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FFG-27 Sal Aviles 3/c/E-4 1986-1990 cruizn2gvll (AT)
FFG-27 Michael Barnett ET1 4/86-4/88 barnett5 (AT)  
FFG-27 Earl Baum ET3 03/83-12/85 earl.baum (AT)  
FFG-27 Scott Bland EN2 90-94 Scottbland71 (AT) A Gang
FFG-27 Chris Bliesman RM3 5/87-10/90 chris.bliesman (AT)  
FFG-27 James Brown RM2 1986 -1988 jdbrown328 (AT)  
FFG-27 Joe Clay OS2 02/82 to 04/84 jclayfam (AT) Plank Owner, was the 6th person to report onboard the command, about a year prior to commissioning.
FFG-27 Mark Drummond EW2 precom - 01/85 mark.drummond (AT) Plankowner and remembering some good times.
FFG-27 Les Ellrodt IT1 (SW) 8/89 - 12/92 ellrodt (AT)  
FFG-27 Dwight Espree E-3 8/93 - 5/96 espr33dwight72 (AT) Worked in the Deck Department, Good shipmates miss you all!
FFG-27 Brenden Farley RM3 09/85-08/87 BFarley (AT) All good times and Friends
FFG-27 Arnold Fields GMM2 1985 to 1989 arnold.fields (AT)  
FFG-27 Steve Hardy MA2 3/87 - 7/89 horseshoer (AT) SELRES Augment Crew
FFG-27 Martin Howard E-4 1984-1987 martyrhoward (AT) How did I make it through four years?
FFG-27 Tom Jennings LT(jg) 1987-1990 thomas.jennings (AT) wow. names from the past!
FFG-27 Don Johnson ETCS 1988-1990 etcs_sw (AT) Http:// webmaster
FFG-27 Dana Jones LT 1984-1986 captdanacjonesusphs (AT) Good ship and good shipmates
FFG-27 Kasey Knight OS1(SW) 1991- 1994 klknight (AT) We had the highest op-tempo on the waterfront and we did it as a reserve ship.
FFG-27 William Lamont BM3 12/82-2/86 steelerman9195 (AT) Memories like JJ ,Greene,Bardwell,Fluker,james Leonard,Koch,Cat Daddy,Forte,Mortina.Garcia-will never forget.
FFG-27 Marcelino Lemus E-5 1/82 - 9/85 marc_lemus (AT) Plankowner; Yeoman; First person to officially report to pre-commissioning crew in San Diego, CA;
FFG-27 Curtis Lewis BM3 12/90-08/92 curtis.j.lewis (AT) Serving with the best
FFG-27 Lorenzo Lopez BM2 1992-1994 LLopezitt (AT) Good shipmates and great memories...miss y'all in Deck Dept.
FFG-27 Richard Marruffo STG2 01/90-12/93 marruffore (AT) Good times
FFG-27 James Brian McMichael BM3 12/85-4/88 jamcmichae (AT) 'hello'' to all my old shipmates.
FFG-27 Brian Mercer GSE2(SW) 1991-1994 brilojo (AT)  
FFG-27 John Miller GMG2 1982 to 1986 jwmiller1 (AT) Where are the plankowners?
FFG-27 Dave Murray OSCS precom-1985 DMCROWN (AT) HOTMAIL.COM My last and best time ever. I miss ''Tizzy'' and her crew.
FFG-27 Bob Newland ET1(SW) 04/88 - 04/92 rnewland_iii (AT) Good times & bad, mostly good
FFG-27 Peter Nikiel E-3 1987-1990 stormyflightil (AT) It was some of the best times of my life.
FFG-27 Allen Orban E-4 11/82- 7/86 wildchild48846 (AT) Plank Owner, Thanks for some great times sailors.
FFG-27 Joseph Ottey RMC(SW) 08/91 to 08/94 rmcret55 (AT)  
FFG-27 Steve Paddock E-3 1/87-12/89 col_kurtz_90066 (AT)  
FFG-27 Richard Peacock EW 1984-1987 carrpaydiem1 (AT)  
FFG-27 Mark Ring GSE3 1995-1996 mjr_river (AT)  
FFG-27 Charles Robles E-3 6/91 - 6/92 (AT) Served on FFG-27 as a reservist, was shellbacked off the coast of Ecuador on her June of 92
FFG-27 Bernard Schaub HM3 09/89 - 04/91 Just checking to see who is still around living in Texas
FFG-27 Eric Smith STG3 8/04 - 5/06 EricRS27 (AT) When we were unbreakable
FFG-27 John Terrell OS2 1983-1987 cajunjohn (AT) Enjoyed the time I spent on the Tisdale in San Diego
FFG-27 Travis Tomasovich GSE3 8/93-8/96 t_tomasovich (AT) Good buddies, parties, and foreign women. Awesome dude
FFG-27 Daniel Vogel MS1 06/82 04/86 ee653p (AT) Plankowner was there from sea trails on had sweet 62 impala remember copeland best of times
FFG-27 Terry Walker OS2 1989 to 1993 tlw53 (AT)  
FFG-27 David Wells STG2 1982-1986 david.wells (AT)  
FFG-27 Michel Welter FC2 7/89 - 8/93 mwelterusn (AT) What a time...
FFG-27 Steven Wittwer MS2 1989-92 mrsgrove (AT)  
FFG-27 John Yates SM3 01/89 to 07/92 signalman158 (AT)  

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