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DE-1015 John Ardine RM3 11/63-11/65 jjpa16 (AT) Had a great cruise working with England, Canada, Netherlands on Match-Maker 1
DE-1015 Robert (Bob) Badalamenti RM2 7/56 - 7/59 didahdit (AT) Really want to communicate with any/all of my old shipmates.
DE-1015 Jim Bailey MM3 5/66-10/69 Baileyjim11 (AT) would like to hear for shipmates.
DE-1015 Fred Baxter RD3 11/64-10/65 Ferdjb (AT) NATO Cruise; North Sea, England, Ireland, Scotland, Norway, France, Portugal.
DE-1015 Terry Beidelman SN 1969-1970 mrbethlehempa (AT)  
DE-1015 Walter Bergeron RD3 11/63 to 10/65 manager (AT) Any other Radarmen out there?
DE-1015 Ernest Bishop MM3 67-69 glncab (AT) retired tin can sailor 1982
DE-1015 James F. Bland, Jr. GM3 1962-1963 sonny_jim2000 (AT) Retired GMCS after 25 yrs (57-81)-also-USS Albany CG-10,USS Columbus CG-12,USS Chambers DER-391
DE-1015 Gary Brown RM3 5/66-6/69 rmcret1 (AT) Made some good cruises and worked with good people.
DE-1015 Peter Brown LT(jg) 1955 to 1957 pierre304 (AT) plank owner; Comm, CIC & OPS officer
DE-1015 Todd Bruner ENS 1972-1974 todd.bruner (AT) Pardon meBoy-is that the USS Hammerberg? Sailing along-noth wrong-sailing acr Med Sea-5 knts-noth to see-ITASS
DE-1015 David Burleson BT3 1971 to 1972 dburleson (AT) Remembering Napoli
DE-1015 Barry Campbell SFM3 7/68 - 11/70 barrya1946 (AT)  
DE-1015 John (Soupy) Campbell BT3 61-62 Jjohnbassman (AT) Reunion in Red Wing Min. this June (02) Holler for more info
DE-1015 Charles Casavant ETR2 09/62 to 08/65 grdsons (AT)  
DE-1015 Joe Casserly LT(jg) 7/55 - 7//57 ENG OFF, CDO, OOD
DE-1015 Salvatore Catalano RM2 1967 to 1970 salc121 (AT) Chick Elmer and myself taught Bill Willett everything he knew.
DE-1015 Angelo (Lizard) Cedrone SN 12/71 - 12/73 acedrone330 (AT) Mostly steaming at 7kts streaming Itass. Good crew. Always will remember her.
DE-1015 Louie Cennamo EM2 1970-1972 navylou1 (AT) 2 years Naples Italy,
DE-1015 Jim Chirstian MM1 1966 to 1969 jchristian43 (AT)  
DE-1015 Louis Christmas RM3 1961-1963 Espresso1941 (AT) RMC(SW)(Ret) in Virginia Beach, VA. My 1st ship.
DE-1015 Dennis Clouse SHL3 8/62- dclouse41 (AT)  
DE-1015 Gary Dansereau E-3 7/72 - 10/73 gary.dansereau (AT) Looking for some old shipmates
DE-1015 Lloyd Eskins BT2 1959-1962 eskins2010 (AT)  
DE-1015 Dick Fazakas RM3 1/66 to 12/67 richfaz (AT) 66 Unitas VII S America great cruise-67 Mediteranean,Naples twice, and others-still looking for Chick Elmer
DE-1015 Gerald Ferrebee SN 1/65 - 6/67 gferrebee (AT) think about my shipmates and wish you all well ,would enjoy hearing from you
DE-1015 Donald Ferrera SK3 1970 to 1972 skcdon (AT) would like to hear from any and all of my old shipmates.
DE-1015 Richard Ferretti   66-68 wyrdo317 (AT)  
DE-1015 Tony Finocchio BT3 1966 to 1970 tonyfinok (AT) Will answer e-mails
DE-1015 Harold Galusha RD3 1955-1956 gulosh2 (AT) member of very first crew
DE-1015 Anthony Greene EM3 11/64-8/65 pnmoose (AT)  
DE-1015 Howard Greer IC3 11/59-8/61 Howard.Greer1 (AT)  
DE-1015 Alan Grupp STG3 1964 -1966 ringneck121743 (AT) Match Maker 1 great North Atlantic Cruise
DE-1015 Joe Hairston SN 1966 to 1968 JOE.HAIRSTON (AT) GSA.GOV  
DE-1015 Birgir Hardee EM2 1964-9/1966 birgaud (AT) Match Maker cruise wonderful !
DE-1015 Ronald Hienkle BT3 4/72-Decom 12/73 Ronald l.Hienkle (AT) Had Great Times, Would like to hear from old shipmates.
DE-1015 Richard Hoffmann RD3 1955-1958 de1015 (AT) plank owner
DE-1015 Michael Kershner SN 7/61-1/63 jamiker42 at  
DE-1015 Richard Krar FTG2 1961-1964 rpkrar42 (AT)  
DE-1015 Kevin Lane SN 72-74 kvnln1 (AT)  
DE-1015 Thomas Maguire SN 6/66-6/68 TomMKE4GYW (AT) Looking for Shipmates from 1966 to 1968. Please email me.
DE-1015 Timothy McKay SN 05/72 to 06/73 timothymckay40 (AT) Looking for LTJG Blaine Giles who was a Engineering Officer under Clark West in 1972-73.
DE-1015 Charles McKinney RD3 7/66 to 4/67 CRM1943IN (AT) start of my usnr 2 yrs now OSC usnr rtd draw pension soon!
DE-1015 Jim (Monty) Montgomery RMSN 6/71-11/72 JFMontgomery (AT) Like to hear from the guys in the Radio Shack or OC Division
DE-1015 Jack Norris MM2 1/56 to6/59 jacknorris1938 (AT)  
DE-1015 Wayne Oquin RM2 1970 to 1971 wayneoq (AT) Great times with great shipmates
DE-1015 Alvin Paris EM2 57-61 alparis8 (AT) Great time learned alot about life
DE-1015 Alexander Peterson SN 11/72 to 12/73 Apeterson932 (AT)  
DE-1015 George (Skip) Rinker, II SM1 70/72 rvcrazy40 (AT) Now Retired SMCS
DE-1015 Flavio Rossi MM3 4/54 to 7/56 phlipp1934 (AT) original crew member
DE-1015 Joe Saffa GMG2 4/64-10/67 joe995 at wild and crazy guys
DE-1015 James (Shorty) Salerno SH3 1963-1964 fancyladyrose (AT) I would like to hear from anyone who served then
DE-1015 Ronald Schulz MM2 01/63-08/65 cs941 (AT)  
DE-1015 Samuel Sellers E-2 11/72 - 12/73 officegoddess6429 (AT) learned about team work alot of great memories
DE-1015 Terry Shill MM2 3/66 - 8/70 terryls9 (AT) The good old days
DE-1015 Kenneth Simmons SOG2 1/62 - 1/63 shedmanken (AT) Where is the sonar crew?
DE-1015 Bob Smittle STG3 1961 to 1966 bobsmittle (AT) Good memories of trip to S America in 63 & N Europe in 65-had great basketball team & some great friends
DE-1015 Jim Sonsini PC3 02/70-06/71 duffyjim19 (AT) Ralph Nuzzo where are you?
DE-1015 Scott South RM3 8/70 - 12/73 scottgsouth (AT) I miss the sense of wonder, hitting the beach in Naples early on a Friday...touring the Amalfi Drive...etc.
DE-1015 Larry Staton FN/IC/EM 1962 to 1963 l_staton (AT) Are there any caps with USS hammerberg DE-1015 on them.
DE-1015 Larry Steinberger E-3 1970 to 1972 steinallen1015 (AT)  
DE-1015 James (Jim) Stemple RM2 1970 to 1972 griztrax (AT) Only remember the good times at this point.
DE-1015 Douglas Stermer CS4 6/70 -7/72 Margestermer (AT) Would like to see more guys from supply at reunions also BM -4 HILLDERBRANT , great time on and off the ship
DE-1015 John S. Swist SO2 1958-1960 jasiu1 (AT)  
DE-1015 Douglas Sylvester PC3 4 /66 - 4/67 Mr imp66 (AT) Postal Clerk. Looking for signal gang 66 to Brazil
DE-1015 Gary Szymaniak YN3 1/65 - 1/66 wnec78 (AT) Matchmaker One was a great cruise.
DE-1015 David Tarrant ET3 1/68 to 12/69 djtarrant (AT) I will answer E-Mail
DE-1015 Michael Tax SNBM 8/66 to 9/67 taxshouse (AT)  
DE-1015 Dee Thompson MM1 6/64 to 1/65 redr0ver1 (AT) Would like to hear from those in that time frme
DE-1015 James Wadkins RM2 1964-1965 jwadkins44 (AT) best duty i served was on the hammerberg!!
DE-1015 Jim Walter ETR2 1959 jandi2000 (AT)  
DE-1015 George Waltz EM2 1961 - 1963 gwaltz (AT) Sure do think a lot about my time on the Hammerberg
DE-1015 Charles (Westy) Westheaffer MR2 2/66-10/69 navy1 (AT) would like to hear from shipmates
DE-1015 Bill (Willie) Willett RM/E-5 3/68-6/70 casly (AT) lot of memories lot of friends brings back some good times took only 1 cruise med-north atlantic sept-dec68

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