS2 4/86 - 5/89 hruz-m (AT) Looking for shipmates. I was a cook from 1986 untill the turn over to the Paki navy.
FF-1040 Tom Hurst BM3 11/86 to 4/89 thurst3 (AT)  
FF-1040 Ronnie G. Irvin MM2 79-81 irvinpmry (AT)  
FF-1040 Griffin James RM1 1982 to 1984 squid9453 (AT) looking for shipmates
FF-1040 Kevin Jared IC2 82-84 & 86-88 kejared (AT) Yep. Liked it so much that I did 2 tours. Asked for a split tour from the USS Holland to go back.
FF-1040 John Jasensky MM1 1980 to 1983 jkj654 (AT) Great time on a great ship
FF-1040 Robert E. Johnson STG1 1983-1985 TINCAN734 (AT)  
FF-1040 Michael Kell MS3 1/76-1/77 micky (AT) Lots of Memories! 1976 Mid-east cruise and North Atlantic!
FF-1040 Raymond Kush IC2 7/78-9/79 rkush (AT)  
FF-1040 Martin Lanaghan BM3 05/86-decomm martin.lanaghan (AT) Just looking for some old shipmates from my first ship!!
FF-1040 Matt Lane BT1 1978 to 1981 PLANEMBL (AT) Caught ship in Brooklyn. GTMO and two Med cruises.
FF-1040 Rick Lehtonen OSC 05/74-09/76 LTCE7 (AT) Couldnt get off ship in Charleston (skipper didn't trust my relief) made me stay on board till we hit Amsterdam
FF-1040 Michael Lenhart BTC 8/87-8/89 Michael.lenhart (AT)  
FF-1040 H. Eugene Lunsford CDR 5/83-9/84 eacowboy0697 (AT) XO. Bermuda-Halifax. last saw Garcia when I was XO NAVSTA CHASN and she was turned over to the Pakis!
FF-1040 Jeff Lunt (formerly Baker) GMG2 1985-1987 theluntwrangler (AT)  
FF-1040 Frank Machock STG3 11/81-8/85 frankpreston21 (AT) To all those former Greasy G shipmates'' between 1981 and's time to reunite before we die!
FF-1040 Byron McCleary RM3 2/75 - 11/76 b55us (AT) Love to tag up w/OS3(?) Tinker, otr shipmates-CMD McDonough, you will always be my Capt-best time of my life
FF-1040 Kevin Mccormick MM Sept 86 till Sep 88 kmccormick716 (AT) looking for fellow ships mates on board around that time
FF-1040 Vincent McDonough CDR 8/75-10/77 vmcdonough (AT)  
FF-1040 Casey McFadden FC2 1983-1986 casey.mcfadden (AT) Remember Beruit ?
FF-1040 Richard Norgren TM3 4/86-6/88 richardnorgren1 (AT) Miss a number of the guys but honestly not that rusty thing! lol
FF-1040 Rory Parrish FN 83-86  
FF-1040 Paul Petrilla BT2 9/76 - 1/80 petrilla_paulmary (AT) Boarded Christensen Norway in Sept 76 and departed Charleston SC. Jan 80.
FF-1040 Kevin Pingor PC3SW 1/87 - 12/88 kevin.w.pingor (AT) Hope this finds you all well. fair wind , following seas.
FF-1040 Stephen Price FC2 82-85 steve.price (AT)  
FF-1040 Rudy Ramirez OTA1 02/83 - 02/85 RudyRamirezJr (AT) TASS
FF-1040 James Riley BTFN 1982-1985 jjr1040 (AT) Miss that ole gal
FF-1040 Barry Rochefort RM1 1976 to 1977 broch (AT) was aboard at Brooklyn Navy yard..good ole ship.
FF-1040 Dennis Rodriguez HT2 02/81-02/83 dennyk188 (AT) Great guys aboard. Great times.
FF-1040 Ramon Ruiz EM2 1988 to 1989 ramonruiz67 (AT) My first ship. After servicing for twenty years my best memories are still from the Fleetís Finest Frigate.
FF-1040 Robert Scott BT2 3/76-12/79 rscott (AT) Was there for all of it-the bouy kill in the harbor,Brooklyn Navy Yard & the near miss in GITMO with the Mullinnix
FF-1040 Bill Sharp STG2 8/73 - 2/78 bungelowbill (AT) Med, Mid-East, North Atlantic. Left ship in Brooklyn. A lot of good guys on that ship.
FF-1040 Roger Smith BM2 07/75-08/78 boatscop (AT) I'm looking for a BM1 Patterson
FF-1040 Richard Smith BMC 8/71 - 12/75 rsmith6589 (AT)
FF-1040 Glenn Sobert E-3 1981-1983 glenn_sobert (AT) Lost contact w/some mates ie Joe Santebene/
FF-1040 Paul Springer STG2 11/76 - 9/81 pspringer57 (AT)  
FF-1040 W. G. Stegall GMC 7/85-5/89 e8gm (AT) Served as Leading ASROC GM.
FF-1040 David Stout EWSN 1984 to 1988 dstou1 (AT)  
FF-1040 Steve Straub     hawke60 (AT)  
FF-1040 Jim Thomas ET3 9/77 - 2/80 jimmytg1 (AT) Came onboard in Brooklyn Navy yard Dry Dock-there for Bouy kill on Coopr River, Left after Med Cruise of 79
FF-1040 Wil Thompson EM3 1985-1987 wil.thompson (AT) Great Greasy G memories...where are my fellow EMs???
FF-1040 Jim Tincher EW2(SW) 1980 - 1984 jim.tincher (AT) Never could get out of the troughs-the crew was simply the greatest-these were some of the best years of my life.
FF-1040 Kevin Towne EW2/E-5 1984 - 1988 kevin_t (AT) ....remember the good ole days with Doc and Rebel
FF-1040 Steve Uppstrom GMG3 81-85 steve_uppstrom (AT) wheres my blood brothers?
FF-1040 William Van Atten E-8 12/83-1/85 billywilly2u (AT)  
FF-1040 Pedro Velarde SN 1965-1967 pedro.velarde (AT)  
FF-1040 William Voss STG3 1967-1970 vosspj (AT)  
FF-1040 David Ward STG2 4/78 - 10/79 arkarcher42 (AT)  
FF-1040 Jimmy Wilson EW2 79-83 Grandfathergeek (AT) Miss all the crew.
FF-1040 Marc Ziegler RM3 1984 to 1986 ziggermc (AT) That ship would rock back and forth even tied to the pier
FF-1049 Juan Santiago RM1 1985-1986 Jbs1018 (AT) Sailed to the med, Naples, Trieste

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