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DE-10236 Clifford Poe FA 1/73- 6/73 poescamp (AT)  
DE-1026 Jim Adair STG2 04/66 - 06/68 jadair7 (AT) Trns to DLG-9 when it bec res ship. Ret in 06-reside in Edmond,OK-where are Artie Schuller & John Eads?
DE-1026 Bob Adair RM1 2/7/67-3/6/69 badair2 (AT)  
DE-1026 Dan (Andy) Anderson ET1 1/68 - 7/71 uncledan.anderson (AT)  
DE-1026 Ralph Anderson RD3 9/62-9/64 Ralph-Anderson (AT)  
DE-1026 E. R. (Chip) Angle ETR2 1964-1967 n6ca.chip (AT)  
DE-1026 Roger Baron LT(jg)(SC) 3/67-6/69 rbbaron (AT) Ad agency in Chicago, stayed in Reserves, retired CAPT
DE-1026 Robert Bass EM3 7/71 - 12/72 rpbass (AT)  
DE-1026 Joseph Benedetti BT3 5/60-8/63 bene464 (AT)  
DE-1026 Doyle Blair   65-68 ? Dblair3856 (AT) Doyle is my father and passed away in early 1996
DE-1026 Larry Bowler RM2 1958-1960 LAMBOWLER (AT) SOFTCOM.NET  
DE-1026 Bill Carlson LT(jg) 9/60-8-63 carlsonwr (AT) I saw LT(jg) Wright and RM Korn on list as well as others.
DE-1026 Manuel Carrera E-3 7/72 TO 7/73 carreram13 (AT) need infor 72 to 73
DE-1026 Joseph L. Carter   7/62-8/65 gg3398 (AT) My father-looking for any info about him-I am his daughter Pam Moore-thk you in advance
DE-1026 Steven Chapman BT3 10/69-7/72 wingit11 (AT)  
DE-1026 LeRoy Clark E-3 1966-1968 cleroyjr (AT)  
DE-1026 William (Bill) Coleman, Jr. LT(jg) 07/65 - 11/87 colemanwaii (AT) Retired as Capt. 08/92, had 3 XO and 4 CO tours.
DE-1026 Michael Currier RM2 8/68-4/72 currierlaw (AT) Entire enlistment on Hooper..Resdesron 27
DE-1026 Grant DeMuth FTG2 1966-1969 grant.demuth (AT) guntersvilleal.ord  
DE-1026 Robert Dorell SN3 4/63 to 1/65 bobdorell (AT)  
DE-1026 Jay Doughty SK1 1961 jayd (AT)  
DE-1026 James Earl FTG3 1965-1968 jkearl (AT) Would like to find J.D.L. Mitchell
DE-1026 Ronald Ennis EM2 3/67-2/70 havasumint (AT) looking for Mike Hess, Ron DeSilva, Baltazar Garcia.
DE-1026 Ronald Ferguson BM3 1960 - 1962 rnmferg (AT) Great ship & great crew. Great travels & great experiences. Love my NAVY
DE-1026 Bruce Gallagher MM3 1/67-10/68 bdpg58 (AT)  
DE-1026 Alvin Gerard BT2 1961 to 1966 requiemalliance (AT) If anyone served on the USS Hooper in the 1960's please let me know by e-mail contact. Thanks.
DE-1026 David Gibson GMG2 1/71to 4/72 davidjoycegibson (AT) great duty
DE-1026 Tim Greeley MM2 8/71 - 7/73 tgreeley (AT)  
DE-1026 Robert Hanford EN3 3/71 to 7/6/73 rodbender1971.1 (AT) seen some of my old shipmates, still looking for John Kintop EN3
DE-1026 Larry Harris MM2 1960-61 larry-h (AT)  
DE-1026 Clark Hendrickson RM3 10-67 - 11/68 seethesea2 (AT) Would enjoy hearing from any of the Hooper crew that served during the time I served on this ship.
DE-1026 Willie Hicks DK3 1960-1963 HKSPROF (AT) Also operated the ship's store
DE-1026 Coyle Hill SFM3 8/60 - 7/63 gangreen55 (AT) Shipfitter in R-Div, In 63 got a swap to Klondike AR 22
DE-1026 Frederick Hornedo SN 1969-1969 fhorn (AT) 732 787-0864
DE-1026 Jack Howard FA 1968 howardjack (AT) I was on Hooper for one month MM RM
DE-1026 Raymond Humphrey E-3 01/67 - 10/67 raymondhumphrey1945 (AT) Are we considered ''Tin Can'', as well as you guys?!!
DE-1026 Barry Hunter RD3 6/69-670 bhunter639 (AT)  
DE-1026 James Jellison PN1 1957-1960 jigoosenest (AT) Reired - CWO2 - NC is home
DE-1026 Hank 'Johnny' Johnson MM2 1967-1970 hbjpbj (AT)  
DE-1026 Fred Juvenile MM1 1958-62 and 1964-69 fredw112 (AT) 69/ to warden 70/ to cook 71/shoreduty navsta s.d. ret/74
DE-1026 Donald Kemp   1966 tinakemp04 (AT)  
DE-1026 Donnell Kidder BT1 4/57-10/59 dkidder126 (AT) Part of precommissioning detail
DE-1026 David Kissinger BM3 1965-1967 david.kissinger (AT)  
DE-1026 Steve Knox RM3 1971 knox-sb (AT) Ports Cruised To: Seattle, Portland, Redwood City, and San Diego
DE-1026 Marv Korn RM2 1960-1962 marvkorn (AT) Publisher of Super Dooper Hooper Scooper (Ships's Paper)
DE-1026 George (Tubes) LeFeuvre TM3 03/1967 11/1968 Spunkie111 (AT) See a few names I recognize,, was good duty and proud to be a part of it
DE-1026 Herman Lewis E-3 4/66 to 3/67 hlewis8445 (AT) good duty>>>has fun with you guy
DE-1026 Carlos Lising RM2 1/62 - 6/65 clising (AT)  
DE-1026 Richard Lund RD2 10/57 to 10/60 bklund (AT) Plankowner
DE-1026 Russell Mehls EM2 6/63 - 12/66 mehls (AT)  
DE-1026 James L. Meredith, Jr. E-3 1964 to 1965 jmeredith (AT)  
DE-1026 Gerald Miller E-3 7/60 - 7/61 tr3jerry43 (AT) Deckard with the rat
DE-1026 Robert Miller RD2 7/61 to 4/62 bmvgm (AT) transfered from CA -73 to Hooper after serving on St.Paul for 2 1/2 years homeported at Yokosuka
DE-1026 William Miller ET1 1970 to 1971 bil14mil (AT)  
DE-1026 Robert Montgomery RD2 9/65-10/68 rmmonty (AT)  
DE-1026 Jack Moore MM2 precom 1958 to 12/60 jackrmoore (AT) Hello all you Plank Owners out there.
DE-1026 Joe Moreno EN2 5/58-12/59 jmoreno588 (AT)  
DE-1026 James Mullikin FTG3 1962 jmullikin (AT) Any shipmate Hello!
DE-1026 Ronald Munger SOG2 6/60 - 9/62 rbmunger (AT)  
DE-1026 Joseph Murphy E-3 7/1/69 TrimphTiger1999 (AT) Two-week reserve cruise.
DE-1026 John Northover FTG2 1/64-2/65 dentover (AT)  
DE-1026 Rick Orvis E-5 CS2 8/1966-2/1970 mlorivs (AT) On the 350 gun crew when overseas jack of the dust and cook to the end of duty.
DE-1026 Charles Petty GMSN 05/59 - 10/61 colcpetty1944 (AT)  
DE-1026 Clifford Poe E-2 1/73-6/73 Poescamp (AT) Super Duper Trooper from the Hooper
DE-1026 Ronal Price SMSN 1972-1973 pricerh (AT) Home phone (979) 849-1083
DE-1026 Jack Price RM1 10/62-6/64 jmpsatd (AT)  
DE-1026 Felix Reid SOG2 1962 to 1964 flatrat6 (AT)  
DE-1026 John Robertson SR 2/69-3/69 jsherrodr (AT) 2 week AT for init shipboard training aft boot camp in S Diego-almost washed overboard dur work detail
DE-1026 Robert Rosenberg STG3 1965 to 1968 PWDBob (AT) Would like to share my collection of pics `66 to `68
DE-1026 Edward F. Sanchez MM2 7/69-7/72 sancheze (AT) already registered, email address has changed
DE-1026 Joseph Schneider RM2 65 - 69 jjschneider26 (AT) Email Address has changed...thanks
DE-1026 Larry Schubert RD2 7/59-3/62 lschub (AT) your mail was never late!!!!!!
DE-1026 Donald Smalley TM2 1961-1964 (AT) Like to hear from shipmates during this period-after the navy,served with Kansas Hwy Patrol-ret as Capt.
DE-1026 Roger Smith STG2 1/67--11/67 RS6789 (AT)  
DE-1026 Mike Sobyra LT 11/69-11/70 masobyra (AT)  
DE-1026 Bill Sopher SM3 1967-1968 bigdaddysopher (AT)  
DE-1026 Ronald (Ron) Sponseller MMFN 11/57-06/60 ron.spon39 (AT) Great ship, good memories!
DE-1026 Bob Stolle DC2 69-70 BStolle654 (AT) Mole duty was good
DE-1026 Michael Swinford ETN2 1965-1966 m.swinford (AT)  
DE-1026 Wayne Thrailkill SF2 06/68-01/71 wayne thrailkill (AT) Probably known more as ''Alabama''-served in dc shop w/ Bedke,R Sessine,W Avant & B Stolle-love to hear from anyone who remem us.
DE-1026 Jerry Trailor RD2 12/66-10/68 jerrytrailor (AT)  
DE-1026 Jim Van De Veire RM3 1967-1968 jimvandy (AT) Submitted for change of email address only. Thank you.
DE-1026 Charles Wallace E-3 1967 wallace508 (AT)  
DE-1026 Dan Warren RM2 1964-1967 danwarren (AT) would like to hear from shipmates
DE-1026 James Webb LT(jg) 5/65-3/67 jmwebb618 (AT)  
DE-1026 Gary Wolff GMG3 4/71-6/73 wolffg72 (AT)  
DE-1026 Terry Word LT(jg) 2/67 - 3/69 twordpc (AT) ASW officer then Weaps after became reserve trainer-went to USS Wahshoe Cty. LST 1165 next-live in Albuq,NM.
DE-1026 Charles Wright SM2 9/59-5/62 Cwright12 (AT) Only recognize Willie Hicks listed, we called him Willie Nun as he had no middle name
DE-1026 Bruce Wright LT(jg) 6/60-5/63 captwright (AT)  

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