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DE/FF-1078 George Breeden LT 4/74-5/76 glbreeden2 (AT)  
DE/FF-1078 Michael Cox RM/E-2 1973 to 1973 pmc777scog7 (AT) Great to serve with these men-time onboard was short but great time-like to hear from anyone served with me
DE/FF-1078 Raymond Mioducki BM3 1/77 9/80 ram157 (AT)  
DE/FF-1078 Tom Phipps EN2 1974-1976 thomas.phipps (AT) Hi Chuck! In the summer when it's hot and sticky...
DE-1078 Danny Aeschliman BMSN 1970-1971 aeschlimandanny (AT) One of the original plank owners
DE-1078 Dan Andrews MM3 8/72 - 7/74 pandrews2 (AT)  
DE-1078 Fred Aresco E-3 1973-74 Phred1953 (AT) Just checking in..
DE-1078 Robert Baker HT2 10/70 to 8/72 SILVERMOOSE1 (AT)  
DE-1078 Thomas Baysore TM3 1971 to 1972 GRIESAMS (AT) Just checking in for the first time!
DE-1078 Chuck Carlson ENFN 03/73-01/76 ccarlson (AT) Trying to find John Crego's email and A-gang members
DE-1078 Mike Cobb FTM2 1975-1977 mkcobb (AT) Anybody from Fox Div or 2nd Div around ?
DE-1078 Howard Dorris BT2 9/70 to11/73 hdkiln (AT) great crew. I'm sorry Fat Daddy!
DE-1078 Keith Dunn GMG3 1974-1975 kd143 (AT)  
DE-1078 Wayne Evancheck CS3 1972-1974 wevanche (AT) Flatfoot, Durf, Nelson, Issac, Where you at????
DE-1078 Steven Flatow RM3 1975 mapper3 (AT)  
DE-1078 Kent Hildebrand GMT2 PreCom -1972 k_hildebrand (AT)  
DE-1078 Joseph Horling STG1 Precom-1975 horling (AT)  
DE-1078 Charles Johnson HT3 10/70-08/72 charlesj (AT)  
DE-1078 James 'Griff' Jones QM3 1972-1975 jonesdawg (AT)  
DE-1078 Kevin Kennedy HT3 01/73 - 08/76 kkennedy23 (AT)  
DE-1078 Mike Larson OS3 precom to 1/74 mikelar (AT)  
DE-1078 William Martin RM2 4/71 - 8/72 billjmartin47 (AT) Would like to hear from any RM's who served during precommissiong to 8/72
DE-1078 John Matter ETNSN 73-75 jcmatter (AT) Looking for EW3 Pete Ferris from Ohio
DE-1078 Mike McMurray CS3 9/70-8/72 mikeandbonniemc01 (AT) precom-left ship in VNam by helocopter-aboard when DIW 600milesout from Mayport Fl. and hit by hurricane.
DE-1078 Dennis Meehan STG3 1972-1975 de5522 (AT)  
DE-1078 Robert Olcott ENFA 1972 to 1973 tolcott (AT) Just found this list, worked under supervision of MM2 Webb
DE-1078 Harry Parkington MM3 1971-1973 parky514 (AT) pre com checking in
DE-1078 Richard Reid EN3 9/70- 8/72 bluedevil71 (AT) looking for some of the old gang
DE-1078 John Reitano SM3 1971-1975 JR1FRK8Jr (AT) Check out
DE-1078 Don Schaffer BT2 1970 to 1974 donjohn51 (AT)  
DE-1078 Bob Smith STG2 11/72-1974 bobsportablecarnivals (AT) on board when we shifted to Chas. from Newport
DE-1078 Rich Stressler EM2 1973-1976 stressman13 (AT) 2005 was a great reunion!! 2006 - can't wait to go to FL.
DE-1078 Rob Summerhill GMG2 precom to 1975 dyno-mutt (AT) Looking forward to the reunion.
DE-1078 Floyd Sweney STG3 1972 - 1975 fhsweney (AT) Finally checking in
DE-1078 Francis Vargas DK3 1972-1973 yostorm1 (AT) Still living in Utah
DE-1078 James Webb MM2 7/72-12/73 webbjames (AT)  
DE-1078 Wayne Williams DK2 1972 to 1975 flashdog5 (AT) e-mail me if you remember me
DE-1078/FF-1078 Tim Conrardy E-3 74-77 tim (AT) Great memories-grew up quickly-spent majority of our time in the Middle East-many places we can't go to today.
FF1078 Isaac Littleton BT4 1976-1977 isaaclittleton (AT)  
FF-1078 Ronald Baker MM3 06/86-05/90 rbaker809 (AT) The best ship out of 20 year career that I was on.
FF-1078 Michael Bankson EM3 1980-1982 bankson (AT)  
FF-1078 Kenneth Barrow STG3 1985 - 1986 kenneth.barrow (AT) What's up!!
FF-1078 Robert Bourguignon FC3(SW) 1989-1991 bourgr (AT)  
FF-1078 Michael Bujnowski MM/E-3 1982 bigcitymike (AT) Gtmo sea trials , Puerto rico, Bahamas
FF-1078 Eddie Burgess QM1 06/90-06/93 eddieburgess (AT) Checking on some old freinds
FF-1078 Donovan Casares DC3 08/91-08/93 Dcasares2002 (AT) SUP! Jacobo,Henry, IDI, Mr.Garcia, Juan.
FF-1078 Pat Caudill MM2 1978-1980 cdill3 (AT) Great times. Great crew.
FF-1078 Michael Chadbourne GMG2 1974 to 1976 hikerdad (AT) Would love to hear from some old shipmates
FF-1078 Marc Clodfelter STG1 1985-1990 phillymarshal (AT)  
FF-1078 Rob Colantuoni BT2 1978-1981 rob582 (AT) Wish I could have a do over
FF-1078 Darin Cushing BM2 1984 to 1988 darincush (AT) Where did that 17 years go??
FF-1078 Carl Davis MS3 1985- 87 carldavis (AT)  
FF-1078 Paul Deal BT2 8/77 to 8/82 eagle457 (AT)  
FF-1078 Scott Doherty OS2 11/80-04/84 scott10521 (AT)  
FF-1078 Brad Duffell OSCS(SW) 6/85 to 6/89 bduffell08 (AT) Demanding yet rewarding tour. Miss the routine and time spent with fellow sailors.
FF-1078 Phillip DuGard MM2 1973-1977 phildugard (AT) M-division LPO during the 1975 Mid-east cruise.
FF-1078 Dina Faust QMSN 2/92 - 9/93 dina.m.connolly (AT)  
FF-1078 Michael Fitts SN 5/85 - 2/88 fittsepoo (AT) All the Best ''To the Leader of the Class'' fond memories
FF-1078 Steve Forbus MS2 91- Decom Taisiuil (AT) Nueces County Correction Officer
FF-1078 John Fry OSCS 2/76 - 5/78 anchor9fry (AT) Final sea tour. A good ship and a great crew.
FF-1078 Charles Gettelman ETR2 1974-1978 crgett (AT)  
FF-1078 Joseph Green FCCS 07/85 - 09/86 josephgreen1 (AT) Living in Southern California.
FF-1078 Sherman Hare HT2(SW) 1986 to 1988 share9025 (AT) Hey R- DIV
FF-1078 Gale Jacobs ET2 1985 to 1989 Gashjacobs (AT) Served on Med, North Atlantic and Unitas cruises
FF-1078 Ed Jones STG2(SW) 1989-1993 ejsteeler (AT) Long live the Joey Boat! Many more good times than bad.
FF-1078 Rodney Kirk BM3 2/92-2/94 rekirk1226 (AT)  
FF-1078 Stanley Kwiek ET2(SW) 2/82 - 10/86 stashui (AT)  
FF-1078 John Lago MM1 03/85 - 10/86 GentlemanJohnL (AT) I'm still in Chasn. Gimme a holler!
FF-1078 Amando Lastrella SKC 1976-1980 lastrellaa (AT) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my former shipmates.
FF-1078 Johnny Lewis OS2 06/80 - 06/81 fords2tuff (AT)  
FF-1078 Mike Mallan HT2 1984-1986 fattboy61 (AT) Time well spent. It would be nice to hear from old shipmates.
FF-1078 Ron (CW Tootall) McCall BT2 1976 to 1980 mcca3940 (AT) Oil king-Med cruise,N Atlantic-reftra training in Guantanamo-onboard when we went into Charleston shipyards (76)
FF-1078 Richard W. McDaniel RMC 12/83-6/87 bdmcdan (AT) Ham Radio Call Sign - KC5OEG
FF-1078 Jim McFeley FC2 85-86 artvark (AT) Lets connect
FF-1078 James T McNorton OS3 1982-1985 Jimsslawns (AT) looking for old buddies Joe Buldoc
FF-1078 Terry Miler SK3 08/76-03/78 capnfiredude (AT) /tmiller (AT) kcfd2 Don't know if anyone will remember me but hello from Seattle.
FF-1078 Terry Miller SK3 08/76-03/78 tmiller (AT) Looking for ship patch from Hewes-anybody has one has extra one or knows of anybody that might?
FF-1078 Raymond (Ducky) Mioducki BM3 1977 - 1980 ram157 (AT)  
FF-1078 Douglas Moore MM3 1977-1979 dhmoore50 (AT) like to here from the m or b division folks.
FF-1078 Jim Norman FC2 1989 to 1992 jrnorman6 (AT) Good Times!!!
FF-1078 David Palmer FTG2 1/75 -1/77 djp93051 (AT) Hey Mike Cobb remember me!!
FF-1078 Michael Ryan STG2 1977-1980 michaelr_41 (AT) 2 Meds and a North Atlantic
FF-1078 Mike Schaffer MM/PO3 1974 - 1976 mike.schafferms8 (AT) First war ship to open the Suez Canal! Any literature on this along w/crew members' names-this was History !
FF-1078 Dan Shively MM3 8/91-8/92 djshively (AT)  
FF-1078 James Spencer RM3 1985-1988 james.spencer (AT)  
FF-1078 Derek (Suds) Suddreth STG3 08/79 - 03/81 flukedog2002 (AT)  
FF-1078 David Suminski STG1 1981 - 1983 ddrbb (AT)  
FF-1078 Terrill Tatum NC1 06/87 - 06/90 tatum_terrill (AT) Served onboard as NC1(SW) Command Career Counsleor
FF-1078 Denis Tsukalas LCDR Jan 77-May 78 dtsukalas (AT)  
FF-1078 Everett Tuten SN 4/89 to 3/92 everetttuten (AT) Big troubles and great times. Made me grow up.thanks joey boat.
FF-1078 Dean VanDrese FC2(SW) 1985-1990 dvandrese (AT) Good memories, good times, good friends.
FF-1078 Brian Ward SMSN 1/79-8/82 WIZ651 (AT) Just checking in
FF-1078 Ken Webb MM3 1982 to 1985 kgwebb (AT) Would like to hear from you snipes in M-Divison
FF-1078 Rodger Wilson STG3 1975 to 1976 rmwilsonky (AT)  
FF-1078 Bob Wooten DK1 1083-1987 sailorbob (AT) Served onboard as the DK, converted to NC and transferred to USS Jesse L Brown FF1089
FF-1078 Daryl York BT3 1979 to 1980 Branded (AT)  
FF-1078 Michael Zaring BM2 10/78 - 6/79 MZdomain (AT)  

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