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FFG-53 Rob Adams DCC(SW) 12/99 - 01/01 radams (AT) Remember the COLE.
FFG-53 Charles Allen E-6   maywilliam37 (AT)  
FFG-53 Hector Alvarez GM5 03/95-05/98 daniel7396 (AT) CS3 Division - Dealers of death and destruction; well… not really but it have a catchy tune to it don’t it!
FFG-53 Danny Badillo OS 1994-1998 dbadillo (AT) miss the guys i served with
FFG-53 William Binkley GMG1 09/95-02/98 bubbabink70 (AT)  
FFG-53 Paul Bordeaux QM1 (SW) 9/92-9/94 roadscholar65 (AT) ahoy!
FFG-53 Marvin (Sam) Boyer HM3 (SW) 4/90 - 3/93 teufeldok (AT)  
FFG-53 Gary Branch MS3 1984 to 1986 gry_branch (AT) plank owner
FFG-53 Geoff Brown HTFN   phrogs1016 (AT)  
FFG-53 Tom Brown DC3 1991-1994 nascarfan03 (AT) want to get in touch with guys from her Charleston days
FFG-53 Daniel (D. J.) Casteel PN1 02/98 - 07/00 djcasteel (AT)  
FFG-53 Tom Caudle SKC 12/94-07/98 tomcaudle247 (AT) Remember it like it was yesterday
FFG-53 Tom Coon EN 1994-1999 ram35001 (AT) Wish I was still there. Miss all who servered on her. Great ship.
FFG-53 Barry Cox MA1 09/2010 to 12/2010 bcoxnavyret (AT) Decommissioning crew
FFG-53 Terry Darby OS2 precom-1989 kjuntt (AT) looking for any of the (OS) precom crew
FFG-53 Ken Davis RM3 4/90 4/94 KDAVISDD68 (AT) Best job I ever had-those were the days-wanna come back in but won't let me(bike wreck in 07)-life is funny.
FFG-53 Antonio Diaz E-4 8/1/01 to 8/01/04 scionpr (AT) reserve my comments
FFG-53 Jimmy Francis BM3 1984-1988 grailquester (AT)  
FFG-53 Bryan Fulks FC1 Plankowner bryanfulks (AT)  
FFG-53 Donald Furr DS2 08/89-12/93 Dfurr2000 (AT) Great time aboard the Hawes!
FFG-53 Clayton Greene FCC(SW) 1990 to 1992 buderwuder1 (AT) I was with her thru Desert Storm, and BALTOPS 1992.
FFG-53 Jeff Harden RM2 2/84-1/87 emory1st (AT) Would like to hear from other plankowners, ie: Elmo Shine
FFG-53 Cody Harmon YN3(SW) 9/01 - 6/05 cody.harmon (AT) Ship set the tone for excellence in my professional career- Thanks to all HAWESMEN!
FFG-53 Shawn Harrison GMM2 1988-1991 sschnelbach (AT) On board for Desert Storm. AKA Baby Gunner
FFG-53 Brian Higgins GSE1 1991 to 1995 whohign (AT) I left her after she changed ports from Charleston to Norfolk
FFG-53 Chad Hitz E-1 07/01-10/01 ffhitz570 (AT) love that ship wish i stayed in.
FFG-53 Phillip Jones E-6 1989 to 1994 jonespjones7 (AT)  
FFG-53 Sidney Kassner FFG-53 3/7/16 Ksquidney07 (AT) LPO
FFG-53 Haydn Katz STG2 7/02-8/06 Haydnkatz (AT)  
FFG-53 Anthony Knoch DK1 4/98 - 4/02 Anthony.Knoch (AT) Was DESRON-22 Sailor of the Year 2001
FFG-53 Michael Marcum E-3 05/93-02/95 kjmdolphin (AT) got on the boat in italy, med cruz '93 left the boat as they were leaving going back to the med in 02/95.
FFG-53 Glenn Martin BM3 Precom-6/87 glenn.j.martin1 (AT) Loved the Hawes. Currently a Chief Warrant Officer in the Army.
FFG-53 Andrew Martinez BM2 1998-1991 (AT) miss my old deck division shipmates!
FFG-53 Wilbert Mason DK2 Plankowner wilbert.mason (AT) Retired DK1 working Civil Service
FFG-53 Steve Miles GSE1/E-6 1884- steve.miles (AT) Plankowner, Just wanted to say hey to all the old engineering department.
FFG-53 David Neal BM3 1992 - 1996 dvdneal (AT) Good times, sad to see her decom
FFG-53 Daniel Nickolaus GSM3 01/95-10/97 nickolauas150 (AT)  
FFG-53 Toby Purvis SM2 8/84-5/89 toby35906 (AT) Plankowner. Live in Alabama now. Work for Honda.
FFG-53 John Quinlan HT2 2/85 - 1/86 jpqincny (AT) Proud plankowner and did first and last re-ups in her.
FFG-53 George Raab QM1 1993-1996 georaab1 (AT) Awesome ship
FFG-53 Bob Ramsey OS1 1/91-6-91 gman26101 (AT) Onboard tad during Desert Storm
FFG-53 Steve Rodriguez SN 1990 to 1991 Kabballah1 (AT) Remember the Iraqi mines and are Giant EightBall on the port side Bridge!!
FFG-53 Lee Rogers FCCS 1988-1990 leegrogers (AT) best ship I served on
FFG-53 Jimmy Schmeling HM3(SW) 11/02-9/04 jimmyfire (AT)  
FFG-53 John Shivers MS3 5/89 -5/93 lorajohnshivers (AT) I miss those days in charleston.and my shipmates,and cmdr speer
FFG-53 Gary St. John EN2 1986 to1991 gstjohn (AT)  
FFG-53 Douglas Stafford DCC(SW) 4/86-10/88 des8868 (AT) Three section duty for 2.5 years. Wow! I can't believe i survived it.
FFG-53 Burke Stoughton DS1(SW) 8/84 to 8/89 burkestoughton (AT)  
FFG-53 Lance Tushim EM1(SW) 8/84-1/86 lmtma_59 (AT) Precom/Commissioning, GTMO & Jamaica Man
FFG-53 Robert Walls RM3 1984-1986 yougotitbobwalls (AT) PLANK OWNER and damn proud of it!! I would love to hear from anyone in the ShipControl div./ communications
FFG-53 Douglas Warner LCDR 11/05-05/07 LCDRDWarner (AT) Executive Officer
FFG-53 Mark Wikman STG1 (SW) 1984 to 1988 Mrwikman (AT) Plank owner, just checking for shipmates e-mail addresses.

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