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DE-535 Clay Aycock RMSN 7/53 - 4/55 cbaycock (AT)  
DE-535 Thomas Bielman SO2 1956 to1958 tom (AT) Correction.. looking for bob kirsch
DE-535 Earl Brown RMSN 8/54-11/55 elbtravel (AT) Will go through letters to my wife & pictures for more info
DE-535 Charles Bryant EM2 1944 to 1946 DBA500 (AT)  
DE-535 David Burbank SN 1958to1960 emma1 (AT)  
DE-535 Gary Carter RM2 1958-1959 ilalpha (AT)  
DE-535 Donald Clemons TM2 1958-1959 clmnsdn (AT) would like to hear from anyone these years
DE-535 Robert DiSchino PO3 9/44-5/46 chuckjci (AT)  
DE-535 Gale Fletcher SN 1956-1958 fletch (AT)  
DE-535 Paul Friend RD3 51-52 pfriend (AT)  
DE-535 Stan Grosskreutz EMFA 1959 tincanstan (AT) sailed ship back to Hunters Point for decommissioning
DE-535 Hershell Guarnett BTFN 11/51 to 8/53 jguarnett000 (AT) Like to hear from anyone from the Lewis
DE-535 Jerry Hilliker DK2 1956 to 1958 Hgerhill (AT)  
DE-535 Dewey Hughes BT1 5/57-9/58 la1dude (AT)  
DE-535 Martin Huszar SM2 1954 to 1957 skipstang102 (AT) We crossed the equater-grad frm Pollywogs to Shellbacks. First Naval ship to return to Auckland Newzeland after WWII.
DE-535 Burton Jaffe ENS 7/55-8/56 JBJ106 (AT) COX.NET did not serve a full tour because of family illness
DE-535 Carl Jorgensen BTFN 1952 - 1954 (928) 726-7080  
DE-535 Marvin Korn RM3 2/59-decom marvkorn (AT)  
DE-535 Donald Kuhn FT3 1958 to 1960 dlk4438 (AT) I have some pictures from that time period
DE-535 Ed Laking EM3 1953 to 1957 javalady54 (AT)  
DE-535 Earl E. Livengood BT2 1957 to 1959 watt22 (AT) Would like to hear from any shipmates from Boiler Room #2
DE-535 Hugh MacDougall FN 8/58-5/60 jackmac1215 (AT) great reunion 2006, many more to come. hope more guys come
DE-535 Larry McFadden BT3 3/56 11/59 mcfaddens3 (AT)  
DE-535 Clyde Moon SF1 1944 to 1946 cv3078moon (AT) I think about those closest to me onboard-will send a few pics to Ron Grizzle-maybe he can put pics online
DE-535 Richard Noel EM2 1954 - 1958 noeleng (AT) would like to communicate with any crew from that time period
DE-535 Joe Novello GM1 1944-1945 mjtks (AT) Signing in in loving memory of my Brother-in-law Joe Novello
DE-535 Jean J. Ott GMSN 1956-1960 mottj (AT)  
DE-535 Charles Paulsen     AmericalHistory (AT) My uncle-94 yrs old-think he would like ship photos & info about a battle in WWII when he was slightly wounded
DE-535 Roland Pereira FN 5/59 to 4/60 rjpereir (AT) Crew Member
DE-535 John T. Petro RD3 7/56 - 3/57 ourlittlemiracle (AT)  
DE-535 Guy Shipley FT3 8/58 to decom 1960 wb5mxo (AT)  
DE-535 Donald W. Sirmans ET2 3/56 till 2/59 sirmansd (AT) Loved the ship. Would like any pic's available. Thanks
DE-535 Larry Small RM3 1956 to 1957 lcsmall (AT)  
DE-535 Robert Steele S1 1944-1946 steelesrus2 (AT)  
DE-535 Richard Suddreth BTFN 4/57 - 4/58 rhsudd (AT) Came aboard from A school. Swapped off to stay overseas.
DE-535 C. Paul Summers S2 1945 to 1946 MARIONPAUL (AT) Navy 1945 to 1948 short time-assigned at Guam-1945-decommissioned 1946
DE-535 Henry Thompson LT(jg) 1953-1956 Hthompson (AT) Looking for shipmates. Pinochle players. Billie Zober from Billings, Montana
DE-535 Frank Thompson RM3 1956-1957 frankt (AT)  
DE-535 Ranny (Pee Wee) Waldrop MM2 11/55-10/59 rpatw (AT)  
DE-535 Dennis (Butch) Wheeler SM 1/59 to decom DennisWheelerSR (AT) My nickname was Butch I was on at the same time Guy Shipley was
DE-535 John Woolard RD2 1/52 to /53 ewoojwoo (AT)  

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