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DE-354 Philippe Baril BM2 1944-1945 p_baril (AT) looking for tom kidd origanily from maine,now living in florida,please get in touch
DE-354 Richard Bartrop EM1 1954 to 1957 trapbear (AT)  
DE-354 Arthur Beaudreau GM 1952 to 1954 judy01535 (AT) (508) 867-6269
DE-354 William Brine LT(jg) 6/52-6/54 Great ship great crew
DE-354 Joe Campo SN 7/58-2/59 Doscampos2000 (AT)  
DE-354 Joe Campos SM 3/58 - 3/59 doscampos2000 (AT)  
DE-354 George Case GM1 1944-1945 lecase (AT) Glad to be alive and well at 80!!
DE-354 Ralph Conklin GM 1944 to 1946 Conklin705 (AT) Update email address
DE-354 Bill Dempsey SOM3 1/46 to 7/46 billrenie (AT)  
DE-354 Thomas (Dave) Ferstl RM3 4/57-1/59 Tom (AT) Ship was de-commissioned in Orange, Texas Jan 1959.
DE-354 Fred V. Fuller SN 01/57 - 07/57 ffuller182 (AT)  
DE-354 Spencer Hardy TMT3 1957-09/58 shhardyme (AT) We had a great time training reservists - especially SEABATS
DE-354 Paul Hawkins MM2d 1953-56 916-645-8781  
DE-354 Kenneth Heid EMP3 1954-1955 Kheid (AT)  
DE-354 Thomas Herzog FN 5/50 - 3/54 elvis77 (AT) This is my father's info.Im looking for shipmates that knew.
DE-354 Richard Hudson ICFN 1954-1956 hudsonpr (AT)  
DE-354 Thomas Kidd RDM2 1944-1946 TLK3636 (AT) looking for any who served aboard this ship
DE-354 Gustave Lamarre E-4 1942-1944 adrien.j.lamarre (AT) Contact for my Dad who does not have a computer
DE-354 Don W. Lunch EM2 1953-56 423-457-1725  
DE-354 Don W. Lynch EM2 1953-1956 423-457-1725  
DE-354 Fran (Mac) McMonagle MM2 8/54-3/56 fxmsilver (AT) still trying to find some one aboard the same time i was
DE-354 Edwin T. Mitchell MM1 1953-1956 srmitchell (AT)  
DE-354 Lawrence Nelson IC2 4/51 - 3/52 lnelson (AT) re-commissioned and took to New Orleans for reserve training
DE-354 Ray Pickering RM2 1953 to 1954 n5si (AT)  
DE-354 George F. Pless MM2 8/53-11/54 gfpespless (AT) Good duty, Good memories.
DE-354 Donald Stevens BT3 12/52-11/55 djselse (AT) On this ship when the Picture was taken on Jan 1953-How can i get a copy of this Picture Thank you.
DE-354 Haskell Thomas FN 8/58-2/59 Hugh14463 (AT)  
DE-354 Roberto Vega   1946- 1948 robertoperez20 (AT)  
DE-354 Richard E. Wade MM2 4/51 - 8/54 dandlwade (AT) served again on the willett 9/56 - 2/57
DE-354 James J. (J J) Walsh, Jr. SN 9/57-1/58 Jjiridh7 (AT) on ship out of boot camp then to school
DE-354 Samuel Williams IC2/E-5 1955 to 1958  
DE-354 Benjamin W. Yeoman WT3 Late '44 thru 2/46 Deceased 4/19/04  

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