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DEG/FFG-6 John Bishop N/A Operation Sail 1976 NYC bishmanjc (AT) Trying to track down BuNu (side number) of the SH-2F that was aboard dur Operation Sail in NY in 7/76. Thks!
DEG/FFG-6 Jim Brewer SM3 1974 to 1976 brewer (AT) I really enjoyed my time aboard this ship. Saw a lot of ports.
DEG/FFG-6 Steven (Archie) Campbell BM 1970-1972 stevcam51 (AT) Served with 1/c Meade during 70 Med Cruise then in Boston for repairs from nasty storm & trip to Gitmo.
DEG/FFG-6 John McGowan EN3 8/73 - 6/76 jbmcgowan (AT) enjoyed this ship
DEG/FFG-6 Bill Roland BM3 72 to 74  
DEG/FFG-6 Jeffrey Wolcott BM3 04/80 - 12/82 Jeffwolcott62 (AT) Often think back on those days-lot of good buddys-Thank you to my shipmates-CDR Starks cared about his crew
DEG-13 Joel Bratter SA 1969 to 1971 Joel_Bratter (AT) Cook
DEG-6 Tony Allen FTM2 8/71 to 5/73 allres (AT)  
DEG-6 Ted Arsenault SM2 11/69-273 603-588-6728 Wanna talk about UFOs?
DEG-6 John Athens STG2 2/69-1/72 john.athens (AT)  
DEG-6 James Auberry RD2 10/70 - 3/72 Kenefickmt (AT)  
DEG-6 Terry Averill MM1 1972-1974 tbaverill (AT) glad to here from old shipmates
DEG-6 Ray Avery BT2 6/71-9/74 rsavery1 (AT)  
DEG-6 Thomas Bargowski STG1 5/69-9/73 tbargowski (AT) Great times, with great friends in great places. 2 MED trips, 3 yard visits, 1 marraige
DEG-6 Tom Becker ETN2 9/71-6/73 xsoccer1 (AT) The ET's have a reunion every year!!
DEG-6 Howard Bender CS3 1967 to 1970 HB1248 (AT) Plankowner, arrived onboard in Bath, Maine Aug 1967
DEG-6 Gary Bowers TM2 1969-1972 662-286-2480 Like to locate Mark Whitehead . Hi Greek
DEG-6 Joel Bratter SA 1969 to 1961 Joel_Bratter (AT)  
DEG-6 Dan Braun CS3 08/1967 - 02/1969 mrdlbisme (AT)  
DEG-6 Charles Brown SN 1970 to 1972 scott_hood (AT)  
DEG-6 Steven (Archie) Campbell SM 1971 to 1972 stevcam51 (AT) Served under 1/c Meade for 1 Med cruise,Gitmo-left shortly aft Meade bec Chief-like to contact oth frm 1st Div
DEG-6 Richard Carpenter RM2 5/67 - 10/70 carpenter.pat (AT) Plankowner
DEG-6 Gerald Chopp EN2 3/67-9/69 g_chopp (AT) Looking for old shipmates to correspond with (Chopper A gang)
DEG-6 Robert Coates ETR2 10/69 to 10/70 coates_rd (AT)  
DEG-6 Don Cousins CS3 1967 to 1970 Omegadeg6ad24 (AT) Many treasured memories and shipmates, much more than I ever thought I would realize.
DEG-6 Andy Crane RM2 12/69 -05/75 andy.crane50 (AT)  
DEG-6 Frank Craver HT3 3/74 - 6/77 blistered1999 (AT)  
DEG-6 Dan Cross YN3 1968 - 1970 Dancross3 (AT)  
DEG-6 David L. Cunningham GMM1 8/67 - 7/68 DCunnin884 (AT) Plankowner
DEG-6 Roland Ditano EM2 1974-1976 rditano (AT)  
DEG-6 Steven Dow RM2 1973 - 1974 yankceltic (AT)  
DEG-6 Raymond Ferraro SN 11/27-2/69 rayferraro1 (AT) Plankowner
DEG-6 Ronald Gall RD2 1969-1971 rong912 (AT)  
DEG-6 Paul Goldsmith EM2 1967-1969 wiinger (AT) Would love to hear from anyone who served with me.
DEG-6 Gerard Hervieux DC3 1967 to 1968 navyman_6 (AT) Plankowner - those were great days.
DEG-6 Michael Higgins BM3 1973-75 squid108 (AT) whats up
DEG-6 Bobby Hogsed BM3 12/73-08/74 bhogsed02 (AT) made only 1 cruse to nato like to hear from anyone
DEG-6 Robert Jessop YNC 4/70-3/72 cpousn72 (AT) Looking for shipmates
DEG-6 Marty Johnson OS2 1/1974 - 6/1977 emjayace (AT) 9 mos on NATO cruise after coming aboard. Yard in Charleston in 75, GTMO after that. Med cruise in 76/77
DEG-6 Art Juliana RD2 10/68 to 10/70 136dudeman (AT) Love to hear from shipmates,esp frm Newport,yards at Southy,Carribean shakedown cru,summer 70 Med Cru
DEG-6 Jud Justis BM2 08/71-02/75 mjustis (AT)  
DEG-6 Ancil Kile RM3 1967-10/69 ancil1946 (AT) we had a great crew and lots of fun
DEG-6 Stanley Knickle RD3 12/68-12/71 Mayzo1 (AT)  
DEG-6 Peter Kwasnjuk BT3 1971 to 1972 baghdaddy48 (AT) Couldn't wait to get out. Looking for Dave Pearson.
DEG-6 John Lee   1-70 to 12-71 reelj (AT) Looking for old shipmates to rehash old times.
DEG-6 David Lewis RM3 11/70-10/71 clewis9 (AT) Great ship, great crew, great memories...
DEG-6 William (Joe) McGill RM3 1967-1969 joemcgil (AT)  
DEG-6 Jerry McNeill ETR3 1967 thru 1970 Jereab (AT) Plank owner, balance crew member in Newport RI
DEG-6 James (Jim) McVay RM2 71-73 jkmcvay (AT)  
DEG-6 William Mitchell MM1 1972-1974 PacificCruiser (AT) JAF Stood Head And Shoulders Above All Other Ships In Which I Served During My Naval Career.
DEG-6 Gunther J. Neumann BTC 6/74-9/75 neumanngj (AT)  
DEG-6 Robert Nichols FTG2 1969 -1973 bnichols (AT)  
DEG-6 Gary Nutter EM3 3/69-12/70 gnutter (AT)  
DEG-6 Michael Palladino MM3 1967 - 1969 mnpall1 (AT)  
DEG-6 William Pelland HTC 8/72-7/74 htcmbpel (AT)  
DEG-6 Peter Petrutz BM3 1972 1975 PPETRUTZ (AT)  
DEG-6 Robert Picillo QM2 4/68- 4/72 bobtess (AT) I would love to hear from shipmates, especially from1970 Med cruise
DEG-6 Tom Pierce MM1 precom to 1970 tincan1947 (AT)  
DEG-6 Ken Pollock Qm3 66-67 dolittle2 (AT) Plank Owner; Pre-Commissioning Crew, Newport,R.I.
DEG-6 James Porter ETC 4/70-10/73 kd6om (AT) looking for shipmates
DEG-6 Raymond Pratte CS3 1972 to 1974 rpratte1 (AT) Was on the NATO cruise
DEG-6 Ted Reardon FTM2 1972 to 1974 ted4reardon (AT) worked in missile plot did Med and NATO cruises-good times .
DEG-6 Garret Remortel BT3 1967 - 1969 remortel2 (AT)  
DEG-6 Michael Rozos QM2 1971-1972 mrocos1 (AT)  
DEG-6 Robert Salerno GM/E-5 1968 1970 robertsalerno (AT) We had some great times and some serious times great crew Gunners Mate was no joke
DEG-6 Bill Shaw MM2 10/69-6/73 cvcvage (AT)  
DEG-6 Tom Sirigano IC3 9/69 - 7/71 sirtom (AT)  
DEG-6 Ed St. Jean STG2 1967-1970 edstjeansr (AT) Plank holder bubble head
DEG-6 Clinton Terry IC2 1969 - 1972 clint1 (AT)  
DEG-6 Tim Tolliver FTM2 4/75-8/79 (AT)  
DEG-6 Andy Tomko BM3 67-69 hightension48 (AT) Met the ship in Bath,ME while still in dry dock-went to Newport,RI with rest of crew waiting for ship to come in.
DEG-6 Robert Veenstra IC3 71- 6/73 robert.veenstra (AT) Great Med cruise barely made it back! Right into the Boston Yards.
DEG-6 Robert Vennard FTG2 1969-1972 Venco (AT) New ship with great crew and ports of call. Loved the card games.
DEG-6 Mark Whitehead TM2 69-72 308-383-1401  
DEG-6 Daniel Wilhelm MM2 1967 - 1969 dwilhelm (AT) Plankowner - A Gang
DEG-6 Randy Williams YN2 1971 to 1975 rwilliams2k8 (AT) Great times-Med & NATO cruises-looking fr Larry Dennis,Bruce Boyd,Erik Ylvisaker,Ray Schnell,Paul & Gary Lucia
DEG-6 Rich Youse SN 68-70 yjimmy01 (AT)  
DEG-6/FFG-6 David Day EW2/E-4 9/76-1/81 dbday (AT) I found some Shellback initiation pics from 2nd trip to Keny
DEG-6/FFG-6 Dennis Herr MM3 7/74-7/76 drherr66 (AT) Had a lot of fun then
DEG-6/FFG-6 Mike Kowalik HT3 1972-1975 mkowalik1 (AT) Like to hear from Eng/R-Div served with ... Great Crew/ Time
DEG-6/FFG-6 Michael Van Hoff QMSN 1974-1976 msvanhoff (AT) Hello Brothers
DEG-7 Danny Cross YN3 1968 - 1970 damcross4 (AT) Just want to make contact with former shipmates
DEG-7 William Johnson FTM3 6/72 - 11/74 bill.johnson0812 (AT) Transfered from R L Page To the Furer, Discharged 11/74
FFG-6 Willie Agee BME 1969 to 1969 wms2agee (AT)  
FFG-6 Robert Bartolacci STG1 6/76 - 5/79 bartolacci1 (AT) Great ship & Crew!
FFG-6 Bill Boardman FC1 07/77-01/82 rbboardman (AT) my first boat, memorable people, memorable cruises
FFG-6 Clifford Brown OS2/E-5 1980-1984 dbrown45050 (AT) Great memories.
FFG-6 Klaus Caldwell BM3 05/1976 to 02/1979 klaus (AT) Alias ship Name: Joe
FFG-6 Duane Clark SK1(SW) 09/1986-01/1989 itspubnight (AT) Worked in Phila ship yard 2 yrs-1 month Caribbean drug ops then turned over to Pakistani navy who destroyed it.
FFG-6 Kenneth Cooper EM1 1987 to 1989 ardm2125 (AT) it was a good ship with a great crew
FFG-6 Francis Craver HT3 03/74 - 06/77 blistered1999 (AT)  
FFG-6 Larry Davis BT2 1977 to 1980 larry_davis8357 (AT) good times looking to hear fr m snipes
FFG-6 Greg Douglas EW3 1/76-2/79 soberrider54 (AT) Good crew. Spent LOTS of time in Cuba! Med and north Atlantic cruises
FFG-6 Kenneth Dyson E-4 1975-1977 mrhtpmp86 (AT)  
FFG-6 Richard Eck OS2 10/72-12/75  
FFG-6 William (Bill) Ely FC2 04/87-8/88 wely (AT)  
FFG-6 Rick Etheredge NC1(SW) 10/86-decom etheredger (AT) Did the Philly deal and the Decom.
FFG-6 Robert Fields SN 12/78 to 1980 rgfields (AT) Can't forget the Mid-East cruise and Iran
FFG-6 Paul Flynn YN2 10/75 - 6/70 matohead (AT)  
FFG-6 James Gionis BT3 10/83-4/86 commdiver.jg (AT)  
FFG-6 Eddie Goldsmith RM1 1978 to 1980 egoldsmith (AT)  
FFG-6 Mike Goodnight SMSN 7/76 - 8/78  
FFG-6 Mike Haire MM3 1978-1982 mahaire (AT) Nearly 30 years ago! I hope everyone is doing well.
FFG-6 Christopher Hernandez GMM2 7/80 - 6/84 chernmax04 (AT) Jolly JAF 2nd Division
FFG-6 Neil C. Heywood QM2 11/76-8/79 ncheywood8181 (AT) Have '77-78 Africa-IO cruisebook available on pdf. Email me & I'll send you a copy on CD-Reunion-Branson-11/10/11
FFG-6 David Ivey MM3 10/85 - 6/88 volfan4ut (AT) A-Gang
FFG-6 Robert Jaworski HT1 1977 to 1981 robertpltm1 (AT) Good friends and crew.
FFG-6 KC Johnson RM1 1975 to 1980 kcjohnson_2 (AT)  
FFG-6 Dale Keener MM3 1978 to 1981 Dalebob (AT) Had a great time, with a great crew.
FFG-6 Steven Kujawski FTM2 8/79 - 8/82 czarchefski (AT) Fond memories, great crew, salt wind in your face...
FFG-6 Frank Lambert FC2(SW) 03/83 to 11/85 fwlambert (AT) Had a great time on this ship, super memories!
FFG-6 Gerald (Gary) Lange GMG2 1976 to 1979 langegerald (AT) I rode with Bob Bartolocci to Michigan and back from Charleston.
FFG-6 Jim Lee GMM2 2/80 to 7/81 jimlfrompgh (AT)  
FFG-6 Chris Martel FC1 4/84 - 2/89 christopher_martel (AT) 2nd Division - Missile Plot
FFG-6 Al Martins BM2 06/76-08/78 TITANS-FAN (AT)  
FFG-6 Mike Mayo QM3 01/80 to 09/84 michaeljamesmayo (AT) Yes Mike I do remember the night you were held hostage.
FFG-6 Don McCoy SN 09/75-07/76 dmccoy (AT) Was in 1st division while onboard awiting RM school.
FFG-6 Edward Meeks OSC(SW) 3/83-4/86 clownie7 (AT)  
FFG-6 Joseph Mowery ET2 6/82 - 5/84 joseph.mowery (AT)  
FFG-6 Steve Nerheim LT(jg) 6/76-8/78 snerheim (AT) COMMO and 1st Lt
FFG-6 Rick Oakley HT3 9/78 to 9/81 R1J1V1 (AT)  
FFG-6 Aaron Palmer MMFN 1987-1988 mmow2 (AT) decomm crew
FFG-6 Mike Poff FTM3 7/82-2/83 quad-father (AT) Taken hostage by crazed GMM-lost his wife to another girl-called detailer-put reup on ice-anyone remember?
FFG-6 Robert Shepherd BM3 1976-1979 BOBBYROMA (AT) Many great memories hope to make the reunion
FFG-6 Steve Sherron FT3 1979-1981 steve.sherron (AT) Old shipmates please contact
FFG-6 Frank Simons SN 1978 to 1982 franks223 (AT)  
FFG-6 Cliff Smith OS2 1/76 to 10/77 grins10900 (AT) Next reunion: Branson,MO,Nov 2011-Be There!! Contact- Chris Martel or me-will get you to the Assoc officers-Thx.
FFG-6 Ed Smith OS2 2/76-8/79 EdSmith (AT) Visit the JAF web site at
FFG-6 Jeff Smith MM3 1988 jeff.smith (AT) Decommissioning Crew
FFG-6 Ernest Smithson MM2 8/76-1/81 noregrets23 (AT)  
FFG-6 Oscar Sommer MS3 1979 to 1980 osommer841 (AT) Where are you Tiny? Or Brown? I was a cook on this Tin Can!
FFG-6 Bob Starowicz SK2 1977-1979 rstar004 (AT) Skibo, ran the ships store for awhile. Then back to the office to take care of OPTAR,
FFG-6 Chris Stephens QM3 12/86 to 3/89 chris (AT) Nulli Pradea
FFG-6 Bobby Stowe OS3 81-83 Huntdog14 (AT) First ship great memories and great friends
FFG-6 Michael Tabor EW5 1983 to 1987 mike_tabor (AT) Learned a lot, and meet a lot of good people. Like to locate Gary Bowmen, and Kevin Barker
FFG-6 James Thompson RM1 1981 to 1983 jthompson335 (AT)  
FFG-6 Phil Tsakiries ET2 11/79-5/83 ptsakiries (AT) when is the JAF reunion party?
FFG-6 Donald Tucker E-6 11/84-01/89 kingcrimsom (AT) Decommissioning crew
FFG-6 Derald Wadham RM3 1983 - 1984 navycomms65 (AT)  
FFG-6 Larry Walker HT2 08/76 to 06/81 Canopusw1 (AT) I was known as PJ Walker. Worked with EMC brown in the HT sh
FFG-6 Michael Weatherhead STG2 03/82-06/85 msweatherhead (AT) good ship ,old but good,good crew also.
FFG-6 Woody Wilson HT2 2/76 to 10/79 woodywilson19 (AT) Met many a strangers, that became brothers.
FFG-6 George Wilson FCCS(SW) 1983-1987 wilsongt5463 (AT) Looking to contact PNC(SW) Ed West

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