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FFG-51 Brian Alexander AZ1(AW) 2004 - 2007 brian.alexander (AT) AIRDET AZ/PS/IT/SK
FFG-51 Fran Beckler RM3 09/85-02/88 SEPTAFRAN (AT) YO
FFG-51 Nichelous Bellis OS2 (SW) 02/01-10/04 vallow22 (AT)  
FFG-51 David Bergerson EN3 11/87 - 7/90 lostsailor51 (AT)  
FFG-51 Durand Brassfield E-3 1990 to 1993 ssarb (AT)  
FFG-51 Tommy Burgdorf FC2 (SW) 11/94-10/96 Tncx3 (AT) Email Me
FFG-51 Jeremy Cobb RM3 12/84 - 7/87 jvcobb65 (AT) Wheres Earthy and Gator?
FFG-51 Darrell Cole EN1 11/84-3/89 chiefcole (AT) Best ship I was on. Loved the up beat of the pre-com crew had.
FFG-51 William Curtis FC2 1997-2001 rapture_of_the_deep (AT)  
FFG-51 Joe Fischer HMC(SW) 9/95 - 9/98 oracle_joe (AT)  
FFG-51 Joseph Goins PC3 1984-1986 jbritt.goins (AT)  
FFG-51 Tim Henderson E-4 4/88-11/91 tim2bo (AT)  
FFG-51 Gregory Hines STG2 05/84-05/86 gdhines (AT)  
FFG-51 Tony Irizarry RM3 1984 to 1985 tony (AT) Plank owner. great times with a great crew.
FFG-51 John Johnson FN 11/99 - 03/00 johnjohnson777 (AT) Left USS Gary for DT A School. First and only ship I ever been on.... Good Times!
FFG-51 Brian Kickuth OS2 02/96 - 10/99 bkick222 (AT)  
FFG-51 Eric Mason GM3 02/97 - 01/01 Masoncga (AT) Have awesome pictures of Yokosuka, 1st crew swap. Drop me a line and I can share them.
FFG-51 Shawn McDowell HT2 1997 to 198 shawn.mcdowell (AT)  
FFG-51 Robert Mitchell EN3 3/00-7/02 gentle17 (AT) A-Gang Rules
FFG-51 Steve Nul EN2 10/88-5/90 7seascourge (AT) I'm the guy who put the NULKSTER all over the ship-if you still find them let me know-loved that ship
FFG-51 Curtis Nutt OS2 04/91 to 05/94 utnutt (AT)  
FFG-51 Justin Salus STG2 2001-2004 justinsalus (AT) Round meat in a round bowl... it's good for your hole!
FFG-51 Terry Schmeiderer QM3 1985-1989 tschmeiderer (AT) Wheres are combat ribbon for April 18th 1988 RED AND FREE MONDAY?
FFG-51 Troy Stanley CPO 1998 to 2001 fcc (AT)  
FFG-51 Steve Stovey E-4 97-99 sstovey (AT) FUN TIMES!!
FFG-51 Richard Tirado SM3 08/86-12/89 mrrado2000 (AT)  
FFG-51 Ulysses Tomblin SH2 1984 hov.mvnast (AT) ALL Shipmate call me at 1 (904) 755-5051
FFG-51 David Way BM3 03/89 - 01/93 davidway1964 (AT)  

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