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DE-679 Robert Ammons FC3 4/44-7/44 robertejrammons (AT)  
DE-679 Stephen Ballew BNSN 1959-1962 marieblw (AT) Would like to hear from any one aboard the ship at that time who remember me.
DE-679 Edmond Baratta DK3 8/46-3/48 edbaratta (AT) I hope there are still of us left.
DE-679 John Bena FN 1949 to 1950 hiway motors (AT) out of key west
DE-679 Arthur Blanchard BT3 1952 to 1954 ArthurBlanchard (AT)  
DE-679 Richard Bolin GM3 1955-1958   2100 ave.A yuma,az58364
DE-679 James Bowen TM3 1960 to 1962 bo1039 (AT) Recalled to active duty for Cuban Crisis. Retired in 1980 as TMCS.Now living in Indiana.
DE-679 William Branch LT 1961-1962 wbranch4 (AT) Berlin callup
DE-679 Aubrey Britt FN1 1948 to 1951 abritt007 (AT) would like to hear from my shipmates
DE-679 Edward Byers SN 4/56-10/58 eddybyers (AT) Any Body Know Fletcher's Whereabouts--SO 2nd--56--58--?
DE-679 Douglas Campbell FN 1955 - 1956 Tplex (AT) Would love to hear from anyone who remembered me.
DE-679 Marilynn Carmine FN1 about the 1940's marilynnmemories (AT) Met this gentleman in NJ. Ret, Has never been with his shipmates. Thought it would be novel to get acquainted with them.
DE-679 Elton Catoe FN1 40's MARILYNNMEMORIES (AT) I am writing for Elton Catoe, please write back.
DE-679 Frank Coleman EM1 10/43 - 9/45 dave (AT) My dad served onboard from shakedown cruise to the end of the war when it steamed into the Golden Gate.
DE-679 Paul Collins 1/c   az0272t (AT) Served during the Bay of Pigs and hurricane Donna
DE-679 Eugene Cote ET2 1964 to 1966 genecote (AT) Part of nucleus. Discharged and joined the reserves in St. Petersburg FL. Retired as ETC
DE-679 James (Rob) Cowart PN3 10/61 - 11/63 rob.cowart (AT) Berlin and Cuban crisis. Went on to retire as a DPCS in 1981.
DE-679 Ronald Craft MMFN 10/58-9/59 lindaronc (AT) homeport Charleston peri 6-shore duty in Charleston 59-62-only served 11 mos aboard-fwd eng rm w/MM2 Clark
DE-679 John Cruikshank SA 1961-1962 jtc900 (AT) USNR - Called to active duty during the Berlin Wall Crisis..
DE-679 John (Jack) De Laat Cook 3/c 11/54 - 11/56 Jackdelatte (AT) I was cook aboard the Greenwood and looking for others who served around this timekk
DE-679 Ed Dennison LT(jg) 1961-1962 EdwardMDennison (AT)  
DE-679 Ward Dunlap LT 1943-1945? annmcintosh (AT) My Dad was on first crew-we have pics,his log books, & letters-would like to share war memorabilia with others.
DE-679 Dan Dusing GMG2 10/61-6/62 DusingD-L (AT) Retired as GMCM USNR
DE-679 Mel (Red) Edwards SO1 1949 -1952 melbet (AT)  
DE-679 Rayford F. Elgin BTC 1964-1966 elginjocko10 (AT) Homeport St Petersburg Fla
DE-679 Poz Espinoza COX 2/24/1943 emilybremer (AT) wanted to know if anyone remembered my dad. like to know more about him
DE-679 Pete Funk FT3 1955 - 1957 pfunku2 (AT) Looking for shipmates
DE-679 Guy R. Gagnon BMFC 1957-60 slapps0624 (AT) would like to hear from annyone from the greenwood that remembers me.
DE-679 Arthur Galvin SN 2/51 - 10/54 artandliztwo (AT) Fire control striker with Stevens 52,53 & 54
DE-679 David Garner SO3 1945 davgar (AT)  
DE-679 Charles Hall FT3 6/48-6/52 CHALL2 (AT) Served on board with brother R. B, Hall
DE-679 Roger Harvey HM3 1964 to 1966 rharvey81 (AT) USNR
DE-679 Gilbert Herold BT2 1/54-1/56 giljoher (AT) Looking for shipmates from same timeframe.
DE-679 Roy Jackson MMC 1958-1959 ggmojack (AT) This was my father Roy S. Jackson Jr., served when we were stationed in Charleston, SC, no longer living
DE-679 John Jennings QM2 1943 - 1947 JJenningsUSN (AT) Plank Owner
DE-679 Wes Johnson YN2 1950-1951 jwes565 (AT) Would love to hear from any of my shipmates
DE-679 Edward Johnston SN1 1951 to 1953 edward.johnston (AT) would like to hear from ship mates who was on this ship.
DE-679 Juils Jorgensen   1950-1954 jorgy679 (AT)  
DE-679 James King GM3 40's baby-sweet (AT) m
DE-679 John Kleponis DC3 9/46-7/48 johnklepo (AT)  
DE-679 Ken Knudsen S1 7/46 - 7/48 ann29ken28 (AT)  
DE-679 Morton Kotler S1 9/46 - 10/47 gwenmor (AT) Transferred to USS BROWNSON DD868 in Charlestown Navy yard.
DE-679 Charles Lange SN 1950 langegerald (AT) My-deceased--I served aboard a DEG/FFG-6 from 1976-79 and retired from the reserves in 2000 as a GM1.
DE-679 John Larner SN 1955 - 1959 jlarner (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates
DE-679 Edward Lloyd SMSM 1961-1962 ehlloyd (AT) I would like to find crew members from USS Greenwood and ship memorabilia
DE-679 Ted Lorence M2 1943-1946 DE679 (AT)  
DE-679 Ernest Maney HM2 1961 -1962 Ken.p.maney (AT)  
DE-679 Robert Markowski FN/MM 1955 to1956 rjmark1936 (AT) would like to sumit pictures aboard
DE-679 Jim McGrath SOG3 1952 to 1953 jr.mcgrath (AT) would like to hear from shipmates of that period
DE-679 Dale (Leland) Minnick   1946-1948 dalem1 (AT) I am looking for any shipmates from 46-48.
DE-679 Clarence (Ray) Muldovan SOSN 1955 to 1957 raymuldovan (AT) Would like to hear from old shipmates
DE-679 Kermit Obermeyer SN 10/61-8/62 weknoz (AT) xfered to USS Furse DDR882
DE-679 Joseph O'Reilly GM/E-6 1947-1949 mjoreilly (AT) My name is Michael O'Reilly. My father, Joseph M. O'Reilly passed away 7-30-2015
DE-679 Lawrence Osredkar YN3 10/63-2/65 larryosredkar (AT) Homeport. St. Petersburg, Florida
DE-679 Raymond Paine QM2 1960 to 1962, 1964-1966 ligar (AT)  
DE-679 Arthur J.(Jim) Paul SN 6/50-1/52 apaul (AT)  
DE-679 Ralph Porter SK2 (SKC) 1961-1962 porter1936 (AT) was on board for reserve training St Petersburg, Fla. Served with the infamous CS2 Walter Grubb
DE-679 Roger Rae YN3 05/60-07/62 rjrae32 (AT) Homeport St. Petersburg, FL
DE-679 Wayne Ruby   1956-1958 quixmom (AT) would like to hear from shipmates, or of any reunions.
DE-679 Jerome Silverstein FT3 1956-1957 K3FKI (AT) Loved this ship.
DE-679 Randolph Slawinski ETN2 1966 to 1967 rrlhs (AT) Homeport St Pete Florida
DE-679 Art Smith SA 1963-1964 ducart2002 (AT) Started 9yrs USNR onboard-made it to DM1-active duty in Spain on USS Holland AS-32.
DE-679 Len Syverson BT3 50's lsjrur (AT)  
DE-679 Norman Tasharski BT2 4/52 to 2/56 normtash (AT) Member of: Destroyer Escort Sailors Association: Northern Illinois Destroyer Escort Sailors Association:Will County DESA:
DE-679 Frank Tome FN 1949 FRANKRUBY (AT) I would like to know when the next reunion will be held and where.
DE-679 Stanley Westfall EMC 1964 - 1966 stanleywestfall (AT) was stationed aboard as Emc and retired from her in 1966
DE-679 John M. Williams RMN1 1/48-7/48 jomatwil (AT) Assigned DesRon 8 Anti-submarine warfare development
DE-679 James Wilson     Steven.wilson22 (AT) My grandfather (Grand Rapids,MI)-not much contact w/his mates-anyone remember him? Love to hear from you
DE-679 Kenneth Wise SKC 1948 to 1950 ingrid wise (AT) my first two years of 24

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