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DE/FF-1087 James Bongaard OS2 1972-1975 jbongaard (AT)  
DE/FF-1087 Mark Dallner STG2 6/74- 6/76 mark (AT)  
DE/FF-1087 Eddie Lopez GMG3 5/75 Eddie.lopez1957 (AT)  
DE/FF-1087 Carl Morgan GMG3 1972 to 1975 purple_blue (AT) Tim Clancy and Woody drop me a line
DE/FF-1087 Gordon Permann AW1 1/85 to 11/85 krztalizer (AT) Great adventures on the open sea-2 rescues in a week and specops off Russia - some of the best sea time I had.
DE/FF-1087 Dan Weller STG2 1972-1976 weller39 (AT)  
DE/FF-1087 Mike Woody E-2 5/72 - 1973 mwoody353 (AT)  
DE-1087 Jim Bon Bongaard OS2 72-75 jbongaard (AT) You missing the boat if you've not been to
DE-1087 Hugh Doyle LT 1973 to 1975 hdoyle2439 (AT) Chief Engineer. BEST SHIP in my 20+ year career! Check out and join our KIRK Association!
DE-1087 Dennis Gibson IC2 5/72 to 4/74 dgibsoncwo3 (AT) Plankowner (Nucleus Crew)
DE-1087 Robert Glasser BT2 1972 and 1973 Mooch44515 (AT) One of the Plankowners
DE-1087 Larry Gonzales YN3 1974 to 1978 larrygemt (AT) Was aboard during Fall of Saigon
DE-1087 Gregory D. Harkins RM2. O-3 Army 72-75 Gdhawk (AT)  
DE-1087 Andy Huck FTG3 1972-1973 ahuck (AT) Plankowner and part ofthe original FT Gang
DE-1087 Jim Krywalski STG2 1972-1974 jkrywalski (AT) Plank owner (One of the original labeled, 'primadonnas')
DE-1087 John Messmore CSSN 1971 to 1973 webmaster (AT) Plankowner / Cook - Order Up! 300 eggs on and ready!
DE-1087 Jeffrey Petterson EM3, USNR 6/72-10/73 jeffpetterson (AT) plankowner & beginning of a lifelong maritime career
DE-1087 Paul Sandoval SN 9/72-3/75 psnoah (AT) Plankowner-3 yrs onboard while it was a flag ship w/admiral onboard.great exp-crew members made it a home.
DE-1087 Peter Schermerhorn OS3 5/74 - 6/76 scermy55 (AT) I would like to hear from shipmates who served with me.
DE-1087 Don Toeller STG3 6/72-12/73 dontoe (AT) Plank owner and one of original primadonnas
DE-1087 David Wallace LNCS 06/72 - 09/73 dngwallace (AT) Plankowner. YNC, LNC, LNCS. Retired as LNCM.
FF1087 Nathan Buce FTG2 6/83 - 6/85 farmnstorm (AT) alot of good memories and good people, a lifetime ago
FF-1087 Joseph Adams GMCS 1977-1979 adamsanchor (AT)  
FF-1087 Carl Allender MR3/E-4 1972-1974 callen3491 (AT) Plankowner
FF-1087 John W. Armstrong BTCM 1976 to 1979 btcmsw (AT)  
FF-1087 Raymond Baer HT2 1976 to 1978 truckerbaer (AT) Great ship
FF-1087 Val Baldwin STG2 1976 - 1978 suzieb (AT)  
FF-1087 Van Baskin SN/TMSN 1985-1987 vanbaskin (AT) Brings back so many memories
FF-1087 Brooks Beesley OS3 2/82-4/84 bbeesley1087 (AT)  
FF-1087 William Berger ETC(SW) 83-86 chiefchees (AT)  
FF-1087 Shawn Berry STG2 (SW) 1988-1993 shawncberry (AT) Thanks to all that I served with, I am better for it!!
FF-1087 James Berry MM2 8/73 to 4/77 jberry1979 (AT) it's fun to hear from anyone who I served with.
FF-1087 James Bloomfield MMC 7/80-8/89 jamesbloomer70 (AT) I was onboard from Capt. Davis up to Capt. Darling. Great ship. We never missed a deployment.
FF-1087 Leroy Bostic MM2 07/72-02/75 leenan (AT) plankowner
FF-1087 Gerald Brewer PN3 12/79-01/82 brewdawg78 (AT) Being aboard the Kirk was my best Naval duty.
FF-1087 Samuel Brinson YNSN 1985-1987 brinsonsm (AT)  
FF-1087 Sam Brockman SHSN 11/82 - 1/86 muskratsam (AT) Would love to hear from anyone on board at the same time.
FF-1087 Donald Brown EW2 04/83 - 04/85 ddb1230 (AT)  
FF-1087 William Burbridge BTFN 10/73 - 7/75 uravan55 (AT)  
FF-1087 Michael Carey OS2 3/86 to 10/89 toxicwaste1959 (AT) By far and away the best command I ever served in, a truly happy ship.
FF-1087 Ted Chu LT 1982-1986 abbeyroad (AT)  
FF-1087 Tim Clancy GMG1 Aug 72 - July 76 navygunz16 (AT) Oh thank heaven for ten eighty seven
FF-1087 David Clark HM2(SW) 1991-1992 slumlordd (AT) was part of the decom crew
FF-1087 Greg Collins EM3 5/77-11/80 claiomh (AT) Whatever happened to ''China Don'' Coleman?
FF-1087 Paul Collins GMG3 08/1981-06/1983 pvcolli (AT) Clancy was one of my instructors (AT) Gunnery school I believe
FF-1087 John Croix MMC (SW) 1982-1985 Jcroix1 (AT)  
FF-1087 Steve Cunningham RM3 2/87 - 12/90 wildcat5134 (AT) My first memories of the Kirk is dry dock in the PI for 3 months
FF-1087 William Daniel PO3 1974-1976 William_Daniel (AT)  
FF-1087 Daniel Davis AW2 1985-1989 dandlisa1 (AT) HSL-33 Great ship, someone stole my underwear/
FF-1087 Toney Davis MACSW 88-91 toney.davis (AT) What an awesome crew! Come to the '05 Orlando reunion!
FF-1087 Thomas Dixon GMT1 1972-1976 bigdsd (AT) Hazy Gray And Underway 1087
FF-1087 Chuck Dobbs STG3 1986 to 1991 charliejr362 (AT) Great times.
FF-1087 Howard Eubanks STG1(SW/AW) 05/87 - 10/89 ABigCwby (AT)  
FF-1087 Claude Evans SKSN 1988 to 1989 snave1969 (AT)  
FF-1087 Ricardo Flores SKSN 11/74 - 12/77 rickx32000 (AT)  
FF-1087 Bernard Fordham SK3 2/82-12/84 mbfordham (AT) I spent most of my time in First Division
FF-1087 Jerry Frank EM3 1981 - 1982 jerroldjfrank (AT) Don't remember much. Can anybody help?
FF-1087 Tim Gallagher STG3 1978 to 1980 TIMSTER1959 (AT) Looking for Bill Vanderbosch.
FF-1087 Robert Gibbons STG1 1/79-12/80 rswimmer (AT) 3rd ship out of 5. Different but not bad. Learning exper.
FF-1087 Gary Gill STG3 1985 to 1987 Geroxx (AT)  
FF-1087 William Graham MMFN 6/85 to 6/86 cichlid1 (AT)  
FF-1087 Mike Greer HN 8/75 to 8/76 magreer01 (AT)  
FF-1087 Curtis Hackney SMSN 1972 to 1975 tectecman2 (AT) Plankowner, Shellback and Operation Frequent Wind.
FF-1087 Bob Haynes OS2 85-86 bhaynes34 (AT)  
FF-1087 Frank Hedlund OS3 8/80-8/82 Oceanation (AT) From Bloody Fan Blades to Crashing Helicopters - What a Time!!
FF-1087 Andrew Hiester QM3 1983 to 1986 ccjewelers (AT) QM / LPO under QMC STEWART and LT Robertson
FF-1087 Albert Hyde TM3 12/80-2/82 BBGHYDE (AT) Love to here from any of my shipmates
FF-1087 Albert Hyde, Jr. TM3 11/80-3/82 BBGHYDE (AT) It was an adventure!
FF-1087 William Johnson BT1 1976 to 1979 wdjohnson (AT)  
FF-1087 Ralph Kay STGSN 09/86 - 11/88 integrity_mortgage (AT) What an experience...I miss all of my friends and shipmates
FF-1087 Joe Kozerski BM1 5/76 - 3/79 jkozerski (AT)  
FF-1087 Stephen LaCroix E-3 1977 to 1979 slacroix (AT) Made a lot of friends and saw a lot of ports plus Australia.
FF-1087 Robert Lemus MM1 1987-1991 relemus (AT)  
FF-1087 Marty Logan BT3 1978-1980 kreslin1 (AT) Looking for Alex Bertram
FF-1087 Stephen Matejov QM3   smatejov (AT) Yokosuka Japan!
FF-1087 Frank McLaughlin MMC 1976-1979 fmclaughlin (AT)  
FF-1087 Michael Mulvihill STG2 3/81-9/84 mulvey1574 (AT) WESTPAC Forever!
FF-1087 Michael Mulvill SGT2 2-80/8-84 MULVEY1574 (AT) Drop me a line,Twiggets
FF-1087 Bryce Nickel BTFN 1973 - 1974 BTDEADHEAD (AT)  
FF-1087 Earnest Olvey OSSN 1983-1985 eleeo43 (AT) I am truly greatfull to all those who served before me, during my time in and presently!!!
FF-1087 Glenn Orr RM2 1972-1978 sintalio (AT)  
FF-1087 Michael Otto FCSN 1986 to 1989 mikeotto34 (AT)  
FF-1087 Wally Paschal FTG2 1976 to 1980 treetop8 (AT) Great ship
FF-1087 Thomas Pollard LT(jg) 1977 to 1979 tpollard (AT) Best engineering department I was lucky enough to be part of
FF-1087 Tony Reeves STG2 83-85 anthony.reeves (AT) Hello everyone. Email soon.I don't remember much...a Jeepny Ride, then nothing after…
FF-1087 Eric Reintjes ENS 8/84-4/85 ereintjes (AT)  
FF-1087 Robert Riddoch BT2 5/83-5/85 rriddoch1 (AT) Any old Engineers out there?
FF-1087 Jeff Rigby STG3 '91-'93 janddrigby (AT) Had great time with all of my shipmates. Especially Shawn and Scott, thanks for the good times.
FF-1087 Jody Rigsby E-4/E-1 77-79 JodyRigsby (AT) I was in trouble so often I miss a lot of time board ship.
FF-1087 Jesse Robertson BM3 12/81-6/85 jesse.robertson (AT) Bos'n mate is the only rate
FF-1087 Jim Sanborn MM3 5/79-6/81 BORN2CRUSE (AT) First ship, what an eye-opener! Those were the Good-Ol-Days!!
FF-1087 Eric Schweitzer MS2 86-89 schweitz74 (AT) Anyone remember me? I did alot of the baking onboard!
FF-1087 Mark Schweizer QM2 5/82 to 6/86 m.schweizer (AT) Looking for Dave Arellano, He was an Rm onboard.
FF-1087 Roger Searcy SH5 10/82 - 10/85 rogernashv (AT)  
FF-1087 Ray Shepherd RM3 1976 to 1979 ilonggakano (AT) Were those some heavy seas coming from Taiwan in Dec '76
FF-1087 Jeff Taylor OS3 03/84-02/86 puffybo361 (AT) Kirk was a great ship and had a great crew.
FF-1087 Rocky Thomas SM3 01/82-06/86 rocthom9 (AT)  
FF-1087 Tom Thrasher BT3 80-82 tnt (AT)  
FF-1087 Kellison(Kelly) Verbic ENS(LDO) 07/87-11/89 BOSN1.GUADALUPE (AT) What an outstanding crew. Best of the best. Great liberty
FF-1087 Roberto Vicencio EMC 10/88 - 11/90 jojo (AT) First and only FF experience. Great ship! Great shipmates!
FF-1087 David Weeks HTFN Mar 79 - April 81 cohe911 (AT)  
FF-1087 Fred White OS3 1987 - 1991 derf2day66 (AT)  
FF-1087 Robert Woeck BM2 1983 to 1986 bosnbob1 (AT)  
FF-1087 Tim Woodson EW2 1987 - 1989 Tim.woodson707 (AT)  
FF-1087 Michael Woody E-2 9/72-4/74 woodyred123 (AT) would like to locate Allen Wojciechowski & Richard Williams.
FF-1087 Wayne Wright OS2 1979-1981 wwright (AT)  
FF-1087 Mitch Zawaski MM2 11/78 - 4/83 m.zawaski (AT) First and best ship in a 22 year career.
FF-1087 Steve Zuelsdorf LT(jg) 7/88 to 7/91 steven.zuelsdorf (AT) Kirk was my 4th ship overall but first as an Officer. Best Ship I was on in 20 years.

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