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DE/DER-329 Kermit Cadrette SNBM 10/56 4/59 Runkac (AT) Plank owner
DE/DER-329 Joseph Chalk RD3 6/56 - 11/58 jchalk1 (AT) Looking to be included on the next roster.I was an RD 3
DE/DER-329 Kenneth E. Cox RM1 6/72-8/73 kecox (AT) Looking for RM1 Larry Lovelace
DE/DER-329 Jose Davila E-4 07/1964 -07/1967 ajdavila2 (AT) Trying to find shipmates I served with-need info about a few things that happened in 6/66 - 7/67-important.
DE/DER-329 Dan Rice E-4 9/64-4/67 emailmedbr (AT) Some of the best years of my life,
DE/DER-329 Charles Shackleford FN1 1962-1965 stanleys04 (AT) My father-he his dying request is to find any shipmates,stories or pictures when he served-any info appreciated
DE/DER-329 David Watson EN3 1968-170 dswatson1 (AT) great times long time ago
DE/DER-329 Dave White HT2 1/69 - 11/72 nannie1162 (AT) anybody aboard the USS Kretchmer at this time
DE-329 Russ Anderson GM   anderson_cm (AT) I am registering my Grandpa
DE-329 Sam Moore SC1 1944-45 nomoor3261 (AT) sam was my grandfather, ships cook.
DE-329 Oscar Pollet E-4 6/68-6/69 oscarpollet (AT) Oil king-looking for some who serve with me-memories of when we had a engine fire/had to go into dry dock (Guam)
DE-329 James Rohrick RM2/RM1 2/60-9/60 jrrlbj (AT) On station in North Atlantic and South Atlantic, roll, roll.
DE-329 Jerry Rollag EN3 1966 - 1967 holein1mn (AT)  
DE-329 Donald Schriner MOMM3 1943 -1946 donlc (AT) You can also contact me at donlc (AT)
DER-329 Allan R. Aiken YN2 03/65 - 06/67 SHER2 (AT) Looking forward to attending 20th reunion
DER-329 Jim Alansky RM2 7/60 to 8/62 kretch329 (AT)  
DER-329 Donald Allen E-3 1969 to1971 adr1515 (AT) Would like to make contac with anybody on the Kretchmer
DER-329 David Anthony DK2 12/66 -11/70 davidanthony (AT) Looking for PN2
DER-329 Howard Aronson RD3 1956-1959 Howard.aronson18 (AT)  
DER-329 Vanuel Baker QMCS 4/70-7/71 havanaba (AT) FANTASTIC Skipper and Crew!!!!
DER-329 Joseph Balcarcel EN2 1964-1966 litrophies (AT) in charge forward engine room 1 also oil and water king
DER-329 Jody Barankin FTG3 10/62 - 5/63 jodybarankin (AT) cuban blockade and rescuing the shrimpboat ala.
DER-329 Richard Benz RD2 1967-1968 radarman1946 (AT) Memories of Guam...a tropical paradise where you began to sweat as you toweled off from shower
DER-329 James Bonin FN 1959 to 1960 sbjb (AT)  
DER-329 Robert Bossart MR3 6/68 -11/69 EL Cassie 12 (AT) best duty station of the three that I had!
DER-329 Jim Bradley SF2 68/69 jimclov (AT) was on board when we almost capsized, and #4 engine room fire
DER-329 Roger Bradley DK3 1965-1967 stikbow208 (AT) AKA Short Round,Shortstuff,DK & a few unmentionables-was DK in penthouse off(ex magazine)-contact me.
DER-329 Jim Bradley E-5/Shipfitter 12/68 - 12/69 jimclov (AT) Like to hear from anyone during this time, #4 engine room fire, and when we came close to capsizing
DER-329 Jan Brandt ETR2 1968-1969 jan.brandt (AT)  
DER-329 Michael A. Brown EN3 1970-1972 typex1 (AT) phone (215) 934-7998 in Philadelphia, PA 19115
DER-329 Frank Buffone RD3 4/60-3/63 fbuff (AT) Cuban Missile Crisis, trips to Scotland, good and bad times.
DER-329 Kermit Cadrette SN 10/56 - 4/59 runkec (AT) was on der 244 from 1955 1556
DER-329 Richard Carpenter LT(jg) 6/66 - 1/68 intl (AT)  
DER-329 Donald Carroll EN3 1962-1963 donlc1 (AT) #1 Engineroom
DER-329 Jim Carver FTG2 8/60-8/61 jcarve (AT)  
DER-329 Don Cates E-4 7/65-8/65 dwcates2 (AT) Looking for Russell, Sigsby, Kies, anyone from that time
DER-329 Joseph Chalk RDM3 1956 to 1958 jchalk1 (AT) looking for reunion information
DER-329 Jerry Coletti SHL3 66-67 Fireball630 (AT) Loved the west pac
DER-329 Dennis Collier GMG/E-4 1970 to 1972 dcollier911 (AT) There when we replaced 3-50 gun mts-long hours but very interesting-out of Navy from her4/14/72-great ride guys!
DER-329 Thomas Colston S3 1970-73 IJColston (AT)  
DER-329 William Coyle CS3 1960 to 1963 wjcoylefam (AT) Would like to hear from old ship mates
DER-329 Alan Cranna SN 12/66-10/68 der112645 (AT) anybody who was on board from 1/69 to decommissioning
DER-329 Larry Damon EN3 3/72-10/73 LEDAMON60 (AT) YAHOO.COM  
DER-329 Michael Dean RD3 1966 to 1967 mpd106 (AT) Best time of my life
DER-329 David Deyling EN3 9/68-10/69 davedeyling (AT) I am looking for anformation on when we were in vung tau an 1969 . what month were we there
DER-329 Robert Flournoy ENS/LT(jg) 1960-1963 flournoy (AT) Still remember those N. Atlantic storms in the G-I-UK gap
DER-329 Vincent Fumiatti SN 2/57- 12/58 VFumiatti (AT) Looking to hear from anyone serving during this time
DER-329 George Gaines SN 11/72 - 11/73 gkgaines (AT)  
DER-329 Peter Gamwell EM2 1/58 to 7/60 gamwellp (AT) I love going to the reunions.
DER-329 Ralph Gardner FN 03/59-07/60 regard40 (AT)  
DER-329 Jerry Garshelis RD3 1963-1965 Garshelis (AT) looking to hesr from anyone serving during this time.
DER-329 Robert (Bob) Gerstel SF2 12/67-1/70 rbgerstel (AT)  
DER-329 Lawrence Goodman RM3 1961 to 1963   addr: 4580 White St. Shallotte, N.C. 28420
DER-329 Ed Grisham RD3 1968-1970 grishamme (AT) I miss the ocean at night.
DER-329 Raymond Haleman GMG3 7/65 - 9/66 Haleman (AT) Wish I'd opened this earlier-had a great time with shipmates,Jose,Doxey,Bailey Gurbach, hope to hear from you
DER-329 Jim Harvey MR3 2/62-8/65 jeharvey01 (AT) We have reunions; join us.
DER-329 Terry Hawks SO/E-4 01/65-06/67 thawks77 (AT) Like to hear from anyone who served during Viet Nam tour
DER-329 James Heckman PN3 1965-1967 jimheckman (AT)  
DER-329 Louis Henschel PC3 11/67 - 10/68 henschel5 (AT) Was called STAMPS, Station ship Hong Kong
DER-329 Paul Higgs E-4 1965-1968 higgsoldschool (AT) I was an enginman on the ship and played in the ship's band (The 5 Movements)
DER-329 Orville Ingram E-4 Jun 1964 orvillei (AT)  
DER-329 Lee Johnson Midshipman Summer 1972 ljohnson (AT) Summer cruise for training, North Atlantic - Key West to Copenhagen, part of the Intrepid task force
DER-329 James Jones DC3 1961 to 1964 janice.d.jones (AT)  
DER-329 Lauris Kessler RM2 1958 to 1961 kretchro (AT) Proud to have served aboard the Kretchmer and the Navy.
DER-329 Leonard Kies IC2 2/67 - 7/68 TF115.mkt.time (AT) Animal, SeaPoo, Marvel, Yogi, Sigsby, Russell, Higgins,etc?
DER-329 Murrell Kinkade IC3 1965-1966 mbk1169 (AT) Correction on email address.
DER-329 Daniel Klein SOG3 10/62 - 9/64 retired-dan (AT) Days at Dog Rocks
DER-329 Ray LaBuda RD2 3/67-6/69 ray2628 (AT)  
DER-329 John Lanese ENFN 1959 1961 johnlanese (AT)  
DER-329 David Learn RM3 1970-1972 daveun (AT) Looking for men who served 70 - 72
DER-329 Jack Lee RM3 11/67-11/68 johnjleejr (AT) Serving aboard The USS Kretchmer was an Experience, I was lucky enough not to miss.
DER-329 Dennis LeRoy LT 1/72-9/73 xoder329 (AT) Last XO before decomissioning
DER-329 Ernest Linney EN2 06/70-10/73 ghostflier (AT) There When Neededis an understatement.
DER-329 James Loftus ETR3 11/57 - 8/60 jimloftus (AT)  
DER-329 Larry Lovelace RM1 7/71-12/72 llovelace (AT) Looking for Kenneth Cox
DER-329 Gene Lozier EN2 9/59 - 9/62 genelozier (AT)  
DER-329 Richard Madison RD2 1969-1971 rmadison (AT)  
DER-329 Harold Mattingly GMG1 10/69-4/71 gmcs-usn (AT) from Pearl Harbor to Key West, shadow to Russian Fleet
DER-329 David McDonald E-4 1972 to 1973 DLMcD54 (AT)  
DER-329 Pierce (Sonny) McGee SN/BM 7/56 to 7/58 papagee0707 (AT) hotmail.Com Part of recon. crew out of Charleston,SC
DER-329 Odell McKenzie SK2 08/70 - 12/73 sk2mack (AT) contact your storekeeper... in MS
DER-329 Bud McLaney ET5 1963-1965 budnkathmclaney (AT) Looking for McKee, Greer, King, Garshelis
DER-329 Michael McWright IC2 1972-1973 mikemcwright (AT)  
DER-329 Pete Morales SN 6/58 - 6/60 pgm1939 (AT) Would like to get in touch with my shipmates.
DER-329 Martin Mundy EM2 1/70-6/72 bamundy (AT)  
DER-329 Frank Murrah BT3 Recom-10/28/58 MM1514 (AT) Water King
DER-329 Ray Nelson SK3 9/56 - 8/57 rnelson1936 (AT) Recommissioning crew
DER-329 Paul Noack CTM2 1973 Paul4929 (AT) SES
DER-329 Phil Osborne SOG2 1959-1962 osborne (AT)  
DER-329 Joseph Peirce EN1 1970 1973 joepeirce (AT) looking fro key west shipmates not on reunion group list reunion 9 26/30 2018
DER-329 Milt (Pete) Peters EN2 4/63-1264 dnkparts (AT)  
DER-329 David Pierce BMSN 3/58 to 6/61 piercedav (AT) 'PICKETTEER' North Atlantic DEW-Line
DER-329 Bob Pluta EM3 1958 to 1961 bobpluto (AT) What was name of the Sub that put a hole in us/what happend to motor-whale boat batteries leaving Port a Prince?
DER-329 Michael Powers ETR2 1970 to 1973 mepowers601 (AT)  
DER-329 Charles Pritts RM2 12/58 - 12/61 scpritts (AT)  
DER-329 Daniel Rice E-4 64-67 Emailmedbr (AT) From Newport to dog rocks to Panama and 22 months market time patrols(Viet nam)
DER-329 Anthony Rizzi ST3 10/72-7/73 rantho99510 (AT) Looking for Leif Smedburg, ST1
DER-329 Dr. David (Tony) Sautte ETR3 3/67-12/68 dsphd_bs (AT) Market Time Patrol-Vietnam (Brown Water),Taiwan,Hong Kong Station ship-Hard Hat Shore Patrolman, ET
DER-329 Lyle Schreck RD3 5/65 to 5/67 LSchr85186 (AT) Good times and memories
DER-329 Courtney Shafer GMG3 1965 to 1968 cjshafer (AT)  
DER-329 Walter Sigsbey EN4 1966-1969 woodbee_cab (AT)  
DER-329 Ronald Sironen FT2 3/58 to 3/61 rems329 (AT)  
DER-329 Raymond Smith EN3 2/57-10/59 casinoraymond (AT) Spent short time in main ctrl on evaporators-most of the time in engrm 3-was at Kretchmer reunion in Westport,MA.
DER-329 Darold F. Smith ENFA-ENFN 9/56-11/59 daroldsmith (AT) DER plank owner
DER-329 Jim Strong RM3 12/57-3/60 jstrongs329 (AT) Contact me for reunion and roster information.
DER-329 Bill Struck RD2 11/57 - 12/60 wwstruck (AT)  
DER-329 John Sullivan E-5 66-67 none (AT) River Rat!
DER-329 Tom Sullivan RM2 6/71 - 7/71 tsullivan4 (AT) Moved from USS Forster DER to Kretcmer in Key West. Discharged July 1971.
DER-329 Tom Swallow GMG3 1969-1973 ptlswallow (AT) Taiwan to Key West & beyond. Tom & Roger are alive & well in Seattle! 69 westpac to '72 N Atlantic ops.taiwan
DER-329 Allen E. (termite) Terrill E-3 4/61to10/64 ropechoker (AT) other E-mail bigal283 (AT)
DER-329 Bobby Terry SN 1/1964-12/1966 bobbyterrytva (AT) I sure do remember that day.
DER-329 Thomas Thiel EM3 1967- 1968 tomat2 (AT) some of the true good times
DER-329 Richard Thurman RD3 1971-1972 msawprime (AT) Fishing in the mouth of Havana for sharks and subs
DER-329 Kerry Trahan DKSN 1968 kerryt46 (AT) Temporary assignment to DK office from USS Piedmont AD-17
DER-329 Dennis l. Tulp RM2 Mid 63 thru mid 65 dltulp (AT) Would like any info on Oct 2000 reunion
DER-329 William (Bill) Warren YN2 1968-1970 whwarren45 (AT) Bruggerman,Brant,Gulloti,Gamble, love to hear from anyone.
DER-329 Hubert F. Watkins SFP2 1966 - 1968 PO1hubertfwatkins (AT) Lifetime member. Looking for EM3 Russell.
DER-329 Glen Willard RM3 1969-1971 grwokla (AT) Trying to contact David White
DER-329 Allan M. Wilson SHL3 11/64-02/68 allander329 (AT) Was Ships Barber mid 1966-67, then Night Laundryman to 02/68
DER-329 James Withall EN2 Oct. 61 - Dec. 64 jjwith (AT) Looking forward to next reunion
DER-329 Thomas Yost BM3 1970-1973 OBarY322 (AT)  
DER-329 Patrick (Zack) Zwanch E-3 1963 - 1965 ptzwanch (AT) Like to hear from anyone remembering me (SK & deck div)-remember issue w/Russian Ship/missiles (Cuba 64)

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