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FFG-24 Edwin Rivera RMSN 1986 to 1989 rivera.edwin (AT) hey guy'sgod bless you all.i remember missle monday. i was great serving with you guy.ruben rocha where are you.
FFG-24 Ruben Rocha GMSN 01/86-12/89 coreyrocha (AT) This was a great ship!!!
FFG-24 Geoffrey Scott MR2 1/88-1/90 gbms40 (AT) I missed this Ship
FFG-24 Andrew Shanahan BMSN 1992-1994 colonialshanahan (AT)  
FFG-24 James Spencer BMSN 6/83-7/87 jimslawrules (AT) Had a great time while on board, lost touch with the friends that I made but would like to reconnect
FFG-24 Gary Spillane GMG3 2/87-2/92 exnavycombatvet (AT) Hello my fellow sailors .i miss the times we had in the persian gulf.april 18.1988 when we became combat vets
FFG-24 Jeffrey Steele FTM2/FC2 1985 to 1989 jeffrey.steele (AT) Long live the Happy Jack-Mike Cleveland rem the 80+ lb wooden elephant got in PI-Capt could find where we hid it.
FFG-24 Clayton (Tap) Taparra IC3 1983-1987 cempty (AT) Great times on and off the ship. I will never forget my time in the service.
FFG-24 Jeffery Taylor SM3 1990-1993 Taylorzone (AT)  
FFG-24 Barry Thomasson SASN 3/90-7/92 SHOTTA7066 (AT) Let's go back to Rhode Island Dry Dock
FFG-24 Charlie Thomke CTO2 87-88 Canon075H (AT) part of CT detachment for PG Cruise. Awesome ship/crew !!
FFG-24 Rodney D. Tynes SA 6/92 -11/93 SteelerRod (AT) Sup Shipmates, Holla back if you remember me Tynes, good ole ODO1 Deckape. . .
FFG-24 Marco Valera LT 1985-1989 mval27 (AT) ORDO and DCA
FFG-24 David Werme GMM2 1983 to 1987 dwerme (AT) Blue nose, Shellback, two cannals and three quarters of the way around the world,
FFG-24 Glenn Wescott EN2 83-86 purple74mopar (AT) whats to say except i did eat the worm.
FFG-24 Scott Wessels STG1 1986-1990 wessels (AT)  
FFG-24 Paul Weston NT/E-6 3/87-12/90 paulweston4 (AT) I really miss being at sea
FFG-24 Derrick Wilkerson FC2 08/94 - 09/96 mktmvr (AT)  
FFG-24 Jeff Wolf HT2 3/90 - 2/92 magicwolf.1 (AT)  
FFG-24 Mike Zais EM1 7/86 to 7/91 jamz1 (AT) Best looking electrician this ship had ever seen-Howdy to all who remember-Joe Armstrong:we're on the same list.
FFG-24 Marc Zgola ET2 1982-1986 mezgola (AT) Still crazy after all these years.

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