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DE-1030 Walter L. Armstrong BMC 1960-1963 scbm (AT)  
DE-1030 John Baney YN3 7/61-12/61 johnbaney75 (AT) Served 6 months on taussig then transferred to USS Lester
DE-1030 Ken Becker GMG3 7/66 to 7/68 lakjbecker (AT) Where is everybody.
DE-1030 Ernie Beckwith SM3 1958 to 1958 beckinvest (AT) made the first med cruise
DE-1030 George Belger RD2 4/58-8/61 georgebelger (AT) did the med and south america cruises. shellback.
DE-1030 Robert Bernelle GMG3 10/68-12/69 BB410538 (AT) like to hear from old buddies
DE-1030 Larry Borcherding BT3 1970 to 1971 lrborch7 (AT) My nickname is Ding
DE-1030 Jerry Brown CS3 8/60-10/63 goforitjb (AT) sometimes i still burm the stew
DE-1030 Jim Brownlow LT(jg) Plankowner to 8/58 jhbrownlow (AT) pre-comm detail; shakedown; first Med cruise. A great ship!
DE-1030 Steve Cady RD3 1970 t0 1971 sfc81 (AT)  
DE-1030 James Coish BM3 9/66 - 9/67 jcbollix (AT)  
DE-1030 Joseph Connolly SN 1/59 - 1961 jconn123 (AT) who's left ? great time still to rember lifetime
DE-1030 Glen Davis RM2 9/68 - 2/72 squeek100346 (AT)  
DE-1030 Hal Democker MS1 70 - 72 demo300 (AT) Great crew great ship
DE-1030 Bernard DeVarney ETR2 6/58-7/60 bdevarney (AT) Shellback on 1959 South American cruise
DE-1030 Charles Di Lauro ETN2 08/62-10/62 akatosh16 (AT)  
DE-1030 Stephen Dow SO3 1959-9/1961 alamosabill (AT) Would like to hear from any shipmates that served on the JKT
DE-1030 George Dukes SFP2 9/30/63-1965 gdukes (AT)  
DE-1030 Andy Elbert ETR3 1969 to 1971 aelbert (AT) This brings back old memories
DE-1030 Pat Elwood QMSN 70-72 aswas234 (AT) BUC (retired07) Lake City Fl
DE-1030 Jon Fincher, Sr. E-4 4/67 - 2/69 fincherjsr (AT) I am looking for anyone that remembers being struck by a Shell oil tanker in the fog at Newport,RI
DE-1030 Dick Gardner SK2 66-68 dickgardner (AT) Where is she now?
DE-1030 Javier Granados TM2 7/57-5/58 javie (AT) Looking for any old shipmates
DE-1030 Daniel Heffner SM3 1960 to 1963 Kdheffner1 (AT)  
DE-1030 Bill Horsley LCDR 1969 to 1971 bandb1934 (AT)  
DE-1030 Vincent Incalcaterra GMG3 1969-1971 Vfincal (AT) She was a good ship with a very good crew
DE-1030 Lyman Johnson DK1 1959-4/63 pearlperfu (AT) Had a great time crossing the equator, with the chaplain saying god bless everytime he hit you in the garbage shoot
DE-1030 Joseph (Joe) Kaczor E-5 10/65 -11/67 Got sea sick several times. Any ship reunions?
DE-1030 Gordon Kilburn ETR3 1969-1971 dcngkilburn (AT)  
DE-1030 Richard Kober RM3 1/59-12/59 rlkober40 (AT) South America Cruise in 1959
DE-1030 Don Lebel BT2 12/68 to 5/72 dlebel02 (AT)  
DE-1030 Donald Leider RD3 1959 - 1961 Popsie252000 (AT) Remember the S American cruise & Gitmo with their lousy beer. Looking for Ronald Aderhold (Long Island,NY)
DE-1030 Rick Leonard SM2 1965 dawsonil2 (AT) Was only onboard for a short time. If you remember, send.
DE-1030 John (Dave) Lincicome RM2 9/68-4/69 j.d.lincicome (AT)  
DE-1030 Herbert F. Mann, Jr. OSSN 3/70 - 10/71 herbjr (AT) Looking for shipmates.
DE-1030 Dennis A. Mayrose FTG2 1968-1970 FDNY3 (AT)  
DE-1030 Bill McNamee RD2 1969-1971 mcnameecb (AT)  
DE-1030 Gerald (Jerry) Miller BMSN 1/63-3/64 jjm2244 (AT)  
DE-1030 Richard Miller BT3 1959-1961 ramgeri (AT)  
DE-1030 Richard Moore LCDR 9/57(com)-6/58 ogisan_clifton (AT) First CO; Caribbean shake down cruise, first Med deployment
DE-1030 Donald Morgan LT(jg) 1962-64 neuzamorgan (AT) Anyone know whereabouts of: Harold Goldman, John(Jack) Bailer, William Ellison, Roger Roy, Robert Mason?
DE-1030 Joe Mormino BM3 1971 fshmn48 (AT)  
DE-1030 Philip S. Olsen IC2 6/66-7/69 MysterOR (AT)  
DE-1030 Ken Pollock QM3 67-68 dolittle2 (AT)  
DE-1030 Bill Pringle MMFN 1971-1972 pringlew4 (AT) Worked in Main Control/ Log Room Yomen
DE-1030 Bob Putney SH3 1970-1972 Bobp0059 (AT) Looking for my Buddy Moe Jefferson from Chicago
DE-1030 Jerry Skorch RM3 1962-1964 jpskorch (AT) We have reunions - - love to see you!
DE-1030 Tom Slattery GMG1 1957-59 himslf65 (AT) Plankowner, commissioned her in Philly, Weapon ''Able'' Man
DE-1030 Charles Smith RM2 1969-1970 csmit3 (AT)  
DE-1030 David Smyth MM2 1964 to1967 nicspop (AT)  
DE-1030 Robert (Doug) Spear PN2 1968 to 1971 RD.SPEAR (AT)  
DE-1030 Edward Spence SO2 1957 to 1959 oldwhatshisname (AT)  
DE-1030 William Stamper SO3 1959 to 1962 stamper31 (AT)  
DE-1030 Gordon Statzer BT3 02/69-04/71 Gstat (AT)  
DE-1030 Russ Stearns STG2 5/69-8/72 Russ.stearns (AT)  
DE-1030 John Thompson RD2 5/68 - 5/69 thompson_osc (AT)  
DE-1030 Bob Tousignant EM2 04-70 to 11-71 bob2zant (AT) We all have to get together sometime.
DE-1030 Gordon Van Sise RD3 69 - 71 Gordon.vansise (AT)  
DE-1030 Richard Voss SN 04/66 - 12/67 vossr (AT)  
DE-1030 Charlie Waters ETR2 5/68 - 4/69 cewaters (AT) Worked for EN1 Bethune-trans to USS Zellars-ENS Taussig onboard was kin to ship's namesake.
DE-1030 Rickie Weeks E-4 12/68 - 1/72 rweeks185 (AT) Nickname: Junior
DE-1030 Ray Whaley RMSN 58-60 k2psk609 (AT)  
DE-1030 Doug White MM3 1968-69 Dwhite3220 (AT)  
DE-1030 Billy Worrell FN 2/71-10/72 wcworrell (AT) M-div, Main Control
DE-1030 Raymond J. Zoglmann EM1 64-67 zoglmann (AT)  

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