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DE-608 Paul Skibo SN1 8/45-4/46 Matthew.skibo (AT) Paul is my grandfather just wanting to see if any of his shipmates are still with us.
DE-680 Lamar Armstrong   early 1940's gregoryk (AT) I am the duaghter of Lamar Armstrong
DE-680 George Bassett STG2 07/67 - 08/68 gbjr4 (AT)  
DE-680 Joseph Bennett MM2 2/51 - 10/54 jjb40 (AT) I attend as many ship reuions as possible
DE-680 Frederick Billand SN 1945 fbilland (AT)  
DE-680 Arthur Brillard SN 1951-1955??? albc23 (AT) I am Arthur's daughter. He was an assembler 6-93.770
DE-680 Larry Camp YN3 7/56-9/57 Benz280 (AT)  
DE-680 John Carpenter PN2 10/61 - 8/62 jmcarc568 (AT) Recalled to Active Duty. Served on Loeser during Berlin Crisis. Member of USS Loeser Association & DESA
DE-680 Richard Cioe YN3 1960-1961 dcioe (AT) She burned twice-once w/full load of ammo,then when headed to dry dock-no loss of life-she got us back to port.
DE-680 Nicholas Condo, Sr. not sure 1951-1955 ncondo (AT) My Father-died in 2010-he always had fond memories of his time in the Navy & traveling around the world.
DE-680 Donald Cote RM3 2/57 to 4/58 tincan_1 (AT) msn .com Retired as RMC on May 1, 1974
DE-680 Gary Cowan RD2 1954-1956 gary-cowan (AT)  
DE-680 Joseph Crane GM 1943-1946 kc519 (AT)  
DE-680 Robert Crittenden SOG3 1961-1962 Critt38 (AT) Member of USS Loeser DE 680 Association
DE-680 Hugo Dachenhausen EM2 3/52 - 6/55 Rubyfrieberren (AT) Member of U.S.S.Loeser Association
DE-680 Charles Deardorff FTA3 09/55 - 10/57 cldeardorff (AT) The US NAVY provided tech education I used to build a career that has taken me into retirement-many thanks.
DE-680 Jack Dillard SK2 64-65 jndretusn75 (AT) served as reg ship's company-can't rem any names, but rem the young sk3 & a ST2 were killed in car crash after that!
DE-680 Roger Dowding MM2 6/62-11/63 butchdowding (AT) I had lot of fun serving on this ship
DE-680 Jerry Dunford FN/EM3 1/63- 12/63, -6/64-8/66 jerryd14 (AT) In Reserves-Baltimore,Guantanimo Bay Cuba on Loeser-N tlantic, Med, Carribean onboard Pratt
DE-680 Gary W. Eggeman MM3 4/58-8/61 phone # 330- 855- 9935  
DE-680 Berlie Etzel LT(jg) 4/54-1/57 rbetzel (AT) Back home in Clarion County, Pa.
DE-680 Paul Fowles BT3 1960 to 1962 claudpaulp (AT) Would like to do it again. tel 207 594 5593
DE-680 James ''Jimmy'' Gamble EM3 1953- 1956 SHUCKSAIKEN (AT) Living in Aiken, South Carolina.
DE-680 Richard Grafe MM3 1954 to 1957 cgrafe1 (AT)  
DE-680 Erman Hall EM2   ERMANHALL (AT) AOL.COM  
DE-680 Fred Hambrecht FTSN 7/57-12/58 w4jle (AT) My first ship, reduced the crew for reserve training
DE-680 Donald E. Henderson PO2 1951 to 1955 salhenderson1 (AT) This is great! I wasn't aware that Reunions were being held.
DE-680 Edward Hickey PO1 1951 to 1954 bhickey59 (AT) I am Ed's nephew. He passed away in 2006. He was very proud of his service in the Navy and aboard the Loeser
DE-680 Louis Hodgson BT3 01/51-09/52 louhod (AT) Was a crew member at re-commissioning in Charleston, SC
DE-680 Elmer Homer YN1 1943-1945 dhomer (AT) My father-died in 1973 and was on USS LOSERE in 1943-45. Would like more information about his service.
DE-680 Robert Hooe RDM1 1951 to 1954 mhooe68 (AT) Robert Hooe is my Father. He passed away in 2004.
DE-680 Larry Huff SA 08/64-09/64 lhuff (AT) I served a 2 week cruise in the Reserves. From Va.
DE-680 Richard Hughes FN 1961 - 1962 rlh41243 (AT) First Destoyer assignment. First cruse was Cuban Blockad.
DE-680 Paul Irvin MM2 3/53-7/56 kpaulirvin (AT) My boyhood dreams come true.
DE-680 Frank ''Satch'' Jordan EM2 3/51-2/55 ussloeser (AT) Great memories; Espec. the EM gang and the great ports
DE-680 Nile Kriesel QM2 4/62 - 2/63 nkriesel (AT) My last ship.
DE-680 Paul Kuss SN 10/63-10/65 sanpauly (AT)  
DE-680 Ken Lussier SN1 6/55- 5/57 Smluss (AT) Love to talk to my old shipmates
DE-680 Scott Mann     tnyankeesfan (AT) I am Garland McClain's grandson, would love to know more about him during his Navy days
DE-680 Chuck Martin MM/E-4 1961 - 63 cmartin015 (AT) I was reg. navy. had happy days on the at end that long pier.Worked with Beatle bailey
DE-680 Garland McClain   1941 tnyankeesfan (AT) My grandfather- would like to know more about him during his sailing days if anyone remembers him.
DE-680 Patrick McGoohan EM3 1963 - 1964 pmcgoohan (AT) Served as part of regular crew while in Cheatam Annex, Va. Great bunch of shipmates
DE-680 Bill McMahon ETN2 3/68 - 9/68 wemcm (AT) On the ship when we scraped her & then transferred to GYATT DD-712 when it replaced LOESER at Navy yard.
DE-680 Kenneth Minnix SN 8/64-9/64 kenmin66 (AT) Did Reserve Training on her that summer. From Roanoke Va.
DE-680 John Morgan SN 1961 redneck89103 (AT) Looking for Frank Fish, shipmate.
DE-680 Joseph Murphy E-1 6/1/68 TriumphTiger1999 (AT) Onboard when reserve ship at Naval War Museum, Wash Navy Yard-dress whites if you were visible to tourists!
DE-680 Bobbey Nelson CS2 1960 - 64 pelzerbob (AT) The big fat cook from KY.
DE-680 Charles H. Ploog EM2 1943-1946 pkp1955 (AT) I am one of Charles H. Ploog's sons. He served on the USS Loeser as an Electricans Mate 2nd Class during WWII.
DE-680 Nick Popovich GM3 1953 to 8/55 popovichnick (AT) Disposed of extra 40 mm gun barrel without water jacket Zahn was my first loader on the rear 5Inch
DE-680 Eugene Sandwick RM3 6/52-2/55 (701) 258-8306  
DE-680 John 'Jack' Schneider EM 1943-46 hcnEnterprises at friend deceased 4/22/04
DE-680 George Scott RDM2 10/43 - 10/45 tinamarie57 (AT) 100 Brock Ave., Honea Path, SC 29654
DE-680 Jimmy Simmons RD2 9/62 - 12/63 jimmysimmons (AT) Best tour of duty-enjoyed hunting,fishing,team sports-just serving with navy's best-now in Ft Washington, MD.
DE-680 Thomas Simpson FN 03/66 - 09 - 67 tsimpson (AT)  
DE-680 James A. Smith RM3&2 44-45 robert.j.smith (AT) Jim was my father.
DE-680 Richard Sorenson QMSN 12/54 to 12/56 resore1936 (AT) Working to bring the Uss Edson DD-946 to Bay City Mi. ck.
DE-680 Chuck Sorrels EM3 7/67-10/68 bearfoxaz (AT)  
DE-680 David Spears IC3 1962 - 1963 davespears (AT) great bunch of guys. enjoyed every minute of it
DE-680 Gary Szymaniak YNSN 1/63-12/63 wnec78 (AT) Remember Walter Johnson, SN (deceased) and YNC Tony Iannaccone (deceased)
DE-680 Steve Thornton LCDR-father 1941-1943? stevethornton50 (AT) son of charles thornton lt cmdr- passedaway 1999
DE-680 Charles Threewit EM1 2/51-6/52 c3wit (AT) Let's communicate!
DE-680 John Tosloskie EM1 8/52-8/54 JJTos1 (AT)  
DE-680 James Toth RM3 10/55-7/57 MRJRTOTH (AT)  
DE-680 Thomas Tucker   1943-1946 jtucker_11 (AT) I am the grandson of Thomas Tucker. He is still living
DE-680 Vincent N. Tulino   1946 NewYorkWerewolf (AT) I am Vincent's Grandson (never met him, just found documents which stated he was a crewmember on this vessel
DE-680 Ryland Waid FT3 8/61 - 8/64 usnmc263 (AT) served with gm layne, arnold, morgan
DE-680 Sam Waterhouse     auggie386norm (AT) Sam has alzheimers.Lookoing for Loeser photo & history to cheer him up.Norm Mcnerney 603-926-3288
DE-680 Randolph Watkins SN 09/63-07/65 SGT12VACOB (AT) Rescrew member (2x6 Reserve)
DE-680 Daniel Wheeler EM3 1/67 11/67 Live in st louis missouri
DE-680 John Wilcox SN 2/51 - 11/53 wilcoxfn (AT)  
DE-680 Reggie Williams FN 8/68 to 8/68 rwilliams78 (AT) I only served aboard her for 2 weeks as a reserve crew member. She was my first ship out of boot camp
DE-680 Richard Zahn GM3 7/53 - 2/57 zahn2 (AT) Ret as GMGC 1972

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