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DE/FF1089 Jody Higgins EM2 1991-1994 jody.higgins (AT) Stayed in reserves and currently an ITC serving with C6F.
DE/FF-1089 William (Bill) Blount OSC (SW) 1/73-9/76 bill-1089 (AT) PlankOwner-Cmd CareerCounselor under XO LCdr Tom Lynch-great crew-set fleet records. Loved that ship!!!
DE/FF-1089 David Coon MM3 1973 to 76 slotbaby (AT) Plankowner
DE/FF-1089 Jerry Harrell BT2 1974 to 1978 jeryharrell52 (AT)  
DE/FF-1089 Fred Rapagna MM2 09/72 - 04/76 frapagna (AT) Plank Owner
DE/FF-1089 Douglas Struble BT2/E-5 1972-1976 stroobydoo1 (AT) Plankowner
DE/FF-1089 Daniel Szymendera EM2 72-76 dszymendera (AT) ski
DE-1089 Norman Bachelder E-4 1972-73 beckbill (AT) Commissioned ship out of Newport R.I.
DE-1089 Robert Bernard HT3 1972 to 1974 saltydog21453 (AT) R - Divison
DE-1089 Philip Blais ST1 2/73 - 12/74 c5cruzin (AT) Plank Owner
DE-1089 Johnny Blouir BMSN 1972 -1975 blouirjsr (AT) Plankowner Looking for Mark Babin
DE-1089 Garry Buis RM3 1972-73 garry.buis (AT) Plank Owner
DE-1089 Mark Clark SM3 12/74-12/76 mavtruck (AT) Living the dream in Pensacola, FL!!
DE-1089 James Davies BT3 2/73 - 2/75 jtdav5476 (AT) plankowner
DE-1089 Dennis Dillon SH3 1972 to 1974 dennisd21 (AT) Plank owner, did you ever receive a haircut from me?
DE-1089 Bobby Edwards YNSN 5/74 - 6/75 EDWARDS (AT) BLOMAND.NET I was hometown friend of Audie Parker
DE-1089 Dusty Engel OS2 1/73 - 5/75 DE12453 (AT) PreCom Crew,Plankowner-PreCom USS Kinkaid(DD-965) in S Diego 7/76-EOS9/80 from NAB Coronado,CA
DE-1089 Tim Hinson MM2 8/74 to 3/78 rthin47 (AT) started in the engine room and moved to aux 1
DE-1089 J W James BM1 1972 - 1973 trapper (AT) Precom / Plankowner
DE-1089 Mark Jenkins SM2 06/75 - 05/80 nccszeus (AT) From Boy's to Men... What a great learning experience and great shipmates.
DE-1089 Todd Mack AWAN 6/74 to 12/74 TSMack (AT) Was young Aircrew, Plane Captain, AW & the Aviation Rescue Swimmer-great ship to be on & crew to serve with
DE-1089 Dwight Montague OS2 12/72-6/76 montague_d (AT) Plank Owner, photographer, bicycle
DE-1089 Carl Oakes S/A 1974-1976 tenderfoot51 (AT) never forget cuba trip powder room 5in shells
DE-1089 Doug Padgett BT2 1972-1976 ashwell1 (AT) Plankowner
DE-1089 Bob Rinfret RM3 73-74 rdr1089 (AT) plankowner
DE-1089 Ken Schleger MM2 1/73-6/76 DE1089 (AT) Plankowner
DE-1089 George Sherman FTG2 1972-1974 mas3333 (AT) Plank Owner
DE-1089 Frank Sizemore RMC 1974-1975 fsizemore (AT)  
DE-1089 Tom Skinner WO1 1972 to 1975 bandit_88210 (AT) Was plank owner, retired 1982
DE-1089 Gary Smith MM3 1/73 - 6/74 garleesmi (AT) plankowner
DE-1089 Douglas Struble BT2/E-5 1972 to 1976 stroobydoo1 (AT) Plankowner
DE-1089/FF-1089 David Spencer BM2 1/74-10/79 drspen56 (AT) (AT) You never forget your first duty!!
FF-1089 Archie Aultman BT3 11/75 - 6/79 arault (AT)  
FF-1089 Terry Bagwell LT 82-83 tbags56 (AT) Nav.
FF-1089 Reggie Barbour MM2 2/73 - 7/76 reggie_barbour (AT) Plankowner
FF-1089 Paul Barger PC3 10/80-5/82 pbarger (AT) Ships Postal Clerk (mailman) drop onboard out to sea by Chinhook helicopter
FF-1089 Kenneth Bavis OS3 1978 -1981 kennybavis (AT) all these years later and I can still remember being on some kinda boat
FF-1089 Robert Bernard HT2 1972-1974 georgepchitty (AT)  
FF-1089 Darrin Blackmore GMT2 10/85-6/87 darrinb (AT) Libya
FF-1089 Michael Brown FTG3/2 1983-1985 ml.brown.4640 (AT)  
FF-1089 Ron Buchanan GMTC(SW) 05/90-05/92 gmtcswron (AT)  
FF-1089 Tom Cantrell NCC(SW) 1984-1987 tomcan24 (AT) best ship I was aboard in 22 yrs service!
FF-1089 Terry Cobb MS2 3/85-6/90 nukems (AT) scrambled or omelet
FF-1089 Stuart Cohen SN 92/94 Grizz4073 (AT)  
FF-1089 Antoine Coleman SKSN 03/91-07/93 acoleman4 (AT)  
FF-1089 Thomas (Tom) Collins EW3 12/74-1/78 tccanoe (AT) Working as an RN at the VA in Lex, Ky.
FF-1089 Leroy Cook E-4 1982-1983 SCOOKIEMAN6617 (AT)  
FF-1089 Brad Copeland MM2 10/78-2/83 n0sga1 (AT) Homeport - Charleston, SC
FF-1089 Kyle Crutchley DC2 10/88 - 6/90 ffpmmcmd (AT)  
FF-1089 Lou DeVore STG2 4/78 - 11/81 ldevore (AT)  
FF-1089 Rod Draper STG2 03/79-08/80 markmtnfn6 (AT) Made UNITAS XX
FF-1089 Brian Edelbach STG3 1980-1982 bedelbac (AT) nickname was Buffy
FF-1089 Jerry Edwards LT(jg) 08/81-03/84 jledwards1605 (AT) Great first sea tour for a porkchop.
FF-1089 Richard Gales RM2 1989-1990 Richard.Gales (AT) (AT) CS.COM UNITAS 89
FF-1089 Paul Gawronski BT1 -BTC 6/80 -7/85 btsnipes (AT) Always Underway, Great Crew
FF-1089 Franklin Gingrich STG2 1981-1985 Akhorahil (AT) The Grinch'' ( that stole Christmas)''
FF-1089 Dennis Harden OS2 1977-1979 dgharden (AT) Charleston to Bath Maine to Unitas XX, the good times always outweigh the bad
FF-1089 Curtis Heckert BT1 1986-1992 dljcats3 (AT) check out JLB Website for stories
FF-1089 Marty Hovis BT3 1/86-9/89 martyhovis (AT)  
FF-1089 John Harold Ingle BMC 1976-1981 John_ingle (AT) Living in White Deer, Texas
FF-1089 Johnny Jacobs AX13 10/76 - 06/77 mack33 (AT) Anyone else from Det 7?
FF-1089 Dale (TAZ) Johnson HM3 7/86-9/88 gonegolf_n (AT) Living in Asheville, NC and working at VA Hospital
FF-1089 Joe Kaspert MM3 7/78 - 2/82 ioeandpattiekaspert (AT) My first and best ship in a 24 year carrer
FF-1089 Daniel Kislan AT2 3/82-8/82 moofoamy (AT) HSL-36 Det-2
FF-1089 Kasey Knight OS1(SW) 1986-1988 klknight (AT) I earned my ESWS on the Brown. Great crew, bad wife!
FF-1089 Dana Kominski QM3 4/79 - 12/81 dana (AT) Gained alot of valueable life experience on this ship.
FF-1089 Jim Kozuszek IC2 1976 to 1979 jkoz57 (AT)  
FF-1089 Joseph LeBrie E-4 80-83 joe.vic (AT) Hope All Is Well With All My Shipmates!
FF-1089 Peter Lee STG2 9/87 to 9/89 squid213 (AT) First ship and still a ping jocky
FF-1089 Jim Lievsay YN3 10/88 to 01/92 ucantstop (AT) Remembering my first!
FF-1089 Jamie Linford MM3 1976-1978 capgunjpl (AT)  
FF-1089 Jim Littlehale EW1 (SW) 5/77 - 9/82 SirJaymes (AT) GMail.Com  
FF-1089 Terry Longworth TM2 1983-1985 Tlongworth (AT) Unitas XXIV WATC ''83'' You remember??
FF-1089 Eric Martorell STG2 1983 - 1987 semarty87 (AT)  
FF-1089 Patrick McCormack Lcp 1983 patmac1064 (AT) Was aboard USS Spiegel Grove-took great pics of ship during a replenishment off Chile-would like to share them.
FF-1089 Michael McLain HT2 2/73-7/76 mikemac595 (AT)  
FF-1089 Joe McLaughlin MMC(SS) 9/92 - 3/94 j.d.mclaughlin53 (AT) Nashville reserve gp. Great time. Great CPO Mess.
FF-1089 Lisa Merritt YN2 1992-1994 SISTALISA (AT) HOTMAIL.COM  
FF-1089 Brandon Miller BM3 4/92-7/94 brandon.r.miller (AT)  
FF-1089 Charles (Rusty) Mills RM1(SW) 9/79-7/82 cmills3 (AT) Great Ship! Great Crew! Best Shipmates!
FF-1089 Ian Moore EN2 Jul 91- Mar 94 en1ianmoore (AT)  
FF-1089 Norman Moore PN3 09/88-02/91 Norman.Moore (AT) I can also be reached at armysarg220 (AT)
FF-1089 Brian Murphy TM3 5)83 - 3/85 murphin154 (AT)  
FF-1089 Rhoad Nathan MMFN 05/92-11/93 n810_rd (AT)  
FF-1089 Steve Nichols MM3 10/90-07-94 Snick103 (AT) Plankowner
FF-1089 Bruce Niskanen BT2 1981-1983 BNISKANEN1 (AT)  
FF-1089 Robert Overkott STGCS 12/81-7/85 BOverkott (AT)  
FF-1089 John Parr BT2 81-1983 parrjohn (AT) I'm updating my info. Looking for shipmates.
FF-1089 Jim Pattison CDR 1/87-2/89 jpattison (AT) See JLB web site at
FF-1089 Leonard Peck SK2 10/76-5/78 Lpeck456 (AT)  
FF-1089 Richard Peno EM2 1/73 to 5/76 techman5003 (AT) Plank owner looking for shipmates
FF-1089 George R. Pryor MS1 1980- 1982 Pryors3 (AT) Great crew. My last ship before I retired.
FF-1089 Greg Quillinan LT 10/72-8/74 gregquill (AT)  
FF-1089 Randy 'Rabbit' Rahrig MM2 1977-1981 Rayriggs (AT)  
FF-1089 Benjamin Ray STG1 82-87 BigDadBen (AT) First ship, I will never forget. Unitas 83 and Boston yards
FF-1089 Skip Reid STG1 1984 - 1988 spikeskip (AT)  
FF-1089 Nathan Rhoad MMFN 5/92-12/93 nathanrhoad (AT)  
FF-1089 Michael Richmond BT2 09/76-12/77 irishmike45 (AT) Great serving aboard the Brown. Junkyard Dog all the way.
FF-1089 Alan ''Robbie'' Robbins LT 04/77-04/79 robbinsbc (AT)  
FF-1089 John (J.R.) Royster EN3 10/1978-3/1981 roystja1 (AT) In A Gang w/Brad Copeland,Donald Kirven,Eric Johnson,Helvies,Billy Johnson-still best boss ever had.Mark Jenins
FF-1089 Michael D. Rush EN2 6/72 to 8/75 sr5150 (AT) A Division Helo fuel Team (JP5 Pump Rm/Aux 2)
FF-1089 Robert Ryan MM2 9/82-5/85 bullfool (AT)  
FF-1089 Bob Scott LT 1976-1977 rwscott (AT) Det 7 LAMPS pilot Med Cruise and Silver Jubillee N. Atlantic
FF-1089 Ronald Scurry SM3 1882 to 1986 rdsii64 at hot mail dot com  
FF-1089 Paul G. Seanson MM1(SW) 6/90-9/92 PSWANSON10 (AT)  
FF-1089 Dave Shrope SN 86-89 wdes-151 (AT) after steering manned & ready
FF-1089 Leon Smith MM2 7/87 - 2/90 leonsmith1965 (AT)  
FF-1089 Dwayne Smith OS2 1988-1992 dvrjsmitty (AT) A man never forgets his first ship.
FF-1089 Joe Steed FTG1 5/79 - 12/83 joesboy1089 (AT)  
FF-1089 Richard Stewart IC2 1975 to 1978 richardstewart (AT)  
FF-1089 Ernest Tomberlin SM1 7/82-2/84 ettom723 (AT) UNITAS Cruise, very rewarding and educational
FF-1089 Timothy Trant PN2 03/78-05/81 timothy.trant (AT) Great crew!! Some of the best times of my life
FF-1089 Jim Trobaugh ICFN 5/92-7/94 lisa_tee2002 (AT)  
FF-1089 Michael Tucker STGSN 1986-1988 w3zmd (AT)  
FF-1089 Steven Turner HT3 8/81-5/84 steven turner (AT) great ship and awesome crew
FF-1089 Stephen Waldecker MM2 12/76 to 12/80 swaldecker (AT) #6, #5, #4,#3,#2,#.5 #1 top notch #1 throttle
FF-1089 Michael Watson MM2 78-82 lrover43140 (AT)  
FF-1089 Jim Webb MMC (SW) 5/79 - 6/84 jlmwebb (AT)  
FF-1089 Terry Whisenhunt FC2 1984-1987 twhisenhunt (AT)  
FF-1089 Rick Whitt MM3 76-80 sliccckrik (AT) Anybody know how to contact Paul Seam, Pimberville Ohio
FF-1089 Wayne Wilkins SN 1977 to 1978 wayne t wilkins (AT) life as a boatswain mate and hull tech then off to machinery repairman school
FF-1089 John Withers STGC 4/78-12/81 jhwithers (AT) Was 3M Coordinator and Command Chief
FF-1089 Thomas Wojtowicz( Ski) EM3 76-79 thomas.wojtowicz (AT)  
FF-1089 Chris Woodard OS3 1989 to 1992 chriswoodard (AT)  
FF-1089 Bob Wooten NCC(SW) 1987-1989 sailorbob (AT) Career Counselor onboard USS Jesse L Brown FF1089; 2x Golden Anchor Award Winner
FF-1089 Jon Zimmerman IC2 1983 to 1986 zzim60 (AT) Was a great ship to serve on
FFT-1089 Brian Yeast DC2 3/91-7/94 Brian_yeast (AT) Onboard for transition from FF to FFT,move to Mobile,AL, turnover to the Egyptians & finally the decom.

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