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DE/DER-325 Jimmy R. Allen GM2 1955 1961 007jimboy (AT)  
DE/DER-325 John Mathews EM3 1967-1968 jmath89877 (AT) Enjoyed West Pack R& R ports
DE/DER-325 Robert Richardson SM3 1966-67 whitsel24 (AT)  
DE/DER-325 Bernell Torregano SN 12/64-3/65 b.torregano (AT) Served during market time. Released early because of enlistment snafu.from New Orleans Nick name Frenchy.
DE-325 Ollie (O. J.) Bolner BM1? 2? don't know jmouton (AT) My stepdad - retired as BMC in '72, passed away in '06
DE-325 Herbert Feldman LCDR (Coast Guard) 10/43-10/45 afeldman (AT) CO during the sinking of U-866 and until Late 1945 - Deceased 1974
DE-325 Ron Moore BT3 6/66 9/67 ronmoore1944 (AT)  
DE-325 John Redler SC1 1943-1945 Deceased Member of the shakedown crew and served throughout the war. Member of DESA Deceased in 1997.
DER_325 Jon Soule SFM3 Oct-65 jon_soule (AT) Like to hear from anyone
DER-325 William Aguilar SK3 9/17/65 -7/31/67 wbaguilar (AT)  
DER-325 Arthur Alvey EN2 7/61-1/65 PegAlvey (AT)  
DER-325 Edwin Armstrong ST1 1957 to 1958 mcpinger44 (AT)  
DER-325 Jim Baker TM3 7/62 - 11/63 jabaker777 (AT) Great crew-got wrecked in hurricane-spent 10 days at Hunters Point ('62)-steamed into San Diego, 11/22/63.
DER-325 James Barneburg EN2 1966 to 1968 tektah (AT)  
DER-325 Don Bates EM3 1957 to 1959 donbates (AT) living in veradale wa.
DER-325 James Blow EM3 1956 - 1958 lakecouplej (AT)  
DER-325 Abbott Brownell RDM 9/63 to 9/66 abrownell (AT) Served on picket Stations & 7 & 9 & a year on Market Time
DER-325 Theodore Budig BM3   budig5 (AT) Living in Rowland Heights, CA.
DER-325 Paul D. Casey EN2 7/67 to 09/68 vasess.paul (AT) Still have the [yr book] of the west pac cr 67/68 names & photes of everone on board at that time.
DER-325 Michael Castrignano SN 1967-1968 britalcast (AT)  
DER-325 Luis (Lou) Colon YN3 10/65-6/67 luis.colon (AT) alive & well albeit older & greyer in New Jersey.
DER-325 Ernest Compton QM3 1963 to 1966 KCOMP603333754 (AT) looking for ''Shark''
DER-325 Thomas Conlon RM31965 1965/66 tec (AT) Looking for any of the crew that was on during market time
DER-325 Rolando Cordova TN 1967 to 1968 rcordova3 (AT)  
DER-325 David Cummings SN 6/64-5/65 peacock102 (AT) good duty great shipmates all email will be answerd
DER-325 Lionel Dasch EN/E-4 1960- 1962 retiredcouple2003 (AT) good old days does any body rember me
DER-325 Harold Davison IC2 1966 thru 1968 hwd63 (AT)  
DER-325 Mike Donley RM3 5/1/63 to 11/30/63 SVMakai (AT) Willie Doyle called the other day and it was great talking about the experiences we shared on the Lowe.
DER-325 Leonce Doucet ENFN 1961-1964 aandldoucet (AT) Looking for shipmates, Harry Foote and others
DER-325 Leonce J. Doucet, Jr. EN/FN 1960-64 aandldoucet (AT) Looking for shipmates. Ken Jones from Jonesville Louisiana
DER-325 Willie E. Doyle RL3 1962-1963 (?) rls4000 (AT) Would like to hear from my ''ole'' shipmates.
DER-325 Richard Dunlap SN / E-3 5/65 - 6/66 tonkin65 (AT) Any former shipmates from that time may contact me.
DER-325 Robert (Bob) Durbin ETR3 12/58 - 3/60 RDuJDu (AT) Welcome e-mails from shipmates
DER-325 Wayne Durst BM3 1964 - 1966 hueyandduey (AT) would like to hear from anyone who was aboard this ship at
DER-325 Floyd Durst BM3 1964 66 like to here from any one
DER-325 Laney Earls FTG3 10/61-10/63 hastywon (AT) Looking for David Adams and Sam Galbavy
DER-325 Robert Dale Evans LT(jg) 11/65 - 09/67 rdale1942 (AT) Supply Officer and also the boarding officer for searching junks and other vessels during Operation Market Time
DER-325 Kevin Finn SM2 1967 kevinwfinn1 (AT) Hit/scraped oiler-was scared as hell-held on to mast-damned lucky we didn't catch an oil line boom
DER-325 James Firebaugh FTG3 07/65-12/66 viking2 (AT) I remember the typhoon. I have movies.
DER-325 George Fleming EN3 1962 to 1964 ericfleming590 (AT) looking for old shipmates-what happened to Dan Fry,Roberto Romano,(Ole)Curtis? Contact me.
DER-325 Joseph Fontana RD3 6/65 - 12/66 joegoldrush (AT) Received VA disability (Agt Orange) exposed when put feet on ground in Saigon-get 20% Disability-need DD214
DER-325 Charles Fortun GMG3 1959 to 1961 chaeve33 (AT)  
DER-325 Roy Gnirke SM2 1966 to 1967 rgnirke (AT) Guam is good
DER-325 Dan Graham RM2 66-67 scotishhawke (AT) Served with LCDR Moredock-2 tours off VietNam-stations included from Cambodian Border to north along the coast.
DER-325 Stan Grosskreutz EM2 1961 1962 tincan.stan (AT) GOOD TIMES
DER-325 Rich Halvorson YNSN 02/67-09/68 rwhbmh (AT) I was Weapons Yoeman/Firecontrol Tech/Ship's Photographer
DER-325 Dave Hanon AG2 01/59-05/60 dhanon1 (AT) Sea duty was great/awful at the same time. Let's swap tales
DER-325 David Hirschman RM3 1963-1966 dhirschman (AT) I was there during the last of Picket patrol and for Market Time patrol.
DER-325 Chuck Irick STG3 1966-1967 pamchucki (AT) living in phoenix,az ans e-mail
DER-325 Steve Jeynes SN 1965-1966 sgjeynes (AT) Was one of Moredock's Roughriders-remember that? DER in typhoon=yuck!
DER-325 Arden Knapp RM3 9/64-7/65 arrekn (AT) Good times-San Francisco,Oakland,Alameda.even Richmond-picket duty was not so bad-great times/shipmates!
DER-325 Ira Kopelman SF1 7/66 - 6/68 kopelman25 (AT)  
DER-325 Leslie Lowry FTG2 1963-1965 les.lowry (AT) Anyone remember me please contact per e mail looking to get Agent Orange benefits
DER-325 Dale Lund YN2 1960 to 1961 lunddksdd (AT) Great little ship, good times. Send an e-mail
DER-325 M. Brent MacDougall MR3 1/60-12/62 bmacks (AT) 21 Pickets - 3 hurricane force rides during my time on her.
DER-325 Lance Mac Farlane EN/E-3 7/65-12/67 707MAC DADDY (AT)  
DER-325 Lance MacFarlane E-3 9/65 to 6/67 707macdaddy (AT)  
DER-325 Napoleon Maliglig SN 66-67 ElPoeta1946 (AT) We lost ''NAP'' who was in Supply Dept. on Feb 11,2006
DER-325 Dale Markus MM1 5/5/67 to 8/4/68 dalenshirl (AT) would like to get my cruisbook back Good market time .
DER-325 Tom Massingill SK3 10/65-6/67 tomchiefshirt (AT)  
DER-325 Phillip Mathews RD3 3/61 - 9/63 skmathews (AT)  
DER-325 Lanny Maupin SO2 60-61 lrmalask (AT)  
DER-325 James McConnell BMSN 1967+1968 tjc267 (AT) would like to here from some of the crew. first div
DER-325 William Mogen YN3 9/58-1/60 Mogens (AT)  
DER-325 Ron Moore BT3 6/66 to 9/67 8446 Miguel Way, Elverta, CA 95626 GUAM IS GOOD
DER-325 Ron Nadarski AG2 1/65-8/65 rnpaz (AT) Great times in San Fransco.Anyone remember Club Unique.Was I the only AG on board during this time?
DER-325 William Newman ETR3 01/63 - 08-64 bnewman43 (AT) Looking for Tom Ball ETN-3 - shipmates and ET crew on USS Lowe DER-325 (62-6).4
DER-325 James (Pat) Patterson SN 1/64 - 7/66 pat_patterson (AT)  
DER-325 William (Bill) Person ETR3 1964-1966 mrbilly (AT) Looking for Tom Ball, Lou Pream, Alvie Lee Luce; will ans all
DER-325 Doyne Rainwater EN3 2/56 to 9/57 DOYNEH2O (AT) THOSE WERE THE GOOD OL DAYS
DER-325 Robert Ramsdell DC3 1967 - 1968 bobwalleye (AT)  
DER-325 Tony Rao RD3 1960-1961 tonyrao99 (AT) Would like pictures of the ship and old shipmates
DER-325 Frank Ray HM1 1961 brorat2 (AT)  
DER-325 Marvin (Doc) Rimmer HM1 1967-1968 frimmer (AT) Sick call (AT) 0530!
DER-325 Mel Roland SH1 1958 - 1961 mroland (AT) Would like to hear from old shipmates.
DER-325 Kenneth B. Rose, Jr. EN2 03/56-07/59 ken_karenrose (AT) Living in Boulder City,Nv since 1960 1-702-293-2470
DER-325 Roger Rupe EN3 4/68-9/68 R1969R (AT) All the sampan searches of the coast of Viet Nam.
DER-325 Sydney B. Sanders FN mid 56 to mid 57 buckstitch (AT) Great ship, great expierence as part of IC gang
DER-325 Bennie Shettles SN 1965-1967 bshettles (AT) if you were on this ship at this time please contact
DER-325 Daniel Smith RDSN 1961-62 dpcsdan (AT) Came aboard as an SA, became an RD striker.
DER-325 Gail Snyder ENCS 9/62 - 12/62 gr_snyder (AT) Retired from the Navy aboard the Lowe. Looking for shipmates.
DER-325 Daniel Sorensen SN 2/67 - 9/68 dananddiana (AT)  
DER-325 Larry Stevenson RM3 1958 to 1961 lsteven908 (AT) Living in St. Louis, answer all email
DER-325 William Strickland E-5 3/57 - 7/60 strcfran2 (AT) Living in Anchorage Alaska, Will be married 50 years in February 2008
DER-325 LeRoy Stricklin RD3 7/62-8/64 stric193 (AT)  
DER-325 Melencio (Mel) Tolentino TN/E-3 1966 to 1967 Meltolentino (AT) Like to hear from old shipmates-First US Naval ships in 7th Fleet authorized to wears civilian clothes
DER-325 Ronald Tone EN2 3/62 to 6/63 rjone (AT)  
DER-325 Bernell Torregano S 10/65-2/66 b.torregano (AT) Helicopter off ship 2/66
DER-325 Ronald Vangasbeck SF1 64 - 65 rgvan (AT)  
DER-325 James Vencil SM1 1963-1965 davee1016 (AT) My father-died 5/20/87-JJ Magoo or the Jewish Taylor-was cross assigned to a River Rat crew.
DER-325 Willlie Wilson DK2 1/65 - 6/66 cwill.wilson (AT) Bob Lutz SH2 residing in Arlington, TX near me passed away 2014
DER-625 David Crabtree   7/62-12/65 dvcrabtree1 (AT) Need help to prove I was aboard during Market Time & anyone aboard ship received Agent Orange benefits?

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