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FFG-23 Mark Agostini IC2 8/85- 12/86 agostinim (AT) Great WestPac !!!!
FFG-23 Modesto Oliver Ancheta GSM3 10/96- 9/98 MANCHETA8 (AT) wassup to all my engineering buddies
FFG-23 Brian Anchondo GSE3 1992-1994 bricat120 (AT)  
FFG-23 John (Mike) Autry EW1 10/91 - 11/95 mikeautry2003 (AT)  
FFG-23 Jeff Baumgard STG2 1/94-2/98 jdbaum (AT)  
FFG-23 Gerald Bilton E-3 Sep-89 capt_jerry (AT) Served as QM.
FFG-23 David Breazeale BM3 2/95-9/98 breazeale (AT) Get to work or we are going to the forward hole.
FFG-23 Eddie Cantu OS3 10/86 - 03/90 67eddiezz (AT)  
FFG-23 Russell Clancy SM1 93-94 blinddog1996 (AT)  
FFG-23 Tedd Covington GSE2 4/83-7/87 theobro2002 (AT) Chesty's Snipes. The Giant killers. Great times, great memories.
FFG-23 Rob Credle ET3 4/87 to 4/90 Rob25632 (AT) For some reason I can't remember anything from our port visit to Japan except lending my shirt to Swann
FFG-23 John Curtis QM2 01/86 - 01-88 ironcowboy951 (AT) Go Bulldogs! The finest ship in the corps!
FFG-23 John Dezell RMC 02/89-04/91 johndezell (AT) Looking to hook up with former shipmates
FFG-23 Kirby Dickerson GMM2 6/95-6/97 kldickerson (AT)  
FFG-23 Robert Fiel SK2 10/81-8/85 rjfiel (AT)  
FFG-23 Sean Glorioso MS3 08/85-12/88 s-glorioso (AT) This is a flash back and a half.
FFG-23 Dale Goettsche FTM2 6/81 - 3/83 goettsche (AT)  
FFG-23 John Gutleber HT2 9/80 - 7/83 furface40 (AT) Served my country, fought ALOT, got busted... and promoted.
FFG-23 James Hee RM2 11/86 - 09/90 Mucker24s (AT) Rem time as member of Chesty's Sparks like it was yesterday-had own chair in XO's stateroom-hope all well
FFG-23 Gregory Hines STG1(SW) 03/93-04/97 gdhines (AT)  
FFG-23 Neil Krott HT2 01/87-07/91 hollywood (AT) Best firefighters I knew were on the Puller
FFG-23 Andrew Leto E-2 4/97-10/98 andrew (AT) I got there when i was 18 years old. I really grew up on this ship.
FFG-23 Richard Luna SH1 93-95 Richard.Luna (AT)  
FFG-23 Parker McElrath BM2 1981-1985 parkermcelrath (AT)  
FFG-23 Kevin McGill E-3 11/82-5/84 elkfreak14702 (AT)  
FFG-23 John (MO) Morales OS2 8/89 - 7/94 JDM866TX (AT) Great times in CIC.
FFG-23 Steven Morris PC3 11/81 - 8/84 steven5555 (AT) Love to hear from any of the shipmates from the first cruise.
FFG-23 James Neal BM3 03/80 to 03/85 jimneal007 (AT) CAPT. R.K. MARTIN ..THANK YOU...I WOULD PROUDLY SERVE WITH YOU TODAY
FFG-23 Mariusz Nowak SN 6/93 - 6/97 zsuiram (AT) Great times
FFG-23 Michael Rice RMCS 1986-1989 mrice (AT) Loved the ship-many cruises-had a very squared Radio shack-miss liberties with SKCS Williams-hi to shipmates.
FFG-23 Stu Richmond FC1(SW) 86-87 commdude450 (AT)  
FFG-23 Thomas Robinson LT(jg) Nov 1987 - Apr 1990 robinsontz (AT)  
FFG-23 Duane Schisel SN 1989-1991 duane.schisel (AT) Currently a HMC working at Camp Lejeune, NC.
FFG-23 Ty Schulte ENFN 02/88-07/90 tylersddy (AT) Had a great time onboard Chesty's Pride. Nothong like circlin' Catalina island on a Saturday.
FFG-23 Lanier Swann GMM2 1985 - 1990 lanier7mm (AT) Bulldogs!!
FFG-23 Tyrone Thiermann MS2 1986 to 1990 thiermanntyrone (AT) Can't believe it's 23 yrs-enjoyed cooking-was going to re-up until I injured my back-miss good times-on/off ship
FFG-23 J. Eric Thomas EWC 9/82-6/85 jericthomas (AT)  
FFG-23 Randy VanSickle EM1(SW) 9/88-1/93 elect73 (AT) Living in Clarkston, Wa
FFG-23 Theodore Ward EM1 09/87 - 08/90 schdytab (AT)  
FFG-23 Bill White E-3 84-87 whitey5442 (AT)  
FFG-23 George D. Zurmely MM2 1981-1984 winning4life (AT) Would like to hear from any of you guys. Cell 1-785-342-4095

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