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FFG-32 Brian Alexander DC1(sw) 94-99, 03-05 navfirefighter85 (AT)  
FFG-32 Craig Barber QM3 01/89-12/93 cbarber5 (AT) Lots of great memories ''Med. Cruiz''
FFG-32 Hradjeane Bio ABEAN 09/07-09/11 mathewrose2 (AT) Deck seaman for 3 1/2 years. By far the best time in my naval career so far-proud to claim I was a crew member
FFG-32 Alan Byerly DC2 2/2004-8/2007 alanbyerly (AT) Words can't express.
FFG-32 Robert Camp SHSN 4/92-4/93 nineteenseventy2000 (AT) this is shsn camp i was a shipserviceman with chief brooks on the john l hall
FFG-32 Toby Carson QM3 9/95-9/99 carsontoby (AT)  
FFG-32 Mark (aka 40) Cerkovnik SM3 95-97 applebeeskm2004 (AT) any1 remember the gautier house, any1 out there
FFG-32 John Conley GSCS 1982 to 1986 JOHN.CONLEY (AT) TIMKEN.COM John L. is a great shipand we had a great crew !!!
FFG-32 Gordon Davis FC3 08/00 - 04/03 solaran_x (AT)  
FFG-32 Paul Dyjak GSM1 1981-82 pdyjak (AT) Plankowner
FFG-32 Patrick Etheredge ET3(SW) 12/99-6/05 patrick.etheredge (AT)  
FFG-32 Mark Fahy EN2 1988 to 1990 msf290 (AT) Never forget MED Cruise 90. Suez canal and Red sea. Great ship!
FFG-32 Anthony Farmer EM2 1981 - 1985 tonynsue (AT) She is a great ship with lots of memories.
FFG-32 Terrell Gavin MS3 (SW) 11/200 to 6/2005 terrell1228 (AT) lots of great times
FFG-32 Anthony Gettys QM3 3/81-06/84 agettys1 (AT) Federico, Custer, Romero, Therian.....what a division!!!
FFG-32 Salvador Gonzalez SM3 (SW) 1992-1995 GONZALEZ284 (AT) Avila Heflin Bratko Mitchel Horn Reed Boman Ramos EMAIL ME.
FFG-32 Adam Gromko E-3 12/87 - 09/89 agromko (AT) Dry docked in New Orleans, GITMO, Scottland. Good times with good people. What a ride.
FFG-32 Richard Guettler BM2 1983-1988 rguettler (AT) Any Ancon Rangers out there?
FFG-32 Lane Guidry STG2 01/01-04/05 laneguidry (AT)  
FFG-32 Brian Guinther MA1 1/95 - 12/96 brianguinther (AT)  
FFG-32 Jim Haefner MS3 87-91 rooster1967 (AT) Remember med cruise 1990. Operation Desert Shield.
FFG-32 Glenn Harshman LT(jg) 2/94-12/96 grharsh (AT)  
FFG-32 Calvin Henderson SK2(SW) 4/1991 to 6/1993 calvinhenderson49 (AT) The best FFG-32 in the basin of Mayport, FL Blue E winners and the best SK's
FFG-32 Scott Hennessey OS3 1989-93 Duckman2816 (AT)  
FFG-32 Frank Hohenhouse GSM1 4/81-9/86 FLHMARINE (AT) Great times
FFG-32 Michael Hurley GSE2 06/96-09/01 michael.s.hurley (AT)  
FFG-32 Cary Kirkman FC2 99-02 cary.kirkman (AT) CS-3 - the place to be.
FFG-32 Christopher Landry EM2 1992 to 1996 ssrobelo (AT) Navy full speed ahead.
FFG-32 David (aka Beater) Leadbeater HT1 1982-1986 q-cosal (AT) Great times. Plankowner. Lord willing I will be at the Decom.
FFG-32 Joseph Lynn SR3 6/82-84 or 1985 toot1 (AT) trying to find all plankowners and where to get the book
FFG-32 Joseph D. Marone JOTSO 1989-1992 hotspot (AT) Where are all you spring neck geeks?
FFG-32 Kevin Martin FC2(SW) 12/88-5/92 kevlar02 (AT)  
FFG-32 Herb Messer MS2 4/83-11/86 miamimarket (AT) Couldn't wait to get out, now I look back as 3 1/2 years of good times! Email me.
FFG-32 Jeff Miller DC2 99-03 oneabacowboy (AT)  
FFG-32 Ric Miller GSMC 12/81-11/84 ricky_miller (AT) Down the Kennebec with Capt. Jack... what a ride!!
FFG-32 Michael Mitchell SM2(sw) 1990 to 1992 michael (AT) Salvador give me a call 940 453 8840.
FFG-32 John Morrissey CWO4 10/83-10/85 jmorrisfla (AT)  
FFG-32 Robert Murch GMG1 1981 to1985 bmurch99 (AT)  
FFG-32 Ronald Oppel MS2 sw 4/00-5/04 roppel (AT)  
FFG-32 Mike O'Rourke OS2 06/92-06/97 mikeo_43015 (AT)  
FFG-32 James Pfeffer OS1 1993-1998 xxjeepxx (AT) semper victorias
FFG-32 Henry Pickard OS2(SW) 1/82 to 3/83 shipm858 (AT) Plankowner
FFG-32 Gary Priest OS1 1982 to 1985 monk4556 (AT) Great crew and wonderful memories.
FFG-32 Ruben Ramirez OS2 1994-1996 texasbullet07 (AT) Hey Mike, where are all the OS's
FFG-32 Lawrence Ramsey OSCS 8/93-9/95 MarjorieRobinson (AT)  
FFG-32 Rory Register E-4 11/01-01/05 roryregister (AT) There were some good times on the Johnny.
FFG-32 Lane Robbins FC2 5/94-10/98 lane_robbins (AT) Remember when Chad freaked out while in the Red Sea??
FFG-32 Alan Russell GMG2 12/85 to 5/89 russella (AT)  
FFG-32 Troy Scherer GSM3 1996 to 1999 tscherer21 (AT)  
FFG-32 Jeff Schuur GMG2 1982 to 1984 schuurj (AT) Looking for Plankowners and hoping I can make it to the Decom in March, email me
FFG-32 Kenny Smith OS2 (SW) 3/84-6/88 Ksmithatc (AT) What a great crew! Great to be able to travel the globe with a fine group of sailors.
FFG-32 Bob Snipes SKC 6/82-3/84 r.snipes1 (AT) Commissioning crew 6/26/82
FFG-32 Mark Spence OS 03/86-11/89 mspence (AT) She was a great ship/crew. Never forget the Ancon Inn.
FFG-32 Bruce Steele OS3 9/82 - 2/87 ljv11 (AT) checking in as of 2/1/08. shout out to maz,mac,Q,smith,stoner,meeks,burk,priest an the late bobby b
FFG-32 Ken Steele IC2 6/82 - 3/84 pkste (AT) From precomm to Panama and back. I enjoyed it all (CS-4 Div)
FFG-32 Jason Tweedell GMM3 (SW) 1/89 - 1/92 jasontweedell (AT)  
FFG-32 Phil Urrutia E-5 4/89-1/93 Philster632 (AT) Great times great people
FFG-32 Gregory Vasquez E-3 8/90-8/92 grg448 (AT) Where the hell is Gary Boman
FFG-32 Greg Vincent OS1 01/92-06/1996 gregory.vincent (AT)  
FFG-32 Mark Weber SHC/SW 09/83-05/87 chevy7154 (AT) The best ship and crew ever. We gave the Russians hell
FFG-32 Michael Williams SHSN 8/94-4/97 pilotmike60 (AT) Where's Askins, Kennedy, Ramos, Queros, Horton, others?
FFG-32 Bruce J. Wixson STGC 1982 bjmcsdpjusn (AT) STCM (SW) USN (Ret). Plank Owner
FFG-32 Walt Wright LT 11/86-8/88 wrightwj (AT)  

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