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DE1029 Steven Pagel BT3 5/65 to 5/67 gensi2 (AT) Aboard when blue master rammed us-was my 1st cruise on the big water-still living in good old lecenter minnesota
DE-1029 Donald Alfred TM2 1955 -1959 leanna_fun (AT)  
DE-1029 Sam Anderson RD3 1963-1965 r.anderson (AT) nick name Andy/ S P
DE-1029 Marc Arsenault ET2 9/60-1/61 marc-a (AT) visit
DE-1029 Doug Beckett STG2 1967-1968 dabeckett1 (AT)  
DE-1029 Andy Bedard FTG3 1966 to 1968 drajotte (AT)  
DE-1029 Mike Bibler ETSN 1971 to 1972 mbb (AT) Looking for George, Steve, Rob & Ron - OE Div.
DE-1029 Dale Broadbent RD2 01/69 - 01/72 Dbroadbent (AT) Still sailing the waters off Newport - 2015
DE-1029 Larry Callicoat MM2 1967 to 1969 Lacalli (AT) Best ship ever
DE-1029 Robert Camden EN2 1967-1970 bob_indy (AT)  
DE-1029 Arthur Clapp RM3 1970 - 1972 aclappara (AT)  
DE-1029 Pete Covini MM3 5/62-7/63 pcovini1 (AT)  
DE-1029 David Craparotta SN 1969-1970 craps4 (AT) Liked cooking on this tin can
DE-1029 Edward Cunliffe SN/PN3 1960 to 1963 ayatollaomarcola (AT) best ship and crew I ever served on
DE-1029 Sylvester Dent SN 1959 - 1961 Slydent (AT) With Canadian Navy-saw helicopter go down-told it was a dolphin, allowing Van Vorhess to recover the pilot.
DE-1029 Frank Dispensa RM2 1959 to 1962 dispensa (AT)  
DE-1029 Bill Donnelly ST1 1/60 - 10-60 STCMRET (AT) Always glad to hear from a shipmate
DE-1029 Don Edwards TM2 1969-1972 donaldhedwards (AT) TCS has the best website for ''real'' sailors
DE-1029 Ron Elchin ET2 10/65 - 08/67 elchin3x (AT) Lead ET during Boston ship yard re-fit, Forward compartment fire, Gitmo ORI (4.0) Rogue wave off Cape Haterous
DE-1029 Tony Finazzo RD2 01/58 - 06/59 finazzo1235 (AT)  
DE-1029 Bill Foley RM 1962 - 1963 Rocco777666 (AT)  
DE-1029 Lee Fouch RM3 5/60 - 7/61 captleef (AT) Looking for John Beaton RMC and Bill Hennig RM-3. Close friend of Tom Hersey SM-3 (now deceased). Also Dave Soule from Mass. Good ship.
DE-1029 John Fry RD2 7/62 - 8/65 anchor9fry (AT) Great ship. Seems like we spent as much time in Key West as we did in Newport
DE-1029 Gary Galloway MM1 2/70 to 7/71 galloway1945 (AT) Loved this Ship
DE-1029 Paul Goodpaster E-3 1966-1966 p_goodpaster (AT) i was transferd to the heartly from the uss turner ddr834 to train as a machinist mate in newport ri.
DE-1029 Kenneth Gordon QM3 1967 to 1968 helmsman850 (AT) always good to hear from shipmates
DE-1029 Michael Harder SA 1965 fema441 (AT) Loved it at sea and enjoyed ports of call
DE-1029 Larry Harvey MMC 1967 to 1973 seadog41 (AT) make turns not smoke
DE-1029 Thomas Healy BT2 02/65 - 11/67 Frog9r (AT) On board during the collision with the Blue Master.
DE-1029 Camillo Thomas Hillman QM2 comm crew to 12/58 ctomhillman (AT) great ship, great crew, good skipper , outstanding xo loma
DE-1029 Charles Holzschuh SK3 6/61- 5/63 norchar1 (AT)  
DE-1029 Randall Hoover ET3 12/64 - 11/65 rchgah (AT)  
DE-1029 Dean Hoover MM3 4/59 to 3/61 DE1029 (AT) I transfer to the Hartley went we were in South America,
DE-1029 Dale Howard FA 7/63 dalehoward (AT) Great ship & Crew
DE-1029 Robert Hyde RD3 5/64-10/66 roberthyde44 (AT) Great ship/guys-Good crew in Combat-Toured frm Halifax-NS-to key west Fla and Gitmo-Aboard during Collison-
DE-1029 Thomas James BT1 5/60 to 4/62 darryl.james (AT) This was my father who did 20 years. I am putting his name on all of his ship crew lists. Saddly he past away on 3/1/95. Fair wind and following seas.
DE-1029 Jake Klein MM-FA 11/64 to 10/65 25 Jefferson st. Howell N.J. 07731 This was my first ship.I remenber getting sea sick my first three days out to sea. No fun!
DE-1029 Bert Laufer BT2 4/62 - 8/62 laufb41 (AT)  
DE-1029 Richard Legg RM1 6/65-4/68 relcpo1 (AT) Living in Clearfield, Pa. Now
DE-1029 Jerome (Jerry) Leib SH2 1957 to 1959 suejer (AT) Does anyone remember the 1959 South America Cruise?
DE-1029 Buzz Lindberg RD3 1970-1972 bznpm (AT) Newport to Vermont and back every weekend...............
DE-1029 Thomas Lineaweaver SN/GMG 12/69-07/70 thomas.lineaweaver (AT) The Boston Yards then Gitmo.
DE-1029 Robert Magill RD3 1960-1962 rs magill (AT) It was the best time of my life, I'll never forget you guys.
DE-1029 David Martin BT3 12/57-10/60 davbetmar (AT) Would like to hear from my shipmates
DE-1029 John (Jack) (Mac) McBride E-4/QM3 1961 - 1964 johnjackmcbride (AT) Aarrrgh Matey's -Lots of Fond Memories / Some, Not So Fond.
DE-1029 William (Bill) McNeilis BM3 7/66 - 6/68 billmcn (AT) Enjoyed every minute of my time aboard the Hartley.
DE-1029 Claude Morgan SM2 1972 & 1973 Claudemorganlll (AT)  
DE-1029 Tom Mosser SK2 1968-69 Thomkm (AT)  
DE-1029 John Mostek RM2 8/6-9/63 GJMOSTEK (AT) Good to be back amongst some good people!
DE-1029 Don Mussellman DC3/SF3 1963-66 dalehoward (AT) I was aboard when the collision happened!
DE-1029 Steve Newell ET2 1969-1972 stevenewell2004 (AT) Still married to that Liverpool girl 31 years later
DE-1029 David Orange RD2 12/57-4/60 orangepit (AT) Some of my best memories
DE-1029 Stephen F. Papia PO2 2/64-1/67 Jdsandsfp (AT)  
DE-1029 Charles (Pat) Patterson STG2 1966-1968 parexson (AT)  
DE-1029 Charlie Peden EN3 1969 to 2/71 cbpeden (AT) work in the dash program
DE-1029 Arthur Petz SN 1958 to 1960 artie2 (AT)  
DE-1029 Carl Quist BM2 1970 to 1972 carlhq (AT) The best crew in the Navy
DE-1029 Martin (Bud) Remmick EM1 60-63 2lancer428 (AT) All Around good duty/with a great crew
DE-1029 Richard Ritzul SN 9/61-12/62 skyritz (AT) 1st Div. remember the cuban missile crisis?
DE-1029 William Rogers ET2 1971-1972 mitch.rogers74 (AT)  
DE-1029 William Rutherford SM 3/64 - 4/65 HWR512 (AT)  
DE-1029 Joseph W. Saul FT1 comm to 1960 msaul (AT)  
DE-1029 Dennis Schadler SN/E-3 11/69 - 11/71 dschadlersr (AT)  
DE-1029 Leroy Shanks SFM2 4/67 thru 1/69 sureshot225 (AT) A great ship and crew
DE-1029 Bruce Shorts SK3 1962 to 1965 bshorts (AT) Anyone remember the old philospher Clarence Blocker SH2
DE-1029 George Sliney ETR2 09/69 to 06/72 gjsliney (AT) I remember the great shipmates and all the wonderful times.
DE-1029 Jim Somerville RM2 5/58 - 8/60 jsomer (AT) Great ship,times-Lebanon crisis-hurricanes-some of best years of my life-Med & S Amer cruises-equator initiation.
DE-1029 Ernest Spindler EM2 1969-1970 ESPINX (AT) Getmo & nerve gas
DE-1029 Jim Stanislawski RM 1961-1963 martinknott (AT) anyone remember those 75 ft seas off Nova Scotia?
DE-1029 Troy Stanley SN 1957 to 1959 ptstan (AT)  
DE-1029 Bill Stare RM3 1960-1962 bstare (AT)  
DE-1029 Greg Sullivan MM3 1/66-68 skyk1ng (AT)  
DE-1029 Bob Sweitzer MM2 1960-1960 monabob (AT)  
DE-1029 Don Tanner E-3 1970-72 idontanner (AT) GOOD TIMES
DE-1029 Robert Taylor SN 1965-1966 watson.taylor (AT) Served from late 1965 to March 1966
DE-1029 Dave Tregea RM2 9/69-6/72 dtregea (AT) We made some cruises didn't we!
DE-1029 Joe Tribula SO1 12/58 to 5/62 jtribula7762 (AT) Would enjoy hearing from shipmates-anybody rem the storm off Hatteras in 62 that dished in the fw gun tub?
DE-1029 Terry Tucker DC2 6/66-1/70 kelltuck (AT)  
DE-1029 Charlie Waters ETR2 10/69 - ?/71 cewaters (AT) I was a DASH Tech(Drone Helicopter). I think Lt. McDow was Weapons Divison
DE-1029 David Weyandt ET 1964 to 1965 pdweyandt (AT) I will never forget looking up and seeing the name Blue Master halfway into the ship
DE-1029 Ralph Wharton SN 11/65-6/66 rpwharton (AT) She was a great introduction to the Navy Thanks
DE-1029 Kenneth R. White LT(jg) 1969 krwncal (AT) Comm Officer, COs LCDR Tylor Field III
DE-1029 Donald Williams MMFN (E-3) 1958 to 1960 Also served on USS Monssen DD 798
DE-1029 Ken Winser SKSN 1971 -1972 kbead (AT) where are all the hartley hippies
DE-1029 Bob Wolfe EM4 12/64 to 6/66 thewolfe1 (AT) I was on board during the collision with the Blue Master .
DE-1029 Alfonza Wright, Jr. SN 1961 to 1962 awrightjr (AT) I remember the high seas at Cape Hatteras when we lost a P-500 in the drink and forward gun mount was dented
DE-1029 Larry Yarber DK3 12/70 - 6/72 brolarway (AT) Remember that 3 day hurricane?

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